High School Harem Pt. 02


As the title suggests this is the follow up to my Highschool Harem story. It’s not as long as the first part was, because there wasn’t as much set-up to worry about.

I hope you all enjoy this chapter, I will be working on a part 3 here soon. Thank you all for the great feedback on part 1, if you like this one, be sure to give me your feedback again.

All characters in this story are 18 years or older.


I sat in class, listening to the teacher’s mind-numbing lecture. To be honest, I tuned out not long after she started. I had far too much other stuff on my mind to worry about school work. It was Friday, and just the day before I had sex with Amanda in the locker room, the day before that I had sex with Molly in my dorm room. I mean, with two incredible nights like that in a row, what the hell else was I gonna think about? One major upside was that I was no longer thinking about all that depressing shit with my old school and my family issues. That stuff had plagued me for way too long and with 2 great nights in a row, I was hoping to keep the momentum going. And with the weekend starting, there was a good chance of that.

I was so lost in thought, that I didn’t even hear the bell ringing that signalled the end of class. However, I quickly noticed all of my classmates getting up and leaving, so I did the same. As I exited class and made my way out onto the main campus, I took off my blazer and slung it over my shoulder, I also loosened my tie and untucked my shirt. Not only did I feel more comfortable that way, I also fancied the idea that it would piss off my mother.

As I strolled across campus to the cafeteria for lunched, I was soon joined by Molly and Amanda. They both had a glow about them, and I shared that glow, we were the only three people on earth that knew what we had done in the past couple of days. Well, more accurately I was sure Katie and Erin knew as well, but they weren’t with us at the moment.

“Heyyy stud..” both girls said in unison, greeting me.

“Hey back, ladies. And you can just call me Alan, a stud usually refers to a horse or cattle.” I said.

“Well, you’re hung like a horse.” Molly countered.

“Ain’t that the truth, I’m still feeling it.” Amanda chimed in.

I honestly didn’t know how to respond to that. I’d never encountered any girls that talked so casually and open about such things, but I guess after what we’d done, there was no longer any reason to shy away from it. It still caught me off guard.

“So, how have you two been today?” I asked, trying to change the subject with small talk.

“Oh well, pretty standard I guess. Class was a drag as usual, Mrs. Faulkner had us taking a fuck ton of notes.” Molly said with a sigh.

“Same here.” Amanda concurred.

They took a few of the same classes as me, Mrs. Faulkner in particular sure did love having everyone take notes for her history lessons, it was a real pain. Amanda and Molly had her class during a different period than me, in fact we didn’t share a single class period. Just as well perhap, if either of them were in my class I’d never get any work done, not that I was anyways.

“oh… yeah… I didn’t take any notes. In fact I tuned out about 5 minutes into the lesson.” I responded.

“Come on now, Alan. You need to focus or you’re gonna fail.” Molly said, she always showed concern for my academic wellbeing, it was nice, not that my family seemed to care how I was doing.

“Sorry… I had other things on my mind.” I replied.

“Yeah, I’ll bet.” Amanda said, flashing a sly grin.

So my idea for changing the subject with small talk was shit, we were right back where we started.

“I know what ya mean, it’s about all I’ve been able to think about for 2 days now.” Molly said.

“Ain’t that the truth.” Amanda said.

Before the conversation got any further, we were approaching the cafeteria.

“Finally, I am starving, I still don’t see why they had to put our dorm and cafetera way off over here across campus.” Molly said aloud, voicing her hunger.

“You’re right about that. Such a pain in the ass walking all the way over here everyday.” Amanda voiced her agreement.

“Alright, well you girls go ahead in and grab your lunch. I’ve gotta run up to my room for a bit to put my blazer away and plug my phone up to charge.” I said.

“Okay, we’ll be waiting.” both Amanda and Molly said.

We parted ways, they headed into the cafeteria and I went next door, to the dorm. The dorm was completely empty, as usual per this time of day. When I finally got to the door of my room, I went to unlock it but found it was already unlocked. Hmmm… strange, I thought. I turned the knob and entered my room nervously. I was shocked to see none other than Erin, sitting casually on the edge of my bed, like she was waiting for something.

“Hey, Alan.. been waiting for you.” she said casually greeting me.

“…okay… quick question: How did you get in my room?” I asked, almost a little creeped out.

“Oh I picked your wednesday izle lock.” she said, as though it was nothing.

Figures, the quiet reserved girl had a weird skill like lock picking stashed away, seriously, what the fuck?

“And why.. exactly?” I asked, even more confused.

“Oh.. well…” she said, her reserved nature showing itself as she spoke.

“Go on.” I insisted.

“Well.. you see, I heard about what you did with Amanda and Molly… and well.. I wanted to know if maybe you’d do that with me too.” she said nervously, looking at the ground.

Her response caught me off guard. Not that I was opposed, Erin certainly was an attractive girl underneath all that shyness. Just wasn’t expecting it is all.

“Okay.. but that doesn’t explain how you knew I’d be coming to room right now.” I queried her.

“Well.. I just noticed that you always go up to your room before lunch everyday. So I decided to come here and wait for you.” she replied.

Okay, so this girl knew how to pick locks and she watched me a lot. If she didn’t seem so shy and innocent, I might’ve been a little creeped out.

“So.. do you wanna do it, or not?” she said, biting her lip as she reproposed her earlier request.

She wanted to have sex, how could I turn I this shy beauty down?

“Like, right here? Right now?” I asked for clarification.

“Yeah, why not? Everyone else is in the cafeteria having lunch right now, so no one will hear us.” she responded, having clearly thought this out.

Rather than respond with words, I decided to respond with action. I stepped forward, ready to lean in and kiss her. Before I could, she was on her knees in front of me in an instant. She began frantically undoing my pants and pulling them down with my boxers in a single swift motion. She immediately took my semi-erect cock in her hands.

“mmm.. Amanda and Molly said it was big, but I just had to see for myself” she said, as my cock hardened the rest of the way in her soft hands.

I let out an involuntary groan when she wrapped her soft moist lips around my cock and began the tip with her tongue. I was obviously surprised, this girl whom I’d always thought to be shy and reserved, was on her knees giving me head like a pro. Sure, I’d only gotten a few blowjobs in my life up to this point, but this was certainly the best and I couldn’t imagine them getting any better from here.

Erin bobbed her head up and down on my cock, using her tongue to scoop up the precum as it rapidly leaked from my tip. Then suddenly she stopped and released my hard member from her hot wet mouth.

“Sorry, but I don’t want you cumming just yet.” she said, as I looked down at her with a disappointed expression on my face.

She then stood up and began removing her school uniform. On her cue, I kicked my shoes off and pulled my pants and boxers off the rest of the way, then quickly removed my shirt and tossed it aside. Erin meanwhile had taken off her blazer and unbuttoned her blouse, I could just make out a plain black bra through her open blouse. She then sat on the edge of my bed and started untying her shoes. She removed her shoes, then peeled off her knee-high socks. Her feet were paler than the rest of her body, showing that she must never wear anything besides her school shoes and her tennis shoes for volleyball. I immediately noted that her toenails were painted with the same black polish as her fingernails.

With her shoes and socks set aside, she then stood up and took off her blouse, fully esposing the black bra which held her perky c-cup breasts. Erin then pulled down her skirt, revealing a black pair of panties to match the bra. The black nail polish and matching black undergarments contrasted with her pale skin tone perfectly. I had always gotten a bit of a goth vibe from her, what with the black hair and black eye make-up. Either way, the color looked great on her, so what did it matter.

As I stood there admiring her, she pushed me onto the bed. I laid there on my back, surprised, as she climbed on top of me and straddled my pelvis. My hard cock was pressed against her panties, the fabric was practically soaked from how wet she was. It was clear enough by now that she liked to be in control, which was new to me. Erin then reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, letting it fall from her shoulders, exposing her average but perky tits. I reached my hands up to feel her tits and hard pointed nipples, but before I could she grabbed my hands and wrapped her discarded bra around my wrists, firmly binding my hands together. She then repostioned my arms so my bound hands were above my head, I could’ve moved them, but decided to play along with her. She then lifted off my pelvis enough so she could take off her panties, revealing her tight wet pussy with a thin patch of black fur just above her slit.

“Nobody know this, but I like to be in charge. Hope you’re cool with that.” Erin said, looking down at me.

As I opened my mouth to speak, Erin immediately weekend family izle balled up her panties and stuffed them in my mouth. I looked up at her in surprise and she just flashed a sexy mischievious smile with a fire in her eyes. The moist black panties were strong with the musky scent and taste of her pussy. My heart was racing and my cock was hard as steel. Yeah, I was definitely cool with this.

Erin positioned herself above my cock and slowly lowered herself onto it. She let out a gentle moan as her wet lips parted and her pussy slowly descended my shaft inch by inch. All I could do was moan into her panties.

“oooh damn, I haven’t had a cock in me in ages it seems like” she said when she bottomed out on my member.

After sitting there for a minute with my cock buried in her soaking wet snatch to get used to its size, she then began slowly raising up so she could better position herself. She planted her feet on my bed on either side of my thighs and placed her hands on my chest to brace herself.

“I hope you’re ready, I’m ’bout to ride this thing like there’s no tomorrow.” she said.

All I could do was moan and nod my head “yes.” She then quickly dropped down impaling herself on my erect pole. Her fleshy ass made a slapping sound as it collided with my thighs and she let out a vocal yelp when she once again bottomed out on my erect pole with force. I moaned into her panties as she began bouncing up and down on me, my cock easily sliding in and out of her wet pussy as she impaled herself over and over again.

“ooh my god! Your cock is so fucking big in my pussy!” she exclaimed as she used her muscular legs to quickly raise and lower herself onto my hard veiny member.

She then took used on of her hands to start playing with her clit, moaning as she expertly bounced up and down on me at a fast pace. All I could do was moan from the feeling of my cock being repeatedly buried in hot tight pussy, her juices rapidly leaking onto my shaft. I just laid there staring up at her perky tits bouncing violently as she rode me like a professional bull rider. There was no way I was gonna last much longer and I just hoped she was close as well.

Erin continued riding me for another couple of minutes, not slowing the pace at all as the sounds of our clapping flesh bounced off the wooden walls of my dorm room. I was trying like hell to hold back the flood gates, until finally I felt her muscles begin to contract and her pussy begin to pulsate against my shaft.

“mmm.. fuck! I’m cumming!” she slowed down to a crawl and yelped as her orgasm hit her and her fluids began washing over my buried cock.

I took this as my cue and finally unleashed my own orgasm. I grunted and groaned into her panties as I began shooting my hot sticky load deep into her pussy. She stopped moving completely and moaned as I filled her with my seed.

In the aftermath of our respective climaxes she collapsed onto me, her soft tits spueezing against my chest. We both breathed heavily. I took this time to unbind my hands and with a hand freed, I took her delicious panties out of my mouth.

“That was incredible, I haven’t had a good fuck in ages.” she said getting off of me and grabbing her undergarments that were lying next to us.

“Now then, shall we go to lunch?” she said, quickly putting on her bra and panties.

I nodded in agreement as I too began getting dressed. I was a bit surprised that she barely took any time to rest after her orgasm before she started putting her clothes on. She may act innocent and reserved, but this certainly wasn’t her first rodeo, and I mean that in both the literal and metaphorical sense.

“We’ll for sure be doing this again sometime.” she said, finishing putting in her uniform.

I was still speechless. I’d never had sex like that before, and I was still so dumbfounded at how she had everyone fooled with the whole innocent shy girl routine. Of course, I would soon realize that it wasn’t an act at all, and would only act the way she had with me, when she was overcome with lust.

We finished getting dressed and made our way down to the cafeteria. We probably shouldn’t have walked in at the same time, because soon all eyes were on us and I knew for sure that the rumors would start. And I suppose neither of us were doing ourselves any favors, me looking desheveled as usual and Erin whose clothing looked fine, but her hair was a bit messy. Then of course, there was the fact that both of our faces had turned beet red upon walking in. Luckily everyone soon turned their attention back to what they were doing before we entered, so nothing to worry about, for now at least.

Erin and I each grabbed some food, and quickly spotted Amanda, Molly, and Katie at their table. We walked over to their table and took a seat, the three girls eyeing us intently.

“Well, where the hell have you two been?” Molly asked.

“Yeah, lunch is already almost over.” Katie chimed in.

“Oh.. I bet I know what they were doing. welcome to chippendales izle You two have fun, or what?” Amanda said knowingly.

“Oh my god, you two. Now of all times? Couldn’t you have waited?” Molly said upon realizing what Amanda was getting at.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I only went to put my blazer away and put my phone on the charger in my room.” I said, trying to play it off, knowing it wouldn’t work.

“Right… for nearly an hour. Must’ve taken a lot of effort.” Molly said sarcastically.

Erin still hadn’t said anything, which wasn’t unusual given her typically shy demeanor. She just sat there staring down at her food, slowly eating and listening to the conversation around her.

“Oh you have no idea.” I responded to Molly.

“Yeah we do.” Amanda said with a grin, and the same grin appeared on Molly and I as well.

“Uhh.. no fair! Now all three of you have had him and not me? So not fair.” Katie said whiningly.

I fell silent, I had no words. Katie seemed legitamately disappointed that she was the only one left out.

“You snooze you lose, girlie.” Amanda said, sticking her tongue out in childlike manner to the pouting Katie.

“Don’t listen to her, your time will come, sweetie.” Molly said, quickly putting her arm around Katie’s shoulders to comfort her.

Now I should explain, despite all of us being the same age, Molly always tended to act like more of a big sister to Katie than just a normal friend. Maybe it was because despite Katie being 18 like the rest of us, she acted more childlike and with Katie having a more petite kind of build, Molly physically was almost like a big sister to her. Either way, seeing Molly act like that was kind of endearing and sweet, it was one of the things I really liked about her. It reminded me of the way my own older sister used treat me, I missed that, but she like the rest of my family had pretty much cut her ties with me.

“You baby her too much, you know that, right?” Amanda said to Molly.

“Oh hush, Amanda.” Molly said, glaring at Amanda.

“Alright, point taken.” Amanda replied.

The little time left for lunch was spent making small talk mostly. That, and me hastily eating to hurry and finish before lunch ended. When the lunch bell did finally sound, the girls and I parted ways. They all went to their next class, I on the otherhand had free period before my next class, so I just went on up to my dorm room. There were a few girls talking in the dorm halls, who I assume also had a free period, but they ignored me and I ignored them. I just entered my room and shut the door behind me. That’s when I immediately noticed the distinct odor that filled my room, it smelled like sex, which to me certainly wasn’t a bad thing. I just sat at my desk and booted up my computer, enjoying the scent and fresh memories of my time with Erin. I loaded up Netflix and queued up a show to watch for the next hour or so.

When the episode ended, I looked at the time and let out a long sigh. It was already time for my next class, time flew by way too quick, I thought. Luckily it was my last class of the day, so it wouldn’t be too bad, and with it being English, I didn’t even have to pay attention. Which, I still don’t know why a senior in highschool is still required to take an English class, but that’s beside the point. Anyways, I half-ass tucked in my shirt, half-assed my tie as well, then threw on my blazer and I was out the door in minutes.

I got to class just as it was starting and quickly took my seat in the back. Almost as soon as I sat down I zoned out, the teacher beginning her lesson was just muffled noise in the background of my thoughts. My mind immediately went to the girls, I still couldn’t believe how lucky I’d been thus far. Over the course of just 3 days, I had sex with 3 different girls, I mean how unreal is that? A though then crossed my mind, should I go for a perfect 4? I began playing with the idea in my head, I could probably pull it off. I mean, Katie did genuinely seem jealous of the other 3 girls, and when Molly told her that her time will come, that seemed to really lift her spirits. But how would I go about it, with Molly it happened naturally and with Amanda and Erin it happened by their doing. Would I even need to worry about trying to make it happen? Knowing Katie, how childish and pushy she can be at times, she’d probably orchestrate it herself. Then again, that same childlike innocence might be the thing that would stop her from acting.

Time flew by quickly as usual, class ended and I decided not to think too much more on the subject of Katie as it was beginning to drive me crazy. I walked across campus to the dorm alone, I’d half expected at least one of the girls to show up, but none of them did. I didn’t think much of it though, it’s not as if they’re required to walk with me. But it was a bit odd that I hadn’t so much as heard from any of them, Molly would usually text me after class to see about grabbing dinner in the cafeteria. Plus we would all usually hang out on Fridays. When I got to my room, I opened the door almost expecting to see Erin waiting in my room, I don’t why, maybe a repeat performance? But nobody was there, I just walked in my room, stripped off my uniform and put on a pair of jeans. I then booted up computer, signed into Netflix and continued the show I was watching earlier.

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