Hot Guy On The Terrace Under Rain

Hot Guy On The Terrace Under Rain
deleted It was the new year eve. I came back to my room a little tipsy after a party and from my room’s window I saw that a lot of fireworks were going on. To get a better view I went to the terrace of my pg. It was very cold and the sky was filled with clouds. Fireworks were lighting up the cloud-filled sky and the whole view was amazing. I was lost in the mesmerizing scene.

Suddenly I noticed that on the next building, which is a gent’s pg, was a guy who was also enjoying the magical moments. He was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and shorts. He has a nice body and I can see his arms well built, strong and he was really sexy. Next moment he caught me staring at him. I tried to hide my grin and wished him a happy new year. He wished me back and suddenly it started raining. I ran back quickly only to see that the watchman had closed the terrace gate. He did not notice that I was there bcoz I was standing I a dark corner without making any sound and was looking at the celebrations. I ran back to the place where I saw him. He was still there and I asked him if he has a mobile so that I can call someone to get the door opened. He said he did not bring it with him. I was totally wet by then. I did not wear a bra under my white t-shirt so he can clearly see my boobs. I noticed that he was looking at them while talking to me. He asked me to jump over and come to his building so that I can wait under the shed while he can go get his mobile. The buildings were very close so he helped me to jump over. I could not balance and because of the water I slipped and fell over him. My t-shirt got hooked to a pole that’s used to tie the ropes on which they dry clothes and was totally ripped. My naked boobs were now pressed against his chest. He asked me if I am ok and saw that I am naked. I tried to get up while covering my upper body with my hands. He pulled me back and kept his lips on mine. I tried to resist but his grip on my waist was so tight that I couldn’t get myself free. Upon that it was feeling so nice that I did not want to get up. His warm lips under the cold rain were giving me a hot feeling all over my body. My nipples were erect and poking him. We kept smooching for a while until we heard a squeak of his pg gate being opened. We both got up and pulled me into a space between the water tank and wall where no one can see us. It was his pg care taker who looked if anyone was there and then went away locking the door.

Now we both have nowhere to go. I was half-naked, shivering under the heavy rain, in the arms of a complete stranger, a sexy one though. I wanted his lips back on mine. I pulled his face towards me and started kissing him again. Now he started moving his hands all over my body. He was kissing me on my neck, shoulders, cleavage and then he took my boobs into his mouth. He was biting my nipples, squeezing the other with his hand. Gosh!! It was amazing. His other hand was finding its way into my pants. He was rubbing my pussy over my panty with his fingers. He then pulled my panty down to my foot. I removed his t-shirt. He made me lay down and started licking my pussy, fingering it at the same time. I was moaning very loudly but no one could hear us in the rain. He was sucking and licking all the juices from my pussy. I was playing with my boobs and his hair. I pulled him up and he unzipped his shorts letting out his enormous dick which was hard b then. He was on his knees and I was between his legs. He held me by my hair and pushed his dick into my mouth. I took the whole of it inside my mouth and gave him a blowjob for about 15 minutes. He came into my mouth and I took it all in.

The rain had stopped by then. We were drenched top to bottom with and our own juices. He then asked me to come on his top. He was lying down while I sat on him and slowly guided his dick into my pussy. He was helping me by holding my waist and helping me lift myself up. It was a huge dick and I have a love for big ones. It felt so warm inside me. I kept riding him while smooching at the same time to stop making any loud moans. He was squeezing my boobs. I had my orgasm. We then rolled with him on my top now riding even faster and harder. He came inside me and filled my pussy with hot cum. We both were exhausted he then fell upon me with his dick still inside me. We stayed like that for a while before he again started kissing me. We were kissing each other all over our upper bodies, licking and biting. I took his dick out of my pussy and started stroking it trying to make it hard again. Now I gave him a boob job and he loved it.

He was hard again and this time we did it in doggy style. He was spanking me and I loved it. He then changed the whole and it’s my first time. Although I was afraid that it would hurt I did not stop him as I always wanted to try and who else will be a good option. It hurt a little in the beginning but he was gentle, gave me enough time and then I started moving my hips as it started feeling good. He kept fucking all holes of me and came two more times, which I swallowed completely.

It was almost sunrise when he gave me his clothes and helped me to jump back to my terrace with a goodbye kiss. I whispered thanks to him and told him my number before going back in. By the time I came back to my room I got a text with a pic of him smelling my panty saying that I can keep his clothes while he will keep mine until our next meet.

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