Heat Intensity


Some days baby you just make me so angry.

Most of the time we are good together; you make me laugh, and smile, and you make me feel more beautiful than any other man ever has before. You challenge me to be more outgoing, and you’re pretty smart. We work well together…until one of us gets mad, or God forbid, both of us.

Maybe it was because both of us had a stressful week and were tired, but things were rocky when we got up this morning. You were grumpy because I took too long in the shower and made you late, and I was pissed off because I had to do clean up the mess you and your friends had made the night before. You went off to work, and I began to clean and do some studying for class.

I had lain down to take a nap, and when I woke…the house was stifling. It was warm outside, and with the sun shining inside the house, it felt like 80 degrees. I went to the thermostat to turn on the air conditioning. I went back to studying, and about an hour later, it was no cooler, but instead was getting warmer.

The thermostat was broken, and with the temperature outside rising, so was the temp in the house. By the time you came home, the house was a sauna. I had fans running and windows open, but it was doing no good.

Considering both of our moods earlier in the day, the heat was no help. Instead it fed the fires. I was in the kitchen rooting around in the fridge for a beer. I know beer makes you warmer on a hot day, but for some reason everyone craves one. I reach in and pull out the last bottle, just as you walk in. I suppose you were going to do the same thing, because you turned right around and said “Fuck!” on your way out of the kitchen.

Well being irritated as I was, I decided to pick a fight, which you were more than ready to participate in. I went into the living room and asked,

“Oh I’m sorry, did you not get enough beer last night?”

You rolled your eyes, exasperated, and said, “I knew that was going to come back and bite me in the ass.”

We began to argue over absolutely nothing. The fight escalated and you ended up leaving for the pub for a while. I shed a few tears…not because I was afraid you weren’t coming back, but just in frustration. I decided to go out for the evening myself. One of my girlfriends was having a makeup party, and even though I didn’t need anything I thought it would do me some good.

I went upstairs and put on one of my sexiest skirts and a blouse. I fixed my makeup and put on my heels. I wanted you to wonder a bit where I was going. Normally I would never do this, but my mind was clouded by heat.

As I was on my way downstairs, you came in. You were sweaty, and your white button down shirt was clinging to your slender frame a bit. Your hair was ruffled, and you had on a pair of slacks. Nothing turns me on quite like a well dressed man.

I know I caught your attention coming down the stairs. The split in my skirt showing my tan thigh, and the slender stiletto heels accentuating my calves and feet. The blouse revealed a little cleavage, and hugged my curves. It was blood red. Someone would have noticed. My hair was fixed and makeup done. I stopped at the table to dig out my keys. You asked,

“Where are you going?”

I smiled sweetly and said, “Out.”

You smiled just as sweetly and asked, “Out where.”

To some this might seem like over possessiveness, but I knew you were just concerned for my safety. Still I was mad at you, and being as stubborn as I am wasn’t going to give you an inch.

I replied, “Just Out.”

I walked past you but you caught my wrist. the way home izle You didn’t hurt me, but it was a firm enough grip to stop me where I stood.

I sighed. I was actually tired, and I knew you were too. But I was still a bit irritated.

You stopped me and said, “Let’s not be mad at each other.”

I turned to go again and said, “I have no idea what you mean, I’m not angry with you”, and in truth I wasn’t. I was just irritated.

You pulled on my arm firmly, still not hurting me, but pulling my body backwards. You turned me around and said, “You aren’t going out tonight. It’s late and you know you don’t want to anyway.” You had this grin on your face like you knew exactly what I was thinking. And you did. I just wasn’t in a cooperative mood.

“I’m fine. I do want to go, please let go of my wrist”, I replied.

Your hand came around and nestled itself in the small of my back. You were still wearing your grin, but your tone had more force in it. “You aren’t leaving, and you’re making me angry.”

“Good”, was all I had time to reply before you pressed me back against the wall and cut me off with a passionate kiss. You pressed your lips to mine, your other hand leaving my wrist and gently pulling my hair to tilt my head back. You have never hurt me, nor have I ever worried that you would. But this passionate, anger side is something I have yet to experience. I must have gasped in surprise, because your tongue easily found its way into my mouth.

It took a few seconds to regain my senses, but I remembered my anger and cut off the kiss. I pushed on your chest, although you are much stronger than I am and it didn’t do much good.

“What the fuck are you doing”, I yelled beating on your chest with my fists. You pressed your hips against me, grinding into mine, knowing instinctively that mine would grind right back. The anger, passion, and heat of the house have all combined to make my brain foggy, and my body limp and pliable.

“Shut up”, you growled, and I felt your open mouth on my neck sucking at my pulse point. Your hand slides down and squeezes my heavy breast underneath the shirt fabric. A groan escapes your mouth as you grind your hips harder against mine.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me”, I groan softly. It’s the last thing I say before your mouth clamps down on mine forcing me to be quiet.

Your hands grip my shirt and next thing I know you have ripped my shirt off. Buttons scatter everywhere. This makes me angry because it was my favorite blouse, and you growl, “I’ll buy you another”, and begin kissing the swells of my breasts over my black bra.

Try as I might not to be turned on, a hot blooded groan escapes from deep inside my throat. That is all the affirmation you need. You place your shoulder in the center of my body and throw me over, carrying me up the stairs. Having some time to think, I begin to protest.

“Put me down you big jerk”, I yelled half heartedly. Your only response was to spank my ass firmly, leaving a little sting. We reach our destination, and you put me down and kick the bedroom door closed. Before I know what is what, your hands are around my waist unzipping my skirt which falls to the floor. A grin is back on your face and you slide your fingers down to caress my pussy through my black lace panties.

“Mmm your pussy never lies baby. You must want me pretty badly, because you’re dripping”, you say smiling. You’re quite proud of yourself.

“I don’t …”, I start to growl, but never finish because your teeth have the witcher izle begun to lightly nip at my nipples through my bra, and a strong finger has slipped under my panties and deep inside my weeping vagina.

“Fuck”, I groan heavily and surrender to your will completely. I thrust gently against your finger; your other hand grips my neck not allowing my head to move. You take my bottom lip in your teeth and continue to finger me deeply, sliding in a second finger and finger fucking me until I can barely breathe. You kiss me deeply roughly and I move my hand down to the tent in your pants and squeeze tightly. You take your hand off my neck and out of my pussy long enough to unzip your slacks and push your boxers down. I watch your cock spring free…hard and hot. I sink to my knees instinctively, taking your cock in my hand and stroking it slowly. You place your hands on the wall to support yourself, and my tongue begins to circle the head. I devour you quickly and wetly, gagging myself on your thick meat.

I slide up and down…taking your thick cock deeper in the back of my throat. Your groans turn me on so much. I suck you furiously for a few minutes and before long I feel you stepping backwards. You step out of your pants and take your shirt off while I stand up. Before I have a chance to move your strong hands undo my bra and throw it away. Your hands become impatient and they rip the flimsy lace that makes up my panties.

In the heat of the moment we stand there gasping for air. I feel your eyes searing my skin as you look from my chest…lower. I spread my thighs…so you can see the wetness on my legs. The room feels like its 100 degrees, and both of us are sweaty…but it cools us off for a minute. I lean my neck back, arching my back slightly my fingers wandering down to my clit. I rub slowly, a moan escaping my lips. I open my eyes and wink seductively, biting my lip.

Your hands grasp my bum and lift me up to eye level. You slam me against the wall and hold me there with your body. Your teeth grasp my lower lip between them, and you slide into me in one fluid motion. My breath catches in my throat as you begin to pound your hard cock into my weeping wet cunt. Deeper and deeper, your cock goes inside of me I begin to drip and groan. My cunt juice is running down both of our legs as pound me against the wall mercilessly. Waves of sensation are running through my body. My skin is flushed and pink…sweat dripping down both of our bodies. My breath is coming in short bursts. I feel open, exposed, and raw.

I feel an orgasm flooding my body. My muscles tense and my tight wet cunt clamps around your thrusting cock. I whimper as I convulse; my whole body wracked with one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had. You never stop thrusting, just slow down. It prolongs my orgasm and finally air returns to my lungs. Your thrusting starts picking up slowly at first and then gaining momentum.

Your hands grip my ass hard and lift me, my nails digging into your back as the last waves of my orgasm subside. Before I have time to register that we have moved, my remaining breath is knocked from me as my back suddenly makes contact with the mattress. There’s a hungry look in your eyes, and I love it. You grab both my ankles and place them on your shoulders. You grab my thighs and lift my lower half off the bed…sliding your cock inside me. We begin to fuck again, and my pussy still sensitive from my orgasm, feels so good it hurts. Every time you thrust your cock into it, I shake… the muscles in my vagina and the witcher blood origin izle abdomen spasm from the intense feeling of our fucking. Little drops of cum squirt onto your cock and both of our legs as you ram my pussy mercilessly.

A new pink flush is crawling over my skin, which is glistening with sweat, cum, and desire. As much as I love your cock in my pussy…you have inflamed another passion. A dark hunger needs to be sated. I yank on your arms and you come crashing down on top of me. I wrap my arm around your neck and kiss your lips fiercely, sucking your tongue into my wet hungry mouth.

“Roll over”, I groan between kisses. You roll onto your back, and I straddle your hips cupping my tits in my hands. Your cock is nestled between my ass cheeks and I slowly rub my wet pussy on your lower abdomen. Your hands begin to knead my tits as I lean forward, my hands on each side of you and slide my slit up and down your torso, my ass bumping into your cock as I move. Every time my ass comes into contact with your cock you moan.

“Oh you like that baby”, I groan as my clit comes in contact with your hot flesh. I shiver and shake a bit, still rubbing myself on your hot body. All you can do is moan. I stop humping your abs, and scoot down your body. I re-position myself to face the opposite direction, your cock now rubbing against my slick pussy.

“I know what you want”, I whisper and get up on my legs, your cock head resting against my tight puckered ass hole.

The sweat from the heat in the house, and intensity of our fucking has made my hole slick, and my cum has lubed up your throbbing cock. I begin to lower myself onto your cock. You watch my ass envelop your dick, and you have to fight hard not to cum then and there. I wait a moment, letting my ass accept your offering, and you groan feeling how tight it really is. Using legs and arms for leverage I begin to ride your cock very slowly…teasingly so. It doesn’t take long for me to feel your arms wrap around my waist, as you lift me and put me on my knees. I wiggle my ass tantalizingly, as you move behind me. The tip of your cock head is at my…now more opened…hole and suddenly you sink your cock into me to the hilt.

“Fuck yes”, I hiss as you begin to fuck my ass…gently. I press my ass back against you. It is as if I can feel every vein on your cock rubbing the walls of my ass. My anus is open and vulnerable, and the feeling is more concentrated with every stroke. You reach underneath me and fondle my breasts, your hips piston your rod in and out of me like a well oiled machine. You spank my ass and I push against you harder, causing your cock to go in deeper. You hump me like a stallion, and before long one of your hands slides down to my clit. You flick it with your thumb and I begin to scream. You roll it between your fingers and cum gushes from my vagina. My whole body shakes and shivers as I cum not once, but twice.

The intensity of my orgasm causes my anus to constrict, and my whole rectum to massage your dick gently. The sight of my ass, feel of the constriction, and overall fucking are too much to bear. You slump forward groaning, your cock shooting jet after jet of searing hot cum into my ass. I feel it squirting from you, wad after wad. I counted 6 huge squirts before you are spent. My body shaking from exhaustion can’t support my weight let alone yours.

I collapse onto the bed, and roll into your arms. When our breathing finally calms, I roll into your arms. Laying my head on your shoulder, I hear the air conditioning kick in, before I fall asleep.

I wake up. The room is dark. The light of the alarm clock is the only illumination in the room. Two hours have gone by, and I realize I am freezing. The air is back on, and both of us sprawled naked with no covers. My stirring must have awakened you, because I feel your hand on my cheek. I smile slowly. Whispering I say, “Race you to the shower.”

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