He Wanted To Fuck My Wife


I was pleasantly surprised when my wife Vineeta told me that she and two of her female friends had organised an out-of-town trip for the three couples. In our family, such responsibilities generally rested on me. Her friends were Neha and Sunita. I had met them a few times as they were office colleagues of Vineeta. Neha is a beautiful woman of 25 years with a slim voluptuous figure. Sunita, 30, is rather buxom but is very curvaceous and attractive. Vineeta, my wife, is above average in looks and figure.

I had not met the husbands of Neha and Sunita before. Naresh is Neha’s husband, a good looking man. Sunita’s husband Subhash is somewhat portly. We all met on the appointed day, and left together. Our stay was booked in a resort located well outside the city. We reached the resort in the evening. After checking in and a quick wash, we reached the disco-like dining hall. Cocktails were ordered. Vineeta and her friends got engrossed in chatting soon. They also included me and the other two guys in the conversation. Instead of enjoying the holiday, I was feeling a little uncomfortable. The reason was Naresh. He was paying much more attention to my wife than to the other two ladies. In fact, he was fawning on her and she seemed to welcome his overtures. While talking, his hand would sometimes stray on her thigh. Since she didn’t seem to mind, I ignored it. In fact, I was hoping that I could do the same with Neha but couldn’t muster the courage.

When Naresh asked Vineeta for a dance, she accepted eagerly. He took her to the floor. Very soon, he was dancing with her body pulled very close to his. When a slow number came, he took her to the far side of the hall behind the wall of couples swaying to the music. They were outside the field of my vision. I felt more uncomfortable now. My feelings would have been assuaged if his wife was in my arms on the floor. But I didn’t have the courage to take initiative. I had left the decision to her.

Sometime later, I went to a rest room. When I was in a closet, I heard a familiar voice. Naresh was telling someone, “Vineeta is one hot piece of tail. I wish l could screw her tonight.”

It was the voice of Subhash that I heard next, “Who wouldn’t want that? But she’s married and her husband is around!”

Naresh chuckled, “Is there a rule that you can’t fuck someone’s wife in this resort? And her husband seems to be a sissy!”

“Okay, there is no such rule but what makes you think she is willing to be fucked by you,” Subhash asked.

“If she is not willing, I will make her willing. … If only I could have her alone for some time!” Naresh boasted.

“So, you think you are a Casanova?” Subhash asked.

“Who else?” Naresh bragged again. “If you give me some time alone with your wife, I can make her want to be fucked by me too.”

“Hey! Leave my wife out of it,” Subhash blurted out. “But I can keep Vineeta’s husband away from her on one condition.”

“Condition! What is the condition?” Naresh enquired.

“The condition is that after you have fucked her, you will allow me to screw her as well,” Subhash leered.

“Done my friend, you are on.” Naresh sounded happy.

I was shocked by their brazenness. The scoundrels were talking about fucking MY wife! I thought that if I had the opportunity to fuck their wives, I wouldn’t have spared them. But there was no chance of such an opportunity coming my way. I had to get my wife out of here. I had a suspicion that Naresh, with his chocolatey looks and charming demeanor, might actually pull off what he had boasted about.

When I went back to our table, I tried to pull Vineeta away from the group. She chided me, “Don’t be a spoilsport, Vijay. The night is young and I’m enjoying myself. Go and take a walk on the lawn. The fresh air will do you good.”

I couldn’t tell Vineeta what I had heard in the rest room; the last thing I wanted to do was to create a scene, with so many people around. I needed time to think. I decided to go to our room and think about my next course of action.

I ordered a large peg of Chivas Regal from room service to muster some courage. As the Scotch produced its effect on me, I became certain that nothing would happen. If that self-proclaimed Casanova tried his seduction routine on Vineeta, she would slap him in the face. I remembered that I had talked to her often about swinging but she had never encouraged me. She had a boyfriend before our marriage, and had given her virginity to him. But after our marriage, it was a different story. She was totally faithful to me, though I would have preferred some variety. Sometimes I envied her pre-marital coital experience which, despite trying, I couldn’t manage to get. My fantasy of swinging probably originated from the inequality in our sexual experience but it remained just that, a fantasy.

I took my drink to the balcony on the rear side of the room and sat down, looking at the stars in the sky. I was hoping that Neha and Sunita would not leave my wife alone. I decided to wait half an hour before re-joining the group. I had a good buzz going. When I was about to get up, I heard voices outside the room. One was my wife’s and the other, a man’s voice. I became kağıthane escort alert, but for some unknown reason, decided to remain hidden in the balcony.

I closed the balcony door leaving the curtain slightly open so that I could peek inside the room. Just then the door opened. Vineeta came in followed by Naresh.

“He’s not here,” she said. “Thanks for coming with me to look for him. It is so nice of you.”

“I am always happy to help a lady as charming as you,” it was the flattering voice of Naresh.

“Come on! I am nothing as compared to Neha!” she showed her modesty.

“Neha used to be charming until some years ago,” Naresh continued his flattery. “But her charm has withered while you look as ravishing as ever.”

“Now, it’s you who is trying to charm me!” Vineeta replied coyly. She went to the dressing table and stood in front of the mirror. To my surprise, I saw Naresh lock the door.

Vineeta, looking in the mirror, applied lipstick on her lips. She turned to face Naresh. He was standing very close. With a cunning smile on his face, he said, “But I don’t seem to be having much success.”

“Have you forgotten about what you did outside the room?” she asked and patted him playfully.

“Oh, thank you for not turning me down,” he said. “Let me do it again please.”

Naresh clasped my wife in his arms and placed his eager mouth on her lips. She opened her luscious lips. She began to respond to his kiss, it was only a slight return of pressure, but it was enough of a positive sign for Naresh to move on. Kissing her more forcefully, he opened his mouth a little and although I could not see it, I somehow knew that he was pressing his tongue to my wife’s lips in a demand for entry. When Vineeta’s jaw moved, I knew that she had given admission to his insistent tongue. I don’t know what my wife was feeling, but a tingle of excitement ran through me at this first sign of her submission. That excitement grew when I saw Naresh put his hand over Vineeta’s shoulder. And with slow stroking motions, he slid it down onto her breast which he gently began to rub and squeeze through her clothing.

I could hear Vineeta’s breathing quicken under Naresh’s attentions. He started to pinch her nipple through the thin material of her dress which made her breathing noticeably heavier. My mouth went dry when I heard the sound of sudden intake of breath from Vineeta as Naresh moved his hand onto her thighs, his fingers pressing into the material over her pussy to rub gently at her mound. My eyes flickered as I watched Naresh’s actions on my wife. Her eyes were closed as they kissed. His hand squeezed and teased her breast and nipple. Soon, his hand travelled to her groin to rub at her pussy.

Without breaking the kiss, Naresh pulled Vineeta to the sofa nearby and both of them sat on it close to each other. Naresh placed his hand on her crotch again. I heard Vineeta give a gasp and her legs, which up to that point had been firmly together, began to slowly open giving Naresh more freedom to play with her pussy. The point came where my wife was sitting with her legs spread wide while Naresh rubbed at her through her clothes using his whole hand. I watched with fascination as his actions made her breathing quicker and louder. Naresh slid his hand under her clothes between her willing thighs.

Vineeta’s face radiated passion and desire as Naresh slid his hand all the way up to her crotch. He certainly was a fast worker.

“Lift up,” he said.

Vineeta did. I could clearly see her panties now, and so could Naresh. I watched as my wife closed her eyes and Naresh cupped her pussy with his hand. She moaned loudly as I saw Naresh’s arm moving to and fro. I imagined he had his fingers inside her pussy, and was fingering her. He pressed his lips again to Vineeta’s mouth and began to kiss her passionately. Vineeta seemed to be completely under his spell. When he thought that he had her fully under his control, he pulled away from her. He unwrapped her sari and took off her blouse and bra. Vineeta was co-operating in getting herself disrobed. As her bare breasts came into view, Naresh began drooling with lust. His fingers pulled and twisted her nipples sending tremors through her body.

“We should go Naresh, the others would miss us,” Vineeta whispered but her words lacked conviction.

“Don’t worry, darling. Subhash will keep everyone busy.” Naresh took possession of her breasts, one with his mouth and the other with his hand. Vineeta seemed to be lost in pleasure. The way she was sighing and purring was enough to convince me that Naresh’s boast was not false.

After taking Vineeta to the height of desire, Naresh unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. With one swift motion, he got rid of his pants and shorts. His penis was fully erect. Vineeta was oblivious to all this as her eyes were closed. Naresh pushed Vineeta’s petticoat up to her waist and began to slide her panties down her thighs. “Take them off,” he said and she obediently removed them to expose her wet pussy to him.

The sight of my wife’s bare boobs and bare pussy made me hot and horny. sarıyer escort I disrobed and started stroking myself gently.

Naresh’s hand returned to Vineeta’s pussy, his fingers immediately slipping inside her, making her moan loudly. Vineeta spread her legs wider to give her lover better access to her cunt.

“I’m going to fuck you,” Naresh spoke in a commanding voice. His fingers were busy in their mission. “I’m going to fuck you and cum inside you!”

Vineeta didn’t protest. Naresh made her stand up and turn around. She was facing the sofa now. He asked her put her hands on the back-rest of sofa and bend down. I immediately understood that the bastard wanted to fuck my wife doggie style. It was my favourite position too and Vineeta loved it. Naresh came behind her. Neither of them could see me enter the room as they were facing away from me! He upturned her petticoat exposing her buttocks.

Naresh adjusted his position behind Vineeta and moistened his cock with saliva. It was average in length and thickness. He positioned it at the entrance of Vineeta’s waiting cunt and bent over her. … I was right behind him. All I had to do now was to grab his hair and pull him back. He would have landed on his back on the floor. But my rampant cock was forcing me to stick to my original decision! In a split second, I decided to obey my cock and took my position. I caught Naresh by his waist and pulled him towards me. He grunted with pain when the head of my cock forced its way inside his ass-hole. At the same time, his cock lost contact with Vineeta’s pussy. She asked with concern, “What happened?”

“I am being sodomised!” Naresh whined. I gave him another forceful pull and my cock made more progress. As he sighed again, Vineeta managed to wriggle out of her position. Her face was a picture of surprise when she looked at Naresh and me.

“VIJAY!” she exclaimed. “What is … I mean … I am … I am sorry …”

“Oh! Are you sorry because your lover boy is getting fucked by me instead of fucking you?” I asked disdainfully.

“No, that’s not what I meant,” Vineeta protested weakly.

“We will talk about that later,” I ordered. “Now get my mobile phone and film us.”

Naresh began to protest but my wife obeyed me. She stood on our side and began recording. I asked her, “Are you getting a good view of my cock in your lover boy’s ass.”

“He is not my lover boy!” she defended herself. “And if you turn slightly to the left, I will get a better view.”

I did as she asked and pushed forward; the cock advanced by an inch and Naresh groaned again.

“What is it, Naresh?” My wife asked incredulously. “Why are you groaning?”

He mumbled between laboured breaths, “Have you ever taken it up your ass?”

Vineeta answered truthfully, “No, I haven’t. Is he hurting you?”

“He is so thick! And my ass is dry. At least, ask him to use some lubrication.”

“He is right, Vijay,” my wife agreed. “A dry fuck will do no good to either of you.”

I took pity on Naresh and pulled out. I spread his butt cheeks with my hands and spat on his ass-hole. “This should be enough,” I said and re-positioned my cock on his wet ass-hole.

“Please, be gentle,” Naresh pleaded.

“If you loosen up, it will be less painful,” I said like an experienced pro though it was my first shot at ass-fucking. In any case, Naresh relaxed his channel, and the lubrication also helped. In a single minute, I was able to bury my cock into his ass to the hilt, and he took it with relative ease this time. I started fucking him with gentle strokes. I asked Vineeta if there was any problem with the recording. She replied that it was going perfectly. I asked her to take some shots of our faces as well.

Our fucking continued apace and soon I found that I was rather enjoying my first ass-fucking even though the ass belonged to a man.

Still recording, Vineeta commented, “You never told me that you are homosexual!”

“I am not homosexual,” I protested. “I have discovered just now that I am bisexual. And your lover boy has also become bisexual now, if he wasn’t one before.”

“Vijay, get real! He isn’t my lover boy,” Vineeta protested.

I was far from impressed. Between somewhat vigorous strokes, I demanded to know, “Then why were you bending down on the sofa, presenting your pussy to him? If my cock hadn’t intervened, his cock would have been inside you!”

Vineeta surprised me with her words, “I was doing it for you.”

This was strange. My wife was ready to be fucked by this man for my sake. I didn’t understand her logic. Meanwhile, the man in question had a tight grip on my cock and I was enjoying the tightness of his ass. My strokes had become powerful. I enquired from my wife, “What would have I gained from this, I mean if he had fucked you?”

“Are you so naïve?” Vineeta asked. “Don’t you remember how many times you have talked about swinging? I didn’t like it in the beginning but gradually I came round to your point of view. I mean … I felt that occasional swinging might be good for us! I was looking forward to this trip to fulfil your fantasy. sefaköy escort I had an impression that you fancied Neha. I thought that talking of wife-swapping straight away with Neha and Naresh would not work. Instead if I allowed Naresh to fuck me, he would be obliged to have his wife fucked by you.”

Naresh’s tight ass was now producing waves of pleasure in my cock, waves which arose in my cock and radiated outwards. To heighten the pleasure, I began to ram him forcefully. I had full recollection of what he had said in the men’s room. I recounted everything to Vineeta. I told her that after fucking her, he was going to offer her to his friend Santosh instead of offering his wife to me.

Vineeta was flabbergasted, “Oh my God! Naresh, is that what you were planning to do? … After I had been so good to you! You certainly deserve the pounding you are getting. Vijay, batter him like a ram. Make mincemeat of his ass. And do forgive me for my stupidity!”

“It’s okay,” I said. “Now stop the recording and come here.”

Vineeta switched the mobile off and came to me. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her close. My other hand was on Naresh’s waist, to prevent the target of my attack from slipping away. I put my lips on Vineeta’s mouth. She pushed her tongue into my mouth. It was an altogether new sensation; I mean kissing one person and fucking another. After sometime, Vineeta and I broke apart.

She looked at my crotch and Naresh’s bottom, the place where we were joined; she had a strange look on her face, a very mischievous grin. She put one of her hands on my buttock and said, “How sexy it is looking! I didn’t know that seeing you fuck him would be so exciting! Fuck him good.”

I continued pulling and pushing, feeding more of my cock into the ass. Vineeta started kissing me again. She was kissing my neck, my cheeks and my lips. My excitement had reached new heights, and I was grunting every time I pushed into Naresh’s ass.

“Aaahhhhhh!” I grunted, “It is so fucking tight!” I was moaning with every thrust now, and Vineeta was doing all she could to heighten my pleasure.

My orgasm was close now. I gripped Naresh’s waist tightly. I grunted and groaned as I thrust wildly into his tight ass. Vineeta once again had her arms around me and was tonguing my ear. An animal growl erupted from the depth of my belly as my cock began shooting jizz. Wave after wave of pleasure swept through my body as semen flowed out of my balls through my hard cock into the pulsating cum-receptacle of Naresh.

After emptying my balls, I clung to Vineeta. I kissed her deeply. We stayed locked together for what seemed like an eternity. Ultimately, my cock softened and slipped out. I loosened my hold on Vineeta and she looked with a bemused face at the semen running down the thighs of Naresh. He dashed into the bathroom as soon as he became free.


Naresh got dressed and looked at us sheepishly as if seeking permission from us to leave. Vineeta did something I would not have expected from her. She walked up to Naresh, kissed him on his cheek and said kindly, “Thank you, Naresh. I hope you would forgive Vijay if he had hurt you in the beginning.”

I watched as Naresh left quietly. I couldn’t believe what had happened in the last hour or so. For the first time in my life, I had watched a man almost succeed in fucking my wife. I had not only thwarted his design but had ended up fucking him. Fucking a man, or for that matter anyone besides my wife, was again a first for me. And I had fucked him in full view of my wife, with active encouragement from her.

After Naresh left, we had a shower together. Since it was too late to go downstairs for dinner, I ordered something from the room service. While eating, we reviewed the happenings of the evening. Vineeta expressed her feelings of remorse once again but I brushed her apologies aside. However, she was curious to know why I had asked her to film the buggery. I told her that if Naresh boasted to Subhash again about his Casanova-like abilities, I will show the video to Subhash.

After eating, we retired to bed. My romp with Naresh had left me tired but I was unable to sleep. The incidents of the evening were playing like a film in my mind. And when the last scene came in which I was buggering Naresh, I became aroused again. Vineeta had fallen asleep. I crawled between her legs. I began kissing and licking the insides of her thighs gently, gradually moving higher toward her warm pussy. Since she had only a nightie on, her pussy was bare. I inhaled the rich scent of her womanhood. When my mouth reached the junction of her legs, I nibbled at the puffy and soft outer lips of her pussy.

Vineeta woke up with a start. She looked scared. When she saw me between her thighs, she relaxed and smiled encouragingly. I ran my tongue along her slit, gently probing inside, and licking at her inner lips, while my wife groaned with arousal. I continued probing and exploring the inside of her tunnel with my tongue. Finally, I covered her entire pubic mound with my mouth. I made long licks, starting at the bottom end of her slit, and running along its entire length to her clitoris at the top. Then I lightly sucked on her clit. By now, Vineeta was groaning loudly, rhythmically bucking her hips against the workings of my tongue. I continued licking her pussy until she raised her hips off the bed and cried out in orgasm. I kept licking her through and after her climax, until she reached down and pushed my head away. My face was wet with her juices.

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