Hiking for Love (2) Love Blossoms


Hiking for Love 2… Finding their true Love

I got up and she led me to bed. Once in the bedroom, we stripped down and crawled in bed. I was already hard, just looking at her. She smiled as she lay down and slightly spread her legs. I grabbed her hurt leg, and gently brought up by my face, and kissed her ankle gently.

She looked at me with a weird look on her face, “Foot Fetish?”

“No. Actually this is the one part of you I totally love all ready. Because of this ankle, it brought us together. Had you not been a klutz, we may never have met. And now I working hard on falling in love with the rest of you.”

She smiled then softly said, “Well hurry up and fall quicker, so you can catch up with me Mark. I am in love with you………………..

Chapter 1

It was around 7:30 am now. I was on my side, hand propping up my head, as I watched her sleep. She is so beautiful to look at. I could see me waking every morning to her. We kind of professed a love for each other last night, but that actual phrase has yet to be spoken. It will come, I know it will, at least, from me, sometime soon. It scares me too. I have never given myself like that to anyone. Right now though, she has my heart like no other.

As I lay there watching her, my mind replayed the previous evening’s love making. It was slow, it was extremely passionate. It was though our bodies melted into each other the whole time. There was little foreplay. Some mindless groping of our groin area, but we were both primed and ready for intercourse. Again she orgasmed while we did it, twice, as a matter of fact. Once when she was on the bottom, and then again when she took control and being on top. And again, my mouth was drawn to her amazing breasts. Large A cup, or small B cup breasts, with long nipples. I love a woman with small breasts. Her whole breast fits inside my mouth and I love sucking them hard as I pull away from them. She too, loves this, I have noticed and makes her orgasm.

A strand of her hair lay across her angelic face, and I reached over and gently brushed it back. When I did this, she stirred, and her eyes opened. A soft smile crept across her face, then looked at me and said

“Good Morning Sweetie.”.. I leaned in and kissed her forehead and said good morning to her too. “How did you sleep?” she grinned and said, “Very well thank you. How long have you been staring at me?”

“Oh, about 15 minutes or so. I have to admit, you are a very beautiful woman when asleep.” I said in a low voice, as my hand lightly caressed her face.

“Oh stop. I look a fright right now. I’ve seen myself when I first get up. I’m surprised you haven’t run and hide yet.” she shot back.

“Honestly. You are quite attractive in the morning. But if you want me to run and hide, I will.” I laughed as I said it. Carrie poked me in the shoulder, but also laughed with me, as I feigned being hurt and rolled to my back. She then slid over to me and nestled her head on my chest, as her hand rubbed my belly and chest. My arm slid to her back and gently rubbed.

“Oh God” she said. “I could get used to this Mark. You make me feel so safe, and dare I say it, so loved right now. I could stay here in your arms all day.”

“Mark?”, “Yes Carolyn?”…. “What’s your middle name?”… “Now that’s a strange question. Anthony”

“No way. Like as in Mark Anthony the Roman Ruler?”… I laughed and said “Yeah. Guess my parents wanted a future ruler of the world. What’s yours?”

“Ann.. Carolyn Ann Reynolds.” she said. I chuckled then and told, her “You and my sister share a name”

I then asked, “Where do you live at exactly?” She chuckled then spoke, “I don’t know if I want you knowing that. You may be a stalker, or something like that.” then giggled

“Actually, I live on Crawford off of Meadowbrook. Close enough to the campus, yet far enough to give Jenny space. She stays on campus, but usually comes home on weekends, unless she has a date or something else to do.”

“Oh wow, Ann lives on Houston, which I believe is a few streets from you. I’m about ten minutes from you guys.”

She laughed and said, “Oh great, you are going to stalk me now. Guess I better get my 9mm ready.”

I lightly spanked her on her bare butt. “Owe” she said, then said, ”You can stalk me anytime you want. But just so you are totally aware of this, I am a packaged deal. Jenny is part of me and my life. Granted she college age now, and hardly there, but still, is part of me. To accept me, is to accept her, and that is non-negotiable.”

I kissed the top of her head, “I wouldn’t want it any other way Carrie. How would you feel about dating, once we leave this place and get back to normal lives? And I mean exclusively too.”

She looked up at me, her eyes were misty. Then crawled up on top of me, and slid my already hardened member inside her. “You scare me sometime Jarhead. I keep thinking you could be some Neanderthal, but in actuality, you are a very smart man, who seems very loving. So yes. I want us to date exclusively. I have totally committed to you in my mind and I expect the same from you.”

She leaned down and kissed me. Although we both had morning breath, neither of us cared right now. She started to grind on me, but I stopped her. It surprised her and asked, “Is something wrong Baby? Did I do something?”

“No Babe. I just have to pee and it hurts my bladder when you move like that. I really want to make love to you again. Hell, I never want to stop making love to you, but I really need to go.”

She started laughing hard, and kept on laughing for a good minute. “Finished?”

“Yeah. But that has to be a first. I’m here, with you so deep inside me, and you have to pee. You got to admit, that is funny.”

She then got off of me. I looked at her and asked, “Why don’t we get some breakfast, then figure out our day. Trust me though, we will include love making into it.”

I got up and went and relieved myself, then brushed my teeth. When I came out, Carrie had that robe on and went to the bathroom as well. I went and put on shorts and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast.

As we ate, we decided that we would take in the sights of Lake Placid. Visit the Olympic Village and stuff. Be real tourist this time. I told her of a winery near us, we could do this weekend, if she so desired. She agreed to that, as long as I gave her some time in that morning to go shopping for herself. We also made plans to hike up Mt. Colvin on Friday. Then we’d see which other mountain peak we would climb early next week.

Chapter 2

During our day, we started touring the Olympic Village. We did the normal of visiting the Ice Rink, where Team USA beat the Russians in the semi-finals of the 1980 Olympics. As we visited the ice skating rink, Carrie said she always wanted to learn how to skate like the ice skaters did, but never had the chance. Not many ice rinks in all the different bases she used to live on.

We then went up to the ski area and rode up on the ski lifts. The views are actually breathtaking from up there as well. Wherever we went, if her arm wasn’t hooked into mine, we were holding hands, like two young lovers.

That evening, we decided to eat at this one Italian place. The food was outstanding. The place was crowded too. A lot of young couples, and some, not so young. One woman Carrie had pointed out to me. She was dressed in this very short mini dress. I never paid her any attention. Which is why Carrie had to point her out.

“I could never wear anything like that. Besides my ass getting cold, I’m not into showing off my wares like that. Girls these days. You should see how they dress around campus. Some should just come out naked with a big sign saying, Here I am, let’s have sex.”

I had to laugh at that. She was right though. Girls these days, don’t cover up to much. Leave nothing to the imagination. Had she not pointed her out, I would have never noticed. My eyes were locked on Carrie though whole time. I think she did it to see my reaction, but who knows. One thing I have learned about women. They do things with a purpose for almost everything.

Later that evening, after taking home a bottle of wine, and then sitting on the couch drinking a glass, she thanked me. “For what?”

“When you didn’t sit there with your tongue hanging out over that woman in the mini.” she remarked

“Why would I. I have no interest in her, or any other woman, as a matter of fact. I have eyes for only one.”

“Well. The dumbass Ex was always looking at other women. He thought he was sly, but many times I caught him doing that. He made me feel small, when he did things like that. I’m sorry too. I should have never thought that you would do that. You have more class in your pinky, than he ever had in his whole body.”

I guess I could see her point. She was totally hurt by her ex, and not just the fucking around he was doing. But I do hate when people compare someone from their past, to someone they are with now. But I thought better to tell her. If it persisted, I may have too, or this relationship could be grounded before it even really gets out to sea.

“I am truly sorry Mark. This was totally unfair of me to compare you to him. I will never do it again. You are 100 times the man he will ever be. I am so so sorry.” she said, then started crying.

I pulled her into my arms and told her to please stop. No need to cry about it. You did not hurt me. But I also told her she is the only woman I need and the only woman I want to be with, both emotionally and physically, and the only woman I will ever undress with my eyes.

She sniffled, then smiled. “Take me to bed and make love to me.”

That time, she was a little more boisterous in bed. Moaning loudly, and even yelled out she was cumming. I’ll admit, hearing a woman like that is a turn on. I yelled out too, when I finally came. We only did it once this evening though.

The next day, we went canoeing on Lake Placid. What a great time we had too. Once we were in the water, I let her do the paddling. She turned back around and said to me, “What gives?”

“Hey, you are the Squid, this is your bailiwick. I’m just a landlubber” She then proceeded to take the paddle and splash me. I got the hint and helped out after that. I had to be a smartass. It can’t be all lovey dovey between us.

We did see two moose as well, as we paddled around out there. They were on the outer shore line, but not on Moose Island, where I figured the moose would be. It was a fun day for us. But both of us were pretty tired when the afternoon rolled into the evening. We cheated when it came to dinner. We got a pizza to go, and went back to the cabin.

After eating, we both crashed on the couch, trying to watch a movie. I know it was past midnight when I awoke. I woke her then and guided us to bed. We didn’t even strip down. I left my shorts on, and she left her flannel on.

The next morning, I was up early. Not sure why either. I figured I should do some workout though. I had not done anything since last friday, before I got up here. An hour later, Carrie joined me for coffee in the kitchen. We then got dressed and headed to Mt Colvin.

Let me tell you, what a beautiful area. So many waterfalls and streams. This place is like heaven on earth. Carrie’s phone got used a great deal in taking pictures. Of course, we had to do those selfie’s. I do wish it was summer now. I’d love to take her behind this one waterfall, get naked and make love to her there, and I told her so. She smiled and agreed. Maybe next year she said. That put my mind at ease. This was not just a week or ten day adventure to her. She is committed.

This time though, when we came down off of our hike, we drove into this one town and stopped to eat at this quaint little restaurant. Food was so good there. She was asking me about my sister and the kids. I told her how I know the kids, but don’t really. Now that they are teenagers, in fact Kyle is almost 16 and Katie turns 14 a week from tomorrow. I informed her that I have to go there next Sunday for a family party for Katie. I asked if she would come.

“Are you sure your sister would be ok with this?”. “You’re kidding right? A chance for her to meet the woman that captured my heart. Shit lady. I probably won’t even get a chance to talk. She’ll be so busy talking to you and getting to know you.” Carrie laughed, “Ok. I’ll go..”

Chapter 3

The next morning we both woke up around 7. Carrie was in a frisky mood, but I begged off, stating i had a headache. I know what you are thinking, guys could care less about a headache if sex is involved. But I wasn’t lying. I did have a slight one. I sometimes get them when it is going to rain. She was very understanding and rubbed my temples for a few minutes.

The real reason was, is because I wanted to save myself for this evening. I was going to try and make this a very romantic night. Cook for her. Light Escort candles in the bathroom and run her a bath, complete with a glass of wine, then leave her be while she soaked. Have candles lit in the living area and find a radio station that played soft music, and slow dancing with her. Keeping my fingers crossed there. I want her to see that I am not a Neanderthal and can be romantic. Then seduce her and do everything to her that I have wanted to do with her, mainly set her on fire with my oral skills. We have yet to do that, and it is something I have wanted to do.

I already knew she was going to go shopping this morning, so I figured I would too, once she left. I planned on Filet Mignon, along with shrimp, a salad, and something I noticed at their grocery store, twice baked potatoes in their deli counter.

After dressing and a small breakfast, she set out for town. She said she should be back by noon, and then, if I still wanted to, head off to that winery. Which was also part of the plan. I didn’t need to get her drunk, that’s for sure and was going to make sure she didn’t.

I waited a good 30 minutes before I left for my adventure. My first stop was Target. Thank god for Target. I found candles. Like two dozen worth of these cute little type. Then two bigger ones and holders for them, for the dinner table. Now understand, I have no idea what I am doing, since I have never done stuff like this before. I just remember my sister always saying that if you ever find that special girl, you need to romance her, not just take her to bed and have your way.

I was walking past the men’s grooming supplies and I thought back to something I saw with my brother in law once. We were changing to go swimming, when they rented a cabin by this lake. When he stripped down, and he was totally shaved. I looked at him and asked, “Really?”.. He chuckled and said “Oh Yeah. Your sister hates hair down there and getting into her mouth.”

I had to laugh, but later asked Ann about that and she confirmed it, “Hell yeah I make him shave. He wants a blow job, he can at least be hairless. Hell I shave mine too. You ever get a girlfriend, she’ll love you for it.” My sister is never one for holding back what she thinks.

I picked up an electric razor. I’m still old school using blades and shaving cream. This razor hair a trimmer too. Then I went to the clothing section and found robes. I fumbled around a bit until I found a burgundy one for her, and then one for me, same color, over in the men’s section. Both were floor length. Can’t wait to see her in that, then slowly remove it from her.

After I left there, I noticed a shop that catered to women with bath and body stuff. Now understand, I am like a fish out of water here. Luckily, there was a kindly lady who helped me pick out, bubble bath and bath oil. It was lavender scented, which I knew she must have liked because she had a body and hand cream with that scent.

Next stop was the grocer, where i picked out two very nice filets, a pound of cooked shrimp, a bag of pre-made salads, and two twice baked potatoes. I was pretty proud of myself. My ultimate plan was to finally tell her I love her and want no one else in my life. I just hoped she still felt the same. We had not spoken those words since that night we got back from camping. I hope it wasn’t just the heat of the moment to her. If it was, then oh well, I’ll just look like a fool, lick my wounds and move on.

I got back by 10:30 or so. She wasn’t home, so I put away the food and then hid everything else I bought, sans the razor. That was next on my list of things to do. That took a while, and quite honestly, looked kind of weird seeing it bald down there, but also felt good actually. After showering, I changed into a pair of Dockers I brought. Not even sure why I had them with me. I had on a nice button down shirt too. I then settled in and started reading some hunting magazine my uncle had laying about.

About 12:30, Carrie came through the door. I stood up and looked at her. My jaw must have hit the floor. There stood a completely different woman, that left earlier. She had cut her hair. It was much shorted now, off of her shoulder and sculpted, with blond highlights throughout it. She look amazing.

“Pick your jaw up Jarhead. I just got my hair done is all.” she said, then chuckled.

“Oh My Carrie. You look absolutely amazing like this. I didn’t think you could be more beautiful than what you are, but you topped it now.”

“Oh stop” she said. “I just thought it was time for a change. I have a new man in my life, and he deserves something better than that old hairdo I had, since I left in the Navy. You really like huh?”

I smiled at her, crossed the distance between us, and wrapped her into my arms and kissed her tenderly. “Yes. You look fantastic, and honestly, quite sexy” She then kissed me back, and very passionately. My manhood began to rise and she took notice.

“Mmmmmmm. I think something else likes it too. Why don’t we go to bed and let me take care of that for you.” she whispered in my ear then.

I put my hand under her chin and then kissed her lips lightly and said, “In do time Sexy. No offense, but I don’t want a quickie from you. I want you all night tonight. Let’s grab our things and head to the winery.”

She had this twinkle in her eye, but then made a pouty face and said, “Oh alright. But be forewarned now, I will be waiting for this tonight, ALL Night long”, then kissed me and broke away, giggling as she moved. My mind was running rampant now. I knew from this point on, she would accept what I was going to say tonight. Unless, unless I am missing signals here.

Chapter 4

We spent a very relaxing afternoon at the winery. We got to tour how it is made, plus sampled a few different types, until we found two that we really liked. Neither of us are wine snobs, like so many that were here. We just knew what we liked.

They had brochures of all the wineries in New York state too. There was one that caught our eye, that was down by the Finger Lakes section, which is south of Rochester. Besides the winery itself, it had a bed and breakfast that looked quite cozy.

“Now that would be a great weekend sometime. Relax and forget all of your troubles.” she said.

“It does look nice. Have anyone in mind who you would like to accompany you?” I asked, with a sheepish grin.

“Oh. I may have a person in mind, that I think I could share that with.” she said, then giggled and kissed me on the cheek.

I don’t know where the time went, but it was already after five, and I was getting antsy, to start heading back to the cabin. We decided to buy these two types of wine we really liked. One was a red, and the other white. Neither too dry or too sweet. She laughed when I bought six of each type. I said we each can have three bottles of each for our houses. She liked that idea, and then said if need be, can be a quick gift for someone at Christmas.

Of course my mind is thinking, “Wow. She is thinking of Christmas with me. God I hope I don’t blow this with her.”

Once we got back to the cabin, it was already close to 7pm. I went out and fired up the grill, then went in and prepared the salad. She wanted to help, but I said, no, this is my night for you. So she just sat down and pulled out her book and read while I prepared it all.

When I set the table, she smiled when she saw the candles in the candle holders. “Wow Jarhead, you are just full of surprises aren’t you.”

We then sat down and had a fabulous dinner. She loved the cooked shrimp for the appetizer, and then cooed about the filet mignon. “You know Sweetie. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you are trying to seduce me tonight. But Marines aren’t like that.” then giggled. I let the comment go.

After we finished, I started cleaning up. She was gung ho on helping me, but I told her wait, and then left the room. I went into the bedroom, retrieved the bath oils and bubble bath, and also the candles. I figured twelve would do. I had to save some for the living room. I started the bath water. Poured in the recommended amount of oil and soap. While the bath filled, I lit the candles. Next I went and got her robe and then came into the kitchen area.

She had already started do the dishes when I tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and said, “Christ, where did you go? I thought you got lost, or something.”

“Nope. Just preparing something special for you. Here, take this and retire to the Bath, where the water is warm and inviting, just for you.”

She took the robe and headed off. But was back like ten seconds later. She came up and kissed me hard and had a tear in her eye. “You amaze me Mark. I love all of this. No man has ever done this for me.” she said as she composed herself. Then she held out a white, silk pair of boxers. “While I bathe, please put these on for me. Oh, and I see you have a matching robe. I’ll meet you out here soon.” then kissed me and left.

I lit the candles and turned on the radio. Luckily, there was a soft rock station playing some really good slow stuff. About 20 minutes later, she arrived into the living room. I got up and met her in the middle and took her into my arms. I breathed in her aroma. God she smell delightful. She kissed me tenderly, then asked, “How?” I asked “How what?” “How did you know that was my favorite oils and such?”

“I noticed your body lotion and figured you must like that. I do notice stuff you know. Even though I’m a Marine.”

“Well. Just for that, you are no longer a Jarhead. You did good Mr. Roberts.”

We then started swaying to the music. Now I’m no dancer, but just us holding each other moving about like I knew what I was doing, was great with me. She must have thought so too, for she moved with me. Her head on my shoulder,. Her hand around my back, while mine went around her tiny waist. She then backed away from me and grabbed the sash holding my robe together, and lightly pulled it and revealed my almost naked body, except for the white silky boxers. Her hands moved to my shoulders and gently pushed the robe off of me. Her hands then slid down my chest and rubbed gently all over.

“God baby. You look so sexy right now.” she whispered to me.

I now did the same to her, opening her robe and pushing it off of her. For her, she was in this silk White gown, that reached her feet. You talk about what an angel looks like, this was it. It hugged every curve too. Her breast, though small, pushed out like she was a D cup. It had a somewhat plunging neckline, that showed the top of her perky breasts.

“My Lord Carrie, you look stunning. I mean no woman looks as beautiful as you do.”

My prick was sticking out, and I didn’t care. I wanted this woman in the worst way now. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. It started softly, but grew into a passionate. Our hands explored everywhere it could reach on our backsides. I love the feeling of the material as I gently grabbed both butt cheeks. She was moaning the whole time as I did this.

“Mark?” she cooed out. “Take me to bed and make slow, passionate love to me.”

I turned slightly and scooped her up. She giggled when I did this, but wrapped her arms around my neck and showered me with kisses all over my face. Once in the bedroom, I set her down. She then sat on the edge of the bed. I noticed she had candles lit all over the place. God, she looked so sexy.

She reached out to the waistband of my boxers and pulled me close. Then slowly started pushing them down, until my hardened member sprung free of its confinement. They fell to the floor and the stepped out of them.

She gasped when she saw me now, naked. “Oh My God Honey. You are full of surprises. God you look sexy like this.” she said softly. Then leaned in and licked the head of my cock. It was already saturated with pre-cum. Her tongue danced all over the head, then down the shaft. She licked back up to the head and looked up at me, staring into my eyes, when her mouth slowly took my hardness in. “Ohhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddddddddddd” I moaned out.

She lifted her head and said, “I have been dying to do that to you Baby. I love doing this, so you know.” She then went back to giving me a slice of heaven. Her mouth was like velvet, as she took most of me in. She was slow and deliberate with her actions. She would speed up some, then slow down. She was driving me crazy. She continued until I told her she really needed to stop or I was going to explode.

She lifted her head again, “Awe Baby. I really want that. I need to taste your love. Promise me you’ll let me finish you later.” “I promise” I said.

She then stood up, and I kissed her, then with my hands on her shoulders, I pushed the thin straps holding her gown up, off of her shoulders. She pulled her arms out from the straps and the gown slid to the floor, revealing her nakedness to me. As I took her in, I saw now that she had shaved her landing strip too.

“I’d Escort Bayan say we are both full of surprises tonight. God you look incredible and very sexy”

“I don’t why I even did it, except I wanted to give you a look you haven’t seen. No man has seen this look. I’m glad you like it.” she said.. “Like it? No Sweetheart, I love it.”

She then got on the bed and lay back, crooking her finger for me to join her. I couldn’t help but stare though. No woman I know, ever looked this beautiful to me.

I gently lifted her injured ankle again and kissed it. “I love this ankle more than you’ll ever know.”

Then kissed her other one, telling her I love this ankle as well. I kissed both calves, then both knees, telling her I loved these as well. Then I kissed her thighs, and moved to the inner thighs, again telling her I loved them. Then I found heaven. Her musk scent, and her body oil, from her bath, was intoxicating. I kiss her pussy, which sent a tremor through her body.

I took my time here. I wanted this to be the best she ever experienced. I’ve always enjoyed tasting a woman. Making her oragsm with my tongue. Almost every woman I have been with enjoy my ministrations, except for one. A friend of my sisters, that I actually went out with. She did not enjoy having this done, yet performed oral on me. Kind of weird, I know.

Carrie’s labia was glistening with her secretions and I found it very delightful to taste. I kissed all around her swollen lips, then licked down some to her perineum. This whole time she was moaning and mewing. Her hands were on my head a few times, or she was grabbing the pillow.

I came back up and licked her lips lightly. Stopping just before her engorged clit. I was surprised how big it was. I wanted to suck it right into my hungry mouth, but I needed her to enjoy this a great deal, before she had an orgasm. My tongue started splitting her lips now, as I went back down towards the perineum.

“Oh Markkkkkkkkkkkk. Oh Goddddddddddddddddddd, you feel so gooooooooooood.” she moaned out.

Now I parted her lips and let my tongue explore her inner wall. She was secreting quite a bit of tasty juice to my tongue now. Her hips started rocking, helping my tongue go deeper inside her. I knew she wanted to cum, but I wanted this to be the best she ever had. From the sounds of how her ex was, he never paid all that much attention to her in this department. When I thought she was getting close, I backed away and just lightly kissed her vaginal lips. This caused her to tell me,

“Oh Please. Don’t stop Baby, Don’t stop. I’m so close”

As she would cum back down a little, I would then resume my licking, all the while, avoiding the prize she was offering me, her clit. Then she surprised me by bringing her legs and knees up. Her hands grabbing behind her knees, showing me her vagina and her anus.

I stuck my tongue as deep as it would go in her. Her moans got louder. Her body moved more. I snaked my tongue down through her open lips and down over the perineum, to her waiting butt hole. I did not know if she would enjoy this, but only one way to find out.

I started kissing it, then licking it. As I did this, she started thrashing around. “Yessssssssssssssssss. Lick itttttttttttttttttttttttt” she said. So I continued to lick her puckered hole. I know the anus is very sensitive, but many women do not like playing there, but apparently, my lady does enjoy it.

Her one hand then pushed my head harder into what I was doing. I could feel my tongue open her hole some. So I stiffened my tongue and tried screwing her hole.

“Oh God Baby. I am so close.” is all she could say. Then she made a high pitched sound, as I continued loving her hole. I knew now she enjoys this and would definitely explore here again. But now was time to make her cum.

My tongue made its way back up to her swollen slit and dove in. I started licking hard now. Starting at the bottom and licking, full tongue, up to her clit, then flick it over the sensitive nub.

Not wanting to prolong this any longer, I took her clit into my mouth and gently sucked it. I let a finger explore inside her moist walls until it found her spot. Once found, I rubbed it and sucked her clit. This was more than she could take now. Her legs came together around my head, her back arched off the bed and she started to orgasm.

“Oh My Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

Her juices started flowing from her. It was almost like she squirted. I was lapping it all up, drinking her nectar she was offering. She must have orgasmed a good minute, and I licked every drop offered to me, until she pushed my head away. “Stop baby, Stop for now” she yelled out.

I quit and lifted my head. Her hand that pushed me away was on her mound now, and her other hand was on one breast, like she was squeezing that and her nipple as I ate her. I kissed her hand then, and moved up to her belly, and kissed all around, telling her I loved her sexy midriff. Then I moved to her breasts. To me a small breast is so sexy. I don’t really care for big one’s. I know, most of guys love big one’s but not me. Small breasts are so sensitive to the touch, when a woman is aroused.

“I think you already know I love these breasts Babe. They are perfect in my eyes. I could stay her all night and feast on them.” All she did was “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” over and over. I sucked one in, until it was all in my mouth, then sucked harder as I pulled away. When I got to her nipple. I gently bit on it. The whole time she mewed loudly. Her hands were rubbing my back as I did this. I did the same to the other then. Giving equal time to both.

I then licked up her neck, and around one ear, which I now found as an erogenous zone for her. She cooed and moaned as I lightly licked. Then I kissed her cheek. I was positioned so that our loins were touching. I could feel the heat of her sex, against my swollen member. The head was at the entrance, and if I wanted too, I could easily enter her.

Then I kissed her eyes. “I love your eyes. They are the window to your heart and soul. I easily get lost looking into them” As I did this, her eyes closed. Then I kissed down her nose, to her lips. I lightly kissed them.

I looked down at her. Her eyes were wide open now and I told her, “Carolyn Ann. I am so in love with you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. If you would have asked me if I believed in love at first sight, I would have thought you were crazy. But you, you made me a believer. I love you more than life itself.”

Tears were running down her cheeks, as she smiled up at me. “I love you too Mark, and have since that kiss on the mountain. I have never been this love with anyone, and I mean anyone. Make love to me Mark. I’m yours now.”

She pushed her pelvis up and I entered her. As I went as deep as I could, her legs came around my waist and locked behind me. Her arms went around my neck then and we kissed passionately. Her kiss was so hot. Her tongue explored every millimeter of my mouth. We were both in sync as we slowly made love. For ten minutes we did this. Both of telling each other we love each other.

“Oh Mark. Oh Markkkkkkkkkkk I’m cumminggggggggggggg”

That set me off then, as I shot deep inside her, spraying her womb with my love juice. I don’t think I have ever cummed that much in my life. I was totally surprised I lasted this long. As I started to orgasm, all I could say was ‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Her legs and arms were tight around me now, as we both orgasmed together. I knew now what love is. It’s two people giving completely to one another, making sure each was loved and satisfied. As we came down from our orgasms, we lay in each others arms. Both panting heavily.

After a few minutes, I slid down her body and found her beautiful sex, which was now leaking our love. I stuck my tongue in and started licking it up. “Oh God. What are you doing Honey?”

I looked up ather, and smiled, “Cleaning you up. I don’t want you leaving this bed right now. I am hardly done with you.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM. You are full of surprises, aren’t you”

After a few minutes oflicking our combined love juice, I slid up her body again, making sure my full weight was not on her. We kiss again. Better yet, she attacked my mouth. Driving her tongue in as far as it would go, then out and licked around my lips and face.

We broke after a few minutes of making out. I then rolled off of her and lay on my back. She rolled to her side and propped her head up into her hand.

“Oh Mark. I have never been made love to like that ever. It was perfect. Everything you have done so far has been perfect for me. I don’t think you have one selfish bone in your body. I need to know though, are you scared of all of this?”

“Carrie, I have never been more scared in my life. Not even over in the sandpit, with bullets flying all around. Had you not said I love you back to me, when I made my declaration, I would have been crushed. I’ve never, ever let anyone into my heart, like I have let you in. Am I scared now? A little. I know you said it the other night. Well, you told me to catch up with you because you were already there. But over time, I thought you may have some misgivings for saying, since we were in the heat of the moment then. But all the little things you have been doing, or saying, led me to believe you really were. And, I wanted to make it special for you. This whole day when you weren’t around me, all I could think of was you. I wondered what you were thinking when you took your bath before, or what you were doing and thinking when you left this morning. Let’s face it, we haven’t been alone with our own thoughts for a week now.”

She leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips, then said, “Mark. I knew from that first kiss. Then when we made love the first time, I was in heaven. It wasn’t sex between us. It was more. Since that time, we have done nothing but make love and my heart races every time I see you. I was so scared when I said that the other night. Did I push you away from me? Would you just say, screw this, I’m outta here. But the big thing for me was when we were at the winery, and you went up to the bar to get us those samples. Your eyes smiled at me the whole time. You didn’t even look at that girl, who I thought was really hot, but just kept looking at me. You made love to me right then. Am I scared. Yes. I want this more than anything, but I don’t want to be hurt again. I lived that. But, you are not him. You are so much more than he could ever be. I was eye candy for him, and a fuck, and nothing more. My heart is now yours, please don’t hurt it.”

I rolled to my side and looked deep into her hazel eyes, then kissed her. “You know what turned me on the most today?” “No, Baby, I don’t” “When I saw you after you came back from your day in town. My God, you looked so sexy and stunning to me. You are such a beautiful woman, and not just physically, but all around. I wanted to take you then, but then that would have downplayed this evening. I never tried to be romantic with anyone before, and I so wanted to seduce you tonight.”

She giggled. “Well Mr. Marine. You succeeded in every way tonight. I’ll tell you. When I saw the robe, then the candles lit by the bathtub, I got super horny. I wanted you so bad then. Then when I shaved down there, I felt incredibly sexy. I even came after that. But when we took off our robes and I saw you in those boxers, I damn near raped you. But dancing really did me in. I almost told you then I loved you. But I am glad I waited now.”

As she talked, her hand was now on my cock, stroking it back to life. When I was hard again, she leaned in and kissed me, then pushed me to my back. She kneeled and straddled me and slowly sat down on me, engulfing me with her velvet like inner walls of her sex.

“Baby?” she whispered. “This has been an amazing night. But now I need to be a little naughty. A couple should be able to let loose some and enjoy sex too. I love lovemaking, but I also love to fuck Mark. But only with someone I want to give myself too, completely. I want to fuck your beautiful cock. I want to feel your cum spray deep inside me and, I want cum all over it. Fuck me Baby. Make me your Lover.”

I arched my back up and drove in deep in her. “Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkk. You are so deep.” She started moving up and down, faster and faster. “Oh god I love this. My favorite position too.”

She leaned down and started smothering me with kisses. Moaning as we fucked. I did too. Her head slipped to the side of mine and whispered. “You like my tight little pussy, don’t you Babe. Your cock is a perfect fit for it. My pussy loves your cock. Oh God Mark. “

“Oh God Babe. Your pussy is so tight. I love it and always will. Fuck me Carrie.”

She sat up and started grinding hard on me now. Neither of us was going to last long. I sat up and took her one breast in my mouth and sucked hard.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bayan Escort Christttttttttttttttttttt. Suck my tits Baby. I Love that so much”

She started pounding me harder now, as I continued sucking it, then switched to the other. Her arm went behind my head and pulled me in tighter. My hands were holding her luscious ass as I did this. My one hand went exploring and touched her anus, which made her moan really loud. I slipped it down to her pussy and got it wet as the finger rubbed against her lips and my dick. Then I brought it up to her brown hole and slipped it in.

“Oh Fuck Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss. God I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”

She started cumming a minute later. Her head and body shook as she came hard, but somehow, she maintain the rhythm we had going. I was now getting close myself and could feels my balls tighten up, signaling my impending orgasm. “Oh Shit Carrie, I’m going to cum” i yelled out.

She slammed down one last time, and then jumped off. Her mouth was over my cock in no time and was starting to suck me, when I erupted in her mouth. I had to have shot 5 or 6 good ropes into her hungry mouth. She didn’t spill a drop, except at the end, a little dribbled out the side.

She was kneeling now, getting ready to wipe her mouth, when I grabbed her wrist and gently pulled her to me and I licked it off of her face and then kissed her. The kiss was so hot and passionate. We were lost in that kiss for minutes, until she broke away, panting hard.

We both lay on our backs now, still in a euphoric bliss from our love making. Carrie was very quiet. At first I thought she fell asleep, until I felt her hand grasp mine and squeeze it.

“Are you ok Carrie?”, I asked. “Actually, I am on cloud nine, as they say. I’ve never been made love too, like this, then opening up and letting go like that. I just hope you don’t think I am some sort of slut. I want to explore all there is with you sexually and lovingly too.”

“Babe. You are hardly a slut. Sex to me, is supposed to be fun too. You were amazing. But our love making, well, it’s beyond words. To me, you are an angel. Quite the lady too. In bed, we can do whatever we please, as long as we both agree on whatever we do. One thing though, I can never share you with anyone. I don’t believe I get jealous, but I could never share you with anyone, man or woman. I knew a couple in the service that did that. Got into swinging. No way. Not with someone I love and respect, like I do you. But just so you know, I really enjoyed the naughty Carrie. She is fun.”

“MMMMMMMM.. I may have to let her out more often then. Cuz naughty Markie, was turning me on too. But, you will never have to fear me wanting another. I am quite happy with who I am with. I will never deny you in bed either. Except, when I am sick, or you are sick. Sex just doesn’t seem like fun then. But that’s about it.”

“Yeah, being sick and wanting sex, just doesn’t seem to go hand in hand. I will never deny you as well. But, I’m a guy, so the prospect of me saying no is quite low.”

She giggled, then said, “Well. Mister. You better never hold out in the oral department anymore. Oh Christ. That was unbelievable. I could take that all day long. And, I love giving too. I love how you taste.”

“You’re turning me on again Honey. How do you feel right now?” i asked

“Horny” she giggled then. “Honestly. And don’t freak when I say this. But I feel as though I am on a Honeymoon and you took your virgin bride to sexual highs she never knew existed.”

I did chuckle. “Nothing wrong with that. To me, you are a virgin, or at least were. I don’t care about your past. You are my first, and dare I say, only love for me.”

“I like that” she replied. Then said, “Where do you see us in a year?”

“Honestly. I never look to the future too much. But, I have been lately. I hope that you will be with me in a year, and maybe, just maybe, if you haven’t tired of my Jarhead ass, we are right back here, spending it as a true honeymoon”

She folded into my arms and kissed my cheek. “I think that could be a real possibility. This Squid actually has thought about it, and she doesn’t think she’ll ever tire of you. Piss me off at times, Yes, but never tire.”

I then laughed, and she asked what was funny. “God, if your Dad could see us right now. He’d hang me.”

“Nah. He knows I like you a great deal. He doesn’t know we professed love yet. But he does like you, Mom told me that. Jenny knows too. I talked with her this morning. I sent her a selfie, after I got my hair done. She called right after seeing it. Then she starts out by saying, “Damn Mom, you look hot. I think someone is in love.” She’s a pretty smart girl actually. I was supposed to face time with her earlier, but someone had me a tad busy. She wants to see you and talk with you.”

“Oh great. She’s the one person that scares me the most, and I want on my side. More so, than even your parents. Go ahead and call her now. It’s only 10pm.”

She giggled again. “Uhhhh No. We better wait until tomorrow. This is the first time her and her boyfriend Alan have been alone for a long time. He was with his family last weekend. They have dated for a year now, so I am pretty sure, they are in the same place you and I are right now, naked and in bed.”

“You ok with that? I asked. “Oh yes. I like him a lot. He treats her with so much respect and I know they love one another. He’s a good kid and dotes after Jenny. His world revolves around her. He is studying to become a food scientist. If they can last the ups and downs of college and still remain in love, I could easily see them married one day. Only time will tell. And don’t worry about her liking you, she will. She knows I do, and so far have made me extremely happy.”

She got up then and walked to the bathroom. Then came back with our robes. “Let’s go cuddle on the couch, enjoy some wine and TV, before we call it a night.” And so we did.

Chapter 5

It was morning now, almost 8:30. I never sleep this late. The only reason I was up was because I had to pee so bad. Carrie was still sound asleep. She was curled up and looked so peaceful. My thought was, “What in God’s name does she see in me. I’m nobody special. Yes, I am in good shape and I do treat her with respect, but she is absolutely beautiful and had I known of her, somewhere else, I would have never even attempted to approach her. I wasn’t in her league, or so I thought”

But here I am, one week after meeting her, and totally in love. I could not even fathom life without her in it. But reality would soon be creeping up on us. I knew she would be leaving mid week. Would this all end after she left, and had time to really think this through? Only time will tell.

I padded to the kitchen and made coffee. As it brewed I stood looking out the back door window. The skies were an ugly gray. Rain was falling. We knew this was coming, after viewing the weather report last night. Today and tomorrow, rain.

I then toasted a few bagels, and got out the cream cheese. Made us both coffee, and took it to the bedroom. As I walked in, Carrie was yawning and stretching. Her breast were in plain view, and look so delicious to me. She sat up, not bothering to cover up. “Good sign” I thought.

“Good Morning Sweetheart. I thought you may enjoy some breakfast in bed” I said to her.

“Oh Wow. I could definitely get used to this. Especially if you lose that robe.”

We sat and enjoyed our breakfast. We also started talking about this coming week. Since it was raining today, we decided to go into town and take in a movie and then dinner at some restaurant. On Monday, we were to hike Algonquin Peak, but if it is raining, we’ll need to find something else to do.

She then said, “You know I leave Wednesday. I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday that I made months ago, and I can’t reschedule. It just takes so long to get in to see her.”

“I know you were leaving then. But, I also am going to leave that day, with you. No sense hanging around here. Be bored to death, and I know me, all I’ll think of is you the whole time.”

“Awe. You are so sweet to me. But this is your vacation and you had it all planned out. Stay and at least hike some more of these mountains. I’ll feel bad if you miss out on that.” she said with a pouty face.

I just smiled at her and told her no, it was best I do head home. I had some major cleaning to do at my place. The house I have is actually an older farm house that was my grandparents. My grandmother outlived my mom and when she died, it was left to me and Ann. Ann didn’t want it, so to be fair, I paid her the half she would have received, if we had sold it.

The house was nice, but very outdated. Even the furniture was from the 60’s. To me, it was cool, but my needs are simple. Ann has been bugging me for almost a year now to at least get some new furniture, if not update the whole place. My office is actually the dining room.

I tell you this because I have never brought anyone there, especially a date. So bringing Carrie there, as it looks right now, is totally out of the question. As I told her this, she just laughed. She asked if I keep it clean, or was I a typical guy, and let things go until I can’t stand it anymore. I told her I always keep it clean, it’s just very outdated.

“You big lug, I don’t care about stuff like that. I will care if it smells like the gym on board a ship smells like. That is so gross.” and we both laughed.

We finished our coffee and bagels, and set our cups and napkins on the nightstand. She pulled the cover down and asked me to slide in. We started kissing and making out some, when her phone rang. “Perfect timing” I thought. She looked at the phone and said, “It’s Jenny. Hope all is alright. She is never up this early.”

“She hit some button and I saw Jenny’s face appear on the screen. Luckily, Carrie had the sheet up above her breast, and I was safely off to the side.

“Hi Sweetheart”

(jen) “Hi Mom. Hope I am not disturbing you.”

“No Sweetie. You’re good. We were just having breakfast.”

(jen) “Ohhhh. In bed too. I take it Marine guy is nearby.”

Carrie laughed, “If you must know young lady, he is right here, and his name is Mark, not Marine guy. But you knew that”

(jen) “Hey just giving you a hard time. Hi Mark.” Carrie moved the phone over to where I could see her and she see me. I had just put the robe back on, so I was decent.

“Hi Jenny. Very nice to meet you. I must say, you are as pretty as your mother.”

(jen) she smiled “Thank you. I hope to get to meet you when you two get back from your little vacation.”

“I would say that is a very good possibility, unless your Mom gets rid of me by then. Lot’s of mountain tops she could push me off of, up here.” I said with a laugh.

Carrie turned the phone back to her and said, “What did you two do this weekend? Is Alan still there?”

(jen) she smiled this sly smile “Yeah. He is still asleep. We went to dinner and a late movie, then came back here. The main reason I am calling is that Papa called a bit ago, or I’d be sleeping too. He and grandma are coming up next weekend”

My eyes got real big, but Carrie just chuckled, “That’s great. When are they coming in?”

(jen) “Friday evening, and staying here for a few days, then going to aunty Bev’s for a few days. And Mark. Papa had a message for you. “Don’t crap where you eat son.” He said you’d understand completely.”

I just shook my head. Great. He’s gonna shit when he hears his daughter and I are now dating.

Carrie was laughing now. Jen wanted to know what that was about. Carrie said she’d tell her when she sees her this week. They carried on for a few more minutes as Jen filled her in on stuff. Now Jen did look somewhat similar to her mom, from what I could see on the phone. That same light caramel color, with long flowing brown hair, and a gorgeous smile. Alan should consider himself a very lucky man. They signed off then after saying goodbye’s and Jen saying bye to me too, telling me to take very good care of her mother, or else.

I asked, “Are you sure she isn’t your blood daughter? You two look so much alike.”

“I wish she was. But No. Her parents were Puerto Rican, so the skin color is close. She shorted too, only 5’ 3.. She is an angel. You think Dad dotes over me? Wait till you see him around Jenny. I feel bad for Alan. He’s met Dad twice now and is scared shitless of him. But Daddy wants only the best for his girls.”

“Yeah, well, I am wondering now what is he going to say about us being together. He still scares the shit out of me.”

She laughed, “Oh I don’t knowwwwwwwwww. I’ll let you know after I tell him how you been having your way with me this whole week.” then laughed some more. She then opened his robe, grabbed his semi stiff member and stroke it.

She giggled, the looked at him and stated, “MMMMMMMM, I wonder what he’d say if he knew I was doing this.”, as she lowered her head to my manhood and sucked the head in.

“Oh God Carrie.”

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