He SAID He Was a Virgin


He was gorgeous, and we were in love. We ran around the campus looking for condoms, found some then walked back to the hotel. We went back to the room, and I stripped for I always slept nude. I pushed the beds together, and climbed in, and held the blankets up for Alexander. He crawled in, then over me, he just in his underwear. We started kissing his hands roaming to my tits, and all over my nipples. I was in heaven I loved my tits being played with. I then reached inside Alexander’s underwear and found a huge hard cock there. I started stroking it and he moaned, but then he took his underwear off, and lay on top of me.

“Ah ah ah!” I said and he sat up, I opened the condom and rolled it down the length of his hardon. Alexander moaned again as I rubbed his cock with my hand. I pumped it a few more times and Alexander gasped, and I stopped, knowing full well that he wanted his first orgasm to be inside me. I guided his cock inside me and Alexander started pumping fast into my pussy. I held him tight as he made love to me. In a matter of seconds, he pushed up as hard as he could, pull back slowly, then pushed in as hard as he could again. That was it. Sad, really I almost cried it was so sad, then I reminded myself that guys who said they hadn’t stimulated themselves before, cum fast. We laid there a while, his cock still inside me, in silence. His cock was still semi hard and I started flexing my vaginal walls, hoping to stimulate him again. I felt his cock grow inside me, harder, longer, thicker.

“I think you’ve aroused me again.” Alexander said.

“Go ahead, I have no complaints.” I said. Alexander then started to make love to me again, and I held him to me. He went slower this time, easing his cock in and out. I tilted my hips slightly so that he’d hit my G-Spot and his long fat hard cock hit it just right. I started moaning a little and Alexander started grunting. In, out, faster, harder, and deeper. I then started to cum and he did as well.

Alexander left his cock in me again and I said to him, “You’re supposed to use a new condom each time.” He mumbled something incoherent and rubbed his cheek on my tit. We then fell asleep, Alexander still in my pussy. I awoke some time later to Alexander moving in and out of my pussy rather fast. The look on his face told me he was close. Alexander grunted and shot a 3rd load into the condom which started oozing cum. Alexander pulled his cock out, pulled off the condom and laid next to me, his cock still hard. I started pumping his cock and Alexander started humping my hand. “Now that I’ve gotten it and realized, uuuh, what a great feeling it is, ooo yeah, I want it all the time.” Alexander said.

“You think you can do it again?”

“Yes, oh baby, I do.” Just then Alexander’s body spasmed and he shot a load between us. Alexander pulled me closer and I got cum on my leg, which set my insides on fire. “You didn’t get off that last time. You need to!” With that, Alexander started rubbing my mound. He slowly circled closer to my drenched pussy lips, and he spread them and started rubbing my hard swollen clit. He rapidly flicked it back and forth, then very slowly. “Oh yes baby! More! Give me more!” I moaned. Alexander latched on to my tit and started sucking and licking it. “Oh baby I’m gunna cum!” I grabbed the base of Alexander’s cock to stop him from shooting and it worked, he flicked my clit until I came, but it seemed that I literally had held back Alexander’s load because as soon as I let go, his cum landed all over between us.

“We will definitely have to do that again. Your pussy getting like that was hot. And you holding my cum at the base of my dick was great! It was so good! I had to cum, but it had no where to go so it pushed harder and harder feeling more and more arousing until you let it blast from the end! I really like that feeling, that you have control over when I cum. Before it was whenever I felt like it. Now you decide when I blow a hot stream of my cum.”

“So you did self-stimulate!”

“Not exactly. I’d get a hardon that I couldn’t stand and I’d lay on my stomach, hump my bed and shoot all over myself.”

“Can I see you do that?


“Yeah! Lemme see how you get yourself off.”

Alexander’s eyes glittered and he rolled onto his stomach, reached under to pull his cock up and he started jerking off but then stopped himself. He then started humping the mattress, using his feet to pull himself down and his hands to pull himself up. Alexander moaned and grunted and when I guessed he was close, I reached under him, grabbed his dick hard at the base and Alexander humped the bed and my hand faster. “Oh fuck yes, Sabrina! Hold my dick! Stop me from shooting!” Alexander was fucking the bed like an animal now, moving the bed as he humped it. He made faster, harder, more animalistic and desperate humping movements. I decided that Alexander should be allowed to cum, so I released his cock and Alexander’s dick exploded, almost like a grenade. Alexander grabbed the undeclared war izle his cock and stroked it hard. He screamed and yelled in pleasure as his cum jetted from his hardon. I lay next to him amazed at how much cum he was letting out. Knowing Alexander was concentrating on the feeling and cum blasting out of his cock, I moved my hand quickly under him, coating it in his sperm juice. I then started rubbing his ass and sliding a finger deep up his asshole. When I got my finger up his ass and rubbing his prostate, he bellowed an extremely loud sound and fell over, passed out from the pleasure. I kissed his cheek and hugged him. He liked me controlling when he came, he liked me fingering his ass, and he was now my slave. I shoved two more fingers up Alexander’s asshole and fell asleep with them in there. I don’t know how much longer we slept, but Alexander had woken up and started humping the bed again. I pulled my fingers out of his asshole and he stopped fucking the mattress, turned to me, kissed me on the lips and started rubbing my pussy. “I need your pussy so bad.”

“How bad baby?”

“Very bad. I got to have it. That mattress is no comparison. Please give it to me!”

“After you lick the juices from it.” Alexander wasted no time in getting between my legs, “Slowly. And stick your tongue where your dick went. That’s it now lick it slowly. Mmmm yeah. Oh baby, you like doing that? If you do it good now, I’ll go on the pill and you won’t get the taste of the condom.” With that, Alexander ate my pussy furiously, burying his entire face in my pussy lips. “Fuck me with your tongue!” I hadn’t measured, but his tongue had to be as long as his dick, or close to it. I knew it wasn’t anything but his tongue, his fingers were on my tits, his dick in my hand. “OH I’M GUNNA CUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM!” My body spasmed and oozed pussy juice onto his face he came up for air after I coated his face and stuck his long long tongue out at me. “Holy shit! Is it really attached? That fucking thing is gigantic!”

“Yeah, my sister always said it was. She’d always c… never mind.”


“Nothing, I’ve said too much.”

“Now you have my curiosity piqued, if you can’t tell me now, then we shouldn’t be getting married. I promise I won’t hold it against you.”

“It’s not something I’m proud of.”

“I promise.” I sat next to Alexander and put my arm around him.

“Ok. As you know, Shelia’s older than me by 5 years. Well, we got snowed in one year and our parents had been at their friend’s house the whole night. We had plenty of food, and Mom and Dad said they were going to wait for it to stop snowing before coming home. There were 75 M.P.H. winds, and it was quite a blizzard. I was scared, so Shelia decided we should sleep in our parent’s bed. I was 10 at the time, and had just started cumming in my sleep. I’d wake up to shooting cum all over myself when I had dreamed about a girl in a bathing suit I had seen in my Dad’s calendar. I knew it wasn’t bad, so I decided to go with Shelia’s plan, but I’d wear 2 pair of underwear and my pajamas. Sure enough, I had the same dream. This time the girl started sucking on my erection. I never had shot so hard before. I jerked awake and imagine my surprise and sort of pleasure to see my sister sucking on my little cock. I kept cumming in her mouth. We were both very turned on. I liked a girl swallowing what came out of my penis. With no time to talk, she shoved my face to her pussy and humped my face until she came. I loved the liquid I found there. We did that to each other the rest of the night. I came eleven times that night. She had cum just as many and in the morning, we washed our juices from our parent’s bedding.

“Four feet of snow had accumulated that night. Mom and Dad used the walkie-talkies Mrs. Johnson’s son and I had to tell us it was still snowing badly and I was to listen to Shelia. Shelia had a huge grin on her face, as did I. We had agreed not to let Mom and Dad know what happened. We then made breakfast and watched the porno tapes Mom and Dad had in their closet. We both masturbated each other, but had made promises to each other to watch at least one tape fully so we knew how to do it right. Immediately after the tape was done, Shelia got up, straddled me and put her pussy around my cock. It was the now second-best feeling in my life. I sucked her tits as she rode me and she and I both came a lot. From then until she got married three years ago we had sex quite a few times a week. It was then that I found out that what we did was wrong.”

Alexander must have been imagining his sister’s pussy because he had a full-blown erection. Then I realized that he had started fingering my pussy in the process of that story.

“Is it all true?”

“Every word.”

“I don’t hold it against you at all. You didn’t know any better.”

“Whew! I’m so relieved! I thought you’d hold it against me. I want you to know, I consider the watcher izle you my first.”

We then lay down and fell asleep. The next morning I got up early for breakfast. When I got back I walked in and I saw Alexander there on the bed legs almost over his head, ass in the air as a result, and his hand at his asshole. Is he spanking himself? No! He’s using a butt plug or dildo on his asshole. He was grunting and groaning loudly enough that he didn’t hear the door open. Virgin my ass. The little fucker had had things shoved up his asshole too. Or maybe his sister did it to him. Whatever the start, he enjoyed having things in his asshole. That could lead to some great experimentation. “Fuck yes! Oh Sabrina, I wish you were here with me to work my asshole for me!” Alexander exclaimed. So he wanted me there, no problem. I set down the groceries, stripped, and placed my hand on his. Alexander’s eyes flew open in surprise, but then he closed them again when he saw it was I holding the butt plug. He then stroked his dick with both hands and I fucked his ass at the same pace. Then Alexander’s cum started jetting out from the end of his cock and all over himself and me. I then licked up his cum from his groin and what I could from myself. I then started licking his entire cock. Alexander then started moaning again. Breakfast could wait. I pulled Alexander’s legs down and left the butt plug up his ass. I straddled him and shoved his cock up my pussy. I started riding him hard and fast. My tits were bouncing all over and Alexander reached up and pinched my nipples and I had my hands on his chest. I started rubbing his nipples and he thrust hard up my pussy. I was on the edge anyway from seeing him fucking his ass so I came on his cock and groin. It didn’t take long for him to cum up my pussy. His cock flooded my hole with hot ejaculate. “I want you to eat me now. Suck our juices from my cunt. But give some to me so I know how our cum tastes.” Alexander devoured my cunt, sucking our cum from it. He stopped and emptied the contents of his mouth into mine in a long deep kiss while he pinched and twisted my nipples. Our cum tasted great together: Alexander broke the kiss and moved back to my over heated cunt. He rammed three fingers into my snatch and I moaned loud. “Oh baby! Make me cum! Please! I want you to make me cum hard!” I said.

“Do you love me?”

“Yes! You know I love you.”

“You want me to fuck you?”


“You want me to make you cum on me?”

“Oh yes! Please!”

“You want my cock shoved up your juicy cunt and fucking it like I did the mattress last night? Like a wild animal desperate to cum?”

“Fuck yes I do!!”

With that, Alexander fucked me as hard as he had when he fucked the mattress to show me how he had masturbated when he was little. He was like a man possessed fucking me hard deep and fast. The bed kept slamming against the wall I heard things falling off the other side. We were moaning and yelling extremely loud. Finally I felt Alexander’s cum hit my walls. He was cumming so hard that cum started squirting past his dick. “Oh fuck yes! Fuck yes!” Alexander repeated over and over. Eventually he stopped and we both fell asleep. I woke up an hour later to grunts and groans. I thought at first it was the people in the other room, then a porno on the TV. I went to the bathroom and found Alexander on the toilet taking a shit and stroking his cock. “Lemme do this…oh yeah… I wanna… me alone.” I had to pee really bad so I got up on the sink and peed as he jerked himself off. Suddenly Alexander shot a huge wad on the wall followed my more and more. Alexander then sat there panting and after he caught his breath he said, “I was hoping you would come in to watch me jerk off as I took a shit.”


Alexander and I had sex many more times after that and we decided I would accompany him to his parent’s house for Thanksgiving Day. When we arrived, instead of the happy family atmosphere we found Shelia crying because her husband left her. Why he did I wasn’t told, but everyone else seemed to know why. I figured Shelia’s desire for Alexander when they were kids was the last thing on her mind. But at night, he and I found out otherwise.

Alexander’s parents insisted that I sleep on the couch and Alexander sleep in his room and Shelia sleep in hers. “Once my parents go to bed, they never come out until 7 am. Come to my bedroom and we can at least sleep in the same bed, my beautiful fiancée.” Once Alexander’s father was in bed, I got up, ran to Alexander’s room and peeked inside; he was sitting on the edge of his bed, just about to get in himself. I ran to him and tackled him to the bed and kissed him with little pecks all over his face. “You have to be quiet. No moaning loud, they’ll hear.” Alexander whispered to me. “I’ll try.” I replied. Alexander went to the door, checked the hall and closed and locked his door. I had taken off my clothes as he did and he started touching the watchful eye izle my tits when he got back. I bit my lower lip and Alexander spread my legs with his hand. “I can’t do much more foreplay tonight. You jerking me off in my pants at dinner was too much, not to mention when my parents and Shelia were off analyzing you. You know you did get me to cum when you mouthed my dick then?”

“So I noticed immediately after when you ran to your room to change pants. And you were no better fingering my cunt under the blanket during the movie. Please, baby, I just need your cock in me.” Alexander shoved his erect cock in my cunt and started fucking me.

Neither of us heard the door unlock, neither of us heard the door open and close. Neither of us expected Shelia to stick her fingers up Alexander’s ass.

Alexander came hard when he felt the fingers up his ass and emptied his balls inside me. When he stopped, he realized the fingers up his ass weren’t mine, and at the same time Shelia said, “You still fuck your mattress like when you were 10.” Alexander quickly removed Shelia’s fingers from his ass and tried not to let her know I was there. “I don’t want you touching me Shelia. You led me to believe that all those years what we did was ok. It’s not. It’s wrong.”

“You enjoyed it while we did it.”
“Yes, but I don’t now. Go away. I have Sabrina now and I definitely don’t need you.”

“If she cared for you as much as I do then she’d be here and not let allow you to fuck your mattress instead.” With that, Alexander rolled off of me and Shelia saw I was there. “Wait until Mom and Dad hear about this!” Shelia got up off the bed, but not faster than Alexander. He got up and blocked her way.

“No you won’t. If you do, then I’ll tell Mom and Dad that you raped me when we were younger.”

“That’s your word against mine.”

“Not totally,” I broke in, “I can say I had a nightmare, ran to Alexander for comfort, and saw you sticking your fingers up your brother’s ass as you were sitting on him. All they have to do is look at or even smell your fingers to find them coated in anal residue.” As I spoke I walked toward Shelia.

“Ok fine. No one tells about anything.” Shelia agreed. She left Alexander’s room and went back to hers. Alexander and I hugged and he ground his crotch against mine and let his hand go to my ass and he opened my ass cheeks.

“Baby, I want to, but your sister could wash her hands now and trap us.”

“Ok. I’ll stop.” But Alexander rubbed my asshole a bit and I reluctantly pulled away.

“I wouldn’t put it past her My Love.”

“How about we go and watch TV? Mom and Dad know we wouldn’t have sex there, but we can still spend time together.”

“Ok!” I went out in the hall, back in my nightclothes and just as I reached the end of the hall, I saw Shelia coming out of the bathroom, wiping then smelling her hands and walking towards her parent’s room. She expected to catch us. I ran to the couch, wrapped myself up, turned on the TV, adjusted the volume to low and luckily there was a show I had seen before on, so I could tell their parents what had happened on it.
“Shelia, they better be having sex in there,” I heard Alexander’s mother say, “Because I’m not in the mood to be up in the middle of the night for no reason.”

“They are Mom! I heard them!” Just then I heard Alexander grunt. He will be humiliated being caught masturbating, but Shelia won’t convince their Mrs. Anderson I was in there.

“What is going on in here?” I heard Mrs. Anderson say as the door was opened and light flooded from Alexander’s room into the hall. It was then that I decided to make my entrance into the hall. By the time I got there, I saw Alexander’s face embarrassed at being caught masturbating and he had covered himself.

“Since I can’t be with Sabrina I had to do it myself,” he said sheepishly before their mother had a chance to close the door.

“What happened?” I said.

“Shelia thought she heard you and Alexander having sex in his room. Obviously he was just missing you, dear.”

“Oh! No Ma’am! I respect rules set by authority! I was just watching what was on TV!”

“Oh really? What’s on? What’s happened so far?” Shelia challenged.

“Leave her alone, Shelia, I believe her.” Mrs. Anderson said.

“Oh I don’t mind. It’s a story about a sister that convinces her brother that it’s all right to have sex while their parents are at a party. I have yet to find out what else is going to happen.” I said, “totally non-pornographic. I can’t stand those things. Do you mind if Alexander and I watch TV together? I miss him.”

“Why yes, dear, you may.” Mrs. Anderson replied.

“Well now that I’m awake, I’ll join you.” Shelia said.

“Only if that’s ok with you, Sabrina.” Mrs. Anderson cut in

“I really wanted for it to just be Alexander and I, but as it’s Shelia’s house as well, she can do what she wants.” I then turned around and walked to the couch. A little while later Alexander came out of his room and he sat next to me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, “I told you she’d try to get us in trouble.” Alexander just nodded his head since Shelia was there. When Shelia went to the bathroom, he said, “You were so right. I hope you’re not mad at me for jerking off, but I was so horny.”

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