help me finish!!!


help me finish!!!Ok so obviously that’s not the name of this story, but I am having trouble taking this story where it needs to go. I was perfectly fine when I started but I seem to have a bit of a block and looking for help. I am pretty open and usually just write off the cuff… so if any of you would like to help and have some ideas it would be incredibly helpful. Let me know either by pm or posting a comment here. Would love any suggestions! thank you!”Fuck!!!!”, slamming my hand on the door. I can’t believe I locked myself out. It’s late August and there is a definite chill in the air. Well so much for the hopes of an indian summer. I quickly check my pockets then desperately check my purse. “Shit!” I whisper, so much for my phone, which I left in the house, my date with my fuckbuddy, and even a nice hot bath with a little playtime for myself. I look to my left… Jerry my neighbor would be home.. he’s always home. Not much of a life. I could always see if I can borrow his phone… I feel my nipples tighten as the breeze picks up. Well no use standing out here. I may have ruined my date but i could still salvage some part of the night. A sly grin crosses my face as i think about maybe chatting up Jerry. He’s sexy in a sweet way. I’m sure he’s got some sexy body under there… I mean he does work in construction. I walk over to his door, Escort knock, no answer. Hmmm his truck is here, he must be home. I ring his door bell… nothing. I knock harder and his door opens a bit. Strange maybe he had to rush inside or something. “Hello?” I call out… “Jerry!” I yell. I walk into his house, now normally I don’t make a practice out of this… but I get a little thrill in the pit of my stomach. My ears perk up as I hear a whisper of a moan. What sounds like a feminine moan… Hmmmmm well alright Jerry! I smile, cautiously and quietly following the sound. I know what your thinking, and your right… I am a total perv! But when it comes to sex…. I just can’t help myself. I love sex and I am pretty proud to admit I have a high sex drive. So I come to, what I am assuming is Jerry’s bedroom door. I hear moans and masculine grunts and groans. My nipples are rock hard and I am so turned on. My pussy is aching and leaking out juice. I lean against the door, trying to figure out how to watch without interrupting. I turn the door knob and open the door a little. Not that it really mattered cuz I could see Jerry plowing into a hot blonde with a nice figure. I stand in the door way leaning against the wall as i play with my nipple. I’m still in my standard office outfit. A deep purple blouse, with a deep v neck, Escort Bayan no bra, a black straight skirt cut just above my knees black stockings and my deep purple heels and yes you guessed it no panties. I enjoy it when men look at my body, it’s always thrilling for me. My eyes are closed as I continue playing with my tits, when all of a sudden i hear a scream. I open my eyes to see blondie, mouth open pointing at me… I blush more out of habit than anything. I wink at her after checking her out and then look at Jerry, wow I wasnt that far off, Jerry has a decent body… “uhm ya sorry to interrupt… I locked myself out of my place. Just wondering if I could use your phone, Jer.” Jerry just smiled, like this was a regular occurance and said ya I could. With one last look at Jerry and licking my lips.. I close the door to go in search of his phone. After phoning the lock smith I look up to see Jerry hustling the blond out of his house. Hmmmm I hope I’m not the cause of this. I giggle thinking about that. I figured that Jerry has had a little crush on me for awhile. I smile at him as he enters the kitchen. “Hey sorry for interrupting you two..” Jerry laughs. “So I thought you had a date with Michael, is it?” “No” shaking my head. “Michael has been long gone since last month… no now I’m dating David. Much better in Bayan Escort bed.” As I am talking Jerry comes closer licking his lips as he sees my nipples perking up. He kisses me and bites my bottom lip. Moaning i pull him towards me, grabbing his ass. I can feel his cock moving against my abdomen. He threw some jeans on, no underwear and the jeans are not done up. He starts unbuttoning my blouse and untucking it from my skirt. He steps back a little to look at my breasts. “Mmmmmmmmmmm these have starred in a number of my fantasies.” he murmurs against my lips. He starts to play with my nipples then bites them. I whimper a little not so use to the rough play from men. I’m usually dominating. MMMMMMMMm it feels so sexy and rough. He grabs me in his arms taking me to his bedroom. Lays me down on his bed. Gently pulls the blouse off me. Massaging my arm lightly, lovingly, relaxing me so much so I didnt realize he had tied my arm to the bed post. The protest was on the tip of my tongue but a secret little part of me was actually thrilled by this. Incredibly turned on actually. If Jerry were to just brush his finger against my hardened clit right now… I would have the hardest, juiciest orgasm!!! I start to pant a little moaning and sighing. He does the same to my other arm. He strokes my stomach while soothing me, whispering how good I was being. That I should be a good girl and let him play with me. He started massaging my tummy relaxing me even more. He hiked my skirt up and spread my legs….Possibly thinking of a “Jerry’s” POV (point of view) but open for any and all suggestions

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