His Wife’s First Spanking


Now in her late 40’s, my wife still turns me on physically more than any woman I know. She’s my ideal for a beautiful woman: an incredibly elegant, thin brunette with large dark eyes who drives a Mercedes and dresses in expensive clothes. I buy her nice jewelry just to see it on her. It’s ultimately the way she carries herself that makes her so attractive. She looks really sexy, but remains really reserved. By her own admission she is “demure.”

This same quality that keeps me so into her, watching her walk or just blow dry her hair after a shower, also really frustrates me. Thankfully she enjoys sex, but with way too many boundaries. I’ve tried through the years to initiate things I want, but aside from passively surrendering to regular intercourse, she won’t indulge my fantasy wish list. Blow jobs are really rare, and she never really even gives me hand action. I absolutely adore ravishing her body, so I guess I can’t complain. Still, there is a lot I wish I could do. More than anything, I’ve always wanted to spank her ass.

We’ve talked about it, to the point of her getting upset. She says she isn’t that kind of woman and brings up the Me Too movement. “Why don’t you just go back to your freak girlfriends you had before me?” Believe me, I’ve thought about it. My last one before her loved me to bend her over my knee and spank her until her ass turned red. You know that “spare the rod spoil the child” quote from the Bible? Well, she ended up spoiling me by letting me punish her with the rod, and my hand, and a wooden spoon, and a brush, and pretty much anything I could find in our apartment. But basmane escort as much as I miss those days, I still want my wife a lot more.

I can’t say exactly what’s changed recently in our sex life, but she has become at least a little willing to let me have my way with her in bed. I mean I’ve noticed that I can ask her to turn over for me and she just will now, which wasn’t always the case. Not too long ago, just for fun, I experimented with asking her to walk around for me in her underwear when the kids aren’t around, so I could look at her ass and keep obsessing on it. She acted annoyed and said no way, but then a few days later she just did it for me, coming downstairs and straightening up the living room in her red underwear when I was watching TV. Neither of us talked about it, both as she was doing what I had asked as well as after she went back upstairs. It’s like she was being secretly submissive. That made it really hot for me, and for her too, I think.

We had really passionate sex that night, still not mentioning that she’d honored my request. Feeling a little more powerful, when I was inside her for a while and she was getting more excited, I put my thumb up to her lips. I whispered in her ear, forcefully but quiet, “Suck it like my cock.” Still keeping her eyes closed, she just did what I asked. After a little while, when I told her, “Suck it harder. Make me come,” we both came together. Again though, she didn’t reference it afterwards. In fact, she acted as if nothing at all had happened, so I did the same.

This remained our usual mode bayındır escort for a while, with me trying new things and her letting me do them. Ultimately I’d always considered her submissive, despite her resistances. I’d noticed lately more and more how she started walking by me in her underwear. When I was on the sofa talking with her in her office that was connected to her closet she uses as a dressing room, she even bent over to take off her underwear, showing me her ass to put on her pajama bottoms. Not wanting to risk turning her off by openly talking about what I wanted, I did make sure she knew I was fixated on her. After she finally stood up and turned around, she saw me staring as I adjusted my erection in my pants.

I finally couldn’t repress my fantasy for any longer. One early afternoon, when the kids were in school, we closed the bedroom curtains and started to have sex. I had her on her back, and I pulled down her tight fitting pink pants. She had on sheer pink panties, not a thong, but the normal kind. I loved her in these, since I could see her ass even as they covered it. I had my fingers on her, rubbing her outside of her panties. I looked up and saw her eyes closed, letting me have my way with her.

“Turn over,” I said, in a normal voice. She did. Just like that, for the first time in our marriage, I started to spank her ass. She just laid there, perfectly quiet. I went easy at first, with “good girl” spankings, not even leaving a mark. Then, I got harder, really spanking the cheeks of her ass. She still didn’t move or complain. I didn’t bayraklı escort make her count the spanks like I did with my ex-girlfiend, or even make any comments about what I was doing. I couldn’t risk her getting freaked out and calling it over.

But I was so turned on by this, almost coming just by seeing my hand marks on her ass, I got to a point where I had to take it further. “Pull your panties down for me,” I said, again in a normal voice. She pulled them down, then started to move her legs up, to completely take them off. I grabbed her arms kind of hard, letting her know that I wanted them down, but not off. For some reason it seemed hotter that way. Seeing her this submissive, I then told her, “lift your ass up in the air.” Again she did what I’d asked.

After a while, I wanted to be inside her. The way she moved her hips when I stopped the spanks, I think she wanted that too. I reached between her legs to feel her with my fingers, and she was incredibly wet. I had only barely touched her, and was reaching further up between her legs, when she came on my fingers. She’s always pretty quiet when having an orgasm, almost like she wants to hide her excitement, but this time she really yelled out uncontrollably. I then took her from behind, coming really fast.

As hot as all of this was, a fantasy come true that I had to write up here if only to keep reliving it for myself, her reaction afterwards maybe became the hottest moment of all for me. She got dressed without speaking or even making eye contact, looking a little ashamed, as if she had just got punished. I’m sure her shyness kicked in now, and she was embarrassed for having been spanked. More than that, though, I think she was feeling some shame for having enjoyed it so much. We haven’t spoken about that night ever since, and of course it keeps me wanting to spank her again. She must feel the same way, though I know she’ll never admit it.

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