Hey guys. It’s been a long time since I’ve published anything, and this is my latest. I’m introducing a new girl, a chick I went to high school with ages ago named Heather. I’ve always had a thing for her, and I’m pretty sure she knows it. We’ve never dated, as much as I’ve wanted to, we’re just good friends. I asked her out once ages ago and she friend zoned me right then and there, and that was it (long story that I’m not getting into). The background behind this story is all true but the sexual stuff is (unfortunately) fictional. She did actually get coffee with me and come to my house and hang out with me, as you’ll read about, but I made all the erotic stuff up. Hope you like it. Here we go.

“Matt? Matt! Hello! Yo, you still with me?”

I looked up from the table where I was absentmindedly stirring my coffee. Heather was waving her hands in front of my face, trying to get my attention. She sighed. “You are totally out of it today, man. You sure you’re alright?”

The reality is, I have never been less fine. Let me give you a bit of background. I’ve had a rough few years, and that’s putting it mildly. I flunked out of college my sophomore year, and dumped my girlfriend Olivia after 4 years of dating around the same time. We got back together over a year later then broke it off again. Whether permanently or not remains to be seen, but I’m single for now. Then around the same time I left college, my aunt was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, and seeing what it did to her, both physically and mentally, really fucked me up. She fought it bravely and won, then it came back two years later in April 2017 and killed her six weeks later. Just like that, in the blink of an eye, gone. Forty seven years old. No one truly gets how fucking awful cancer is until a loved one succumbs to it. As I type this (June 2017), it’s been nearly a month since she died, and it still hasn’t really hit me. I wrote her a letter saying goodbye and thanking her for all our good memories, and I can’t tell you how hard it was to write.

It’s sitting on my dresser right now sealed, and maybe one day once I’ve come to grips with her death, I’ll read it again. She meant a lot to me, and I’m tearing up as I write this. I had 22 years with her and it wasn’t enough. I’ve since gone back to school, just finished my second year of an engineering degree, pretty much the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. I’m also drowning in student loans, and academically it’s been the most punishing year of my life. Engineering is no joke, and I’ve learned through experience most of the horror stories you hear in this major about whole classes flunking exams and 60-70% drop-out rates are spot on. All this stuff has put me under a lot of mental pressure, trying to balance work, school, finances, my love life, friends, all that shit. I think it’s been affecting my health. I’ve lost a ton of weight and become a bit more withdrawn and snarky. My hands shake constantly from stress. I think it might be depression honestly. I’ve been seeing a therapist for it but I’m not sure if it helps. Long story short, I’ve changed a lot over the years, and not necessarily for the better. Now back to the story.

I was sitting at a Starbucks with Heather, just catching up. I hadn’t seen her in god knows how long. I’ve mentioned I’ve been into her for as long as I can remember, since our high school days 4+ years ago. We text a lot. I enjoy talking to her, and she’s one of the few people I trust with just about anything. We’ve been friends for years and been to parties and got drunk together. Plenty of fun memories. I’m rambling on now, let me continue the story. Heather sighed and leaned back in her chair, and said, “You are totally out of it today, man. You sure you’re alright?”

I looked up at her, coming back to reality. I had been spacing out, just thinking about all the shit that had happened to me lately. “No, I’m not ok. I’ve never been ok,” I said softly. “Look at me, Heather. I’m a mess. I don’t sleep at night. I’m up to my eyeballs in debt, my aunt just died, I don’t know what the fuck to do with myself. I have no one to turn to. My parents know jack shit about how hard college is, and how I’m feeling in general. They like to think they do, but they don’t. I just need someone to talk to. Someone to be there for me.”

She sat up and leaned in, staring at me. “You’re hurt, Matt. It’s ok. I can see it in your eyes. You say you’re good but you aren’t. And it’s ok. Really, it is. You have my number, I’m always here.”

I just stared at her, trying to hold back tears.

She picked up her coffee and sipped it. She set it down on the table where we were sitting and leaned in again. Her dark eyes were boring into mine. She was usually always smiling and playful, but now she was dead serious. She said quietly, “I think in therapy, you might find the help you need.” She pulled out her wallet and threw a few bills on the table. “I’m buying this time.”

I smiled faintly, “Thanks.” I could see my reflection in her glasses, and I looked as rough as I thought. I had a Sakarya Escort three-day beard, and my gray eyes were red-rimmed and bloodshot. My tiny black earrings glinted in the reflection. Shit, I thought. I look terrible.

We left Starbucks a few minutes later and walked out to the parking lot. Heather turned to me with a smile. “Thanks for inviting me to come get coffee.”

I pulled her into a tight hug, and we stood there swaying back and forth for a while. “No, thank you! For coming with me.” She smelled amazing. Whatever perfume she had used was mesmerizing. I wished I could stay like that forever, holding her and breathing in that scent. I finally looked down at her. “You’re one of the very few people I can talk to honestly and openly. No one else understands what I’m going through.” Looking down at her, I had the overwhelming desire to kiss her violently, shove my tongue down her throat. The one thing stopping me was I wasn’t sure how she would react. I resisted the urge.

She was looking up at me. I couldn’t tell if she could sense that I wanted to kiss her. She was a decent height for a girl, about 5’5″, only 3 or 4 inches shorter than me. She would have been at the perfect height for it too. Agh. She smiled again. “Of course, Matt. Anytime. You know I’m here for you. Text me soon and let me know how you’re doing.” I released her and she walked to her car, a 2014 Chevy Cruze. God, she looked so attractive. She opened the door and waved before starting the car and driving off.

I walked over to my ride and jumped in. One of the few pleasures in my life right now is my car that I bought last November, a dark red 6-speed 2007 Saab 9-3 Aero, Saab’s top of the line model before they went under a few years back due to General Motors’ bullshit ownership. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I had to sell it, it’s one of the few things that makes me happy these days. I own a silver 2003 as well that I’ve had for years, it runs fine with no issues but it has about 235,000 miles on it, way too much to continue to daily drive it, so I got a newer one.

I went back to my house and proceeded to do absolutely nothing. Literally stared at a wall. I’ve said before I think I have depression, or a mental problem at the very least, and these are the times when I think so. Whenever I lie in bed at night, I start overthinking about stuff, my student loans, my recently deceased aunt, all negative stuff. Needless to say, later that day I texted Heather saying I still felt awful and needed to talk. She responded pretty much instantly, as she usually does. God, why couldn’t she be mine?

I wound up asking her to come over and chat, even though we had just done that at Starbucks the same day. My parents were away for the night visiting my aunt in the neighboring state, and my younger sister Nicole was at work bartending. I can’t say exactly where I live for privacy reasons, other than America, but no more specific than that.

Heather arrived at about 8:30ish. I was sitting on my couch drinking a Heineken when I heard her coming down my basement stairs. She appeared with a smile, and instantly I could feel a boner coming on, even though I’d asked her here for legitimate, non-sexual purposes. Her long black hair was shiny and stopped at her shoulders. She was wearing a black tank top with a hot pink bra under it, and white shorts, showing off her amazing, tanned legs. She was part Syrian, so she got really dark in the summer. She was on her university’s dance team (and had just graduated with a psychology degree), so she was in great shape with a rocking body and a hot bellybutton ring.

“Thanks for coming,” I said finishing my beer and sitting back. “Can I get you one?”

She smiled and came over, sitting down next to me and looking at me. “No, thanks. Not yet at least. What’s up? Are you alright?”

I sighed and turned away from her, leaning forward and putting my face in my hands. “No, no. Needless to say. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, Heather. I just can’t take being alone with my thoughts. I’m sorry, I hate to keep annoying you. I just wanted company.” I ran my hand through my dark hair and looked up at her.

She smiled and laughed. “Stop! You don’t bug me at all. I totally understand. Anything I can do to help.”

I put my head back against the head rest and closed my eyes. “I just feel like there’s something wrong with my brain. That’s all.”

I could feel her looking at me. Then she said quietly, “You miss her, don’t you? Your aunt.”

I could already feel the tears coming. I nodded as I started sobbing into my hands. I’d been hiding my emotions for weeks since she died, and now they all came out. I cried and cried. More than I had since she’d gone.

Heather must’ve felt she’d said the wrong thing, since she said quickly, “Oh, shit, no. Matt, I didn’t mean to make you cry. I’m sorry!” She came a bit closer and wrapped her arms around me, holding me and stroking my hair. “Shhh,” she whispered. “It’s alright. Let it all out. You can’t keep that shit bottled Sakarya Escort Bayan up forever. You’ll explode.” Her voice in my ear was very soothing, and the crying definitely helped.

I stopped after a while, and she just sat there cuddling me, rubbing my back and playing with my hair. I could feel exhaustion coming over me, and I yawned. She must’ve sensed I was tired, so she gently released me and I laid down on the couch. She got up and threw a blanket over me. I was hoping she’d come under it with me, giving me an excuse to cuddle with her. Sure enough, she did. I was starting to doze when I felt the blanket being pulled back and heard the couch creaking as she lay down next to me. I opened my eyes and saw her adjusting herself and pulling the blanket over us, but facing away from me. She looked over her shoulder at me with a smile and whispered, “Sorry. There was no more room on the couch for me to sit.” She backed up a bit closer to me and pressed her amazing ass against my crotch, whether deliberately or accidentally I don’t know, but I was loving this, snuggling up to her. I ran one hand through her soft, silky hair and grabbed her waist with my other, burying my face in her hair and taking in that amazing perfume smell. We just lay like that for ages. I couldn’t tell if she was still awake. I wanted more than anything to kiss her, but she was facing the wrong way. Damn!

It was like she read my mind. Within seconds she had pulled the blanket off her and turned around to face with me a smile, and thrown the blanket back on. She knows, I thought. She’s tempting me. She was only a few inches away but her eyes were closed and it sounded like she was snoring. I slowly inched my face closer and tilted my head slightly. I could feel and hear her breathing steadily. Ah, fuck it, I thought, and pushed my lips to hers. I think I might have caught her off guard, but she didn’t resist, and was soon kissing back. It slowly got more intense as I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in closer, still liplocked.

Without a word, she broke the kiss quickly and opened her eyes for a split second, rolled me on my back, and climbed on top of me, straddling me. She leaned back in and the kissing resumed, much more intense and with tongue this time. And Jesus, did she know how to kiss. Her breathing was much heavier now, and she paused every once in a while to moan slightly. She was really turning me on now. I was running one hand through her hair and the other up and down her back, stopping on her ass a few times, when I decided to take it a step further.

I stopped kissing her for a second quickly and she opened her eyes with a look of surprise. With a smirk, I slid my hands up her shirt and fondled her boobs through her bra. They felt like C cups but I wasn’t sure. Sure enough, it was confirmed when she sat up quickly and pulled her shirt off. She really did have a smoking hot figure. With a smile, she leaned in and pressed her mouth to mine again. I ran my hands up and down her back a few times, before finally finding the balls to stop at her bra straps and fumble with them. She opened her eyes again, but caught on, sitting up again and reaching behind her. That came off too, being tossed to the side. I fondled her perfect boobs and squeezed and rubbed them. God they felt good. She moaned and leaned in and started kissing my neck, spicing things up a bit.

I felt like my dick was about to explode, it was so hard. Neck kisses have always been my weakness. “Oh my goddddd,” I moaned out loud, pushing her face closer to my neck and turning my head slightly, giving her more to work with. I decided to return the favor, leaning forward and taking one of her nipples in my mouth, sucking on it. She stopped what she was doing and moaned loudly. Her shorts came off a few seconds later, revealing a lacy thong.

Did I dare take things further? I was still completely clothed but she was almost completely naked now. I paused and slid my shirt off. She surveyed my body, hopefully liking what she saw. She ran her hands all over my torso, before fumbling with my shorts button. Apparently she did wanna go further. She finally got the button undone and slid my shorts around my ankles. She groped my dick through my boxers, jerking it off slowly with her hand. I moaned. I hadn’t had any female contact in ages, so this was much needed. I pushed her hand away and sat up, kicking off my shorts and boxers completely now. I lay back and pulled her in for a kiss. She pulled away after a few seconds and kissed her way down my body, agonizingly slowly. My dick was dripping with precum by the time she got to my groin. It was already throbbing with anticipation. I inhaled sharply as she kissed the tip, followed by the base. She looked up at me with a smirk, knowing damn well what she was doing. I closed my eyes and groaned loudly as I felt something warm running up and down it. Heather’s tongue. I groaned even louder as I felt my dick being engulfed by something warm, hot, and very wet. Jesus. I was amazed I hadn’t Escort Sakarya come already. It felt so good. I could feel her swirling her tongue around the tip. I opened my eyes and looked down, and what I saw made me convince myself I was in heaven. I was trying to catch Heather’s eye, hoping she’d get a hint. Sure enough, she looked up a few seconds later, my cock still in her mouth. That almost made me nut.

It slid out of her mouth, and I have to say my dick felt remarkably odd being surrounded by cold air instead of her mouth. She rearranged herself so her ass was in my face. I slid her thong down her legs and tossed it off to the side. I found her slit with my tongue and licked the outside of it, making her squirm. My tongue soon found its way inside her pussy, needless to say. I felt my dick going into her mouth again, and there we were, doing the legendary 69. I pulled my tongue out and focused on her clit, and I could feel her shudder, almost biting my dick in the process. This continued for a few minutes. I’d forgotten what pussy tasted like, having gone without any for ages.

I could feel myself getting close when she stopped blowing me. I was fondling her ass when she moved to take it a step further. She was straddling me, about to guide my dick into her. I held her legs, closing my eyes, waiting for the pleasure to hit me. And it hit fucking hard, once the tip went in. Then the shaft, inch by agonizing inch. Ugh. She was so tight. Shit. I’d forgotten what it felt like, entering a tight girl balls deep, and I wondered how I’d gone so long without it. I moaned out loud and thrusted slightly, my dick sliding all the way in. She moaned and grinded her hips on me a little, putting her hands on my chest for support. I grabbed her waist and she started riding me. It was all I could do not to blow right then and there. The view was intoxicating. I looked up at her. Her eyes were closed and her teeth were clenched. I think she was getting close too. I reached up with one hand and grabbed one of her boobs, squeezing and caressing it. She moaned and picked up speed. I leaned my head in and took it in my mouth, making her scream now and thrust her hips violently. She pushed my head to her chest as she violently bounced on my dick, crushing my head to her boobs. I would have died a happy man right then and there. I could certainly think of worse ways to go!

I was getting really close now, but I wanted to try a different position. Without warning, I pulled her in and kissed her heatedly, pulling my dick out of her and rolling her off me gently. She knew what I wanted instantly and got on her hands and knees, arching her back and presenting me with her perfect ass. I got up and entered her from behind, loving how tight she was. It’s hard to say which view I prefer, between smashing from behind and watching her ass shake and her back arch, or having her on top with her frontal body and boobs bouncing in my face, and hearing her moan into my ear. I don’t think I could pick one. Her butt was doing exactly that as I plowed away, waves of pleasure hitting me with every thrust. I was going balls deep every time, and it felt good beyond description being buried in her. She was panting heavily now. “I’m getting close now,” she warned. “Ugh! Harder, harder! Ohhhhhh!” she leaned down and buried her face in the pillow as I hit her G-spot. I reached down and rubbed her clit with my hand.

That was too much for the poor girl. She screamed in ecstasy and her pussy walls started throbbing around my cock as she came violently. I was gritting my teeth and pounding away, trying to fight my inevitable climax too. I pulled her hair gently and she arched her back again. I reached around her and grabbed her boobs, holding on for dear life as I went in and out repeatedly as fast as I could. Three of four thrusts later and I was done too, my cock exploding in her. I groaned loudly. “Oh shit! Here it comes! Here it comes! Heather! FUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK! OH MY GOD!” Wave after wave of cum erupted from my dick in her pussy. Creampieing a girl feels good beyond words. There’s simply no better physical feeling in existence than blowing in a girl’s vagina with no condom.

My orgasm finally died down and I collapsed on the couch, breathing hard. Heather was lying face down on the couch, her face still buried in the pillow. I could feel her panting and trying to catch her breath. She finally rolled over and snuggled up to me, putting her arms around me and laying her head on my chest. I held her like that for a few minutes while we recharged, neither of us saying anything.

I looked down at her with a smile and rubbed her back. She gave me an exhausted smile and pulled me in for a kiss. “Did we really just do that?” I asked, laughing.

She laughed too. “Yup. Wow! That escalated fast!” She rolled off me and stood up. “I’ve gotta run to the bathroom now. Be right back. Don’t you dare move!” She winked and grabbed her clothes, walking upstairs. I leaned over and threw my shorts and boxers back on, just chilling out for a few minutes until she came back. She was fully dressed now, but her makeup was a shitshow. You could still definitely tell she had just had some pretty intense sex. She lay down next to me and lay her head on my chest again. I threw the blanket over us and kissed her forehead, and we just lay like that, cuddling.

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