Hell Week at the Kappa House


Hell Week began on a Saturday night in the basement of the fraternity house. All eight of the pledges were gathered in the room to stand before the assembled brothers. We had stood in a similar fashion here four months prior, when we all formally pledged ourselves to the service of the brotherhood, thus beginning our pledge period. Behind each pledge stood his designated “Big Brother,” each of whom had acted as the primary advisor for “his” pledge during the past, long months. We stood silently in the dark room, which was illuminated only by several large candles in each corner.

When asked by the High Master if we were prepared to endure the rigors of Hell Week, each of us nodded his assent. We were advised that this week would not be easy. We were to consider ourselves the lowest of the low, unworthy of fraternization with the brotherhood unless we completed the week successfully. We were forbidden to have sex for the entire week, and we were to perform any and all tasks assigned to us by any of the brothers.

At this point, my Big Brother, Brian, stepped forward, encircling my torso with his strong arms from behind, and began to remove my shirt. I looked to my right, and saw that the same was being done to each pledge by his Big Brother, so I did not resist. Brian dropped my shirt to the floor, and grasped both of my wrists, raising my arms over my head. My wrists were then fastened into a set of cuffs that apparently hung from the ceiling, though I had not noticed them when we entered the darkened room. Several other brothers brought in trays, and set one before each pledge while I watched Brian and the other Big Brothers strip to the waist as well. Upon each tray was a large bowl of water, a bar of soap, scissors, and a razor.

To begin Hell Week, we were informed, we were to be stripped of all pride. To symbolize this, all hair on our bodies was to be removed. Our Big Brothers would perform the initial, ceremonial shaving, but each pledge was responsible for keeping his body free of hair for the rest of the week. Brothers could demand surprise inspections anytime and anywhere they chose – in public or private – to ensure that we were in compliance. As we were being given these instructions, Brian was removing my pants and my shorts, exposing my slim body completely to the brotherhood. The other pledges were also bound and stripped, as we awaited our fate.

Brian began with the scissors, trimming the light hair under my arms to a short stubble, then followed suit with the hairs surrounding my cock and balls. I found it embarrassingly arousing when I felt his strong hands lifting my penis and scrotum to get underneath with the scissors. At that age, I had virtually no chest hair, and not much more than a heavy down on my legs, so Brian put away the scissors, wet the soap, and began to rub the slick lather into my armpits. His muscular upper body was starting to shine with sweat, though I wasn’t sure whether that was caused by exertion, tension, or the heat of the late spring evening. He picked up the razor, and I could feel the blade slice off the hairs under my arms. He followed with my chest, scraping off the few, sparse hairs there, and then moved down to my legs.

The sensation of the razor gliding lightly through the soapy film that covered my legs was extremely sensual. I could feel beads of sweat trickling from my denuded armpits, and running down my sides. As Brian’s hand moved the blade to the insides of my thighs, my cock reflexively began to stiffen. My anus involuntarily tightened, causing my shaft to rise to a half-erection, and pre-cum started seeping from the tip of my penis. I was mortified to be standing before the entire fraternity with my throbbing hard-on bobbing before me, but my shame only caused it to swell even more. I dared not look at anyone but Brian, who seemed unfazed by my reaction. I was not aware until later that every pledge there was in the same condition.

Brian finished shaving both legs before he shifted his attention to the stubble above my now fully engorged organ. The upward thrust of the shaft forced him to pull my cock first to one side, then the other as he removed the hair that symbolized my manhood. He then stretched taut the loose skin of my scrotum, and shaved my balls completely bare, continuing along my sensitive perineum. He ran his fingers lightly over my freshly shaven skin, making sure he had removed every hair, then he looked up at me while I felt his soapy finger glide up the crack of my butt.

I watched Brian’s broad shoulders and chest, gleaming with sweat as he rose to stand before me. He turned me so that my back was facing him and the brotherhood before reaching up to detach my wrists from the chain that held them over my head. He held my waist with one hand, pushing my shoulders forward until I was forced to use my outstretched – and still cuffed – hands to brace myself against the floor. Still holding my waist up, Brian used his feet to spread my legs farther apart, then knelt to delicately shave the sparse hairs from my anal cleft. A warm, wet cloth was then used to wipe the soap from my ass before I was pulled back to a standing Çankaya Escort position and turned once more to face the crowd. Chaining my arms over my head again, my Big Brother then gently cleaned every part of my body that he had shaved.

When the last pledge had been completely shaved and cleaned, the High Master and the Pledge Master inspected each one. My own body looked only moderately different without body hair, but a couple of the pledges, who normally had a thick covering of fur, looked very vulnerable in their bare condition. I noticed that every one of us had at least a long, swollen, half-erection, and some were still hard as a rock.

Satisfied that each pledge was now properly shaven, the High Master asked the Pledge Master why none of us was wearing his required pledge pin. The Pledge Master apologized for our oversight, and demanded that each Big Brother rectify this error immediately. Brian and the others leaned over to pick up our discarded shirts. I expected that he would free my wrists so that I could again don my shirt, but instead, I saw him remove my pin from the rumpled fabric. He then reached one hand to my left nipple, grasping the tip firmly, and pulling it outward from my chest. I flinched at the pain, and then jerked violently as, with his other hand, he thrust the pointed crossbar of the pledge pin completely through the sensitive nipple. I heard yelps from several of the others as they had their nipples similarly pierced. Brian closed the clasp on my pin, twisting it painfully in the process.

When all of the Big Brothers stepped back from their charges, each pledge stood chained, naked, completely hairless from the neck down, and sporting a pledge pin through his left nipple. The High Master advised us that these pins were not to be removed for the rest of the week, and only then by our Big Brothers. He reminded us that this was only the beginning of Hell Week. He recommended that, if we were not prepared to subordinate ourselves totally to the brotherhood, we should quit now. No one moved. He then ordered us unchained, and allowed us to dress ourselves. I noticed that everyone put their shirts on rather gingerly. We then filed out of the room to begin Hell Week.

During the following week, we were all subjected to various humiliations. The very act of showering each morning created a problem, as the dorms had only communal shower facilities. The first morning, I tried to avoid exposing my shaved and pierced body by waiting until the other men from my hall had already gone to class. The staggered class schedules made that impossible. George, one of my fellow pledges, also lived on my hall, and he apparently had the same idea, as he had just entered the showers when I arrived. We started shaving the light stubble from our own bodies, but we both found that it was very difficult to reach some areas with the razor. We decided to help each other out, each of us kneeling to shave the other while the water streamed over our bare bodies. In the middle of this procedure, two of our hallmates returned from their morning run, and stepped into the shower behind us. They stared first at our hairless crotches and legs, then they noticed the pins affixed to our sore nipples. We explained the reason for our new condition, but the two still kept their distance from us. By afternoon, the entire dorm had heard the story, and guys were giving us strange looks as they passed us on campus.

Throughout the week, I was stopped by brothers numerous times, and subjected to a spot inspection. I was required to show them my pledge pin, and to allow them to confirm that my body was being kept free of hair. Once or twice, these inspections occurred in relative privacy, but more often I was required to strip in front of other students, both men and women. One brother even asked a couple of the women present to check my body for stubble with their fingers, and to verify that my pledge pin was firmly attached to my naked chest. They took great delight in my shame at being exposed this way. They made fun of my hairless cock and balls, and laughed as they saw that their humiliation of me was causing my penis to swell. By the end of the week, I felt like the entire campus was staring at me and laughing.

We had to perform a lot of other duties over the course of Hell Week, cleaning the bathrooms at the fraternity house, collecting items for the scavenger list, and so forth. By Friday night, I was exhausted, sore, and utterly broken of my pride, but I only had one more day to go. That Friday, each of the pledges was to stay overnight with his Big Brother, remaining with him until the Hell Night activities began on Saturday evening. When I arrived at Brian’s apartment, I was ordered to strip, and remain naked for the duration of my stay. Brian told me to be sure there was plenty of beer on ice in his kitchen, as he was having some of the brothers over for a party. I must have looked embarrassed, because he told me that I might as well get used to being naked in front of the brothers. Brian also instructed me that, whenever I needed to take a piss I was Cebeci Escort not to use his toilet. He led me to the spare bathroom, and showed me a large, plastic storage tub set inside the bathtub. He told me that this was where I could relieve my bladder. He assured me that I would not be alone in this. All of the brothers at the party would also be using this container when they needed to piss. He pulled his own large organ from his pants to demonstrate, blasting a heavy load of strong piss into the bottom of the plastic tub before zipping up.

The brothers began arriving. It was my duty to greet them at the door with a cold beer, and to see that they were served with fresh brews throughout the evening. I was allowed to drink only water. Some of the brothers brought dates, and a few of the fraternity “little sisters” came as well. I was extremely ashamed at being forced to display my servitude before all of these people. A few of the women were strangers to me, and they watched in amazement and amusement as I performed my duties, my slim, boyish body covered by neither clothing nor hair.

The women were permitted to use the toilet in the apartment, but the men made frequent trips to the spare bathroom to empty their piss into the makeshift urinal. As I made my second visit to relieve my own bladder, I noticed that the container was filling rapidly. I was keeping the brothers well supplied with beer, so it was not too surprising that the liquid was already approaching the halfway mark in the large tub. I was not sure why the men’s piss was being collected in this manner, but I felt sure the reason would be made clear to me in time.

As the crowd started to grow more intoxicated, several of the attendees began running their hands over my smoothly shaven body when I passed them. The women, in particular, found my bare crotch and armpits fascinating, but some of the men seemed to enjoy feeling them as well. My pledge pin also became a source of entertainment. The guests would grasp the pin, and pull it closer to their faces for inspection. Some of the women insisted on twisting it to see how it was attached. They all enjoyed the way I squirmed in discomfort. A couple of the brothers stroked their fingers along my ass crack, checking for stubble, and they commented on how nice and smooth it was. I was told more than once that I had “the cutest ass,” and that they liked it “smooth – like a young girl’s sweet ass.” I tried telling myself that the guys were simply getting drunk, but I kept noticing a knowing look that passed among the brothers whenever someone commented on my smooth butt.

Finally, the party ended, and the guests left me alone with my Big Brother. Brian told me that he had a task for me to start before I cleaned up the apartment. He led me to the spare bathroom, where we found the temporary urinal about three-quarters full of piss. Brian topped that off with one last load from his cock. He then instructed me to close the bathtub stopper, and fill the bathtub with hot water until the water reached the same level as the piss in the plastic container. Once I had done this, he placed the lid on the container. He explained that it was my responsibility to keep the liquid inside the plastic tub warm. It was to be kept as close to human body temperature as possible. In order to accomplish this, I would be required to keep the bathtub filled with hot water all night. As long as I kept refilling the tub with hot water every hour or two, the heat from that water would maintain the temperature of the piss. The lid would help keep the heat from escaping from the plastic tub. If I needed to piss during the night, I was to add my load to the container.

Brian went to bed while I cleaned his apartment. I checked on the tub frequently to be sure the piss stayed very warm. I managed to catch a few hours of sleep, stretched out naked on the floor of the bathroom, but morning arrived before I knew it. I was awakened by the sound of Brian’s morning piss splashing in the nearly full container beside me. I looked up to see that he was naked and pissing through a morning hard-on. He stepped back from the side of the tub, and the last few drops of his piss dripped from his cock onto my abdomen. He informed me that it was time we began preparing me for Hell Night. He advised me that I might want to go ahead and get rid of my overnight piss load before we started, so I emptied my bladder into the tub as well.

When I was finished, Brian reached into the cabinet under the sink, and handed me an enema bag. He told me that every pledge had to be clean inside and out for Hell Night. I was instructed to fill the bag with urine from the plastic tub. When I hesitated, not sure I had heard correctly, Brian reminded me that I was just a lowly pledge. He said I should be honored that I was allowed to use the brother’s piss for my cleansing. I hung my head in shame, and dunked the bag in the warm piss, filling it completely. Brian attached the tubing to the opening, and told me to kneel on the floor. I did as I was told, raising my ass toward my Big Brother, and resting my Çukurambar Escort head on the bath mat, my arms extended in front of me.

I felt the hard nozzle enter my asshole, then heard the click, and felt the warm flow inside my rectum. I was relieved that I had kept the piss properly warmed, as it made the process much easier, though still somewhat humiliating. Brian emptied most of the bag into my gut before clamping it off. I was forced to hold the fluid for what seemed like forever before I was allowed to expel it. This process had to be repeated about six times before the fluid I expelled from my ass was clear. I felt empty inside, and my anus was sore from so much use.

Brian drained the water from the bathtub, and told me to step inside, next to the container that was still almost half-full with warm urine. He handed me a large plastic stadium cup, a bar of soap, a razor, and a washcloth. I was instructed to bathe and shave my body one last time, using the combined piss of the brothers instead of water. I dipped the cup into the strong-smelling liquid, and poured it slowly over my body, rubbing it over my skin to cover as much area as I could. I wanted to be sure I completed the job before the piss was all used up. Lathering up my crotch and armpits, I shaved quickly, rinsing with another cupful of the slightly oily fluid. I did my chest and legs next, then Brian ran the razor between my asscheeks. My Big Brother then instructed me to be sure I did not forget to wash my hair. I poured another cup of piss over my head, tasting the salty, acrid flavor as it ran down my face, and lathered up my wet hair with the soap. After rinsing my hair thoroughly with two more cupfuls, I dipped the washcloth into the remaining liquid, and wiped down my entire body. Brian lifted the container and poured the leftover quart or so of liquid over my naked body, as I inhaled the aroma of male piss that now permeated my entire being.

I was not allowed to towel myself dry, so Brian used a hairdryer to blow-dry my body. My skin felt a bit sticky, and the smell was still very obvious, although not entirely unpleasant. The sweat that was beginning to trickle from my smooth armpits mixed with the dried urine to create an odor that was very musky, and decidedly masculine. Brian handed me white cotton pants and a matching jacket that tied with a sash, looking something like a karate uniform. I was now ready for Hell Night, he informed me. I looked at the clock, and realized that the day had slipped by before I had realized it. It was time to go.

We arrived at the house, and the pledges were assembled in the basement, all wearing identical clothing. We were forbidden to speak, but it was apparent from the smell that we had all undergone the same preparation ritual. The brotherhood filed into the room, each one clad in a black robe. The room was again lighted only by candles. After confirming that each pledge was still willing to go through the rigors of Hell Night, the High Master ordered our Big Brothers to begin the ceremonies. Brian and the others stepped forward, and stripped their assigned pledges naked before the assembled brothers. Our hands were once again chained above our heads, and the Pledge Master produced our pledge paddles. He handed each one to the appropriate Big Brother, and they proceeded to paddle our bare asses with our own paddles. I lost track of how many strokes I was given, as I was concentrating only on the heat and pain I was feeling. When the paddling was over, each pledge stood with a flaming red butt and, surprisingly to me, a semi-erect cock.

Unchaining our wrists from the ceiling, the Big Brothers forced us to a kneeling position, facing the brotherhood. They then stepped in front of us, and removed their own robes to reveal that they were naked underneath. The High Master advised all of the pledges that we should be grateful to the entire brotherhood for considering such unworthy scum for possible membership in their fraternity. He told us that we must show our gratitude tonight, beginning with the Big Brothers who had shepherded us through our pledge period. Brian reached forward to grasp my head from behind, pulling my face to his thick member. I had never been this close to a cock in my life, and I could smell its masculine odor. Knowing instinctively what was required of me, I took his soft dick into my mouth, and licked the sensitive underside of his shaft. I could feel it lengthen and swell inside my mouth as I continued to lick him, tasting the pre-cum that was seeping from the tip of his hardening penis.

When he was fully erect, Brian withdrew his organ from my mouth. He moved behind me, and pushed my shoulders forward, bending me over. He raised my hips until my asshole was directly in front of his swollen cock, and began to enter me. The tip of his cock was slick with pre-cum and my saliva, but I felt pain as the large head penetrated my anal opening. He continued to push slowly until he was buried in my ass up to his balls. I could hear moans from a couple of the other pledges, as well as several of the Big Brothers. Brian began to pump his large cock slowly, but relentlessly in my ass. The sensation of pain was giving way to a feeling of fullness, and even excitement. I guess I sort of zoned out from the experience of being fucked by a man for the first time, but I was jolted back to reality when I felt Brian thrust himself deeply into my ass, holding me closely to his body while he filled me with his semen.

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