Home Alone Ch.4


Danni stormed down the path toward the back door to the house and without knocking burst in. She stood silhouetted against the doorway, the morning sun shining through her nightdress. My damp panties in one hand and the vibrator that, I had witnessed her using a few moments ago, glistening with her juices.”Look Danni, I don’t know what to say, please, I wasn’t there for long.””You get off watching women then, you like to watch women pleasure themselves do you?””No, it’s not like that, I couldn’t help myself, you looked so hot. Please you’re not going to tell anyone are you?” Jenny almost pleaded.”Do you think I’m going tell everyone that my neighbor watched me fuck myself with a vibrator whilst I was watching lesbian porn do you, that I get off watching two women fucking each other?””Look I’m sorry, can we forget all about it, and next time I’ll ring before coming round!””You don’t get away with it that easily, you’ve watched me, now I want to watch you, I want to see you finger your tight cunt, I want to watch you spread your wet cunt lips and push your fingers up your tight hole. I want to ulus escort watch you cum over your fingers, I want you to watch you lick your cum off your fingers.” Danni hissed.”No please, look, I’ve said sorry, can we leave it at that?””No, you’ve seen me cum, now it’s my turn, do you know I’ve fantasized about you, I’ve looked across here on a night, knowing your alone, imagining you frigging your wet pussy, I’ve sometimes watched you getting a shower through the frosted glass of your bathroom window, only being able to see your silhouette but imagining your lathering the soap purposefully into you hot, wet mound.””Please Danni, no!” but I could feel my pussy dampening, my nipples straining against my bra. If truth be known, I did enjoy masturbating in the shower, using the shower head on my pussy, the jet of water on my clit always made me cum. I had sometimes imagined what it would be like to experience hot sex with another woman, to massage the smooth skin, to suck a girls hard nipples, and savor a succulent warm wet gash. My hand involuntarily yenimahalle escort brushed my pussy through the thin material of my dress, I knew that she had me, I was her plaything.”Danni noticed the effect she had had on her neighbor and moved a chair over to back of the kitchen and sat down. “Right I want you to sit there opposite me.”I sat down facing Danni, smoothing down my dress, my legs tight together, if I was going to put on a show for Danni I wasn’t going to give myself to easily.”Now, don’t you want to feel your breasts, don’t you want to feel your hardening nipples”My hands slowly moved up and gently massaged my breasts through the material of my dress, my nipples aching with lust, they were straining against the thin material of my lacy bra, my hands now massaging more purposefully, kneading my breasts, pinching my nipples. I let out a small gasp.”Slide the straps of your dress over your shoulders,” Danni commanded, “peel your dress down over your tits.”I did as I was told slowly peeling the straps down and then tunalı escort pulling the dress down, my fingers ten immediately went back to my soft breasts.”Slide your fingers into your bra; I want you to pinch your nipples.”My fingers were now pinching my nipples; my pussy was starting to feel very damp. Danni was fidgeting in her chair, one hand holding my panties to her nose.”Remove your bra, I want to see your tits, I want to watch you pinch and pull your hard nipples.I slowly reached behind my back and deftly unclasped by bra, allowing it to fall, freeing my breasts, my hands then moving back up cupping them, then I ran my hands over my sensitive skin before concentrating on my straining nipples, gently pinching them between my thumb and forefinger, tugging at them, rolling them between my fingers. My pussy was on fire by now my legs starting to open. Looking across at Danni, I could see that her breathing had quickened, she had taken my panties from her nose and they lay discarded on the floor, she was gently running her hands up and down her body over her silky nightdress, I could make out her hard nipples through the thin material.”I want you to touch your pussy through the material of your dress. Danni commanded.I ran my right hand down over my flat stomach and onto the material between my legs; I tried to keep my legs as close together as I could. I was trying to make it seem as if I was reluctant to do as she wished.

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