Helping Out the Birthday Girl

Emo Teen


Hello everyone! I’m a brand new writer from the Pacific Northwest, Male, Late-30’s, and this is my first time dipping my toe into the waters of erotica.

This is my first short story contribution, based on a true story (names have been changed), and contains:

[Flirting] [Teasing] [Consensual sex] [Threesome] [FWBs] [Straight sex] [Lesbian sex] [Group sex] [Masturbation] [Oral] [Condom use]

As this is my first submission and first non-fiction story, any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Thank you, and enjoy!


Everyone says their first is special, but mine was more special than most. I lost my virginity at 20 years old, and Lily — 21 herself at the time — made sure that I wouldn’t forget it (another story for another time). Lily was big and beautiful, and stood about roughly the same height as me at just short of 6 feet tall, auburn hair and light grey eyes, with smaller breasts than some but great, soft curves everywhere else. I felt a little bad afterward; while I was single at the time, she was not, and this wasn’t the start of a true relationship. She’d never taken someone’s V-card before, and enjoyed being the teacher, as well as the thrill of cheating with someone younger. Lily and I spent four months together before she met the man she would eventually marry, but they were four months well spent.

After we parted ways, Lily and I stayed in touch. She wanted to know about my subsequent partners, and was more than happy to tell me about how things were going with her new man, Randy. It was over half a year before I had any stories to tell, but my next significant other provided plenty of spice to share. We would swap tales by text message or meet up for lunch and gossip about our sordid encounters. Lily was always a wealth of knowledge, and a supportive listener; she gave me advice on how to make sure I was improving in my technique, and would offer fair criticism based on my past performance to help me be a better lover. She was also happy to share the details of her own sex life, including hers and Randy’s desires to bring others into their bedroom.

When my relationship ended several months later, Lily was one of the first people I told. She invited me over to hang with her and Randy, and to take my mind off of things. And by “take my mind off of things” I mean that Randy told me to put on a condom and fuck his girlfriend/my ex while he watched. Once I’d had my fun, he took his turn, pulling out his slightly more impressive member and raw-dogging her to her own orgasm. This wouldn’t be the last time we’d play together: over the next year, we’d get together at least two more times, both times beginning with me enjoying Lily and ending with Randy finishing her off while my cock was either spent and I watched or was in her mouth as a treat. He had a few rules: no kissing on the mouth, and anal was reserved for him, but everything else was fair play–and we all enjoyed our playtime.

The following year, Lily and Randy finally tied the knot (I was not invited, just to be clear!) but we kept in touch. I wound up in a relationship-free period where I had a few rotating friends-with-benefits, but the most interesting of those was Renee. Renee was short, probably just a hair over 5 feet tall, with long, dark hair, green eyes framed by cat-eyed glasses, and some of the biggest boobs I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying. We met online and had a very fun first encounter, which I’ll definitely share later, but suffice it to say, things were going well all around. When Lily and I got together for one of our lunch dates a few months later, she was excited and intrigued to hear all about Renee–and especially intrigued that Renee was pansexual and polyamorous.

“Well I have to meet this girl, B! Can she come and join us for lunch?” Lily asked, which surprised me a little! I had a feeling she’d be interested, but didn’t realize it would be quite so immediate! I texted Renee from the table to see if she was free; thankfully, it was a Saturday and she didn’t happen to have any other plans so she joined us about 30 minutes later, after Lily and I had had a drink and a plate of appetizers. We’d asked her before she arrived what she’d like to eat, and by the time she showed up our food was just getting to the table.

Lily and Renee hit it off quick. I was soon the odd-man-out at the table as the two women enjoyed conversing about whatever they pleased. But Pendik Escort eventually, Lily got to the reason why she asked Renee to join.

“My birthday is in two weeks,” Lily said. “I’m turning 25 and I want to celebrate! And I was wondering… if you’d like to join us for an after-party?”

I already had some idea that this was what Lily had in mind. For as long as I’d known her, Lily had wanted to have a group of people ravish her. We’d talked about going to a sex club or finding an orgy or a gang-bang somewhere, but it just hadn’t happened. But with Randy down, and my new friend being so open, it seemed that she’d found an ideal situation.

Renee, for her part, was only a bit hesitant. After all, she and I had only been fucking for a little while at this point, and she had just met this woman who she knew I’d had history with. “Can I think about it for a few days?” she asked.

“Of course!” Lily exclaimed. “I would never want you to do something you’re not comfortable with! Talk with B, and let me know what you think.”

We finished lunch, and Lily took off giving Renee and I time to talk. “I like her,” she said with a slight smile. “Let’s go out with them… but we’ll see how we’re both feeling the night of, okay?”

“Absolutely,” I answered with a smile. I kissed her goodbye as she had to head off, and we were settled. I called Lily to let her know, and could tell she was excited over the phone, even without the assurance of sexy time. But the confident tone by which I could sense in her voice told me she wasn’t going to leave any room for doubt in Renee’s mind.

The weekend of Lily’s birthday arrived, and just in case things did progress for the evening, we’d made plans to meet at my place and take one car into the city. Randy had to meet up later, so it was Lily, Renee, and me to start the night. We gathered at a dive bar and met up with Lily’s sister and a few other friends. After more than a couple of drinks for the birthday girl, who was now feeling pretty good, we all walked a block down to a nearby dance club. Inside, Lily dragged both Renee and I onto the dance floor, followed by her sister and another friend. Imbued with plenty of liquid courage at this point, Lily wasn’t afraid to declare her intentions for the night. Dragging me to the DJ booth and putting my back to the stage, she started grinding on me, then turned to face me and put her hand on my quickly hardening cock, running up and down my pants to the thrum of the music. As she danced even closer, her mouth came up my neck and her teeth and lips nipped at my ear… until a voice nearby yelped “LILY!” Her sister’s eyes were shooting daggers; with Randy not there, she was clearly trying to be protective of her big sister and her relationship, but Lily just laughed and started dancing up against Renee. Rather than face the withering stares of her sister and confusion of her friends, I stepped over to the bar, grabbed some water to cool down, and let the girls dance for a while.

There was one more stop we were going to hit before we “concluded” the night, but after the awkwardness that has ensued on the dance floor, I told the group I was going to go grab the car and bring it around to a parking spot closer to our final destination — and to Renee, that I was going to wait there. I checked with her to make sure she was comfortable spending time with Lily and her friends without me, and she just gave me a nod… and a smile. I smiled and nodded back, giving her a hug and whispering, “Don’t have too much fun… just yet.”

I took my time getting back to the car, and found a spot closer to the last bar of the night. After about 45 minutes that I spent taking a quick nap to refresh, I woke to a text from Renee that they were making their way back, and that Randy had finally joined them. I texted her directions to where I’d parked, and a few minutes later I heard Lily’s voice and laugh from down the block. She had clearly had a few more drinks since I’d last seen her, as Randy had his arm around her waist and hers was over his shoulder to keep balanced. Renee was helping guide them, and we got the birthday girl safely into the backseat, but not before she hugged us both tightly.

“Let’s go back to your place!” she managed to get out, “I’m ready for the real party!” Handing her a water bottle and looking to Randy for approval, he smiled and said, “Her birthday, her rules; let’s get going!”

It didn’t take Pendik Escort Bayan us long to get back to my house, though we drove in a bit of nervous silence — well, all except Lily, whose drunken enthusiasm was clearly the only thing keeping her from either passing out or getting sick out the window. When we arrived, we helped her inside and Randy took her to one of the bathrooms to freshen up. Renee asked to use the other, and I showed her the way and returned to the living room to wait for everyone.

The sad fact of my house at the time was this: my bedroom was far too small for whatever we hoped might happen that night. I had a queen bed, which was barely big enough for me and Renee, both being on the fluffier side, and it definitely wasn’t meant for all four of us. So when the lady of the evening returned with her husband and my fuck buddy, I led them to our couch and the over-plush carpet. Once we were all settled, we knew someone had to make the first move. Renee, being such a good sport, started by helping Lily to take her dress off. Randy came behind her and unclasped her bra, and each of them took one of Lily’s nipples in turn while I sat on the couch and watched.

But Lily didn’t seem to like that I was just enjoying the view. After helping Renee out of her top, she crawled over to the couch and unbuckled my belt, pulled down my jeans and boxers in one motion, and took me in her hand. After a few strokes to get it at full attention, she wrapped her lips around my head and then devoured it entirely, tip to shaft. With her attention focused on my cock, Renee came up beside her and took my balls in her hand, while Randy continued to suck on his wife’s titties. After realizing Renee was next to her again, Lily ended her deep throat, put her hand on the back of Renee’s head, and guided her to my cock, each of them running their lips along either side, meeting occasionally in the center for a kiss. Renee came up and rolled her tongue around my tip while Lily took one, then both, of my nuts in her mouth, each of them moaning slightly as they worked. Randy had taken the time to pull down Lily’s panties away and was teasing her clit, which made her moan even more.

Finally, Lily pulled away from me and mounted Randy, who had been waiting patiently for his turn. He pulled down his own pants while she tore away his shirt, and then each got up and moved to the sofa chair right next to us. Lily sat him down and went back to her knees, helping her man get prepared with her tongue. Both women were now each sucking on our hard cocks, and Randy and I couldn’t help but smile and take it all in.

Wrapping my fingers into her hair, I pulled Renee off my cock and laid her on the floor, helping her out of her own jeans, and pulling down her black thong with my thumbs. I slid two fingers inside her already soaked pussy with one hand, while the other reached into my nearby pants pockets to search for a condom. I tore one from the pack and began to slip it on when I felt Lily’s hand on top of mine, as she slid the rubber down my shaft while working to do the same on her man. Both women were laid on the floor now, and as Randy entered Lily roughly, to Renee’s delight, I instead removed my fingers from her clit and replaced them with my tongue. She wiggled her pussy against my face, gasping and moaning as my tongue flicked across her little sweet spot, while Lily rocked her own pussy against the aggressive thrusting of Randy’s dick. It didn’t take long for Renee’s hips to buck, body tensed, and her muscles clenched against the finger I’d slipped back inside her as she bucked against her first orgasm.

“Fuck me, please fuck me,” Renee cried out as she came, and I shifted upward to position my dick at her entrance. I smacked it lightly against her throbbing clit, teasing her before slipping inside easily. Randy, meanwhile, had flipped Lily over and was fucking her from behind, her own cries growing louder and louder as he hammered away at her own dripping hole. Not wanting to be outdone, I raised Renee’s legs and put them on my shoulders, pumping harder and deeper, trying to match the pace of the married couple next to us. I turned her over, and both girls were now on their knees, facing each other; as I slipped back inside and began fucking her again, Lily reached out, took her face in her hand, and kissed Renee on the lips. The sight sent Randy over the edge, and his thrusts became spasms as he shot his Escort Pendik cum inside his deliriously happy wife.

“Mmmmm, fuck that was good,” Randy said as he pulled out his spent dick, slipping off his filled condom, and taking a seat back on the sofa. Lily turned back over onto her back and continued to kiss Renee, taking the opportunity to cup her massive tits and pinch her nipples. Renee really enjoyed that, and yelped slightly as I spanked her round little ass and kept thrusting. After a few more minutes, I could tell that Lily wanted more, so I pulled out of Renee’s pussy and said I needed a breather, grabbing one of the water bottles I’d brought over for the group, and sat on the couch next to Randy.

Lily didn’t waste a moment, as she climbed further across the floor and wrapped her arms around Renee’s legs while pushing her tongue right onto her pussy. Renee shuddered and buried her own face between Lily’s thighs, and Randy and I just sat in awe of these two women in full 69, going to town on one another. I pulled off my condom and tossed it aside, stroking myself at the sight, which Randy was also doing, though having a more difficult time waking his back up after the massive load he’d already spent.

Renee’s juices ran down her legs and covered Lily’s face as she convulsed again, and once more, to another rocking orgasm, and she let go of Lily’s body and slumped to the floor, exhausted and spent. Lily sat up and caught her breath, too, though she hadn’t yet cum herself. Knowing Randy wasn’t quite ready for round two, she curled her finger and beckoned me over. Grabbing a new condom, I slipped it on, took a quick bite of each of her nipples, and guided myself inside the birthday girl. She arched her back off the floor as I wrapped her legs around my back, trying to bury myself as deeply inside her as possible.

Even when we’d fucked before, Lily rarely came from penetration, unless she were taking the lead. She’d already been fucked by her husband, my FWB, and now I was really determined to make sure that I provided a satisfying climax to her birthday celebration. I pulled out and laid on the floor, allowing her to slide on top and ride me the way she wanted to. As soon as I slipped inside, she was off; as I groped her tits, she bounced feverishly on my cock, rocking up and down like a woman possessed. When Lily’s energy seemed like it was starting to fade, she drove me as deep as possible and began to rock her hips against me, slowly at first, then faster and harder. I did my best to keep from cumming, to help her get to her own orgasm, but her pussy was too much for me.

“Holy shiiiiiiit,” I groaned as I came, and she continued to roll her hips for as long as she could. Lily laughed slightly, and she surveyed the wreckage she’d left in her wake. Her husband, still spent and unable to get hard again on the couch; my lover, lying facedown on the floor still, covered in sweat but content; and me, spasming beneath her and trying to catch my breath. She laughed again, and said, “I guess I wore you all out, huh?”

It was then that we noticed behind us that the sky was no longer a deep, starless black, but had turned a dark blue, with hints of golden light at the edges of the trees. However long we were on the floor, we’d been licking and groping and sucking and fucking all the way to sunrise.

Lily sighed, but it wasn’t a weary one; she’d celebrated her birthday exactly how she’d hoped, dancing, drinking, and fucking a group of willing and enthusiastic people who had done their best to focus their attention on her. She smiled, and Randy and I each took a hand and helped her to her feet. We all dressed, quietly but happily, and stopped at the door. Lily hugged Renee, and then pulled me in and hugged me tightly.

“Thank you, both, for making this such a great night,” she said. “We’ll have to do this again sometime!” She smiled, then looked at Randy and said, “But now I have to get him home and have him finish me off!” She winked, and the two of them walked to their car and sped away. I asked Renee if she wanted to stay, to wash off and have another go, but she smiled, thanked me, and said she’d had enough fun for one night. She kissed me, and got in her own car and took off.

As it turned out, the four of us wouldn’t get together again; Lily and Randy would have Renee over for a night of their own with her (since Randy hadn’t had the pleasure of getting to fuck Renee himself), Renee and I would hook up a few more times before we each moved on to other partners, and I’d join Lily and Randy one more time before they themselves would separate… and Lily and I would take advantage of that absence. But, that too is a (very fun) story for another time!

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