Her Special Bear


Cindy sighed as she shut the door behind her. She could almost scream. She had been hoping that Mark would be different. He had seemed so sweet and understanding. Cindy kicked off her shoes angrily, sending one flying into a rather alarmed Mr. Tibbles. The fat calico scattered away in a dash, realizing this was not the most opportune time to be begging for treats. Cindy’s breath was coming out in sharp rasps. She stomped her way across the floor and flung herself down on the bed in a sea of stuffed animals. She held a floppy Saggy Baby toy to her face and cried.

Everything had been going so well. She had met him in the stuffed animals aisle. She had been looking for a new friend to play with. He had been looking for a plush elephant for his niece. They had started a conversation. He told her about his niece and how much she loved elephants. She told him about how she was a toy collector and hoped to design her own plush animals and dolls one day. They had checked out together, and kept talking about things until eventually he asked her to dinner. She accepted, and they had a wonderful first date. Then they had a wonderful second date. On the third date, things did not go so well.

It had already started badly when early in the evening Mark asked why she was so “obsessed” with “kid’s stuff.” She had gotten angry about that, and he just laughed it off. Eventually she cooled down, but later that same evening he kept pawing at her. Cindy knew what he expected, but didn’t feel ready. She alsancak escort tried to tell him, and he had gotten pissed off and started making cracks about her collection again. He said that real women fuck; they don’t play with dolls. Cindy had gotten so upset she asked to be taken home.

Now she stared up at the shelves full of stuffed toys around her apartment. There were so many. She had been collecting since she was a little girl when the toys helped her feel safe when it was dark or when her father would yell at her. Cindy sat up and grabbed a blue Wuvums Bear. She looked into it’s soft plastic button eyes.

:”He was mean wasn’t he Humphrey,” she pouted. Humphrey didn’t answer. “Dumb old boy. Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them.” Cindy held Humphrey close to her chest. She smelled the bear deeply. She loved how he smelled, especially fresh and clean from the dryer.

“And he yelled at me because I wouldn’t let him touch me in anywhere naughty. I bet he has cooties,” she continued, and started giggling to herself. Cindy set the bear down, then took off her shirt and bra. She hated how itchy that thing was. She folded up her bra carefully, and set two dolls on it as if it were a loveseat. Cindy made the dolls kiss. She picked up the bear again. Just stroking the soft fur made her feel her troubles melting away. She knew she could count on her special friends to make her feel more relaxed.

Cindy kissed Humphrey ayrancılar escort on the mouth, and giggled. “You’re the only boy for me Humphrey,” she sighed contentedly. The soft velvet padding of Humphrey’s foot rubbed against Cindy’s nipple. The nipple immediately began to harden.

“Oh Humphrey you bad bear,” Cindy moaned as she lowered the teddy’s head to her breast and began to rub the rough seam of it’s nose on her nipple. Cindy quivered slightly as she moved the bear back and forth over her. Humphrey’s rough nose was guided from one nipple to the other again. Then, slowly she drew his nose down her stomach. She held his paw against her panties.

“Oh it’s so naughty to touch me like that Humphrey,” Cindy giggled, and slid the bear’s paw inside her panties. She began to grind the paw against her crotch. She moaned, and slid off her panties. She buried the bear’s head between her legs, and began to grind the folded nose over her engorged clit.

“Oh yes, yes, kiss me there Humphrey, oh yes,” she panted. She shivered as the bear’s face began to get soaked in her juices. She felt so warm and so loved. She began to finger herself earnestly. Cindy panted and sighed. She pulled Humphrey up from her cunt and smelled her juices in his soft fur. He smelled so good. Humphrey would never hurt her or leave her or make her feel scared.

“I know how to make a happy bear. I can kiss there too!” Cindy grinned and placed balçova escort the bear on it’s back against the bed. She kissed and inhaled near the bear’s face for a second, and then began to lower her head into the fuzzy toy crotch. Cindy sighed as she breathed in deeply. She then started to suck on the bear’s fur. She loved the taste of the fur. She shivered as the harsh fibers caressed her mouth, running over her tongue again and again. She loved the sweet bitter taste of the fabric. Her eyes rolled back as she sucked, and she reached under her pillow to get a special toy.

It was a strap-on, 7” long and bright blue, just like a Humphrey. She quickly fastened onto him. She then rolled onto her back, and pulled the bear on top of her. The thick dildo sank in easily.

“Oh Humphrey, yes, yes, please fuck me, please,” she moaned as she pushed the bear up and down against her hips. The bear flopped helplessly as Cindy pumped him in and out of her wet pussy. Her juices ran down her legs. Cindy started to yell.

“Oh my god, yes, holy fuck you fucking fuck me now!”she screamed. The bed creaked and moaned with the power of her thrusts. Toys began to creep in and rub against her body. Cindy grabbed the nearest doll and rubbed it’s face against her tit as she slammed the helpless blue bear. She was going to cum. She needed it. She wanted it. She had to have it.

“OH MY GOD!” Cindy screamed as an orgasm tore through her body. She shook and quivered, still desperately trying to push against Humphrey for more. Finally, shaking, she pulled Humphrey from between her legs and began to suck lightly on his fur, tasting the her cum. She moaned softly in delight.

“Let’s see dumb ol’ mark do THAT,” she said, and hopped off the bed to go place Humphrey in the wash.

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