Homelands Pt 2 Ch 06


To my great disappointment, Mom shot me down when I made a pass at her. At first, I’d thought that maybe I’d slipped up and laid too heavy a veil over her memories, and had a miniature panic attack as I wondered how she’d react to her son trying to talk her into having sex with him if she really, truly believed we were a normal family. But when she told me I would just have to wait until later, because she was planning to give me a very special gift for Christmas this year, I calmed down. As time ticked slowly by and I waited for Pat and Sean to wake up so we could commence unwrapping the gifts, Mom’s little ploy started to really drive me nuts. Part of me appreciated the hell out of it, knowing that when the time finally came, we’d both enjoy it that much more. But part of me thought it was just about the cruelest thing she’d ever done. But part of me thought it was just about the cruelest thing she’d ever done. She didn’t understand how badly I needed to have her. Todd, Holly and Melanie joined us about twenty minutes after I left them. We sat in the living room, watching parades on TV, drinking coffee and eating Christmas cookies. We talked about travel plans, the weather, work, school, and politics. In short, we made our best effort at putting on a show of being a normal family. It was a damned painfully difficult farce to keep up. Especially since none of us really seemed to be bothering, except in the most minimal, superficial way. There were plenty of hushed side conversations that were somewhat less than wholesome even though the main conversation remained innocuous. Or, rather, viciously sarcastic, but entirely devoid of sexual subtext. I couldn’t understand what the point of it was. We weren’t fooling anyone. If we could just dispense with the pretext, maybe Mom wouldn’t make me wait until everyone was up. But even after Natalie and Todd made a flimsy excuse to run up to the garage apartment, where they remained for the better part of an hour, and Melanie pulled the same trick with Dad shortly after my brother and sister returned, Mom still simply shook her head when I looked a question at her from across the room. Eventually, I could take no more, and I jerked off in the bathroom. # It was almost noon when the boys finally came downstairs. They stumbled and shuffled about like zombies, barely opening their eyes, and returned wishes of Merry Christmas with more grunts than words. I might have thought it pathetic if I hadn’t been the same way once. In fact, I still wasn’t much of a morning person. That said, typical youthful behavior though it might have been, it was hard not to be a little resentful. I didn’t appreciate having to put off my surprise gift for hours. The task of waiting patiently for whatever Mom had planned for me was getting to be all but unbearable. As we began to settle down in the living room, gathered around the tree, my heart raced. How was Mom going to give me my present without the others knowing? We were still pretending, at least publicly, that nothing was happening. She wouldn’t give me my present in full view of the whole family, would she? Though that would certainly be interesting. Sean and Patrick were, of course, the last to join us. They’d insisted on having some coffee and a bite to eat first. Which they rest of us had all had a chance to do, so in a sense, it was only fair. But I really wanted to tell them that if they wanted breakfast, they should have gotten up before noon. I held my tongue though. When the two of them finally settled down on the floor, they finally started to notice what had happened to the women of our family. At least, judging by the looks on their faces and the bulges in their pajama pants, it seemed like they must have. Now we had only to wait for Mom to take some quick pictures of us marveling at the tree and the pile of perfectly Erenköy escort bayan wrapped presents. That took a few minutes that felt like hours, but at last, we were allowed to begin. I tore into the first few boxes excitedly. Excitement soon gave way to cautious optimism. Then mounting frustration. Where was this special gift? After forty minutes of unwrapping, running commentary from the various wise-asses of the family, and amateur photography, we had each amassed piles of clothes, electronics, books, toiletries or cosmetics, and so forth. Might as well’ve been lumps of coal. Oh, to be sure, the gifts were nice enough. It was just that, after what Mom had said earlier, they all seemed so mundane. However, while we were near the end, there were still a few more gifts. And just then, I noticed that Mom had slipped out of the room. I felt a glimmer of hope. She returned wearing a new outfit. It would appear that I’d been too quick to despair after all. The sexy little Mrs. Claus number could not have been more perfect. The centerpiece was a loose-fitting red velour dress trimmed with faux white fur. Loose though it might have been, it covered so little it hardly counted as more than a corset. A thick black leather belt with a huge gold buckle cinched the dress tight just below her enormous breasts. The mountainous cleavage eft exposed by the scandalous neckline had me not just rock hard but oozing pre-cum. Her breasts were so huge, so soft, so white, and, at present, squeezed high and tightly together by the thick leather belt sitting beneath them. To go along with the dress, she wore thigh-high sheer white stockings with red stripes and ruby-red patent leather heels. A red and white stocking cap topped off the ensemble. But I was only minimally aware of these accessories, so fixated was I on the way the dress paid appropriate homage to my mother’s godly breasts. Todd choked down a mouthful of tepid coffee as Mom strutted into the room, each step sharp and precise. Mom held her arms straight down at her sides, with her palms stretched outwards. After she reached the middle of the room, she spun around and leaned forward, until her torso was parallel to the floor. That hiked her little dress up and gave us all a glimpse of her glorious ass. Her cheeks, like her breasts, were huge, soft, white and round. And framed beautifully by the red garter holding up her stockings. She either wasn’t wearing any underwear or the spaghetti strip of a thong had disappeared into the deep crevasse between her two cheeks. We all offered various indicators of appreciation, from catcalls to oo’ing and ah’ing. I was sure that some of the guys were just being polite. An ass that size, and that soft, didn’t appeal to everyone. But myself, I wanted to caress, slap, kiss, and bite it. “You look incredible, Mom,” I said. “Not that you don’t always. But wow.” “Thanks, dear,” she said. “He ain’t fucking kidding,” Patrick whispered to Sean with an elbow to his cousin’s ribs. “Did you know grandma was built like that?” Sean shook his head, eyes wide. “News to me, man. News to me.” “Well, don’t you want to finish? There’s still more gifts under the tree,” Mom said. As she did, she slipped back off to the side of the room, unblocking the path to the tree. Mumbling various combinations of niceties and obscenities, we resumed the ritual. As if there was nothing unusual about Mom wearing that outfit, or about the sexual tension in the air that was now so thick that, if you weren’t careful, you just might choke on it. Dad got up, walked across the room, and played with the fire. He gave his wife’s ass a good slap as he passed by her, eliciting a whimper that itself made me want to whimper. But otherwise, it was like everyone instantly forgot the scantily clad sex goddess. Or forgot Escort içerenköy that she was a scantily clad sex goddess, rather than an aging matron. “Oh, wait, wait, sweetie. I’d actually like you boys to open those all at once,” Mom said as Pat gathered up one of six identical flat little boxes that were tucked away near the base of the tree. They looked like they contained gift cards. “And, if you would, leave them til the very end, after everything else has been opened.” My heart sank to my stomach once more. Were we all getting the same thing? I suppose I shouldn’t have cared if that was true. As long as they weren’t actually gift cards. But I’d somehow convinced myself that Mom was planning something special just for me. I felt selfish and spoiled for having thought I was entitled to that, now that it seemed obvious that I was wrong. Of course Mom wanted to make today special for all of us. Holly opened up the skimpiest little bit of lingerie and thanked Sean for it. We all laughed awkwardly. For a moment, I think we all suspected it actually was from Sean. The way his eyes lit up, there was no question that he was imagining her in it. But Holly quickly confessed that it was a joke and hugged Todd. Finally, Mom, who had yet to sit back down, instructed us to open the remaining gifts. Sean and Patrick had the shiny silver wrapping paper torn to shreds fastest. At more or less the same time, they each held up their playing cards for the rest of us to see. “Just what I’ve always wanted,” Pat said, looking at his Jack of Clubs with a frown. “Umm, thanks, Grandma,” Sean said, studying his Queen of Hearts no less quizzically. Mom smiled deviously but didn’t respond. Rob shrugged, said, “Mine’s a Jack too. Diamonds.” I stole a glance at Dad’s Queen of Spades before unwrapping mine. The Jack of Hearts, for all that meant to me. Todd chuckled as he held up the King of Hearts. “Looks like I won,” he said. “So what’s the story with these?” Sean asked, flipping his card over as if expecting to find something written on the back. Natalie started to snicker, trying to hide it with a hand in front of her face. “Wait, Mom, do you know?” Pat asked Natalie. “I might have helped come up with the idea,” Natalie said slowly. “That you did, dear,” Mom said. “Boys, be sure to thank her when you get the chance.” Pat scoffed. He kept his mouth shut, but we all knew he’d wanted to say, “For what?” I laughed nervously. They’d tell us when they were ready, and not before. I knew my mother well enough to know that. Dad and Todd also knew better, and simply sat quietly, staring at their cards. But the two youngest men were determined to get the women to squawk. “Well, obviously, these aren’t the actual gifts,” Sean said. “They represent something.” “Aren’t you clever,” Pat said. “I think even Grandpa figured that much out.” “Hey!” Dad said. “What do you mean, ‘even Grandpa?”‘ Mom’s smile grew wider and wider. Natalie got up off the couch, scampered over to Mom, put her arm around the shorter woman’s shoulder, and whispered something in her ear. The two started giggling. Bouncing on her heels, Natalie said, “Okay, we have an announcement to make.” “And what’s that?” Pat asked. “You have to guess what they mean,” Natalie said. “If no one gets it within the first five guesses, you have to sleep on it and guess again tomorrow. If you can’t guess then, you’ll just have to be happy with your other presents.” “New cars?” Dad said with a goofy smile. A few of us threw wads of crumpled wrapping paper at him. “There goes one guess,” Mom said. “Can I use up their guesses?” Melanie asked. “No,” Natalie said. “Though that would be fun.” Mel’s shoulders slumped. “Aww. I like watching them suffer.” All four of the women snickered at that as if it was the wittiest thing ever. “Will you at least Tuzla escort whisper it in my ear?” Natalie nodded and the two slipped out of the room. We heard Melanie squeal from the kitchen. She came back giggling. “They’re never going to guess that!” she said, a bit loudly, as she sat back down on the couch and whispered in Holly’s ear. Holly’s eyes went wide then she burst out laughing, hands over her stomach. “No, they definit-” “Sex favors,” Todd said. Everyone looked at him, mouths agape. “What?” he asked, with a wounded tone. “I’m not supposed to say it aloud yet? I mean, how much more obvious could it be, right?” “Well, he has a poin-” “Glad someone finally said it, becau-” “I actually thought it might just be me. Man, that’s a rel-” Mom cleared her throat. “Okay, okay,” she said. Everyone fell silent. “Todd’s right, of course. We all sense it. I’m not sure what ‘it’ is, but I love you all too much not to want to share it with you. So you’re all going to get a special gift from me.” “And, what, better cards, better favors?” Pat asked, looking confused. Or perhaps it was just disbelief, because it seemed pretty obvious that had to be it. Confirming his guess, Mom laid a finger on her nose. Natalie slid back out from behind our mother. She toyed with the drawstring of her skintight pajama pants as she approached her son. “We chose the cards randomly, believe it or not. But don’t worry, honey. If Grandma leaves you feeling a little frustrated, Mommy will pick up the slack.” Pat’s eyes went wide. He stared at Natalie as if seeing the real her, the sex goddess, for the first time. He nodded appreciatively. “Random draw, huh?” I asked. “Only fair,” Natalie said to me without taking her brown eyes off her son. “In principle. But in practice, it’s not. Not really. If you leave room for chance, and it will always go Todd’s way.” I turned to Todd. “Is this like part of your powers or something? You’re never dealt a bad hand? That why you never lose at anything?” He snorted. “Oh, please. I wish I was supernaturally lucky.” I didn’t reply. He stared at me flatly. “You’re serious? Come on, man. Sure, sometimes I get lucky. But no more than anyone else. I think you just remember the times I do because it helps you believe that when I whoop your ass at cards or darts or whatever, that’s luck too. But it ain’t. You’re just a loser. Simple as that.” I laughed and punched his arm. Some things never change. My sister sat down next to her son and leaned back against the couch, moaning sensuously. Her hips writhed as if someone was caressing her. Pat still couldn’t manage to get a word out. Just stared at his mother, dumbfounded. “So what exactly is each card worth then?” Sean asked, clearing his throat. Mom smiled at him. “Well, sweetie, a Jack means Grandma is going to give you a lap-dance, and finish you off with her hands. A Queen means we end with a blowjob. And, of course, the King,” she stared at Todd, who feigned indifference, “can do whatever he wants.” “Lucky bastard,” I mumbled. He smiled at me, lips pulled back to his ears. Meanwhile, Melanie climbed into Dad’s lap. She ran a hand over his smooth cheek with one hand while gripping the back of his neck with the other. Mom pulled the coffee table out into the middle of the room then gestured for Rob to sit on it. He did so without a word. Natalie turned on some music and Mom got to work. She teased us for a few minutes before straddling her son-in-law. Soon enough, she was grinding her hips against him and swinging her Santa cap like a lasso. Her gorgeous black hair whipped about wildly as she did. Rob even had the nerve to say, “Ride me, cowgirl,” without any irony or shame. He slapped my mother’s fat ass, and I almost made a mess in my pants as I watched the aftershocks ripple across her smooth, white skin. Mom’s only response was a slight, high-pitched whimper, followed by soft cooing. Fuck. She wanted that great big ass slapped. Soon, I’d be the one slapping it. But anything other than right now was quite simply not soon enough. My chest felt tight, my airway constricted. Just then, Natalie crawled over to me on all fours, abandoning her…

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