Halloween Night


Sloan put the finishing touches on her hair and make-up in her only mirror, a huge, heavy wooden antique she leaned against her wall. She smoothed the skirt of her backless black cocktail dress, her bare thighs showing under the fluffy full skirt.

“Whoa, mama,” her roommate hooted as she stopped in the doorway. “You did a good job. Very much like Betty Page.”

“Thanks, Jill. You sure you don’t want to come with me?”

“I have class tomorrow, so I’m going to pass.”

“Well, I’m going to be coming in pretty late, so I’ll do my best to stay quiet for you.”

“Oh don’t bother. I’m going to give out candy for a little while, then I’m going to Sarah’s to watch Becca. She and Martin want a Halloween to themselves.”

“You’re a good aunt. I’m off to the streetcar. Have a fun night with Becca and I’ll catch you later.” Sloan stuffed her ID, cash, house key, lip gloss, and cell phone in her bra, which was not incredibly full, but just enough to hold the essentials for a night in the French Quarter. While waiting for the streetcar at the stop, she spotted a few kids in costume walking with their parents as the sun was starting to set. Once the streetcar came and she climbed aboard, she and a few strangers in costume exchanged compliments and a few laughs on their way to the crowded heart of the Crescent City.

With each stop, the streetcar collected more and more passengers, and as Sloan was caught up telling the woman next to her about her favorite bakery, three guys dressed as gangsters with pinstripe pants, suspenders, and fedoras sat in the seats across from her, granting both sides a view of the other. Sloan wasn’t looking across from her at these three men, but while his two friends had an argument about the plot of a cheesy horror movie, their third musketeer was staring at her from behind his sunglasses. He was slender, but somewhat built, as was evident by his muscular forearms, with dark brown hair to the nape of his neck. It wasn’t until she got the feeling that someone was watching her did she even think to look in his direction. Seeing this guy so relaxed, leaning back in his seat, seeming to glare in at least her direction. She looked behind her and at the people to either side of her. He didn’t move at all.

Getting just a little creeped out, she asked him, interrupting his friends’ argument, “I’m sorry, but, are you staring at me?”

The dude just smiled. “A little bit, yeah.” This took her back, just his pure honesty. But then again, he didn’t have to gawk at her. “I apologize,” he said taking off the glasses, showing his grey-green eyes. “I just haven’t seen a Betty Page costume before. You did a good job.”

“Well, thanks,” she said, trying not to smile too widely. Didn’t want to let him read too much into her gratitude for the compliment.

“What are your plans for Halloween?” At this point, his friends were watching in amazement. This guy wants to show off how much pussy he can get. Well he won’t start here.

“Look, thanks for the compliment, but I don’t know you, dude. So, have a good night, and enjoy your stay in New Orleans.” She pulled the stop cord and started to get up.

“I’m not a tourist. I live uptown.” the guy said, with just a little snark.

“I still don’t know you. Bye.”

As she walked away in the wake of other streetcar riders’ sounds of embarrassment for the guy so publicly shot down, she did hear him say after her, “My name is Dorian.”

“So long, Dorian!” she called back with a wave.

She was about four blocks farther from One-Eyed Jack’s than she normally stopped, but a little walking in heels never hurt anyone, she thought. She greeted the bouncer, who recognized her immediately, Yalova Escort got her orange wristband and went through the double doors and onto the vibrating dance floor. She flirted a little with a few people, and got a few free drinks out of it, but after about a half hour of conversation with each gave up again and again. They all either had the personality of a rock, or would not stop dropping painfully obvious sexual innuendo instead of actually conversing. After hopping from club to club with no further expectations of finding anyone to connect with, Sloan found she was actually having a much better time. She danced with a few guys, one of which was very skilled, but also very grabby. An elbow in the ribs was enough to get him to back off.

While all the costumes and craziness of Halloween in the French Quarter still seemed like a lot of fun, she was still by herself, and obviously wasn’t having any luck finding a halfway decent person to talk to for the evening. And it wasn’t even ten o’clock yet. Maybe I should just go home and watch some zombie movies, she thought to herself. Slamming back the rest of her drink, she walked outside and reapplied her lip gloss, only to drop it on the ground. As she bent to pick it up, she noticed two leather shoes in front of her. Looking up, she saw that same fedora and pair of shades.

“You again.” she said, a little disdainfully. “I really hope you didn’t follow me.”

He giggled, “No, but I saw you as I was walking up to the door.”

“What happened to your friends?” she asked, leaning against the building behind her.

“They met up with their girlfriends. We went our separate ways for the night.” He lit up a cigarette, offering her one, which she accepted. He lit it for her, taking off his glasses again, to really look at her. “Hey, if I offended you at all I’m really sorry. You’re right, it wasn’t my business what your doing. You don’t know who I am. I get it, err on the side of caution.”

She sighed, and thought hard to herself while looking the guy up and down, tapping her foot against the sidewalk.

“What?” he asked with a smile.


“Okay… Okay, what?” he asked again, still smiling.

“Okay. You’re the nicest, so far most interesting person I’ve talked to all night. So since you’ve been ditched and I’m alone, what do you say we stick together?”

“Well, I’m not so sure. I don’t even know you, lady!” he said mockingly.

She laughed a little at this, and offered her hand to him. “I’m Sloan.”

He shook it. “Dorian.”

“I remember. So where do you want go, Dorian?”

They wandered the Quarter mob for almost another three hours, taking many photos along the way with their phones. As it turned out, Dorian was a pretty damned good dancer, and had no problem keeping up with her. What surprised her more was that he only touched her when she touched him first for a dance. He seemed like a genuinely good guy. Hell, even if he’s just acting this way for tonight, I am really enjoying this, she thought. Over the loud music, he yelled into her ear, “Are you hungry?” to which she nodded.

The two of them made their way towards the Eastern end of Bourbon St. and stepped into the Clover Grill for some late night burgers and fries.

“So where are you from, Dorian?”

“Well I live here, but I’m from West Virginia. I came here for school and never left. What about you?”

“I’ve always lived here. Most of my family lives here still. I traveled for a long time, but I find I really like it here just fine. What did you study?”

“Photography. I shoot for Where Y’at? Magazine.”

“Alright. Very cool.”


“I’m a librarian Yalova Escort Bayan at Orleans Parish.”

“Oh really?”

“Yup. I’m hardly ever at the information desk. Most of the time, I’m putting books back on the shelves or reorganizing.”

“That’s really cool. I don’t think I’ve ever met a librarian outside of a library before.”

“Well, we’re not known for our extroversion.”

“I also haven’t met a librarian dressed so scantily.”

“Everyone has to let loose sometimes. I’m just glad someone recognized who I was. No one could guess all night other than you.”

By the time 1 am rolled around, their plates were empty and the check was paid, and the conversation kept getting deeper. From philosophy, to film, to music, to art, they just kept going as they kept walking. In the middle of a lengthy observation about Kafka, Sloan slipped and nearly fell, but Dorian caught her as she leaned on him against the nearest wall. They just looked at each other for a minute there, chest to chest, eye to eye, his hands still wrapped gently around her shoulders to keep her from falling.

“Um… my roommate is gone for the night.” she said softly. “Would you want to stay over?”

“Sloan, I–“

“Look, I honestly can do without all of the bullshit of a defined relationship. I don’t want to be someone’s girlfriend. So if you want to have sex with me, please come in and you will get it. Otherwise, let me know now so I can go play with myself. I am in dire need of release and as the night’s gone on, you’ve shown yourself to be pretty charming, and damnit if you are not a sexy motherfucker. So, what say you?”

A surprised smile planted on his face, Dorian laughed a little and said, “Well goddamn, don’t I love an honest woman. I really like you, Sloan. And I would love to get to know you better, as a friend or whatever terminology you prefer,” at this he brought her face closer to his for a deep, sensual, very invigorating kiss that she seemed to fall into. “Tonight, let’s just do what feels good. Where to?”

They were practically falling over one another as she unlocked the door to her shared townhouse. Breathing heavily while still kissing him, Sloan kicked the door closed behind her as Dorian’s hands were hugging her curves up and down, pushing his loins against hers, making her so hot and bothered. Finally he broke the kiss and asked where the bathroom was. She smiled and pointed down the hallway. While he washed up she quickly picked up all of her bras and panties off the floor, unpinned her hair, and smoothed out her comforter on her queen-sized bed. The bedroom light was off and she was lighting a few candles as he leaned against her doorframe.

“You look stunning with your hair down like that.” Dorian said, taking his hat off for the first time all night. She blew out her match, and stepped out of her heels as she stepped closer to him. His hands were in his pockets. She ran her fingers down an arm and pulled a hand to her waist, then took the other one and put it on the back of her neck. He gently kissed her lips, her neck, her shoulders. He slowly pushed her backwards to lie down on her bed, continuing to kiss down her arm to her hand, the whole time, slowly working the side zipper of her dress down. Sloan slid out of her dress, leaving her in her black panties and thigh high stockings, her bare breasts moving up and down with each slow breath, as he maneuvered out of his suspenders and started unbuttoning his shirt. As he was sliding his arms out of the sleeves, she unbuttoned his pants and slid them and his boxers down his legs to the ground, leaving his erect penis in her face for the taking.

She took the head into Escort Yalova her mouth before Dorian could think, and she went to work. Licking up and down the shaft, sucking ever so gently on the tip, and softly massaging his balls. His delicate moans kept coming as her tongue kept going. Suddenly, he pulled her mouth off of him and laid her back on the bed, pulling her panties over her stockinged legs. She started to take them off, but he stopped her.

“Leave ’em on.” he said, running his fingers over the lace tops near her inner thighs getting her even more excited. “You’re legs look so sexy with them on.” His fingers traced over her thighs as he slowly kissed all the way down to between her legs. “Tit for tat.” he said with a grin. Dorian began lapping his tongue against her clit, softly, then rapidly, then with long wide strokes, his fingers working all around her wet pink lips. She moaned deeply with each touch and squealed a little when he stopped and dragged her by her legs to the edge of the bed, where he stood and positioned his hips with hers, sliding into her, making her moan all over again in ecstasy. His beginning rhythm was slow but deep, and as Sloan kept pushing back with her hips, the more Dorian quickened his thrusts, ever so slightly. His hands gripped one of her stockinged knees, while the other one pinched her right nipple. He bent down and kissed her as he started fucking her harder and harder on her bed, her fingers clawing into his back now.

“Oh fuck! Oh! Oh fuck! Oh my God! Oh! Oh!”

“You like that? Huh?” he asked her as he pinned her hands above her head with his and slammed his hard cock into her, “You like it?”

“Oh fuck, YES! Oh! Oh!”

“You like what?”

“Mmm, I fucking love your cock fucking my wet pussy! Oh! Oooh!” At that he rolled her on top of him, his hands rolling her hips over his dick, grunting more and more with each roll. She moaned skyward and massaged her own tits as she moved above him. Finally he hit just the right spot to push her over the edge, and she commanded the reins. She put his hands on either side of her ass, and started pumping her pussy on his thick cock, all the while making him emit his own moans. He was a lot louder than other guys she’d been with and she fucking loved it.

He slapped her ass, hard, making her cry out, more from pleasure than from pain. “Do it again.” she said, a little breathless, but still slowly moving up and down his penis. He spanked her again, just as hard, making her moan, and her legs quiver just a little. She got on the balls of her feet and started swiftly bouncing up and down on his erect member, Dorian continuing to slap her bare ass at almost every other thrust, the other hand grabbing onto a little bit of Sloan’s hair. When he really liked the feel of what she was doing, he gave a slight tug.

Pulling her ear near him, he whispered, “I want to fuck you from behind.” which was all the prompting she needed. She got on all fours, and Dorian easily slid into her once again, his hand moving her long dark hair from the nape of her neck. All the while she kept making nearly inhuman sounds as his dick hit just the right spots; he started rapidly thrusting followed by slow steady strokes, and then back to rapid fucking again. This back and forth kept the sensation building until Sloan just couldn’t hold out anymore. Her orgasm tore through her whole body, leaving her head buzzing and fingertips sort of numb.

As the last waves of her orgasm were subsiding, Dorian started pumping faster and harder still, his face contorting as his own orgasm started to mount. He pulled his cock out of her and moved closer to her mouth, pumping his cum into her awaiting, eager mouth as she moaned and swallowed his load. He collapsed next to her, and the two of them just lay there, catching their breath, and occasionally rubbing up against one another again, a few soft kisses here and there, until the both of them drifted into the sleep of the exhausted.

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