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On Friday night, Ashley Stevenson looked over the men in the hotel dining room where she works as a waitress, imagining herself romping in bed with first one of the men who was sitting by himself at a table, then another and finding some good qualities in every one of them. She had hopes of taking a man home for some hot sex or, better yet, going to the hotel room of a guest. Such a trysting place would be much more luxurious than her own small apartment and easier to reach.

With her long blonde hair, blue eyes and fair complexion, Ashley expected to have no difficulty persuading a man to join her in one place or the other. Beautiful as her face is, the horny waitress’s body is even more alluring, with her succulent breasts and large curvy ass, which she knows most men prefer in a sex partner. Fashion designers might extoll the beauty of their broomstick models but Ashley thinks of all of the designers as being gay and having no idea what turns on real men such as those she seeks every night in the dining room where she works.

It was getting late and she still hadn’t made up her mind when a tall, athletic looking man with brown hair and a bushy brown mustache walked in. He was young and seemed to be in good condition and, most important, he was there by himself. Ashley didn’t care if he was married or not, as long as there was no wife with him to spoil the fun. Some people like threesomes and so does she, as long as the other two are men. The mustache meant something too. She was aware it would not necessarily mean he liked eating pussy but she knew, from her own experience, that going down on a woman is usually a favorite sexual activity of mustachioed men.

Before going to his table, she smoothed her tight dress over her hips and ass and unfastened the top two buttons to let the prospect get the best look at her big breasts as she could give him then. The tactic worked as well as she could have hoped. Justin Fisher looked at the beautiful waitress and smiled. He liked women who look like her, blonde and bosomy and fair-complexioned, and he thought about the possibility she might like to join him in his hotel room later. Although she was not wearing a wedding ring, he had no expectation of such a thing happening but he took pleasure from the thought. He liked it even more when the hotty bent over, unnecessarily, to hand him the menu, giving him an excellent view of her lovely white breasts.

“Good evening, Sir. My name is Ashley and I will be serving you this evening. Can I get you anything to drink?” she asked.

“Thank you, Ashley. Just a glass of water please.”

She left, swinging her hips provocatively, and returned a minute later with a glass of iced water. Justin was still perusing the menu, unsure of what he wanted to eat in the dining room but thinking it wouldn’t be able to match the joy of eating what was at the apex of Ashley’s thighs. He still didn’t think he should come on to her but he believed he would have a fair chance of success if and when he did. Once more he watched her lovely ass sway as she walked away before deciding what he would order from the menu.

The dining room was not very busy that late in the evening and Ashley watched as the desirable young man closed his menu and set it aside. Order pad in one hand and pen in the other, she returned to his table to write down his choice, smiling when his selection included fried oysters.

“I hope you can think of something nice to do with those oysters after you’re through eating,” she said while grinning knowingly.

“Oh, I’m sure I will.”

“I’m sure you will too and you won’t have to look very hard or very far for the right person to do it with.” She returned to her station and made herself look busy and watched while her choice for the night finished his meal.

Ashley served the few other diners who were present and watched while her chosen man for the night slowly ate his oysters. The other men were with their wives or other women or were too old to interest her so she was committed to either leaving with the brown-haired man or going home by herself. When he finished, she waited a few more minutes so as not to rush him and sauntered back to his table. Before going, she unbuttoned the last buttons on her dress, meaning she had to hold the sides together with one hand while she concealed herself with the dessert menu. She did not believe there was any advantage to being coy that evening.

“Would you care for some dessert?” As she spoke, she was handing him the menu and bending over with her dress wide open in order to give him the best view yet of her breasts, which were barely covered by her skimpy bra and by nothing else.

That confirmed what he had suspected but Justin was still cagy and knew he needed to protect himself. “Yes, I would, and what I want is you but first I need to ask you something. Please don’t take it personally. First, are you a working girl and second, are you a cop?”

To Ashley, those were reasonable questions because she knew the man had Mardin Escort to protect himself. “No, I’m not a hooker and I’m not a police decoy. I’m just a girl who likes to have some fun after she gets off work.”

“That’s good, because I can see we’d like the same kind of fun. My name is Justin Fisher and I’m in Room 327 if you want to come by after closing.” He looked around and saw that only a few other diners were still present. “I’m sure that’ll be pretty soon.”

“In about thirty minutes so I should be there in about an hour. And, I’m glad you believe in being safe because I do too.”

“In all things. And I think I’ll save my appetite for sweets until you’re in my room.”

She left then and returned with his guest check. He paid with a credit card and left a tip that was bigger than the sexy blonde had received all night. Business taken care of, he hurried to his room to await the pleasure part of the evening, thinking of what he would soon be doing with the beautiful blonde with the sexy body. The bed had already been turned down but he pulled the top sheet and blanket further toward the foot so they would be doing all their cavorting on clean linen. He also shaved because he expected to eat the blonde’s pussy and wanted to take no risk of injuring the soft skin of her inner thighs or any other delicate place.

Ashley was just as eager for the dining room to close so she would be able to join Justin in his room. When that finally happened, she had her cash tips in her pocket and instructed the cashier to hold her tips that were included on credit cards until the following day. With her business with the dining room over for the day, she picked up her coat, hurried out to the elevator and rode up to the third floor.

“Who is it?” Justin asked when there was a light tap on the door to his room.


Wearing only his shirt and pants and underwear, Justin hurried to admit the very welcome young woman and, after securing the door behind her, wrapped his arms around her so they could share a long kiss. While their mouths were pressed together and her tongue was exploring the inside of his mouth, she kicked off her shoes and they sidled over to the bed and sat down. Ashley did not stay seated very long because, after one more passionate kiss, she knelt in front of her choice for the night and smiled up at him.

She unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his slacks and carefully pulled down the zipper on his fly. He raised his ass from the bed and she pulled the pants down to his knees and gazed at his cock which was protruding through the front of his boxer shorts. It was not particularly big but she knew it was long and thick enough to feel good in her mouth and to bring her to the orgasm she craved when it was in her pussy. As she pulled the shorts down, Justin rose from the bed again and she pulled them and his pants all the way down and off. While she was undressing one part of his body, he was removing his shirt and undershirt.

With the man naked, Ashley stood up to divest herself of her dress and bra and toss them on the pile of clothing. She likes having the man remove her panties before he starts eating her pussy so she left that last garment on and knelt between his legs again, with her forearms on his thighs. Gently, she held his shaft in her hand and started to lick his crotch, beginning at the rear of his scrotum. Moving her tongue slowly she licked, relishing the feel of his hard cock against her soft face. When she finished one side, she moved her face over and licked the other, relishing just as much the feel of his cock massaging her other cheek.

In no hurry, Ashley started licking up on the wrinkled ball sac, until she was able to cuddle one of Justin’s testicles between her lips and gently stroke it with her tongue. His other ball had its turn next and Ashley was ready to fill her mouth with what she thought of as one of the nicest cocks she had ever licked. Still supporting her weight on her arms, she rose until her face was over the head of what she desired, smiled again at the man on the bed and began to lower her face until her lips were brushing the velvety surface of the tip.

She opened her lips and started licking, in concentric circles at first as she continued to lower her mouth. Justin moaned from the exquisite pleasure she was giving him and she looked up at his face. One of the things Ashley likes to do while giving a blow job is watch the grimaces of pleasure flicker across the man’s visage and she had no complaints about the responses of her partner that night. She continued looking and licking until the entire head was nestled within her lips and then reached out with her tongue to lave the stiff shaft as far as she could reach.

Besides his facial expression, Justin was expressing his pleasure with moans of joy and by his body squirming on the bed above her. Ashley felt great about seeing and hearing him. She loves sucking cocks and sex of all kinds, but she loves it more when she knows Mardin Escort Bayan the man is also having fun. While she was still looking up at Justin’s face, her mouth was engulfing more of his cock and her tongue was caressing farther down on his shaft.

Everything about what she was doing that night gave her pleasure. Ashley silently congratulated herself on choosing Justin as a sex partner because his cock felt so good, thick enough to spread her lips and fill her mouth but not so big she wouldn’t be able to envelop its entire length. When she felt the tip brush against the back of her mouth, she paused briefly before opening her throat, the way she had learned from an older friend. The head slid in even more deeply and Ashley continued lowering her face and caressing with her tongue until her lips and nose were being tickled by Justin’s pubic hair.

“My god,” he murmured. “You’re really good. This is the best BJ I’ve ever had.”

She was glad to hear that because Ashley takes pride in doing everything well, from waiting on tables to sucking cocks. In no hurry and wanting to give and to get as much pleasure as possible, she slowly drew her face back while her agile tongue caressed the cock inside her mouth and her lips massaged it as she drew away. That was the first stroke and there were many more after that. Ashley kept her eyes turned upward and watched the grimaces of pleasure flickering across Justin’s face and saw his body writhing in bliss and felt almost as good about it as he did.

Her mouth wasn’t the only part wanting to be entertained so, after one of those long, slow strokes, Ashley took Justin’s cock out of her mouth, licked the slit briefly and held it in one hand while the other hand cupped one of her luscious breasts. She rubbed her soft mound with the rigid nipple against the hard cylinder and another kind of delight throbbed through her body. For several minutes the hot blonde switched back and forth, rubbing one nipple at a time against Justin’s rigid cock while he moaned aloud from the sensations he was feeling.

The time finally arrived when Ashley knew her partner was getting close to coming and she wanted that to happen into her mouth. She could feel his cock throbbing and shortened her strokes, no longer giving deep throat because she wanted to avoid having him come directly down her throat and depriving her of the pleasure his semen would give her taste buds. She tightened her lips and sucked faster too while keeping her tongue in a position so his cum would gush onto it when he came.

“Oh, god, I’m coming!” Justin blurted out. He wanted to give Ashley a chance to remove her mouth from around his cock but he was quite sure she wouldn’t.

He was right. When she felt the shaft in her mouth jerk, Ashley made sure her tongue was directly under and in front of the head so none of his cum would leak out and be wasted. The first big wad landed exactly where she wanted it but she was sure there was more than that available so she kept sucking. The horny waitress was rewarded with two more spurts of the sticky fluid. She kept sucking but no more of the delicious juices were forthcoming.

With her lips tight to avoid leaking, she raised her face from the still-erect cock, holding it upright so nothing would drip out. She had already been fed a good ration of semen and she swooshed it around in her mouth to fully relish the taste and texture before letting it slip down her throat. Ashley returned to the cock she was still holding and, like a little girl with a Popsicle, licked off the fresh cum from the slit. With the outside clean, she went after the juices still inside, taking the organ into her mouth again and squeezing out the residue. Confident she had gotten everything, Ashley looked up at the man who had provided it to her while smiling and licking her lips.

“That was great, Justin. Now, I hope you’ll do the same for me.”

“Just lie down here on the bed and you’ll be coming like crazy in a couple of minutes.”

“That soon?” she asked, pretending to pout. “I’d rather have it last a long time.” However, even as she spoke, Ashley was climbing onto the bed to lie on her back with her head nestled in one of the pillows.

Justin quickly joined her, kneeling beside Ashley and bending over to kiss her full on her lips. Even though she had just sucked him off, he considered her mouth to be eminently kissable. But not as much as her breasts, which were topped by rigid pink nipples and were jutting up toward his face. He kissed one, then the other and returned to start licking the first.

Ashley squirmed on the bed from the feel of Justin’s tongue on her nipple and his mustache on her areola. Her pleasure mounted as he switched from one of the sensitive mounds to the other and she took hold of her breasts to lift them and aid his ministrations. She had been lubricating since she had first taken his cock in her mouth and her panties were soaked but there was a clean pair in her purse.

Justin was Escort Mardin aware of the aroma and he left her succulent mounds, delightful though they were, to lap his way down Ashley’s body, beginning with the cleft between her breasts. He licked slowly because the soft skin felt like satin under his tongue but steadily because the aroma of her pussy was calling out to him. When he reached the elastic waistband of her panties, he slid off the bed and quickly got back on at the foot to start walking on his knees toward the enticing aroma of her panties. Ashley saw him approaching, grinned, and bent her knees and raised her ass from the bed because she knew what would be happening next.

Justin reached out and inserted his fingers in the waistband of the panties and slid them up her thighs, around her knees and down to Ashley’s feet. She lifted one foot so he could finish removing the wet wisp of nylon and spread her legs and raised them so he could start doing what they both wanted so much. He ducked under Ashley’s legs and she let them rest on his bare shoulders. Justin leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her thighs, which brought his face to inches from the pink and blonde and white confection that was Ashley’s pussy, one of the most beautiful he had ever seen.

He admired her creamy skin and pouting lips and the sparse blonde hair that surrounded them. From her high level of arousal, the labia were covered with a fine sheen of juices, which he expected to taste as good as they smelled. When he reached around her thighs and gently parted her lips to gaze at the shiny pink slit, a cloud of heavenly fragrance arose to please his nostrils. He looked at her no longer, but started to lick off the honey from wherever he found it, starting with the insides of her thighs.

A few drops had splattered there and Justin eagerly licked them off. As he did, he was glad he had taken the time to shave because it would have been an act of cruelty and vandalism to abrade anything as fine and delicate as the skin of the insides of her thighs. When he finished with Ashley’s legs, he moved his tongue upward to lap up the fresh juices that were trickling from the lovely pink hole that was their source. However incredible the scent of those juices had been, the taste was much better.

Thrills of pleasure were coursing through Ashley’s body from where Justin’s tongue went. The wet pleasurer started up one of her outer lips and slowly proceeded all the way to her Mount of Venus. He stopped there briefly and raised his head. Ashley saw his face, smeared with her juices but said nothing, nor did Justin say or do anything but move his face back down to her crotch, lick off the fresh juices and start up her other outer lip.

He treated this one the same way, slowly and caressing her soft, puffy skin with his tongue. Ashley’s body was writhing and her head, eyes closed in bliss, started tossing from side to side on the pillow. Pleasure was coursing through her body and she could feel her arousal mounting. She knew she was building toward an orgasm but, as she had told Justin, she wanted the buildup to that glorious event to take a long time.

So did he because Justin was having almost as much fun as the sexy waitress. After reaching her mons again, he kissed her there and looked at her beautiful creamy white body as she lay there, ready for him and her to give each other the most exquisite pleasure while taking the most. Her body and head were moving on the bed erratically and a smile of bliss was spread across her face. After only a few seconds pause, his tongue returned to her crotch and devoured the fresh honey.

Ashley felt Justin’s tongue start to lap up the juices she had just produced and her pussy responded by starting to fuck up against his face. The next place his tongue went was to burrow itself into the slit between her pouting inner lips and from there it advanced slowly through the pink channel. She quivered in joy when she felt the tip probe the dripping place where she expected his cock to be later. The organ in use then was too blunt to make more than a minimal penetration but from there, she felt it probing under her lips.

“Keep licking me!” she urged. “Make me come!”

There was nothing Justin wanted more than that and his tongue continued its slow journey until it came to Ashley’s swollen clit. From that contact, her body started thrashing about, rocking from side to side with her legs rubbing against the sides of his head.

“Yes! Yes! suck my clit,” Ashley demanded and was thrilled when she felt his lips enclosing that swollen morsel.

Justin could see the sexy blonde was about as excited as she could get and it was time to do what she demanded. Moving his mouth slightly, he engulfed her adorable clit and started sucking. While his cheeks were working like a bellows, his tongue was caressing the swollen sides and top.

“Oh god, yes!” Ashley exulted and her pussy began trying to wrap itself around Justin’s face.

For almost a minute, Ashley continued pitching and tossing on the bed until she felt a tremendous wave of excruciating pleasure as her climax started to overwhelm her. She bent forward at the waist and buried her hands in Justin’s hair while her legs clamped onto his head and began to swing from side to side.

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