Harmony’s Milk


Note: This story is not a part of any other story or continuity that I have written before. Enjoy.

It had been a long time since I had heard from Harmony. She had been the last of my few college girlfriends, the last before I started dating the one who would become my wife. I had noticed Harmony in a couple of my classes junior year. Even though she was a short, little mousy thing, it was hard to miss her thanks to her huge bustline. Even though she never dressed to show off, she had some big tits and there wasn’t much she could do to hide them. I say she didn’t dress to show off, but there was the yellow “periodic table” tee-shirt she wore to a chem lab. That gave all the guys, me included, an excuse to gawk at those huge tits. She didn’t wear that again, so I don’t think she liked the attention.

Turned out she was only trying to get MY attention! I’d later find out that she had intentionally signed up for, or transferred into, as many of the classes I was in as she could. She even took a thermodynamics course that was outside of her chemistry major, just to see me! She was actually stalking me. And it worked. I had been without a girlfriend for a while and I always had a thing for big tits, so it wasn’t very far into the semester that I found myself asking her out. I didn’t know it then, but I could have slept with her the first time I spoke to her. Instead I asked her out to a couple of movies, like a gentleman. But she was sending out all the signals. I just couldn’t believe my luck. Before long I had figured it out and we were fucking like rabbits every chance we could.

After a month or two, I could tell that she was in love with me, whereas I was just in love with fucking her. I was in love with her big tits and the way they moved when she was on top of me or on her hands and knees in front of me. For a girl who was maybe 5′ 1″, she had tits that overfilled a 36DD bra. When released from its confines they hung gloriously down to her navel. They had vertical stretch marks high up on her chest like I had never seen. And her aureole were pale pink, almost invisible, topped with nipples that were wide, but barely protruded. It seemed to me that the volume of her breasts had so stretched the aureole and nipples that they were barely there. Nonetheless, I sucked and licked and bit those things for hours and hours. And she loved to fuck. Maybe because she thought of me as some kind of superstar, she would fuck and come and fuck some more. She only said no to me once, when I asked to use her backdoor. This really irked me. And it got me to thinking that there wasn’t much more for us to do other than repeating what we had already done so many times.

Finally, I told her that I didn’t reciprocate her love. I told her I was really just using her for sex. I told her I didn’t want to see her any more and that she should find someone who cared for her as a person. She cried, but then offered to just be my sex toy. For another week or two, I just called her or went to her room late at night after I was done partying for a quick fuck. She didn’t complain, but I felt like a real shit. Finally, I stopped seeing her and started seeing my future wife. Harmony was crushed. I was her one and only, but she moved on. At our last meeting, she offered to fuck me any time I wanted to cheat on my new girlfriend. Wow.

Flash forward fifteen years. I had been married for nearly ten years. I was happy, if not as sexually satisfied as I wanted to be. Married sex was good, but it was infrequent and unvarying. I had a collection of xxx videotapes and DVDs and took care of my excess sexual needs myself. I was surprised, when out of nowhere I got a call at my office from Harmony. She had not forgotten me even as she got on with her life. She had married and divorced a guy, but not before he had gotten her pregnant. She had a one-year old and they lived not far from where I did with my little family. She begged me to come over. She needed to talk. It had been over a week since I had gotten any action at home. Maybe that’s what tipped the balance. I said I’d come over.

Harmony bornova escort met me at the door in a blue sweater and grey sweatpants. She hadn’t changed much. She still had baby-fine brown hair that came to her shoulders and she was still unmistakably shapely. She had always had voluptuous hips, a narrow waist and those enormous tits. We shared a tiny, quick, platonic hug and sat down to talk. She updated me on her failed marriage and told me about her baby, who was asleep upstairs. She told me she had never stopped thinking about me and had followed my life through the college alumni news and friends of friends.

I told her I was happy and wasn’t there to cheat on my wife. She told me she was available if I ever changed my mind. She told me she had asked me to come over for another reason. She told me that she breastfed her daughter. I shifted in my seat as my cock throbbed and grew a bit. She said that her daughter had stopped “taking the breast” and would only drink her milk from bottles.

“I make a lot of milk,” she told me, noting my reaction. “A LOT,” she repeated. “I’ve filled dozens of bottles. I’ve filled the fridge and freezer. And my breasts are aching right now as they are so full.”

“So, why don’t you just pump it out and dump it?” I asked.

“I’m so sick of using that pump. It hurts for one thing and it takes forever to empty what I have.” She paused as if she was deciding whether to proceed.

“So I asked you here because I remember how you used to spend hours sucking my breasts. I knew you would enjoy doing it now that I could give you my milk.”

“I told you I wouldn’t fuck you. I’m married now,” I said. I used the word “fuck” to try to put her off.

“I’d love if you’d fuck me. But I need your mouth to suck on my big milk-filled tits.” She used words she knew would get my attention. My cock was straining in my pants now. I was sure she could see. “Please just suck on my tits and relieve the pressure. I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do. Please?”

I had been trying to stay focused on her big, blue doe-eyes as she spoke, but now I let my gaze fall to her massive chest fully filling that heavy blue sweater. I could tell she had a bra on, but I was dying to see those tits I had feasted on so many times before.

“I’ll take that as a yes”, she said. She crossed her arms in front of her and grabbed the bottom of the sweater and pulled it up. In one motion, she was sitting before me in just a bra and sweatpants. She tossed the sweater aside. I was gawking at the big white bra, filled to overflowing. Her skin was as pale and smooth as it had been years before. She was watching me looking at her and she could see I was transfixed. Part of me wanted to tell her to stop, but she reached behind herself and undid the clasp of the bra. I saw the smallest smile dance across her full lips as she watched my face. My heart was pounding. My breathing was ragged. My raging hard-on strained to be released.

She shrugged slowly and the bra fell forward a little, then she pulled it away and tossed it on top of her sweater. There they were, displayed for my appreciative gaze. The biggest, sweetest tits I had ever seen. They had changed a lot from my last sight of them. They were much bigger and fuller. They still hung from her chest, but stood out from it too. And her aureole were now a dark coral pink and very distinct from the pale white of her breasts. And at the center of each aureole was a long, thick, erect nipple, that was even darker than the surrounding puckered flesh. I just sat there staring at those tits.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked. Then, not waiting for an answer she said, “Come suck on them for me. Please.”

I moved to her side there on the sofa. She laid back against the cushions. I was mesmerized by the sight. I felt almost unable to move.

“Come on, baby. Suck on these big milk jugs. Taste Mommy’s milk. It’s all for the big baby. Enjoy it all, baby.”

That was it. She had somehow read my mind and chosen just buca escort the words that set me off. I reached out to cup one huge tit and lift it slightly, bringing the big stiff nipple to my lips. I opened my mouth to encircle it and slowly engulfed its stiffness and began to suckle gently. I cupped the big mound in my hand and hefted it a bit higher and squeezed it. I sucked at the fleshy nub and tasted the sweetness of her milk. My tongue encircled the nipple and again I squeezed and sucked and this time my mouth was flooded with the sweet warm nectar. I repeated the squeezing and suckling as her milk flowed into my hungry mouth. I could hear Harmony moaning as I suckled at her enormous milk-filled tit. She shifted and I moved away from the fountain of sweetness for a moment.

I looked down at her bountiful bosom. From the big, dark nipple of right tit I had been sucking hung a big drop of pale white milk. It dropped off and was replaced by another. I was about to move back to suckling there when I saw Harmony cup the huge left breast and offer it up to me. A jet of milk arced from the thick, hard nipple as she did this. I dived down onto the offered bounty and suckled like a starving baby. I sucked hard and she squeezed and worked the milk from the breast forward and it flowed into my mouth. Soon I was on my knees in front of her moving from huge dripping breast to breast, sucking and squeezing and moaning. Harmony was moaning too. I don’t even know how long she had been grinding her pussy mound against my chest as I suckled but I suddenly felt her buck and her whole body spasmed. She was coming hard. I pulled away for a moment to see her face, flushed and glowing. She moaned and I leaned into her. I looked down and tiny needle-like jets of milk were arcing from each nipple. I quickly got back to my work of suckling and drinking Harmony’s milk.

After a few more minutes, I could feel her passion rise again. Harmony shifted sideways on the sofa, laying longways on it now. She worked a hand into the waistband of her sweatpants and began to finger herself. I suckled until the flow of milk began to diminish, but not stop. I pulled back and sat on the coffee table facing her. I unbuckled my pants and pulled down my boxers and began to stroke my aching rock-hard cock. I saw Harmony’s eyes widen and she came almost screaming. Her hips bucked and twisted and she made animal sounds as her orgasm rocked her body. I tugged at her sweats and she pulled them down and off. She turned to face me. We sat two feet apart. Her eyes were locked on my cock, fully erect and dripping pre-cum. My balls were aching to unload. I cupped them and stroked my shaft.

Harmony reached out to touch my cock, but I pushed her hand back toward her pussy. She moved her hips to the edge of the sofa and began to rub her clit. She pulled back on the hood and showed me the glistening little button and then she rubbed down on it and plunged two fingers into her wet pussy. I stared at the show she put on for me and I felt my orgasm building. She pulled her fingers out and they glistened with her wetness. Her pussy was dripping with its juices. I looked up and and her huge milk jugs were both dripping milk down her belly. She cupped one huge tit and raised the nipple to her lips. She sucked it and drank her own milk, her eyes locked to mine. Then she repeated that with the other huge tit.

It was too much for me. My cock exploded in jet after jet of thick, white ropy cum. It shot high and arced onto her thighs. I kept pumping my cock and load after load of cum blasted out. Harmony came again as she saw me shaking from the pleasure. We each slumped back to recover.

Two weeks went by after that. Harmony had told me that she would go back to using the hated pump and remember our night together as she did. My wife had her period and then a cold so I got no relief at home except my daily jerking off to the memory of Harmony’s huge, perfect tits squirting their milk into my mouth. So when she called to invite me over again, I was on my way almost before I hung up çeşme escort the phone.

This time there was no preliminary chat. The baby had been put down in her nursery and we went to Harmony’s bed. She wore a sexy nightie that came off quickly. I told her to feed her big baby and she cupped a big tit for me to suck. It dwarfed her hand as she lifted the mass up, offering it to me. I flicked at the big, stiff nipple, teasing her. She stuffed the tit into my mouth and I rewarded her by hungrily suckling and beginning to drain the sweet mother’s milk from the engorged jug. I stripped and laid back and Harmony straddled my stiff cock, cupping the other tit for me. It had begun dripping its sweet contents onto my chest. She licked up her own milk and guided the dark, hard nipple into my mouth. As I enclosed it and began sucking and squeezing it, Harmony lowered her pussy down the length of my stiff, aching cock.

She leaned forward and those two huge fleshy masses hung before my face. I moved from one to the other suckling, licking, biting, and feeding. I cupped them and squeezed them and massaged them and reveled in the tit heaven I was in. I worked the milk in each huge jug toward the nipple and squeezed them to squirt jets of milk all over my face. Harmony licked it off and rode my cock eagerly. I remembered her as a passive lover in college, but she was humping and riding my cock now, twisting and clamping down on it. Her pussy was warm and dripping with its juice. I could feel her building to a climax. And I wasn’t far behind her. As she moved, her big tits would bounce and flop and slap into my face. Whichever breast I was not sucking would drip its warm sweetness onto my chest or my face. I buried my face between them as I felt her pussy begin to spasm and convulse. I bucked my hips and shoved my full length deep into her cunt blasting my cumload inside her. She twisted and ground her pussy on the hardness and I felt her pussy leaking its juices on me. As my climax subsided she told me to relax and not pull out.

Harmony had done this once many years before. She was the only woman who had ever had me stay inside her after I had come. She lay on top of me and I felt her breathing become more regular. It felt good to be with someone who wanted me so much. It was such a sensory overload experience. It touched on every fantasy and every fetish I had ever had. It was amazing. She had become much more sexual over the years. My cock shrunk a little, but not much and it was still buried deep inside her pussy.

Harmony began to whisper in my ear.

“Do you feel my big titties on your chest? They still have so much milk for you. They need a big baby to feed. Please suck on my big nipples and get all of Mommy’s milk. I know you love to see Mommy’s big jugs hanging down and dripping Mommy’s milk in your face. Maybe after you suck out all the milk you can use your big hard cock to fuck Mommy’s tits. Remember how you used to titfuck me? You used to shoot your huge cumwad on my face and on my tits and I’d eat up all your cum like you drink down all my tit milk. Go on. Suck on these big titties, baby.”

Her words had the desired effect. My cock quickly began to stir and stiffen. By the time she had finished, I was pumping my fully hard cock into her cum-filled cunt. I returned to sucking those monster tits and eventually, the milk flow slowed and stopped. Her tits still seemed huge and firm, but they were a little softer and less firm.

Harmony lifted off my impaling cock and moved around to suck it. I ate her sopping wet pussy, tasting both her copious juices and my own cum. I licked her pussy and sucked on her lips and clit. My tongue explored every fold and plunged deep in her cunt. I felt her passion rise again and I sucked her clitoris and flicked it with my vibrating tongue as she exploded into my mouth. I sucked a big mouthful of our combined juices and moved on top to feed it to her. She slurped it down. I shoved a finger in her wet pussy and fed the juices to her again. She moaned around my finger. I straddled her chest and began to titfuck those enormous jugs. I pumped them slowly and then she pushed them together to form a deep cleavage. She urged me on and begged for another load of my cum. I pumped another massive load onto her tits and face and collapsed beside her.

After a long recovery, we made plans for the next time.

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