Hopes For Pure Heaven… Ch. 05


Hopes for Pure Heaven Turn to Pure Hell Part 5 (The final conclusion)

Monica is released back into the world after 8 ½ years, going to the bus station Monica purchases herself a ticket for her journey back to her hometown. Arriving back in town at 2am Monica hails a cab, and makes her way back to what was once her apartment. All she thinks about is Danny, and wonders if he will truly not be there like he told her, yet it’s not like she really cares anyway. All Monica wants to do is just lie down in her bed for the first time after all these years. Monica gets into the cab, and during the entire ride to this address (which is at the end of a very dreary dead end street) the cab driver keeps looking at Monica in the mirror. The cab driver reluctantly pulls up to the address that Monica has given him. Monica asks him to wait. Monica gets out of the cab, and walks to the front door with key in hand. Trying to unlock the front door Monica then realizes that her key doesn’t work. Monica is now pissed. Monica begins ranting in a rather loud pissed off tone.

“Danny you rotten mother fucker open this door, and I mean now!!!” Monica bangs and bangs on the door. After about ten minutes of this horrendous scene the door opens. A stranger now stands in the doorway.

“Who are you? What are you doing in my apartment?” Monica asks.

“Your apartment? Lady this isn’t your apartment anymore. I have lived here now for over 3 years.”

“Well where in the fuck is all my stuff?”

“Beats me lady. When I moved in the apartment was empty. If I were you I would just get out of here.”

“Where is the other guy that lived here? Where is Danny?”

“Danny is the one who rented this apartment to me over 3 years ago. He told me when I wanted to rent the apartment that he sure as hell wouldn’t be needing it anymore. Now get the hell out of here before I call the cops.” The stranger turns around and slams the door in Monica’s face. Monica not knowing what to say turns and walks back toward the cab and gets back in.

“God damn it!!!” Monica calls out. “Now what in the hell am I supposed to do?” Monica begins to cry.

“Frankly my dear I really don’t give a damn. However I do give a damn about collecting the fare you owe me. These rides that I provide and the fares collected for them feed my family at the end of the week, and now it’s time for you to pay yours.”

“Oh man if I had managed to get Darnell away from Kim when I wanted to I wouldn’t be sitting here at 3am in some nasty cab with some really mean nasty driver. I would be lying in bed right now with the man I love.” Monica thinks to herself, or at least she thought she was thinking to herself. However the cabbie heard everything she said although he couldn’t believe his ears.

“It’s you isn’t it? You’re the chic who was harassing that couple in the mountains.”

“How did you know that?” Monica replies.

“It was all over the news, and when you were sentenced to 15 years, and went to prison I bet you those people were extremely happy. My only question is this, why in the hell would they let you back onto the streets before you completed your sentence?”

“Listen dirt bag, I went through enough hell in the 8 ½ years that I was in there. I have had more things done to me in that women’s prison then you can possibly shake a stick at, and I don’t need to, and won’t take it from the likes of you now. I am extremely glad they didn’t actually make me do the complete 15 years. However if that stupid fucked up warden thinks I won’t go after what I want well then she is totally out of her mind.

“Listen lady, I don’t care what you do, or even where you go for that matter, but what I do care about is as I said collecting the fare you owe me, and that’s just what I am going to do.” The cab driver tells Monica just how much the fare is and puts out his hand.

“What the hell do you want from me? I don’t have any more money.”

“Sorry lady, but I am not leaving here until you pay me, and the longer you fuck me around the more expensive your fare becomes. You see I have left the meter running.”

“I don’t care what you do I have no more money, and I am not going to pay you. You might as well just forget you ever saw me and just leave.”

“Oh I don’t think so it’s not going to work that way. You see I have a family to feed so either you pay me what you owe me, or I will collect my fare in any way I have to even if that means you have to pay me with a congical payment then that’s what you will do.” The driver opens his door and gets out of the cab. Making his way around the car to Monica’s door the driver insistently pushes his way into the back seat with Monica. Placing his hand on her upper thigh he leans in and begins to kiss at the side of her neck.

“You son of a bitch, get the fuck away from me.” Monica shouts out clawing at his face. (What Monica doesn’t know is that her struggling against the driver has aroused him).

“You little fucking tart you like this, Manisa Escort and you know it.” (Monica knows the driver is right) The driver takes Monica’s hand placing it on his hardened cock. Monica moans and gasps a little, as she is actually shocked from the feel of his hardened cock beneath her hand.

“Oh my god you sick bastard you aren’t going to do this to me.” Monica shouts out (Although Monica was in resistance mode her body was actually screaming YES). “I haven’t had a real piece of meat inside me in 8 ½ years. Please you just can’t do this to me.”

“I can and will do what ever I have to in order to get the payment you owe me. You are in my cab remember?” The driver replies. He pushes Monica’s back down onto the seat. In one quick motion he rips Monica’s blouse open popping all her buttons. Gnawing and biting at her chest like a rabid animal in heat. Forcefully pushing up Monica’s skirt he rips off her panties. Monica shrieks in fear, yet in impending pleasure as well.

“Please I beg of you, please don’t do this to me.” Monica pleads trying to push the driver off, and away from her.

“Shut up bitch, sluts like you have no need to speak. You are only good for one thing well that is if you’re even good at that. Taking off his belt the driver binds Monica’s wrists, restraining her arms down looping his belt through the armrest of the cab door. Once Monica is restrained he removes his jeans, and his hardened cock springs free. (All Monica could instantly picture at that moment is the wonderfully thick piece of meat that Darnell has, and that she wanted so badly to have inside her). Looking at Monica the driver takes his cock into his hand and begins to stroke it in front of her. Monica didn’t know what to say at first.

“Well you little slut are you ready to pay your fare now?” Slowly the driver teases Monica placing the head of his cock at the opening to her nasty, used, and very abused pussy. Monica is now in such a state of shock she remains with her mind on Darnell. Suddenly Monica screams out in pain as the driver rams his cock into the depths of her pussy over and over again forcefully driving it as deep, and as hard as he possibly can. Monica can feel her orgasm building in her stomach as she continuously screams out in pain. Monica’s constant screams piss the driver off. Instantly he slaps her across the face.

“You want to scream, I will give you something to scream about bitch.” Removing his cock from her pussy the driver takes her legs pushing her knees back till they touch her chest. Taking his cock back into his hand he forces himself deep inside Monica’s ass in one quick motion. “SCREAM ON THAT BITCH!!!” the driver commands as he begins his rough and rugged assault her on ass. Feeling his cock hardening and his balls beginning to tighten, the driver leans his body down toward Monica. Taking a hold of her hips fucking her ass even harder, he himself lets out with one hell of a scream as he unloads all his cum deep inside her ass. Once done he pulls himself out of Monica gets himself back together, and throws her and her bag out onto the street.

“I only have one last thing to say to you, YOU HAD BEST and I do mean BEST LEAVE DARNELL AND KIM ALONE, OR YOU WILL NOT HAVE SEEN THE LAST OF ME. YOU’R NOTHING BUT A NASTY LITTLE SLUT, AND THAT’S ALL YOU EVER WILL BE!” (Monica then realizes that the driver knows Darnell and Kim somehow). With that the driver gets back into the cab and drives off. Meanwhile Monica now battered once again sits herself down on the curb and begins to cry.

“Oh my god now what am I going to do? Danny is nowhere to be found, and I am sure Darnell is in bed all snuggled up with his little hussy. Here I am sitting here alone at 4am with absolutely no where to go.” Monica picks up her bag, and makes her way to the nearest shelter (which I do add is a place that Monica swore on her own life that she wouldn’t ever end up in) that was 4 blocks away. Monica manages to get a cart for the night although she didn’t sleep all she kept thinking about was morning and just how she was going to find Darnell, and yet once again put her plan back into action.

The next morning Kim’s cell phone rings. Darnell still half asleep answers it to find that it’s Mike.

“Hey man, its Mike.”

“Man do you realize what time it is?” Darnell replies quietly not wanting to awaken Kim.

“Yeah I know, and I am really sorry, but I needed to fill you and Kim in on something that I strongly believe you would want to hear from me instead of finding out in another way.”

“Alright Mike don’t beat the bush just tell me.”

“Man, Monica has been released from prison.”

“WHAT?? When in the hell did this happen? She was sentenced to fifteen years. What the hell, she only served 8 ½.”

“Yeah Darnell I know, I still can’t believe it myself, she was released yesterday, but I thought you would like to know that she was released under conditions that being if at any time she thinks about bothering Manisa Escort Bayan you and Kim again and she gets reported she goes right back to prison and will then serve out the remainder of her fifteen years.

“Mike, thank you for calling me and letting me know, but man I am telling you right now if that little nasty tramping piece of trailer trash comes around us, and starts up with Kim again I will kill that tart myself. Kim is doing so well now she has finally gotten past all of this. She doesn’t have nightmares anymore, and she can finally sleep through the night. For that matter Kim and I finally opened our store that we have been talking about opening for so long. I won’t allow Monica to do this to her. I refuse to allow her to step Kim backward into that horrible time again.”

“Darnell, if at any time you see her whether it be at the store, or even if she has the balls to show up at your house just pick up the phone and call me, and I will gladly escort that piece of shit right back to prison. I know for a fact that if I get the pleasure to do so, my sister will be awaiting her, and I promise you this if that happens Monica won’t make it out. Wendy told me yesterday exactly what she did to Monica just before she escorted Monica to see the warden, and I will tell you this, from what Wendy has told me if Monica ends back in prison her stay there will be worse the second time around.” Oh yeah, and before I forget I need something from you Darnell.”

“What do you need?” Darnell asks.

I need a picture of you.” Mike replies.

“A picture of me? Why?”

“I have to get it to Wendy, she is intending on using it with Monica if she actually ends up back in there.”

“Ok I have one around here somewhere I will find it and get it to you.” Darnell and Mike say their goodbyes. Darnell hangs up the phone just laying there he begins to ponder everything that Mike has just told him trying to figure out just how he is going to explain this to Kim. Kim begins to stir nestling her head onto Darnell’s shoulder moaning softly. Darnell wraps his arm around her holding her close. Softly Darnell kisses Kim on the forehead.

“It’s ok baby go back to sleep.” Darnell whispers.

“Honey what did Mike want?” Kim asks softly. Darnell lays in silence for a few minutes. He doesn’t want to tell her this, but he knows in his heart he doesn’t ever keep things from Kim, so he knows he has to tell her. Darnell also knows this information is going to upset his baby girl to no end, and that’s the last thing he ever wants to do to her.

“Darnell you aren’t usually this quiet, tell me what Mike wanted please baby.”

“Baby girl I don’t know how to tell you this. Well actually it’s not that I don’t know how it’s just that I don’t want to have to tell you this.”

“It’s about Monica isn’t it baby?”

“Yeah baby it is. Please hear me out and listen to what I have to say before you get upset, and lord knows I know you’re going to. That’s the reason why I don’t want to have to tell you this because I don’t want to upset you.”

“Come on baby tell me please.”

” Baby girl, Monica was released from prison yesterday.” Kim said not a word she just holds on tighter to Darnell and begins to cry. “Oh god I was so afraid of this. Damn it I told Mike I wouldn’t allow her to do this to you, and I damn well mean it.” Kim looks at Darnell, and she can see the tears filling his eyes.

“Oh god baby what are we going to do?” Kim asks in a soft whimper.

“Well first of all I know what we aren’t going to do. Darnell replies. “We aren’t going to let the likes of her bring you backward into that horrible time again. Mike said that if she is to attempt to contact us whether it be at the store or here at home all I have to do is call him, and he will come and pick her up and escort her right back to prison. That is how Monica got released baby girl; she was released under conditions. Those conditions being that she is by no means allowed to ever contact us or try to harass us again, for if she does she will go right back in, and have to serve the remainder of her fifteen years.”

“Baby that’s not going to stop her. If she thinks for one second she can possibly do it, and get away with it then she will.”

“Baby girl, all we can do now is wait and see just what she does, but I promise you this, if she makes one move to come around our store or here for that matter, and I see her I will call Mike instantly and she will be gone. I won’t play games with that bitch. You mean the world to me, and I refuse to allow that nasty little hoe the opportunity to do this to you again. Go back to sleep baby girl we don’t have to be at the store for quite a while yet.”

“I can’t Darnell. I can’t sleep knowing that piece of shit is out there again.”

“Baby everything is going to be alright I promise you. Look at me baby.” Darnell replies looking deep into Kim’s eyes. Slowly he leans into her kissing her softly. Kim Escort Manisa moans softly returning the kiss to him as she runs her fingers into the back of Darnell’s hair. Darnell rolls Kim onto her back as the passion in their kiss takes over. Darnell feels his mass beginning to harden as Kim runs her nails up and down the length of his back gently. Kim slides her hand around Darnell’s waist taking his now fully erect mass into her hand stroking it gently. Darnell gasps as he looks into Kim’s eyes once again noticing that the look in them has changed now to see a look of total wanting desire in them.

“Please baby, I need you. Please make love to me.” Kim whispers in Darnell’s ear. Moving himself in between Kim’s legs, Kim guides Darnell’s thick, rigid mass to her awaiting pussy. Darnell takes a hold of Kim’s legs, and wraps them around his back as he slowly enters himself deep inside her. Kim gasps as her back arches. Darnell and Kim with their eyes locked onto one another the entire time make love in this very slow, and sensual way for almost 2 hours. Darnell and Kim bring each other through waves after waves of orgasms over and over again. As their bodies begin to finally relax their alarm clock then goes off. Darnell reaches over and shuts it off.

“Ok baby girl, as much as I hate to say this it is time for us to get up and get ready for work.”

“I know baby, but I would much rather stay right here with you.” Darnell agrees kissing Kim one last time the two of them get out of bed, and get ready to head down to the store.

Arriving at the store all looks quiet. Darnell and Kim open the store as Kim goes into the office to get the cash drawer out of the safe. Darnell turns in an instant toward the front window of the store. (And whom does he see walk by?) you guessed it, it was Monica. She didn’t stop she just kept walking although she knew that was their store, but she had to find just the right time to make her move. Kim walks back out of the office just as Monica has cleared the store. Darnell just turns back around taking the drawer from Kim putting it in the cash register although he had a certain look on his face that caused Kim to wonder.

“Baby, what’s the matter? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Nah I thought I saw something but I didn’t.” Darnell replies. The morning continues and it’s now getting on lunchtime, and Kim is getting hungry.

“Darnell are you hungry?”

“I am not really all that hungry but I guess I could eat.”

“Well I am going to get a grinder what do you want?”

“I tell you what, why don’t you get a large grinder and I will share it with you.”

“Alright I can do that. I will be back shortly.” Darnell hands Kim his keys, and Kim heads off to pick up lunch.

Darnell goes off to help a customer when out of the corner of his eye he notices Monica has just walked into the store. Darnell excuses himself from the customer, and walks directly over to Monica.

“You fucking piece of shit, what are you doing in my store?”

“Oh you know what I am doing here. I am here to see you. Where is the little hussy?” Monica replies.

“First of all you cunt, she has a name, and what you just called her sure as hell isn’t it. Don’t you ever disrespect her like that again in my presence unless of course you wish to have your teeth shoved down your throat, and secondly Kim has gone to get lunch. She should be back shortly.”

“Boy you two have done mighty well for yourselves in the 8 ½ years I was incarcerated now haven’t you?” Monica replies as she looks around.

“Yeah you’re right we sure have. As a matter a fact why don’t you come with me and let me show you around.” Darnell replies in a snicker. Monica follows Darnell around the store as he then leads her into the office. Why don’t you just have yourself a seat over here and I will be right back.” Monica sits in the chair behind the desk as Darnell walks out of the office closing and locking the door. Making his way to the phone behind the counter Darnell calls Mike.

“Mike its Darnell.”

“What’s up Man?” Mike replies.

“You wanted a certain opportunity well come and get it because Monica done fucked up, and she is now sitting in my office here at the store.”

“Oh my god Darnell, Kim isn’t there is she?”

“No Mike, Kim isn’t here. She has gone to get lunch.”

“Alright give me 10 minutes to get there and I will gladly escort that piece of shit out of there.” Just as Darnell and Mike hang up the phone Kim returns with lunch. Kim tries to open the office door.

“Darnell, why is the office locked?”

“Uh because it is?”

“Well where prey tell do you intend for us to eat then.”

“You know what baby girl, let’s eat outside today it’s so nice out there.” Darnell and Kim walk outside to the picnic table just then Kim sees Mike pull up and get out of the car.

“Where is she?” Mike asks Darnell.

“What is Mike talking about Darnell? Where is who?” Kim asks in concern.

“Baby, the reason our office door is locked is because Monica is locked in our office. I told you I wouldn’t allow her to hurt you again. Now Mike is here to escort her right back to where she belongs.” Darnell and Mike walk inside Mike waits outside the office as Darnell goes in.

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