Happy Birthday, My Love


I had been primping all day, my stomach was fluttering with butterflies. The surprise that I had planned for my lover…was his one true fantasy. Could I actually go through it? I hope so. I had been planning for ages.

We were going to the Anniversary Inn, someplace I have always wanted to take him. This was the time…I was going to pick him up from work. I already had our bags packed and placed in the car. Only one half hour. My heart was racing in anticipation of what would be taking place.

FINALLY its time to go, I pick him up and we were off. He still had NO idea of what I had planned. He was very curious and kept asking for little hints…All I would do is ‘smile’ and keep driving. My little secret was safe for a few more minutes.

We drove into the parking lot, and get our bags. I check us into our room. The usher handed me the key, and ironically the number was 22. A number that had very special meaning to me. I was smiling when I handed him the key.

We went into the room and set our bags down. I told him to get a little more comfortable while I go change into something a little more comfortable. I go into the bathroom and change into my new teddy. He loves garters so I bought a red bra, with matching panties and garters. I sprayed on a little of his favorite perfume in strategic places, fluffed my hair and pushed my breasts up to form more cleavage. I was already starting to feel the moisture building down in my new panties.

I walk out into the bedroom and there he sits, waiting ever so patiently. His cock was starting to get hard, in wonder of what was going to happen next. I go over to him and start to passionately kiss his warm lips. I push him to etiler escort the bed and straddle his chest. Now I can feel his cock growing inside of his levi’s. Hmmm this is going to be fun. Time for the tease. I start by leaning over his chest and barely touching his chest with the tips of my nipples. I know that he likes this, and it is a huge turn on, by how fast his budge is growing. I lean over and start to whisper, in his ear. “I WANT YOU!!” He grabs me and starts biting and kissing my neck… BUT I have to be in control. He can’t do this because it will ruin everything…So I stop him. He seems a little confused by this, but willing to comply to what ever I say.

I reach over to the drawer and open it up…YES they put the items in that I requested. I pull out a silk tie. I put my finger to my mouth and say shhhhhhh. I reach up and blind fold him. I start to kiss his chest, stopping and enveloping his nipples. Biting them, and suckling them ever so gently. Kissing slowly down his chest and caressing his hardness, now peeking out of the top of his jeans. I unbutton his belt and pants and pull them down off of his hips and then all the way off. By this time my surprise has entered the room. She was a Red head. She was in a matching outfit, stockings, garters etc., except that they were black instead of red. She snuck into the room with out him hearing her and took her place by his side. By now his cock was a hard as a rock and dripping with pre-cum. That was my favorite, so I started licking and tasting this wonderful liquid. Mmmmmm this is so good. Just then Sara joined in. Licking the opposite side of his cock. He about sat straight halkalı escort up in the bed. I quickly and gently pushed him back onto the bed, and said “SHHHHH, its okay, just sit back and enjoy”, he laid back down and I could see his heart racing and about popping out of his chest. I motion to Sara and let her know that everything is all right. Back to it, she started taking his member into his mouth and sucking him like there was no tomorrow. All the while I was stroking his hardness and coming into contact with her mouth every time she pumped it into her mouth.

I climb up and straddle his shoulders. I pull my already soaked panties to one side and stick my pussy close to his mouth. By now he can smell my wetness and he sticks his tongue out and starts licking my clit. Oh yah, he is in total heaven, Someone sitting on his face and the other one sucking his dick, like there is no tomorrow! Oh baby, that feels sooo good!! I start to ride his face and I can see just how wet I really was. He reaches up and starts to squeeze my breasts and then I stop him and climb off. I motion to Sara again and we quickly change places. She sits on top of him and lets him taste her sweetness, while I am giving him head. I reach down and start to lick his balls, biting the sack and pulling out with my teeth, not too hard, but I know that he likes it. I see him reach up and start to pinch Sara’s nipples. Hmmm they are very erect and hard. She is a beautiful woman, about 5 foot 6 inches and slender in stature, but very well endowed. Hourglass shaped, lots of curves. All natural, I knew he would approve.

Hmmmmm he is getting very excited and is innovia escort trying to take off the blindfold. I said, All right and untie it so that he can see what I have done…

He smiles that sheepish grin that he has, and I knew then that he approved. First I climbed on that hard cock of his, but I didn’t climb on facing him, I climbed on with my ass facing him. My hands were on his knees, so that he could see as him cock entered my pussy. Slapping my ass and watching himself enter so deeply with ever pump. Sara, climbed over, not wanting to be left out, she started playing with my big breasts and started kissing me. I have never kissed another woman, so this is new for me, but I knew that would turn him on. So I kissed her back and I was shocked that it turned me on like that. She started sticking her tongue down my throat, while I was riding him like a wild bronc. I reach down and start rubbing my clit and keep bumping into his cock. Hmmm time to switch…

Sara climbs on facing him and I roll over and grab my vibrator and turn so he can watch me make myself cum.. I am watching my lover, He is fucking another woman and it is turning me on…I didn’t plan on this happening. This was his fantasy. But I was getting off on it too. I start to stick this big hard dildo deep into my pussy and try to pump with the same rhythm that he is using to FUCK Sara.

My eyes are starting to roll into the back of my head an I know that I am getting close to cumming. He was too. Faster and harder he was pumping his hard member into Sara’s deep wet hole. I was gong to cum…the site of that was more than I could stand and I start to scream…AAHHHHHHH I am going to cummmmmm!! And then I explode! He grabs onto her hips and pumps her HARD!! and he lets go with everything he has. He lets his hot creamy load go inside of Sara. Sara is cuming also, her back in arched and nipples are standing at attention. Everyone collapsed. That was round one…that night we had round 2, 3, 4 and 5, before Sara had to get going.

Happy Birthday, My Love

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