Her Personal Assistant


Warning: This story contains body part transformation. If this is something that doesn’t interest you, please don’t read this story. Thanks!


I sat cross-legged in the waiting room, making sure to hold my purse close. I’d applied to a job as a wealthy couple’s personal assistant, although the job description didn’t give much of an idea of what the job actually is. No matter, though. The couple had listed pretty incredible pay for the job, especially for a young woman such as myself. I had decided to take a gap year before heading to college and had been working at a movie theater. Not the worst job one could have, but I wanted to do better, maybe take a risk or two.

Suddenly, a man walked through the door. “Alexis?” He asked, looking right at me.

“That’s me,” I replied, standing up and walking over to the man.

“Right this way ma’am. Mr. and Mrs. Jameson will see you now.” The man turned and briskly walked into the doorway he had entered from. I picked up the pace to keep up, trying to keep up with the man. The life of standing just over 5 foot, I suppose.

The man wasn’t receptive to small talk at all though. I tried to pry, to figure out more about this mysterious job. He refused to say much at all, insisting I wait to talk with the Jamesons. I gave up after the second attempt and followed the man for another minute before we reached our destination.

I stepped into the office door the butler opened and came face to face with Mr. and Mrs. Jameson. I took a look at the couple who wanted to hire me. He stood about six foot tall – I’ve never been the best judge though. He had salt and pepper hair and wrinkles, but didn’t look too old – maybe late 30’s? I looked at her and she looked to be about the same age. Still quite pretty, and she had shoulder-length blonde hair. Some of my friends probably would have called her a milf.

I tried to introduce myself, but Mr. Jameson cut me off. “Thank you James. You can leave early today, I know your daughter has that piano recital this evening.”

James bowed his head. “Thank you sir.” James replied and left the office. James’s steps echoed as he walked away from the office. I breathe and decide to take a shot again.

“Hello, I’m Alexis. Thank you for inviting me here today.”

Mr. Jameson reached out for a handshake, introducing himself while doing so. “Thanks for getting here on such short notice.” I grabbed his hand, trying to out-squeeze his handshake. I think I fail, but he smirks in response. Might have worked out.

He continued, “I am John, and this my wife, Anna.” I look over to Anna and give her a smile, which she returns. “I apologize for the lacking description of the job posting, but this is a very,” Mr Jameson pauses mid-sentence. “Very personal arrangement for my wife and I.

I wanted to sigh, but I kept my poker face on. Another wealthy couple thinking they can buy their way to anything. Not that they’re wrong.

“So you’re looking for a sugar baby? That’s not illegal, you can try to find a Maltepe Escort girl on Tinder, I’m sure you can -“

Anna cut me off, “It’s not quite that simple. You’re close, but it’s more complicated.” She produced a document. “This is a standard NDA. You won’t talk about any further conversation in this room.

I looked from Anna to John and back. “You want me to sign an NDA?”

John replied curtly, “If you want to continue this interview, yes. If you don’t feel comfortable, we can end here and walk you out of the building.”

“Let me read over this.” I took the document, trying to pretend to read it. To pretend I was in control. I don’t think I even convinced myself. It all seemed so strange. But what could this couple need to hide? Rich people don’t get called crazy, just eccentric.

I needed to know. Curiosity killed the cat, hopefully it won’t get me too. I signed the document.

The tension in the room seemed to evaporate. Both of the Jamesons smiled. John took the document.

John filed the document away and started explaining. “So we do need a personal assistant. Package delivery, driving, other stuff like that. We’re willing to pay more than the ad too, we just didn’t want to draw too much attention.” John paused and I looked at him quizzically. He continued. “Your main task involves a piece of state of the art technology. We own a research lab that created a machine that lets us turn a person into another person’s body part.” John cleared his throat.

“You would augment my wife’s ass. That’s the main purpose of this position.” I just stared.

Anna reached out and stroked my hand. “Please take the time to think this through. We know its a big ask. I just froze. I wasn’t sure what was happening. I had heard of this machine, some rumors had leaked about it years ago. I just didn’t think it was true.

“Why?” I blurted out.

“Honestly, I’ve never been happy with my ass.” Anna started. “Even as a teenager, I’d always had a flat ass. I spent high school jealous of the other girls with fat asses. I thought I would never have one of my own. I know there’s surgery, but that often doesn’t work well and can make the problem worse.” I wasn’t really sure what to think of Anna’s explanation.

“Two – Two hundred an hour.” I choked out. Anna looked at me, concerned. She turned to her husband.

“John, make it three.” He nodded. Anna stoop up and faced me. “We’d like to try a pilot. If you will. Five grand for a couple hours this evening.”

Five grand? I hadn’t even made that much in months of working at the theater. How bad could it be to be an ass, anyway? I nodded, but it didn’t feel like me. It felt like someone else controlling my body. A feeling that would become more common.

“I’ll do it tonight. Then – Then we’ll see.”

Anna smiled and got up and hugged me. The next few minutes were a blur, heading through the office, both Anna and I undressing, entering some strange room.

Anna and I stood in a small room, Maltepe Escort Bayan stark naked. A bench between us. “Alexis, would you lay down on the bench? On your back, please?” I got up and laid down, looking up at Anna. “Dear, since you’re becoming my ass – and you’re an absolute darling for agreeing – I’m going to have to get your face and my ass up close and personal. Something to do with how the machine operates. Is that alright?” I nodded and Anna smiled back before throwing her leg over me to straddle my chest. As promised, she backed up until she was sitting on my face. I’d done something similar with a boyfriend, but never imagined I would have a woman’s ass on me. She spread her ass and pushed down on my face, trying to get as close as possible.

As she pressed her ass harder down on my face, I could feel her asshole pushing on my nose. She pushed a bit more and the tip of my nose started to stretch her hole open. As she pushed against my face, I couldn’t see anything – I just kept my eyes shut as Anna’s rear pushed on my face. I could smell her ass and pussy as she got in position. The smell of a turned on woman mixed with her ass. She probably hadn’t showered since that morning. I tried to push the thought out of my mind. I could feel her cheeks pressing down on every part of my face, my own cheek and forehead. I tried not to think about her pussy hovering right above my mouth. I felt Anna shift to the right.

“Honey, I think we’re both ready, go ahead and start. I don’t know how well Alexis can breathe like this.”

Then a machine sounded like it started up. As more and more science fiction-like sounds came out of the machine, I could feel myself get woozy. I felt like I was melting, then falling. Then more strange sensations I couldn’t describe.

I still couldn’t see anything at all, it was all just black still. Did the machine fail? I tried to kick my leg, and luckily that still worked. Then I heard Anna’s voice above me. “Honey, I think Alexis just kicked my leg. Is that normal?”

I heard John’s voice reply, “Can you kick your leg too? You two might both have control over your lower body.” I felt my leg kick, but I didn’t do it this time. It actually happened, they had turned me into Anna’s ass!

“I think you’re right, I think we both have control. Alexis, can you hear me? Kick our left leg if you can.” I kicked my – well, our – left leg in response. “John, I think she can hear me too. I’m going to try to stand.”

“Take it easy, Anna. I’m heading over there. Don’t do anything that could hurt either of you.” John replied over the intercom.

“Its alright babe.” Anna slid off the bench and landed on our feet. As Anna stretched her legs, I could feel it as well. Anna started walking and I could feel every step, jiggling along as Anna walked.

I tried to take stock of the situation. I still couldn’t see anything. I could hear, and I think my new “ears” were somewhere near Anna’s ass. I could feel Anna’s lower body, or I guess Escort Maltepe our lower body now. I couldn’t taste anything, which I felt thankful for. No smell either. I could move at least Anna’s legs, I’m not sure how much more. I tried to open and close my mouth but it felt different. I heard Anna’s voice from above. “John, I feel my asshole squeezing. I think she can move that too.” Well, I guess I’m not too sure what I expected.

I felt Anna stop walking, then I felt a firm hand on our ass. “Anna, this is amazing. Alexis looks incredible! And both of you still seem to be functioning well. You are right, Alexis, right? Kick Anna’s left leg for yes and right leg for no.”

I hesitated. Am I doing alright? I had been turned into this strange woman’s ass. Not that it was THAT bad, really. I seemed to be fine, not in immediate distress or anything. I kicked Anna’s left leg.

“Great to hear, Alexis. I’d like you to take control and see how well this transformation worked out.” I felt him reorient Anna and I. “Can you start walking forward?” I started walking forward. Shakily at first since I couldn’t control Anna’s upper body, but after a couple dozen steps we seemed to be working in sync. “John, this is incredible! Modern technology can work miracles! Look how our amazing my ass and legs are!” Yeah. This is definitely a miracle, I thought to myself.

We spent what felt like a couple hours running different tests on the transformation. We tried running (both Anna and I), walking on a treadmill, standing, sitting, laying down, wearing all sorts of clothing, and so on. Then we had an impromptu photoshoot, Anna loved me as her ass so much she wanted to share it with me after. Strangely, as we moved through the activities, I started to enjoy it more. Strutting with yoga pants on felt incredible. It brought out feelings I didn’t even know existed. Eventually, we had run through everything the couple had wanted to try tonight.

“John, I think we should let her out. We’ve done a lot tonight, give her time to process.” Anna stated. I felt my heart skip a beat. I hadn’t thought someone who would turn a person into her ass would really care.

After a short walk, I felt Anna climb on top of something. It felt like the bench we had gotten transformed on. I heard the strange noises again, then the same melting sensation as before. I felt like I was falling. Then I felt a weight on my face. Anna noticed the change too and pulled off my face, then pulled her leg back over me to climb off. I caught my breath and opened my eyes to see Anna looking down at me, then felt her rubbing my forehead.

“Are you doing alright honey?” I nodded.

“It felt…” I wasn’t sure how to explain the experience. “It felt strange. Not bad. Just strange. I – I think I liked it.” Anna beamed and then tried to hug me, as much as she could with me still laying on the bench.

“I’m so glad you enjoyed it, we look absolutely amazing together. I’d love to show you when we get a chance.” I hugged Anna back. I heard the door open and John walk in.

“I’ll take it that she wants the job?” John asked.

I swallowed, then nodded. While this was incredibly odd, and probably stupid, I didn’t plan on going back to the theater. “I’d be thrilled to accept.”

Anna pulled the three of us into a group hug, and I hugged back.

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