Holiday Booking


Holiday BookingJune has the idea that us girls should go away on holiday together and apparently she has rung the travel agent, booked it all and I have to go down and pick up the tickets, so here I am opening the door to ‘Let The Sun Shine Holidays’. Thanks June, I mean no need to consult me or anything!‘Hi you should have two tickets reserved for Miss June Smith’ I ask the travel consultant who looks up at me, ‘Of course, my name is Mel, I spoke to Miss Smith and she arranged it all with me’ she says, ‘But the we deal with the VIP holidays upstairs, would you like to follow me?’I nod and look at her sitting behind her desk, a thirty something with medium length brunette hair and full red lips, she is one of those women that looks good in a business suit and her uniform enhances her curves perfectly – a red suit with a tight pencil skirt, a sheer white blouse unbuttoned enough so I could glimpse her perfect cleavage hinting at substantial breasts. I notice a wisp of the lace on her bra? I wonder if she has ever had the pleasure of another woman sucking her breasts, I feel my nipples harden at the thought…‘There is no one to mind the counter so I will have to close the shop whilst we are upstairs’ I am aware I am still looking at her breasts and I think she might have noticed! I quickly move my eyes to her name badge ‘Oh yes! OK’ I stumble the words out snapping out of the fantasy and feeling a little embarrassed. She locks the door and sets the sign gaziantep escort bayan to ‘Closed’ I follow her up the stairs, admiring her legs, is she wearing stockings? I wonder, that would look so sexy with the bright red patient high heels that look way to high for a working girl, before I start to fantasise again I think about the name badge I glimpsed, it read ‘Mel – Happy to bring some sunshine in your day’ ‘Mmmm, if only!’ I think.We enter the VIP office it is quite small with a couple of pot plants, brochure racks, photos of various locations on the walls and a couple of desks behind one is a really sexy redhead , looking up at me over a pair of glasses, I am sure she licked her lips! ‘My name is Mel and this is my colleague Lizzie. I am bet surprised that it will take two members of staff to process the tickets’ Lizzie is similarly dressed as Mel she is quite petit she has amazing breasts pushing out of her crisp white blouse, she pushes back from the desk her skirt is tight across her thighs and I can see the shape of a suspender belt. I imagine her stepping in the shower dressed as she is now, watching her get wet, I step in with her we kiss and undress our sopping wet clothes…..‘We have to ensure you are suitable to visit this resort.’ Mel continues,‘Sorry? Suitable? What are you on about?’ I wonder what June has been up to, she has threatened to get revenge for the wet and messy surprise party I organised for her birthday a couple of months ago, you remember where I got her sploshed by several guys and girls when she thought she was going clubbing, well it was her fantasy and I didn’t know her new dress was a Carlos Fandango designer classic!. Lizzie says ’They don’t let in any one you know, it is a unique location and they are very fussy about their guests’ ‘Um, OK’ Not wanting to appear to stupid I play along. ‘What do I have to do, fill out some forms, er I haven’t bought my passport….’ ‘Don’t worry there is no paperwork involved’ Lizzie gets up and moves behind me and I feel her put her arms around me, her breasts push in my back and her warm breath on my neck, she presses up against me whispers in m ear ‘It’s a physical assessment’ and kisses my neck, .I am shocked, but enjoying her soft wet lips and tongue nibbling, licking softly biting, I then feel Mel’s lips on mine and her tongue enter my mouth, I close my eyes, not quite believing what is happening. Lizzie’s hands find my breasts through my blouse, which she has started to unbutton and I turn my head so she can kiss me too. Happily she obliges French kissing me with passion, her hands finding my breasts and cupping them out of my bra she gently pinches my nipples. Mel drops slowly to her knees, pushing my skirt up over my stockings, and as Mel pushes my soaking wet knickers to one side Lizzie pushes my bra up over my tits… ‘Fuck! You two are forward!’ I gasp as Mel’s tongue finds my slick hard clit and Lizzie sucks on my tits, I get a glimpse of what they are doing to me in a security mirror and think how dirty this looks, two girls identically dressed with another with her blouse undone, skirt pushed up, bra pushed up, knickers now somewhere down round her ankles in a bright red sandwich!. The only items of my clothing that are in their proper place my stockings and shoes, I think it looks like something out of a fantasy porn film! Perhaps that is what is happening, the CCTV cameras are filming us on an internet site with men wanking, girls fingering, cuming at the sight of me being seduced by these two beautiful women. The thought makes me shudder and I let out an involuntary moan, this spurs Lizzie to join Mel licking my pussy, and as my breathing gets heavier , my moaning gets louder one of the cheeky minxes pushes a finger in my arse, this triggers a thunderous orgasm and as I cum and cum those girls keep lapping at my clit and pussy making sure my pleasure is complete……‘Mmmm’ says Mel ’I think she will love the holiday’ ‘Yeah’, agrees Lizzie ‘Passed with flying colours!’ I try and straighten my dishevelled clothes but I am now really puzzled ‘I have to ask; how did you two know that I like girls?’Mel replies ‘We got an idea when your friend booked the holiday at The Hotel Sappho, on the Greek Island of Lesbos’bloody hell June! Someone might be in for a sound spanking when I get home! I look at the two travel consultants now French kissing each other and decide it might an idea to suggest that they keep the shop closed all afternoon.

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