Hot blonde Nancy

Hot blonde Nancy
Hello readers,
Rajeev is back with his true incidence happened 03 years ago. I was just 20 as my hot mom Nancy is in her last thirties,looking gorgeous in her modern outfit or traditional dress. Her physical measurement is of 34-26-36 and her lovely face as well as white complexion makes her sexy. My penis get erected as she walks fast and her ass swings faster. I have seen my hot mom with a younger guy Dev of my neighbour hood and I am eyeing her round water melons making her chest attractive .one evening ,my dad left for some official purpose as we both mom and son are alone in home. I have masturbated too many times while imaging my mom’s hot body but today night I will fuck her but how? I am thinking it for my dad left home ,I walked out from my home towards market for evening walk as I am busy in thinking about hit night. In the market ,I bought a beer from a wine shop and moved towards a deserted park ,there I drink it and after a while ,I came back to my mom is busy in kitchen as she is preparing meals for us and I moved inside my bedroom to change my clothes as I took refreshment and came in dinning hall. I shouted……..”mom,I need a cup of coffee
(Mom)sure wait for a while.” And I switched on the t.v as I am watching FTV and a programme of lingarie is on screen as I can watch models walking while putting small brassiere and panty on her hot body. I know my mom will come with two cup of coffee as she will watch t.v also,so it’s my intention to provoke her for sex.after a while ,my mom came and put cups on table as she leaned on table ,I can see her two water melons inside her gawn .she is wearing a transparent gawn as she have put a brassier and panty also on her sexual organs.while sitting near me ,she started drinking coffee as her eyes are on t.v………”where is the remote?
(I give him) but what happened ? It’s a nice programme to watch.” But she changed it,now looking towards her I can see her hot body visible in transparent dress and she smiled at me………”you are eyeing on my dress,isn’t it
(Rajiv) yes ,it’s transparent and I can see your lovely tits and fleshy tummy
(Mom)really you are a bad guy ,doing nasty act
(Rajiv) but mom ,I know your extramarital affair with a neighbourhood guy
(Nancy is shocked) what you know my
(Rajiv) yes ,I have seen your romance with Dev but it’s your desire to be with him.” And Nancy is bit afraid as she moves closer to me and asked….”ok Rajiv ,but please don’t say it to dad
(Rajiv) ok I will not say but you will have to pay for it
(Nancy) ok how much money my son needs
(Rajiv) not at all but a hot night with you.” And she walked away in anger.
It’s 09:55 pm as we both finished our dinner and i moved to my bedroom as my mom walked to her room . I am on bed thinking about her as I took my mobile and opened a porn movie to watch and watching it ,my penis is in fully erection as it’s bulge are visible on my Bermuda. I watched the movie for an hour and put my mobile on bed as I walked inside my washroom for refreshment. I came back to see my hot mom Nancy sitting on my bed and I smiled …….”mom you are here ?
(Nancy) your mom is not here but a hot lady Nancy is here for your hot night.” And I am standing in front of him as she hold the penis of bulge on my Bermuda just holding it tightly and I screamed……”oohhhhh no Nancy leave my penis.” But she pulled down my Bermuda as I am standing nude in front of him.she is sitting on bed’s corner and hold my penis tightly to kiss it.nancy is kissing my penis as it’s rock hard and fully erected ,now she is putting lips on it as her hand is on my ass.later on Nancy ,took my penis in her mouth as she is sucking it hard like a whole cock is in her mouth as she have hold my waist tightly and her mouth is giving my penis a nice jerk.she is fast in blow job as I am standing and now I hold my mom’s hair and started fucking her mouth with my long thick cock.after a while she left my cock and we both are on bed.
Nancy is in her gawn as I opened its strings on front and took it out from her sexy body.looking at my mom’s caged boobs as well as fleshy tummy ,I pushed him on bed and leaned on her my lips are kissing her face and lips as she is rubbing my back and slowely ,my hot mom pushed his long tongue in my mouth as I am sucking it hard while my one hand is massaging her breast.she is lying on bed as I left her tongue and she removed her brassiere to give me her milktanks on my hand .now I took her breasts in my mouth as I am sucking it with my other hand pressing her breast,she is screaming…….”oohhhhh aahh suck my breast hard ,aahh .” And I took her other breast to suck,after some time ,my lips are on her fleshy tummy as my hands are still pressing her breasts and she is in I am kissing her waistline as she is in pink coloured panty and I started pulling it down as Nancy put her palms on her vagina. I can see her strong thighs as I started kissing her thighs and her palms on her cunt.she stretched her legs as my lips are kissing my mom’s labias,she is holding my hairs tightly as I have put fingers on it to make it wide and my tongue is licking her cunt as she is screaming in pleasure……..”oohhhhh aahh lick my vagina my son aahh.” And my tongue is hitting her vaginal depth,later on I sucked her vagina as she is pushing her sexy ass I am kissing my mom’s thighs as her nude body is making me hot and she is rubbing her legs on bed.
Nancy is hot as I walked to washroom and took refreshment.she is lying on bed with her legs wide open as I am sitting near her legs,her vagina with little pubic hair is reddish as its hole have black spots indicating her frequency and maturity in I put my two fingers in my mom’s hot cunt and started fingering it fastly while my other hand have hold her big breasts hardly.she is moaning………”oohhhhh uummm Rajiv fuck me with your hard tool .” And I took out my fingers from her cunt as she is on her knees and elbows,like a bitch on bed ,it’s a doggy position and while sitting on her back I started kissing her sexy ass and widened her anus hole to lick tongue is licking my mom’s ass hole as my one long finger is again in her vagina,now my penis is stiff as it need some smooth path to move and I pushed my cock in her vagina from behind as my hand is on her waist ,I am pushing my cock in my mom’s cunt.lastly ,I pushed my penis hardly and started fucking her with speed and power and she is looking to me as she started swinging her ass fastly to enjoy my dick in her deep vagina. I am pounding her cunt hard as she is swinging her ass fast and after some time ,she screamed…….”oohhhhh aahh fuck me hard ,I will cum soon.” And my mom’s vagina is full of cum and i took out my hot rod from her cunt as my tongue is now licking her cunt to taste it’s hot mom Nancy is now lying on bed as I leaned on her hot body and started kissing her lips as well as face. I am leaning on her top as my lips are moving on her neck and my tongue started licking her aerola as I am holding her soft breast. I licked her both breasts as I started kissing her soft tummy again and now I am kissing her waist line as she have put her thighs crossed to cover her vagina from my I started kissing her thigh as my hand is holding her boobs to massage and lastly ,Nancy showed her red zone and I put my face in between her thighs to lick tongue is licking her vagina with my tongue as my penis is like a hot rod but it’s in rest as it’s getting the pure air not a deep cave. Iicked my mom’s cunt and lastly ,I put my glans inside her cunt as I am pushing it slowly ,while my 1/2 penis is inside her cunt ,I hold her waist tightly and fucked hard and she screamed…….”oohhhhh my son ,it’s too hot and hard ,aahh fuck me hard.” And I am penetrating my penis fastly inside Nancy’s cunt ,it’s a smooth ride as her pussy is wet and I am going hard in her deeper vagina and after a while I slept on her hot body and she have hold me tightly .now Nancy started moving her sexy ass up and down as I am fucking her being on her top .nice to be on her body as I am going fast and our screams can be heard “oohhhhh uummm go hard ,I will cum.” And a nice fuck ends after 10-12 minutes as my penis ejaculated cum in her vagina . I slept on her hot body while my penis is in her vagina for some time.she kissed my lips……..”oh dear ,now leave your mom’s hot body.” And I moved to washroom.

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