Honey Trap Spy Ch. 03-06


Chapter 3

Randy would return today and I was nervous…no, better make that terrified.

My name is Katie Holmes. Until recently I was an administrative assistant to the head of E Section. To my great surprise I went from high priced secretary to a spy who appeared to end up as a sexual object to both my boss and a senior female operations agent. In a Paris hotel room Randy and Anne had exposed my body to a sexual assault that was far beyond any previous experience. But it was a show. The purpose was not sex, but rather a sting to give the opposition opportunity to blackmail me into revealing E Section’s secrets.

The sting worked. Within days of returning to the office I had been contacted and shown pictures that had secretly been taken of the three of us in the Paris bedroom. The person who approached me gave me a choice—give him information or the pictures and film of that night in Paris would be delivered to my parents and friends. The sting was a complete success. They now believed they had placed a spy within E Section.

Everything worked perfectly, with one minor exception. The sex in the hotel room with Randy and Anne was supposed to be a performance, and maybe it was to Randy and Anne. I, however, after a few minutes of nervousness had lost control. My body was aroused to such a level that I had lost all sexual inhibitions. Although it was my first sex in over three years, I was not a virgin. Yet the animal lust that erupted within me was something new. Self discipline and control was a source of pride to me, or so I thought; but that night all my body craved was pleasure.

I had not seen Randy and Anne since that night. They had continued on their respective trips while I returned home. Randy had been told about the blackmail meeting, but had continued on his planned trip. Why make it obvious to the opposition that something had happened by rushing back to the office. Randy did contact Anne and ordered her back to the office to arrive the same day that he returned. He had called a meeting. The only people invited were Anne and I.

I was apprehensive and scared. Both of them must have known I was not acting, but rather had sunk to a level of debauchery that had shocked me. What did they think of me now?

Randy was in his inner office when I arrived. Anne was right behind me as we both went into Randy’s office and sat down.

Randy said, “Katie, why don’t you go over what happened during your encounter with the blackmailer. Try to tell us everything you remember; what he looked like, what exactly did he say, and how did you answer him.”

And so the debriefing began. I never thought that a meeting that lasted five minutes would take 2 hours to describe. I told them everything that happened, but then Anne would ask a question and I would remember something else. Obviously, Randy and Anne were highly skilled at extracting every bit of information from a person. When their questions were finally finished Randy said to Anne, “I think we set the hook really deep. Katie is going to be their prime asset.”

Anne replied, “I agree, and I’m guessing once they get comfortable with Katie they will ask her to do more and more for them. We should be ready.”

Randy thought for a moment and then said, “The first thing we need to do is to give Katie instructions on what she should say when they approach her next. I have thought about it and the best thing is for us to give Katie a list of countries. When they ask her where I am going, she should name the first country on the list. We can feed them a little bit in each of the three countries. What we show them will look solid, but the information won’t harm us at all.

“You might be right Anne that they will ask Katie to do more, but until that happens the best thing we can do is to prepare Katie for the initial approaches.”

Turning to me Randy asked, “Are you comfortable that you can feed them the countries we give you and make it believable?”

I replied, “I am positive he believed me for the first test. The pictures were so explicit that I was shocked, and I am sure he read my reaction as one of surprise and embarrassment. I know I can do that again.”

Randy said, “Excellent. Now we only have one subject left to discuss. I have thought about this and believe it would be a serious mistake not to talk it out.

“We had extreme sex together. We can’t ignore it happened. If we don’t talk about that night between us I am afraid some unsaid item would fester over time. We can’t let that happen.

“Anne, do you have any problems with what we did that night.”

Anne looked surprised. She obviously had not expected the subject to come up at this meeting and with all of us together. She thought for a moment and said, “I like sex and have a pretty open mind about the pleasure it gives. However, I have never been with a woman before and I thought it would be awkward. When I touched Katie the first time she jumped and so did I. When my fingers first touched yenibosna escort her breasts, she moaned and I have to admit that the sound turned me on. I loved making her come. And when she made me come, I lost it. It was the most erotic experience I have had in some time. Given a choice, a man is my first wish, but the experience with Katie showed me an alternative pleasure which I liked.

“So by the time you went to Katie, my inhibitions were long gone. When you played with her body, I became more and more aroused. When Katie and you finally came it was an amazing sight.”

Anne blushed and then said, “You didn’t see it, but I made myself come just to get some release after watching you two.”

Anne looked at me. It was my turn. Randy had been smart to ask Anne to talk first. I never could have expressed my sexual feelings without someone else talking first. Anne’s frankness helped me to talk about that night.

I started, “I had very little sexual experience before that night. Sex with my old boyfriend was some foreplay, a quick penetration, and he came. I never came unless I did it to myself.

“That night in the hotel was extraordinary. I never thought my body could crave something so much. I never thought I could be attracted to a female, but Anne was wonderful. Then you fucked me…” I turned red and stuttered, “I can’t believe I said that word in front of you two.”

Randy interrupted, “Was your experience repugnant to you?”

I thought for a second and replied, “No, just the opposite. Because of my introduction to it, my attitude towards sex was extreme in some areas and just plan wrong in others. It wasn’t until I heard Anne talk just now that I realized the truth—I enjoyed that night in Paris…a lot. It was fun to make Anne come and what you did to me was wonderful.”

Randy smiled at my statement and said, “I think it was important for you to admit that sex can cause pleasure, and in some cases, extreme pleasure.

“I admit that watching you and Anne was sexual torture to me. Every man has a fantasy to see women enjoy each other, but the dream is supposed to end in release. For a while I was worried that my release would never come unless I did it to myself.

“In any case I am glad we talked about that evening. Now we have to go back to work. Obviously, Katie and I have to remain apart from each other. She should appear to remain my administrative assistant. On the other hand, Anne doesn’t have the same restriction. My feeling is that you two should develop a visible friendship with each other so that if things start to happen, Anne can be a conduit for information. Maybe Katie should start going with you to the gym after work, then dinners or visits to each other’s apartments to show the visible friendship.

“Katie, I have no doubt you will be contacted. Where that leads us is not predictable, but I hope it gives us an opportunity to upset their organization.”

Chapter 4

And so my life as a spy began to develop. I was contacted two weeks later by the same person who had been at my apartment. He asked about Randy’s next trip, and as planned, I gave him the country that Randy had named for my first contact.

It was a brief contact. I asked him his name and he said, “Call me Peter.”

His only other message to me was that as long as I continued to cooperate with him, the pictures of my orgy would not be sent to my parents and friends.

Anne and I were now working out in the gym twice a week. Anne’s workout suit was tight shorts and a combination sports bra and halter. She looked extremely attractive as she went through her workout, and I saw many of the men sneaking peeks at her when they thought no one was looking.

The first night I went to the gym Anne introduced me to her personal trainer. He was a six feet two inch blond male without an ounce of fat on him. I was ready, maybe even hoping for some type of hit from him, but none came. He very professionally assessed my physical strengths and weaknesses and then created a work out schedule for me that would tone and strengthen my body. After a few weeks of self imposed embarrassment about working out at all, I began to enjoy it. I could feel my body respond to the exercises and I became comfortable.

The first few times after our workouts, Anne and I showered at the gym and then went to dinner at nearby restaurants. The dinners were fun. Anne and I became friends and could now talk about any subject that seemed interesting. She told me how she grew up in a Midwestern state on a farm, and I told her about my past experiences.

As we were dressing after our latest workout, Anne looked at me and said, “Instead of going to a restaurant tonight, why don’t you come over to my place? I have enough for a salad and I bought two steaks that we can barbecue.”

I replied, “That would be great. Restaurants are fun, but not all the time, and after three years of not trying zeytinburnu escort to make friends, my apartment gets to feel pretty small some times.”

Anne told me the directions to her place, and said to follow her so that she could open the garage door in her apartment where there was guest parking. Her apartment was only five miles away and I was able to follow her without any problems. Her apartment was a relatively new 20 story building. She lived on the sixteenth floor facing the center of the city. The apartment had two bedrooms, the second which she had made into an office. The living room was impressive with a beautiful view of the city buildings and lights. It was decorated gracefully, a touch feminine, but maybe more sexually neutral than anything else.

Anne kicked off her shoes as soon as she entered her apartment and headed to the kitchen. She looked back over her shoulder and asked, “Red wine OK?

I said, “Absolutely, anything you have is fine with me.”

Anne spent a few minutes in the kitchen and came out with a bottle of merlot and a tray of some type of cheese and crackers. She said, “Let’s just relax for a few minutes and then we can get serious about food. After a good workout I have no appetite, but then in a couple of hours I’m really ready to see the food.

Anne sipped her wine and asked, “How do you like the workouts now that you have been doing if for almost a month?”

I replied, “I can’t believe how much better I feel. My stomach, legs and arms have all toned up, but it is just an overall better feeling I have. Of course I’m not anywhere close to having the body you have. When I see you stretching or lifting weights, you look fantastic.”

Then without thinking I continued, “Of course when I really saw your body that night, I was overwhelmed by how beautiful you are…oh shit, did I really say that?” I blushed.

Anne burst out laughing. Her eyes were smiling as she looked at me and said, “And what part of my body did you focus on?”

I answered, “Everything. Your breasts are so firm and sensitive, your flat stomach, your face…I’m sorry Anne. I’m making a fool out of myself. Please forgive me?”

Anne kept a small smile on her face as she looked at me. She said, “Katie, you always put yourself down. You are beautiful. Even without the work outs, your body was the magnet of the office. I think you had a lonesome three years and that lowered your confidence even more.

“I consider you one of my few friends now. In our business, it is dangerous to have friends, because often the ones you like the best are the ones who are most dangerous to you. People are always trying to set you up; to give you false information, to blackmail you. My last three years may have been as lonely as yours, but in a different way. You were in your apartment, while I appeared to be in the middle of everything, but doing nothing but my job.”

I sipped my wine again as did Anne. We sat across from each other saying nothing. Finally, Anne said, “Did you really enjoy our night together?”

I replied, “Being with you and Randy was the best thing that has happened to me since I can remember. You were my first woman, and I guess that makes me a both ways type of person, because I loved it.”

It was getting dark in the apartment now as the sun started to set over the city. We had not turned on any lights when we came in, so Anne was almost a shadow as she said, “My apartment is safe. The electronics people sweep it weekly and nothing has ever been found. What we say or do here is between us. Katie, do you think you might want to make love to me again?”

I answered instantly, “God yes…I have wanted to say the same thing to you, but there was never the right time or place. I just want to make you feel good.”

Emboldened by the moment, or the wine, or my own words I stood up and reached out my hand to her. She took it and I led her into her bedroom. I whispered, “Now it is my turn to be in control. Just stand there and let me make you happy.”

I kissed her tenderly on the lips; our mouths opened and our tongues touched. I pulled away and stood in front of her. My hands went to her blouse and slowly opened the buttons. I pulled her blouse out of her skirt and removed the blouse revealing her bra. I moved closer and kissed her again. I took her hands and put them under my sweater. She understood. She pulled my sweater over my head.

We alternated. I took off her skirt and kissed her again. She removed my skirt; we kissed. I slowly unclasped her bra and removed it. My hands went to her breasts and lightly teased them as we kissed. I leaned over and licked a circle around each of her nipples. When my lips went to her nipples and sucked them, I heard Anne gasp in pleasure. Anne finally pulled my head up and my bra came off and we kissed again; I pulled her to me and our breasts were pushed against each other as we continued our sexual teasing. acıbadem escort My hand went to her panties and felt her. I heard her moan softly. I knelt before her and slowly pulled her panties down to her ankles. My face was in front of her vagina; her hair glisten with moisture; her smell aroused me. I parted her lips with my fingers and licked her several times. Her hands were on my head urging me to continue and she moaned.

I stopped for a moment. Standing up I kissed her nipples and led her to her bed. She sat down on the edge and lay back. I went on my knees again in front of her and spread her legs. Sometimes my hands reached up to her breasts to fondle them, but the main assault was with my mouth and tongue.

Anne was moaning loudly now. She was aroused and wanted release. I continued to tease her. My lips went to her inner thighs and then returned to her center. My tongue penetrated her as I pushed it in as far as I could. Then my tongue went to her clit and my tongue increased the pressure as she urged me to continue. Her hands were clutching my shoulders, squeezing and releasing as to set the rhythm of my tongue assault. She came; her hips moving violently into my face. I continued to tease her until she stopped me by taking my chin into her hands and raising it until I was looking into her eyes. They were happy eyes; satiated with sex. She said, “Now it is my turn. I don’t think I can make you come as violently as I just did, but that is my objective.”

I said nothing…there was nothing to say.

Chapter 5

It was now almost three months since the wild night in Paris. I had been contacted two more times by Peter, and in each case he had asked me which country Randy was traveling to next. Each time I told Peter the next country on the list and he left.

My work outs with Anne continued and so did the sex. The sex was not an obsessive thing for either of us. Sometimes we just went out to a restaurant for dinner and that was the end of the evening. On occasion Anne would come to my apartment or me to hers for a home cooked meal, and at some point we would find release with each other. It was as if each of us was in a holding pattern waiting for the future to catch up with us—we were friends, not lovers, who used each others body for pleasure.

The following night I was entering my apartment lobby and I sensed a presence behind me. It was Peter. The lobby was empty and he told me to sit down in one of the lobby chairs. He sat across from me.

Peter looked at me and said, “Katie, so far you have given us some useful information. It appears as if the information was accurate, and therefore we had no reason to show the world your sexual deviations. However, as a paid spy we think the deal we have between us is too easy. After all, we could watch Randy ourselves and see where he is going. So the decision is that you must do more for us?

I interrupted, “What do you mean ‘paid’ spy, you have never given me a dollar.”

Peter laughed and said, “Well that’s not quite true Katie. If you checked with your bank you will see that you now have both a checking account and a savings account. The savings account was opened right after we spoke the first time. The initial deposit was $1,000 and there have been two other deposits of $1,000 each. The person who opened the account is one of ours and she has a close physical resemblance to you if the banking person even remembers her. And, of course, forging your signature was elementary. So you are a paid spy.”

Katie, you must realize that it is one thing to be a victim of blackmail and to reveal your country’s secrets, but it is a much more serious thing to be paid for it. If you are investigated, the savings account will be found. We have made it difficult, but not impossible to trace where the deposits came from. When traced your people will find it originated at one of our publicly known affiliates. You will be revealed as one of our spies. The pictures will be discovered and I can assure you that going to prison is a real possibility.”

“Why are you doing this to me,” I pleaded.

Peter replied, “Katie, you are now one of us. The pictures were the first step to make sure you did not stray. Now the savings account is another step. But that’s not the point. You haven’t been doing enough for us. You had had an easy three months. Now we want you to make a bigger contribution to our efforts.”

“What more do you want from me,” I asked.

Peter said, “It really isn’t that difficult for a person like you. We have found a very nice young couple that just arrived from their country. They both have jobs in their embassy. Your job is to become friends with them—very close friends. You see, they both come from political families and it would be very embarrassing for them to be caught doing something inappropriate. It will be like Paris all over again Katie.”

“No,” I almost shouted. “I won’t do it…I’m not a whore.”

Peter’s eyes turned cold as he quietly said, “Of course you will do it; you are a whore. That is what you have done before and you enjoyed it. We are asking you to perform in a one night play. The slut in you will enjoy it; we will have some interesting pictures which will assure us future cooperation from this couple. So you must do it or I can guarantee that your life as you know it will be destroyed.”

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