His Mom’s BF Seduces his GF


So recently I was hanging out with my friend Billy, getting drunk at his place, when he decided to confess something he had never told anybody. You see, he used to have this girlfriend right before his freshman year of college who resembled Faye Reagan (we’ll call her Faye for that reason), and he had a pretty hot story about her and his mom’s boyfriend. He never told anybody because he didn’t want people to think he was a cuck, and he was actually pretty angry about the whole situation, but at the same time did nothing to stop it from happening.

Now his mom was a real looker, a Julie Bowen type milf, so when he told me that she was dating a guy who, from Billy’s own description, looked like he was “Mr. RKO out-of-nowhere” Randy Orton (we’ll call him Randy), I wasn’t really surprised. Even now, considering she is a bit older, “Ms. Bowen” could still get any guy she wants.

Now for Billy, he is your average every day dude, who looks like Ron Howard at a certain angle. But Billy is also a snobby 19 year old from a rich family, and when his dad passed away many years ago it set the kid up for life. Added to the fact that Faye is from an all-girls school, and their families are very close friends, and you can see how your average Billy can get the cute, 18 year old freckled redhead with the perfect body.

So his story begins about two weeks before he and Faye started at the same college, and it’s a Saturday afternoon, but his mom was working on some huge project so she was gone till after dark. That meant it was just Billy, his girlfriend Faye, and his Mom’s live-in boyfriend Randy up at this nice house all on their own.

Now Faye was coming over to Billy’s to hang out in the pool, and she had only heard about Randy but had never met him before, so Billy really didn’t know how it was going to play out. He was mostly afraid of him being rude and scaring her off, since he was that type of guy, but he was also worried that Faye might find him attractive.

Now as I mentioned before, Faye is seriously hot, and when she showed up wearing a very short jean skirt with a yellow tank top, showing off some generous cleavage, both of their jaws dropped. Randy made it a point to introduce himself to the incredible redhead by cutting off Billy before he had the chance, and this type of cocky aggressiveness is what he was afraid of.

“So you’re Billy’s girlfriend, huh? Wow, aren’t you just a perfect 10!”, he complimented her as he casually checked her out, and very obviously looking at her tits and ass while grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Oh… um… thank you.”, Faye was flattered as she blushed, but it was still a bit creepy the way he was checking her out.

Although, she had to admit to herself that he was indeed very attractive, and even though it was pervy, the way he looked at her was kind of a turn on. She figured he would have to be this good looking since Billy’s mom could easily be a model, but this guy had something extra sexy about him that she couldn’t quite put her finger on. She quickly put it out of her mind, drumming up images of her boyfriend, whom she loved, to quell the dirty thoughts now forming.

Billy, sensing trouble, quickly wrapped up the introductions and rushed Faye up to his room so they could change for the pool. He started to feel a bit more relaxed, until he saw the bikini Faye picked out to wear. It was a tiny green two piece, slightly too small for her chest, which pushed her boobs together giving her some really nice cleavage. And while Billy didn’t mind what she decided to wear, he still didn’t think it was appropriate to wear around his mom’s boyfriend. But he decided not to say anything because he didn’t want to ruin the day.

Once out by the pool Billy took off his t-shirt and jumped in while Faye was laying out on a towel so she could get some sun. He swam around for a bit, maybe five or ten minutes, but it wasn’t too long before Randy made his entrance. Shirt-less and wearing swim trunks, he carried a cooler over to the lawn chair several feet away and set it down. He then reached in and grabbed himself a beer, popped it open and started drinking it while standing there, looking like he was filming wolf like me izle a Coke commercial. Billy then looked over at Faye, who was staring at his mom’s boyfriend practically drooling all over herself!

“Hey! what do you think you’re doing?!”, asked Billy, breaking Faye of her trance and causing her to blush upon realizing she was just caught ogling his mom’s boyfriend.

She then got up and jumped into the pool, joining Billy over in the deep end. They swam around for a bit, but after some time decided to get out and head back inside. On the way Billy noticed Faye checking out his mom’s boyfriend again, and caught the look on her face as one of pure lust. However, this time it was Randy that caught her looking, and he proceeded to smile at her while blatantly checking her out too, causing her to blush yet again. Neither one of them noticed Billy had witnessed the entire interaction, and he could tell there definitely was some sexual tension between the two.

About 30 minutes later Billy and Faye were sitting on the living room couch after drying off from the pool, Billy still in his swim trunks and a t-shirt, while Faye had a towel wrapped around her bikini clad body. They were talking as Randy came into the room and sat down in the recliner across from them, also still in his bathing suit but shirt-less. Billy started to feel a bit uncomfortable after seeing Faye check him out earlier, and here he was sitting right across from her showing off his muscular body.

“So Faye, you’ve got to be pretty excited to start college soon, right?” asked Randy.

“Yea, I’m so nervous. But I’ll have Billy with me so it won’t be so bad.” answered Faye.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I think once those frat guys come around Billy-Boy here will be out of the picture!”, grinned Randy as he looked over at Billy, knowing he hated that nickname.

“Like, what do you mean by that?” asked Faye, now leaning over a bit in her seat as she engaged further into the conversation.

“Listen Faye, I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but your fucking hot as hell. All of them college guys are going to be dreaming of you sucking their dicks.”

“EEEEW! That’s so gross! I’ve never even seen one before!”, exclaimed Faye.

“What do you mean you’ve never seen one before? You’ve never seen a cock before? Haven’t you guys had sex yet?”, Randy’s curiosity peaked.

“Faye, don’t…” Billy said, but before he could finish, Faye cut him off.

“We’ve had sex! It’s just we’re under the covers… and it’s dark! So yea, I’ve never seen one before.”

“Well Billy, why don’t you whip yours out and show it to Faye!”

“I’m not going to do that in front of everybody!”

“Why not? The only one here who hasn’t seen one before is Faye, and she wants to see yours, right Faye?”

“Yea, you can show it to me if you want. I want to see it.” Faye looked on eagerly as Billy started to get more nervous.

“I’m not going to pull my dick out right now. Not here.”

“Well, that’s too bad. But I think Faye should still get to see one before she goes off to college. Do you want to see mine?”

“This has gone far enough. Faye, we should get up…”,once again Billy is cut off.

“I mean… it’s just looking right?”, Faye said as she turned to her boyfriend who was now shocked into silence.

Billy couldn’t believe that his girlfriend wanted to see this guy’s cock, and how excited she seemed by the idea. Randy smirked to himself as he saw the scene play out between them, and he knew she found the situation a turn on by the way she was acting. He had seen it all before, and she was inexperienced at hiding the signs at her young age.

“First, I’ll need you to stand up and take off your towel so I can get a good look at you. I think it’s only right that you should see it at it’s full size, and that body of yours can get the job done.”

Faye stood up without hesitation and dropped her towel to the floor, letting it reveal the green bikini that was just a bit too small for her. She did a little twirl and looked at Randy with this teasing look on her face. Randy smiled as he started wolf pack izle to rub his cock thru his shorts, drawing Faye’s attention to his lap which caused her to unconsciously lick her lips.

“Damn, you are just so fucking hot. Come here and sit on my lap.” he asked in a demanding tone of voice.

Billy’s heart was pounding, and he was sure that it was audible, but sexual tension in the room had those two so distracted they couldn’t even hear it. Eventually the pounding of his heart started to feel more like a breaking when his girlfriend of almost three years, the girl he lost his virginity to, was now moving towards Randy’s lap in anticipation.

She sat down gently on his thigh, right above his knee, as he continued to rub his cock. She wrapped one of her arms around his neck to stabilize herself while the other rested across her legs. Just looking at the two of the them together like that made Billy’s skin crawl, but he couldn’t deny the pure sexual energy they seemed to have for each other.

“Are you ready to see it?”, Randy asked as they made eye contact.

“Yeah.”, replied Faye, her answer sounding almost like a breathless whisper.

Randy knew he had her where he wanted her, and slowly removed something Billy had only seen on porn stars. Faye looked directly at it as she bit her lip, clearly impressed, as she had never felt so hot and dirty before as she watched Randy stroke his now visible cock. A desire began to burn up inside of her, and at that moment her body wanted to be as close to this man as possible.

“Do you want to touch it?”

Faye’s eyes widened, but she didn’t answer, or resist as he took her hand and put it on his cock, wrapping her delicate fingers around it’s shaft. She felt it pulsate a bit in her hand, and instinctively squeezed it causing Randy to let out a groan.

“I think this has gone way too far at this point! Faye, you need to stop what you’re doing and get up now! I’m serious!”, Billy started to panic.

“You should lighten up a bit, Billy-Boy.”, Randy smiled in his direction, and almost as if it were on cue, groaned as Faye once again squeezed his cock.

“It’s ok, Billy. I’m ok.”, said Faye, her eyes glazed over as she stared down at her hand, which looked so small while wrapped around something so big.

Her lips slightly parted as her hand started to move up and down, slowly at first, but she gradually picked up to a noticeable pace. Billy was lost at this moment, and completely defeated by his mom’s boyfriend. All he could do was sit there and let this twisted scene play out before him.

Now with a free hand Randy reached over to grope Faye’s perfect tits, gently massaging her perky C cups as he used his fingers to move the fabric aside so he could start really playing with her. Feeling his hand on her, especially when he pinched her nipple, sent a shock wave thru her body causing her eyes to close tight while letting out the sexiest moan he’d ever heard.

She then started squeezing harder, and stroking his cock faster with new determination. It was now her goal to give this man as much pleasure as possible, and nothing else in the world mattered at that moment. And then suddenly… she started kissing him. It happened so naturally as her mouth met his and embraced, they caressed their tongues as they reveled in the taste of saliva that passed between their opened lips.

As they continued to make out Billy could hear Faye’s soft moans throughout the entire ordeal, and his whole world just went numb. He sat there and watched them go at it like they were two lovers, intent on nothing else but pleasing each other. But after a few more moments of this lustful scene, Randy broke the kiss off to Faye’s disappointment.

“I want you to suck my cock. Now.”, demanded Randy.

“But… I’ve never…”, Faye sounded a bit worried.

“I wanna be your first one.”

The look on her face was pure lust as she slid off his lap and onto the floor. She looked so innocent as she held his cock in her hand, eyes wide with her mouth slightly open as she looked to take on the task before her. She opened her mouth a bit woman of the dead izle more and started to slowly suck on the tip until she had enveloped the entire head. Her hand moved in rhythm along the shaft as she then sucked it with a bit more enthusiasm, moving her head back and forth as she started to get the hang of it.

“Oh fuck! This feels so fucking good! You don’t know what you missed out on Billy-Boy!”

Billy couldn’t hear Randy though, because at the moment all he could hear was his girlfriend’s slurping sounds as she serviced his mom’s boyfriend’s cock. All he could hear were her muffled moans… moans now becoming more intense since she started fingering herself with her free hand. He had never seen her act like this before, it was almost as if being around this guy and finding him so attractive has turned her into a slut.

No more than a few minutes had gone by since Faye started blowing Randy, but his oncoming climax was increasing rapidly with the sensation of her mouth, and that warm, wet feeling as it glided back and forth along the entire length of his shaft when she attempted to go deeper.

As her tongue playfully massaged his cock Randy saw the look on her face, how cute and innocent she seemed, and how great it felt to have her moan on his dick while her boyfriend watched. This wasn’t the first time Randy had seduced some hot piece of ass in front of a boyfriend, and for him, seeing some guy helpless while the love of their life gags on his cock always put the sex on another level.

Faye’s moans also intensified as she rubbed her clit, trying to keep pace with what she was doing with Randy’s cock, and eventually found a really good rhythm. She was never this turned on before, and all she could do was think about how hot this guy was, how nice his cock was, and how she wanted to climb back up and straddle his lap, and give herself to him to use as he wished.

She Imagined how good he would feel inside of her, his hands roaming her body as he fucked her, his lips and tongue as he kissed her. It was almost as if Billy ceased to exist at this point. She was feeling things her boyfriend had never even come close to making her feel, and she didn’t want it to stop.

However, Randy had other plans, and the young redhead sucking his dick was about to send him over the edge. The combination of her amazing body, her sexy mouth doing such a good job, the feeling of her warm, wet tongue, the vibrations as she made herself moan, and all the sexual tension leading up to this moment…

“I’m gonna cum! I wanna cum on your fucking tits!”

Randy suddenly pulled his cock out of her mouth and erupted all over Faye’s perky cleavage, but she was far too gone to even notice. The thought of him wanting to cum on her and how dirty it all seemed sparked her own intense orgasm. While he loudly grunted as he came on her chest, she was quivering and barely able to keep upright as she fingered herself thru wave after wave of pleasure. When it was finished she collapsed on her side, still shaking from what she considered to be a life changing moment. She knew deep inside that Randy had used her, but she wanted him, and loved that he wanted her too.

Billy looked over at the couple in front of him, Faye shivering and still recovering while Randy sat there with his eyes closed and the biggest smile on his face. He was glad it was finally over, but he had no idea how he wanted to deal with the situation, or whether to break up with Faye. Upon hearing a car pull up into the driveway, and realizing how late it had gotten, everybody assumed it was Billy’s mom and panicked.

“Quick, that’s your Mom. Get your girlfriend up to your room and get her cleaned off. And if I were you I’d keep your mouth shut.”

As Billy was ushering his girlfriend upstairs the reality of what just happened hit him like a brick house.

“Did… did that just happen?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”, Faye said sharply as she turned towards the upstairs bathroom.

“We are going to talk about it… eventually.”, replied Billy, but she had already turned on the water so she couldn’t hear him.

They did talk about it, and it turned out to be an interesting two weeks before the summer ended. He told me about that too, but it seemed like something entitled to a story of it’s own.

Just in case you’re wondering, Faye has a hot friend she introduced to Randy the night before they finally left for college, and our boy Billy was also witness to that.

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