Helping Out The Shutterbug


The last gray wisps of sleep fade away as I feel you snuggle into me, your hand sliding across my tummy to rest against the curve of my breast.”Good morning, sleepy head,” you murmur into my neck with a kiss.”Same to you,” tousling your hair, knowing we always wake within a minute of each other.You jostle against me, shifting your hips.”What’s the matter? You got bugs?””Ass hole’s a little sore, if you must know.””Well, I told you to put the lube under the pillow last night. Besides, I didn’t hear any complaints,” giving your nipple a gentle tweak.”And you never will. Wet or dry or dipped in chocolate, I love it when you fuck me like that,” giving my breast a caressing squeeze and pulling my earlobe between your teeth.”Mmmm, chocolate…””Paige! Paige! Get up you two! Breakfast is almost ready!””Coming, mom.” we both yell back.Perhaps I should explain. We are both named Paige. And we are twins. We were named for the woman who seduced our mother when she was our age. They were together for almost ten years until Paige was killed by a drunk driver. Mom swore that her first child would be named after her, her first love. When we were born, she decided we both deserved the honor, so I am Paige Anne and my sister is Paige Marie, but every one just calls us P1 and P2.We are very identical, which we try hard to maintain. There is only one tell that we have found. Paige has a tiny mole just to the right of her clit, but only a few people know it — me, mom, her girlfriend Mrs. Parker down the street, and a camp counsellor named Big Sue. We are also inseparable lovers, Paige and I, sharing ourselves with each other in our bed, the bath, and anywhere else we could manage as we grew up.Mom discovered the truth when we were sixteen. We were in the bath and making enough noise that she poked her head in to check on us. What she saw was Paige sitting on the edge of the tub with my face buried between her legs. We didn’t even notice gaziosmanpaşa escort she was there till we paused to swap places and saw her leaning against the counter, her head thrown back, her robe open, and her hand a blur rubbing her clit. We watched in awe as she drove two fingers into a cunt so wet it made little slurpy noises with each thrust, bringing herself to a climax that nearly knocked her to the ground. When she finally came back to the living, she looked down at us with bright, teary eyes and a wide smile.”I’m sorry I interrupted you, my darlings, but you are both so beautiful together and I love you so very much, I had to celebrate my joy.” She pulled her robe closed and slipped out the door. “Take your time, girls.” she called back as she went down the hall.That night, we both tasted our first grown up woman and our mother tasted each of us. From then until now, the three of us have enjoyed each other with relish and abandon. On our eighteenth birthday, when most girls are having parties and pushing hands away from their titties, the three of us enjoyed a fancy dress dinner out together. Later that night, with candle light and champagne, mom ceremonially took our maidenheads to celebrate our coming of age.”Paige! Paige! This is the last time I’m telling you! Time to get up!” mom’s voice echoed down the hall.Instead, I pull you closer and trail kisses along your jaw.”Maybe we should call in sick and find some chocolate,” I whisper in your ear with a lick, making you shiver.”No. We have Shutterbug to deal with.””What about her? She just likes to look at us. Doesn’t bother me.””Well, it bothers me because I think she is a very lonely girl and needs someone to give her a little love. And I think it should be us.””She does have those massive boobs. Okay, so what’s the plan?””After gym, we…””GIRLS!”We know that’s last call or starve, so we sultangazi escort scramble up and into the bathroom.—————————————— 2When gym comes to an end, we lag behind as the other girls head for the locker room. Steam is already rising from the showers by the time we come in and the air is noisy with giggles and gossip. We kill some more time stopping by Coach Jamie’s office. We know all it will take is a question about the latest women’s soccer rankings to eat up a good ten or fifteen minutes. By the time we eased away, the room is nearly empty. We quietly make our way to our lockers.”If we don’t do that woman soon, I am going to explode!” you hiss, glancing back at coach stripping off her top, her muscled body rippling in the garish light.”Patience, darling, patience. Remember, we are her forbidden fruit, but if the squeeze she gave my ass today is any indication, we are in for a treat the day we graduate.””Wait! She grabbed your ass?! What the hell is wrong with my ass?! I’m the one that wants to. . . “”My ass is your ass, remember? Now shhh! Ready for your shower?”As you go off, I circle back around the long rows of lockers. I know which alley holds our Shutterbug and she has not disappointed me. She is sitting on the bench, wrapped in a big towel, staring into her open locker. I can see pictures of Paige and me taped to the door. Loud humming starts to echo against the tile walls and you stroll over to the shower head directly in front of me and Bug.As you kick on the water and drench yourself, Bug leans slowly back, peering past the open locker door. You pour out a huge glop of bath gel and begin soaping your body until you’re covered in a sea of bubbles. Your hum grows louder as you sway and caress yourself, eyes closed and head tilted back, as if lost in a sensual world of your own.Bug isn’t bothering to be coy any esenler escort more. One hand grasps the door as she stares at your liquid dance and the other is pressed between her legs. As I pad cat-like up to her, I can hear her soft plaintive squeaks as she rubs herself, her towel struggling against the heavy breasts swaying in time. I lean down and whisper into her ear.”She really is a sexy bitch, isn’t she?””AHHHHHHHHHH!” Bug screams, her body going every direction at once in fright. Desperately grabbing at her gaping towel, she twists around to stare at me, white faced and wide eyed.”Fuck! You scared the shit out of me!””Oh, I’m sorry, Bug,” I murmur, looking into her face with doe eyes and stroking her cheek.”Don’t call me Bug! My name is Syd!””Of course it is, but you are still Bug to us.””And ever shall you be, Bug,” you say, sliding onto the bench on her other side, so she is sandwiched between us.”What is this? What do you guys want?””We want you.””For what? What are you going to do to me?” Bug asks nervously, looking from your face to mine, her hands clutching the towel tight to her large breasts.”It’s not what we are going to do to you…” I say, dragging a nail lightly down her plump upper arm.”It’s what we want you to do to us,” you finish, tracing a line down her other arm.”What? What do I have to do?” Bug asks with a tremble, still looking back and forth.”We want you to take our picture.””A picture? Of you?””It’s for our mom’s birthday, a surprise.””But I don’t… I’m… I’m not that good…””Don’t be modest, baby. We’ve seen your pictures in the art lab and you got that scholarship for college next year. You’ve got a good eye behind those glasses,” I murmur close to her ear, “besides, it’s not like you haven’t taken a lot of pictures of us already. . .””Or didn’t you think we knew?” you ask with a smirky smile.”I… I… I…””It’s settled then — our house after school, four o’clock.”We both snake our arms around her and hug her tight between our naked bodies. We share a smile, as she drops her head and lets out a low moan.————————————- 3″Will you relax, Paige? She’ll be here.””I’m just worried she fucked herself into a heart attack after we left — that girl was quivering bad and I could smell her pussy like it was a fresh baked pie.”

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