Heather Ch. 02


Once again, thank you for all the positive encouragement. Many readers have asked about Heather’s background. This chapter will give you her back story. Some of what is here was told to me by Heather. The rest is my very active imagination. This story began in 2008 when Heather turned 18.

All sexual activity is by characters over 18, and there are no STDs or unplanned pregnancies.

I welcome your ratings, comments, and suggestions. Please leave them here or send me a message. Thank you for reading.


From a very young age, Heather knew that her life was different. It was different in the way she lived, and it was different in the way she felt. Her family lived in a community, or as some people call it, a commune. Three other families also lived in the community.

The four families lived in separate houses. The four houses sat on a fifty-acre site that contained large trees and hiking trails. One trail led to a lake at the edge of the property. The land was in a remote area thirty miles from the nearest city. In addition to houses, there was a stable with horses that the families rode to get around the property. The year-round mild weather was perfect, so the families grew and shared most of the food they ate. Heather’s father had a job outside the community, but everyone else worked on the community property.

The main difference in how Heather lived was that her community was a Naturist community. Naturists are not the same thing as nudists. In Naturism, people share a common belief that favors harmony with nature and respect for the environment. Choosing to be nude is just part of the overall lifestyle, and the four families were nude most of the time. One of their favorite activities was nude horseback riding on the property.

Aside from the fact that Heather did not wear clothes, she had a normal upbringing. Her parents have been married for 30 years, and they raised Heather with an older brother and an older sister. Heather, her older brother Robert, and her older sister Dana were all homeschooled by their mother. After receiving their high school diploma, all three chose to remain in the community.

In the community, there was complete acceptance of gender identity. The parents of Heather and two other families in the community were very much heterosexual. One of the families had a son much older than Heather, and the other family raised two boys older than Heather. The fourth family was a lesbian couple with an adopted son and daughter. Both were older than Heather. The daughter’s name was Brenda, and she was the same age as Dana. The son, Chris, was two years older than Heather. All the families got along very well and being naked freed their minds to be who they were beyond prejudices. That meant it was common for women to be attracted to men and other women.

One such attraction was between Brenda and Dana. Frequently Brenda and Dana would go horseback riding to the lake, and they would be gone for several hours. They would leave right after lunch and ride along a tree-lined path. They would only wear riding boots and riding gloves. It was a beautiful spring day, and it had been a while since they rode, so Brenda asked Dana if she wanted to go this afternoon. Dana immediately said yes.

The girls went to the stable to saddle their horses. They would always drape a clean towel over the leather saddle to keep their bare thighs from sticking to the leather. Brenda stepped back into her boots and swung a leg over the waiting horse. She adjusted the towel between the saddle and her skin so that her vulva was complexly exposed. As she started her ride, she felt exhilaration mixed with anticipation.

They began their ride, and Brenda felt her breasts bounce in rhythm to the steady gait of her horse. After crossing a small stream, she slowed her horse to a constant walk to help him preserve his energy for the journey to the lake. As she continued to ride, her pulse began to rise ever so slightly. They had traveled about a quarter mile when Brenda started to feel the delicious feeling radiating between her legs. She then pushed her hips forward enough for her bare mons to be pressed against the base of the saddle horn. The pressure and rocking motion combined to send regular pulses through her body. It was not enough to make her climax, but it was certainly enough to start a slow, easy climb to one. There was one thing she knew for sure. She needed relief before they got to the lake.

About halfway to the lake, there was a meadow where the horses could graze. Brenda rode up alongside Dana and asked Dana if she wanted to stop for a while. Dana agreed, and the riders dismounted. They walked a short distance, where they found a place to sit under a shady tree. Brenda was about to reach out to touch Dana, but she noticed Dana had a distant look. She was staring across the rolling landscape.

Brenda looked at Dana and spoke, “I think something is on your mind. What is wrong?”

Dana replied, “Heather told me she has a crush on you.”

This dikmen escort revelation surprised Brenda, and she asked, “When was that?”

“A couple of nights ago. I was in her room, and she asked me what it was like to be with another woman. When I pressed her, she specifically asked what it was like to be with you.”

“What did you say?”

“I told her the truth. I told her it was wonderful.”

That made Brenda smile, and she brought her hand up until her hand was resting on Dana’s shoulder. Dana stared into Brenda’s eyes, and then a moment later, Brenda’s grip tightened as she leaned over and kissed Dana lightly on the lips. Dana also leaned forward, brushed her lips against Brenda, and met her with an open mouth as Dana responded in kind. Brenda trembled slightly and murmured. The kiss grew deeper, and they were both lost in the moment as their lips locked together.

Brenda’s mouth opened wider, as she dropped her hand downwards to Dana’s left breast. They broke free momentarily, and then Brenda kissed her again and squeezed her breast. This went on for some time, and gradually Dana returned that favor and found her way to Brenda’s breasts. Using her thumbnails, she rubbed over her nipples until they were hard. Brenda gasped as she moved her mouth from Brenda’s lips to her neck and gave her a long and passionate kiss.

Moments later, Brenda pulled back and suddenly touched Dana’s genitals. Dana rotated around and brought her foot right up and slid it behind Brenda. She stretched the other leg out to lock around Brenda’s legs, leaving her legs spread. Brenda smiled and continued to rub Dana’s pussy even harder.

Dana reached out to Breda’s pussy and mimicked her gestures. Now both girls started to rub each other’s pussy. They both had intense looks as they began to masturbate together. Dana closed her eyes as she moved against Brenda’s hand, listening to her heavy breathing.

Brenda was completely caught in the moment as she moved from rubbing Dana’s labia to actual penetration. Dana’s eyes snapped open as she felt two fingers slide inside her. Brenda gave Donna an intense look as she pushed even harder. Her finger slipped in further, and Dana let a loud groan.

“That was the desired effect I was looking for,” Brenda grinned.

Dana rose so she could open her legs wider. Brenda was encouraged as she continued to masturbate Dana. Both girls were breathing shallower and more measured. It would not be long before they had simultaneous orgasms.

But Brenda started thinking about Heather, and she had a thought.

So, she asked Dana, “Has Heather been with anybody since she turned 18?”

Panting, Dana replied, “You’re asking me this now? I don’t fucking know.” Then she thought about it and said, “No, she is still a virgin.”

Then she pushed her fingers deeper into Brenda’s vagina.

Brenda gasped, but she was not willing to let the subject go. So, she asked Dana, “So we don’t know if Heather prefers boys or girls?”

Dana was getting irritated and said, “I told you she has a crush on you, but I don’t know if she also likes boys.”

That is what Brenda wanted to hear and said, “How about if we take Heather and my stepbrother out to the lake and let her decide?”

Dana was getting close to coming and did not want to discuss this further. She said, “Whatever, I don’t care.” Then she begrudgingly said, “Ok, let’s do that.”

Brenda was encouraged, and she leaned over and kissed Dana several times in a row. Then she manipulated Dana’s genitals even harder. Dana let out a scream and brought her hand to Brenda’s clit. She knew this was the best way to get Brenda engaged again.

It worked because it did not take long for Brenda to come. She let out a scream, and by pressing her legs together, Brenda squirted into Dana’s hand. Then she used both hands to rub Dana’s labia and clitoris simultaneously. Dana’s climax came swiftly. After some moaning, screaming, and a few quick gasps, Dana stiffened, and she came. Then she fell back onto her elbows as Brenda withdrew her hands.

Dana looked down at her soaked pussy and quickly forgot her irritation towards Brenda. Then she asked, “Do you think it’s a good idea to hook up your stepbrother with Heather?”

Dana was getting irritated and said, “I told you she has a crush on you, but I don’t know if she also likes boys.”

That is what Brenda wanted to hear and said, “How about if we take Heather and my stepbrother out to the lake and let her decide?”

Dana was getting close to coming and did not want to discuss this further. She said, “Whatever, I don’t care.” Then she begrudgingly said, “Ok, let’s do that.”

Brenda replied, “What better way for Heather to lose her cherry than with us, making sure we do it right.”

Dana thought about it, but then a doubt formed in her head. She was ok with Brenda and Chris helping Heather. She did not know if she could participate.

She told Brenda, “I am not so sure emek escort it should be the three of us. Let me think about it on our way to the lake to wash up.”

As they rode to the lake, Dana’s mind was spinning. She and Heather were very close, but she was not sexually attracted to her sister. Because they grew up being nude together, she never associated nudity with sex. It was not until Dana and Brenda became lovers that Dana felt a genuine sexual attraction. By the time they arrived at the lake, she concluded that Brenda and her stepbrother should deflower Heather without her participation.

As they were both washing up, Dana came up to Brenda and gave her a big hug.

“Thank you for wanting to help Heather. I cannot think of two better people than you and Chris. But I do not want to be there. Are you ok with that?”

Brenda got a mournful look and replied, “I would love for you to be there to help, but I understand how you feel.”

The next day, when Brenda and Chris were alone, Brenda asked Chris, “Did you know that Heather has a crush on me?”

Chris replied, “You didn’t? It has been obvious for a while now.”

“Dana told me yesterday, and I’ve been thinking that Heather has never even kissed a boy or a girl.”

“And?” asked Chris.

“Maybe you and I can help her with that first kiss?”

Surprised to be included, Chris asked, “Why do you want me to be there?”

Brenda came back with, “Do you remember when Dana had a crush on you, and I helped Dana get you and her together?”

Chris said, “Yes, but it turned out that Dana was more attracted to you than to me.”

“Exactly,” said Brenda. “We don’t know if Heather is more attracted to me or you. This way, we can both be there and let her decide.”

“So, your plan is for you and me to be with Heather at the same time? How are you going to arrange that?”

Benda broke out in a smile and said, “Let me worry about that. Just go along with whatever happens.”

It did not take long for Brenda to formulate a plan. When they were growing up, one fun activity was going to the lake and washing outdoors. Brenda decided this would be the perfect place to take Heather and Chris. Now all she had to do was to convince Heather.

It turned out that convincing Heather was not that difficult. Brenda saw that Heather was finishing her morning chores, and she asked her if she wanted to wash up at the lake.

Heather replied, “I’m pretty tired from doing my chores, and riding out to the lake would make me more tired.”

Brenda replied, “You don’t have to ride out there. Chris has our mom’s pickup truck, and you can ride with us.”

“When are you leaving?”

“Right after lunch. Meet us at my house.”

After Heather left, Brenda found Chris and told him exactly what she had in mind.

Heather could not wait for the morning to end. She would have rather been alone with Brenda, but Chris was fun to be with, and she did not mind that he was tagging along. Even though Chris was two years older than Heather, he was always nice to her when he hung out with her older brother. When they were growing up, whenever their parents had gatherings to which they did not invite the kids, she, along with Dana and Robert, would always chill with Brenda and Chris.

When Heather got to Brenda’s house, Heather saw that Chris and Brenda were loading up the truck with loofah sponges, soap, and large towels. The truck’s cab was big enough so the three could sit on the bench seat. Chris drove, with Heather sitting in the middle and Brenda sitting next to Heather.

Even though Heather had bathed in the lake with the other families, today felt different. Heather suspected that Chris and Brenda might have made plans beforehand. It confirmed her suspicions when Brenda’s leg brushed Heather’s leg on one side, and Chris pressed his leg against Heather on the other side. By the time they arrived at the lake, Heather’s heart was racing.

Chris parked the truck in the usual spot, and the three got out. Brenda and Chris put the towels down at the edge of the lake. Wadding in, they each carried a loofah sponge and a bar of soap. When the water reached their knees, Brenda turned around and said, “Come on, Heather, aren’t you joining us?”

As Heather got in the water, Chris took his loofah, lathered it up with soap, and he worked the soap on Brenda’s back. As soon as Heather reached Brenda, she moved away from Chris. Chris understood what was happening next and was happy to be an observer.

With the other loofah, Brenda began rubbing the soap into Heather’s neck. Noticing that Heather was not relaxed, Brenda spent extra time scrubbing her shoulders, arms, and down her hand. Then she repeated the process on the other side. Brenda then asked Heather, “Am I scrubbing too hard?”

Heather replied, “No, that feels very nice.”

Brenda took that as a sign to continue, and she moved the loofah toward Heather’s chest. Her breasts were large, and Brenda eryaman escort moved her loofah in a circular motion from one boob to another, making sure the soap completely covered both boobs. As the loofah pressed into Heather’s orbs, she felt an immediate unfamiliar sensation. When Heather was a little girl, her mother would bathe her, but this was the first time anyone had touched her breasts. Heather showed alarm, and Brenda immediately noticed.

Before Heather could panic, Brenda said, “It’s ok,” and she moved the loofah down Heather’s arms and then to her stomach. Brenda continued to down her legs and stopped where the water met her knees. She continued to wash Heather’s legs, allowing Heather to feel more comfortable.

Brenda noticed that Heather was now enjoying the feeling of the sponge traveling on her body, and Brenda moved the sponge very slowly toward Heather’s vulva. Brenda kept looking for signs of panic on Heather’s face as she started to lather Heather’s hairy pussy.

Heather once again felt that unfamiliar sensation. This time she was prepared, and she allowed her body to respond. Heather was feeling an excitement that she had not felt before. Rather than pulling back, she allowed Brenda to continue to lather her pussy. Heather let out an involuntary moan, and Brenda knew that the first part of her plan had worked.

Brenda spun around, and her attention turned to Chris. She worked meticulously, soaping, and scrubbing Chris, paying particular attention to his solid chest and perfect butt, not to mention the now-growing cock between his legs. Chris was happy to return the favor, spending more time than necessary on Brenda’s ass, breasts, and neatly trimmed pussy.

Heather watched her two friends enjoying cleansing each other. Although she could not help but notice Chris’ hardening cock, her attraction was to Brenda. Watching Chris wash Brenda made Heather want to wade over and help. But she did not get a chance. Brenda looked at Heather and said to Chris, “Let’s rinse that soap off, Heather.”

Chris took water from the lake in his hands and began working Heather’s ass. He ran his fingers along the inside of her ass cheeks to make sure all the soap was removed from her crack. Brenda also took water from the lake and began to rinse Heather’s shoulders, breasts, and stomach before using her hand to make sure all the soap was removed from her pussy.

Brenda noticed a funny look on Heather’s face and asked in a concerned voice, “Are you alright?”

“It’s just… that… well… that feels so good… what you were both doing just then.”

Brenda first looked at Chris with a smile and replied to Heather, “It is supposed to feel good. We want you to just allow whatever you are feeling and enjoy it along the way. Do you think you can do that?”

“I promise I will try,” responded Heather.

Brenda took Heather’s hand, and Brenda, the stepbrother and the girl that had a crush on Brenda moved out of the lake. Once out of the lake, they each grabbed a towel. As Heather was drying her skin, Brenda and Chris exchanged looks, which was the sign to begin Heather’s journey to her womanhood.

Heather looked radiant like she was happy and excited and still shy. She was beautiful, standing there naked. Her nipples were hard, and although it was warm, she was slightly trembling.

Brenda walked toward Heather and placed her hand on hers and squeezed it. Then she wrapped her hands around Heather and held her tight. Brenda looked into Heather’s face and saw that Heather had a peaceful look. It was also a look that did not know exactly what would come next but accepted whatever it was.

Brenda tipped her head and her mouth opened because she wanted Heather’s first kiss to be with her. Their lips met, and Brenda felt Heather’s soft lips. A chill ran through Heather, and she pulled back.

Brenda said, “It’ll be alright.”

Once again, Brenda leaned towards Heather and gave her a gentle, slow kiss. Brenda’s hand slid up and down Heather’s back and then moved to her hair. Softly and gently, she caressed the top of her head.

Heather became acutely aware of her body against Brenda, and she felt her heart beating strongly. She could smell Brenda’s body, fresh and clean, from the sparkling water of the lake. Her female scent was strong and filled her nostrils. Heather heard the small sounds that Brenda made. They were sounds of contentment, sounds of pleasure rising, and then she realized that she was also making the same sounds.

Chris was close, watching the two girls. Then he saw Brenda stepping back and motioning for Chris to join in. Chris moved forward and set his hand on Heather’s cheek. Moving his hand to the back of her head, he slowly leaned in and brushed his lips against Heather’s closed mouth. He could feel Heather’s breath coming in short gasps and finally, Heather’s lips slightly parted. Chris nibbled at her lips and Heather opened her mouth so Chris could complete his kiss.

Heather knew immediately that this kiss felt different. It was warm, and it was gentle, but she did not have the same feeling as when she kissed Brenda. She didn’t know why it felt different, it just did. Chris looked at Heather and he also understood. He did not have time to give it more thought because Brenda moved in and brought her lips to Heather’s lips once again.

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