His love story to me, a fantasy to cum true

His love story to me, a fantasy to cum true
You come home one day when the k**s are with a friend or family expecting to spend time with me but you see I’m watching fights or sports with a guy friend so you come to the living room to have drinks and try to hang out. Eventually you go to the bedroom because you were expecting us to spend time together. I follow you in to the bedroom and see your upset but instead of letting you say anything I throw you on the bed and rip off your clothes. I put you on all fours and start taking you from behind. You sit back with me still in you with us on our knees and your back to my chest. I slowly put a blindfold over your eyes as I make love to you.
As you go back to all fours towards the edge of the bed I take your hand and place it on something. You realize it is another cock and the guy who was in the living room is now in the room with us. You’re a little startled at first but I help you by guiding what’s in your hand up to your mouth. As you take him in your mouth it makes me want to fuck you harder and more aggressive.
I turn you onto you back and continue to fuck you but now your head is hanging backwards off the edge of the bed and he shoves his cock straight down into your mouth.
I stand you up with your feet on the floor and walk you over to the edge of the bed. I bend you over the of bed and begin to take you from behind real hard. Suddenly I pause and pull out and you are startled at first. But then you feel something you’ve never felt before as someone slides into you and you realize what was in your mouth is now inside you wearing protection. You are uneasy at first but I kiss you to reassure you and switch back and forth with him until you are comfortable. Then as we switch through positions and between us it’s no longer about who your with only that you are recovering endless pleasure and being attended to in every way. 
After having our way with you for a little bit he lays down on his back and me and you both begin to service him. You place him in my mouth and then we lick together. Once he’s super hard I then have you crawl on top and begin to ride. I move behind you and start to finger your ass. At this point you know what’s coming and you are about to explode with anticipation. I place a small toy in to get you comfortable and then I take it out. Suddenly you feel me behind you and I ease into your ass. Your body it so full it hurts at first but then you relax and are overcome with intense pleasure. Being attended to and fuck by two at one time , one in each hole. You cum harder and more intense than you’ve ever came in your life. 
As you lay there trying to recover I take the mask off you and begin to softly lick your pussy. You see him come up behind me and start to take me while I eat you. It motivates you to get your toy on and take over for him. You pound me hard and make me finish him in my mouth at the same time. You then start to stroke me and fuck me at the same time until I explode.
Like I said it wouldn’t be anything I would ever rush us into and it maybe a fantasy that stays a fantasy but who knows where we might get to one day. For now it will give you something to think about when your riding the toy and I take you from behind

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