Had to keep up with our standard of living pt1


Had to keep up with our standard of living pt1With the Celtic Tiger petering out rather quickly and having become used to a certain standard of living, gym membership, going away for a couple of foreign holidays a year the cuts in take home pay and increases in bill really put a strain on things. One income was not going to be enough. Linda had been going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week so one of the options was to cut down on membership of clubs and she had been discusiing it with one of the staff there.That was when one of her instructors overheard and approache Linda in the carpark when she was on the way out. Her name was Ann and she said that she would have a chat with the managers there to see if there were any classes that needed covering over the summer holidays, she was certainly fit enough and with an induction course Ann said that she would do just fine. Linda was excited about the prospect when she came home and couldn;t wait until her next class with Ann the following week to she what the outcome was.When the Tuesday arrived Linda was heading out of the door in a positive frame of mind. i got a text a while later to put some supper on and some tea because Ann was coming over to discuss a couple of options. It was after 9 when they arrived and we all sat around the dining table to listen to what Ann had to say. There wasa chance of a class or two a week over the summer but really thet were cutting back on staff hours then anyway and it could be unreliable. Linda was still enthusiastic about the option and was thinking of approaching a couple of other places around the area to see if she could get some hours elsewhere. the Ann said that she had been thinking about Linda over the weekend and had approached her other boss to see if he needed some extra staff over the summer aswell. Ann said that it was in the city so there was a bot of travel but the money was really good and that she tought that Linda would work out just fine. Linda asked where it was exactly and Ann gave the name and location of a strip club in the city. Normally she would get an introduction fee if Linda worked out but she had agreed to pass it to Linda just to get her off to a good start, surely it was worth a try. I was very quiet and while Linda looked apprehensive as well she told Ann that it was a very kind offer and that she really would think about it.After Ann left, Linda said not to be mad that Ann was just tring to help as best she could, noone else was offering any kind of helping hand and that it was only a suggestion, she could still work at the gym and we might be able to get by. The next day a call came from the gym and Linda was given a few hours of work, even with cash into her hand on the day it didn;t seem like much. Thursday arrived and there was another call from the gym they wanted her back the next week to cover the same shift. As we sat down that evening Linda said that as much as she didn;t want to that Ann’s offer really was the only option left on the table, at least if she went down the first nigth it would be more than she would get for one day at the gym and Ann would give her a lift to and from. we slept on it ovenight and we had a civilised breakfast. When I had arrived at work I had some time to think about it some more and asked if I could have the afternoon off, all good so long as i switched to a weekend shift for cover. Getting th knod I gave Linda a call to say that I’d go down to the club with her to give a bit of support. she was delighted, even asking if we could pick up Ann on the way. We met up in the early afternoon and had a spot of lunch, Linda didn’t eat much as she was nervous. Whenwe called dor Ann she invited us in saying that it was a little early to be leaving but that I could watch some şişli escort tv while she went over a few things with Linda. They arrive back downstairs after about an hour. Linda was in good form and Ann said that we were good to go. When we arrived at the club Ann introduced us to the bouncers at the door and then to a manager inside the club. He gave me a few tokens for drinks and said the girls weren’t allowed tonight as it was Lindas first, so I should make the most of it. The club was a little quieter than I had expected even with the times we were in. Thw professional girls were strutting their stuff, Athletic types, curvy, some with fake tits, all very skilled at dancing or wrything on the pole time passed quickly and soon I saw Linda make her way onto the stage. Ann was with her and they were wearing matching lingerie qith Linda in a pair of black stripper heels and Ann in a blue pair that matched the lingerie. They performed together, Ann looked to be helping Linda through a routine and as the music becmae louder their moves began to flow with a little more ease. They moved together sliding a hand down each others back, then there they were both of them topless on the stage to the approval of the men at the edge of the stage, they appraoched near to the crowd squatting down with their knees closed before sliding their hands to their knees and spreading them wide, to chants of take them off, take them off Linda looked at Ann who shrigged, there were some tips waived in the air and stuffed into a garter that they were each wearing.They rose together with their hands running down each other bodies from their shoulders over each others breasts and down to the other waist. There was a pause as the music stopped. I could only see Anns face as she raised her eyebrows, tilting her head slightly. Linda pulled at the strings a the side of Anns panties to let them fall to the floor, Ann looked at Linda ther was aslight nod of the head and Ann completed the same manouvre for Linda letting her panties fallto the floor as well. The music started again as the girls danced together again, repeating their squatting manouver each receiving some more tips in their garters before revealing all close up to the crowd, Linda had trimmed her pussy so it was just a wide landing strip down to her pussy with the rest being shaved, something they must have done at Anns with Ann sprting a completely bald pussy. Two more girls came out as Ann and Linda made their way from the stage.A bouncer came over to me and said I shold go with him, he brought me round to the dressing rooms where Linda and Ann were getting dressed, brown velour tracksuits being the preferred attire.. The bouncer said as auditions go I think that was a good one Linda. She said thanks raising her eybrows as if trying to remeber his name. Tyrone he said, I’ll be putting my opinion in the hat if that;s worth anything. Ann said to use the rear entrance to leave she would be with us in a few minutes she just had a few things to tidy up. As we closed the door behind us, Linda grabbed my hand and in the alleyway we kissed passionately. Linda undoes my belt and slides her hand inside my trousers. Did that turn you on as much as it did me she says., I slode my hand down the back of her tracksuit bottoms to feel her ass, it’s so pert and full. Linda pulls back from our embrace saying what the fuck, she opens the tracksuit top, no bra and then she lets the bottoms falll to the ground, she steps out of them, now all she is wearing is the heels. she then takes my hand and places it between her legs, saying I never needed you to fuck me so bad. My fingers slide across Lindas soaking pussy, as she undoes my trousers releasing my now rock hard cock. There is a fre escape ladder just şişli escort bayan a fotto ro two away, I move Linda by massaging her soaking wet pussy towars the ladder. Placing one of her heels so that her leg is raised and her pussy is vulnerable Ibend her over slightly, she leans forward grabbing the only thing to hand a big wheely bin I side my pulsatng cock into her wet pussy, just two strokes and she takes my full length, unusually for us Linda is reaching her orgasm almost immediately, I continue to fuck her pussy as Linda moans loudly saying yes fuck me, fuck me hard. Linda reaches a second orgasm and this time her yight grip send me over the edge as well as i cum in her pussy. I can feel that it is a lot as I pull out Linda stays in her pose for a while, her lips hanging down as cum finally starts to ooze from her well lubricted pussy. We grab our clothes and make for the car. we are only just getting the engine warm when Ann appears knocking on the window. Linda opens to door and lets her in. The girls are all chat on the way home with Ann saying that she thought that it went well. as we dropped Ann off she gave an envelope to Linda saying to open it in the morning. Over breakfast, Linda opened the envelope, there was a bunch of cash inside there was a note from Ann, I hope that you waited until morning to open this, the manager would be very interested to have you back for Saturday and Sunday night this week. There was only one lot of dance tips so Tyrine got a few of the other bouncers to throw in s little cash to bump it up a little. Hope to see you this afternoon so we can go shopping. Ann.I looked at Linda, she counted the monry again and said even if I spend half of ot on clothes for tonight Istillcome out with more than 2 days at the gym. It was a leisurely morning I asked Linda if she would show me her pussy again, She was a bit of a tease, asking why. You know why I replied, I wanted to see those lovely lips shave for a long time and you know it, come on I have to go now and you just look so good. Linda gives a smile and says sit down on that chair. Now Linda rests on the dining table She is wearing a knee length skirt and places her feet ither side of me on the chair, now slowly lifting the hem of her skirt up her legs. suddenly it is her upper thigh and then her naked pussy, it feels so good with no knickers she says, we can have some more fun tonight when I get home.I leave for work and because someone else doesn’t turn up it’s extra tiring and takes longer than expected. when I arrive home I look at the time it’s nearly time that Lnda should be back but I fall asleep almost straight away. I hear her come home and look at the time, I ‘m shardly able to open my eyes to fo that. Linda attempts to wake me but I prented to be asleep. I can see her getting undressed in a mirror across the room. The bathroom door is open as she washes her face and with the extra light I can see that she has moved the mat to the middle of the floor and facing me directly witht the door wide open is starting to masturbate. She reaches an orgasm very quickly and with quiet stifled moans before coming into bed and cuddling into me. We are both up late and it is time for me to go before we can chat about much other than it went well and there is money in the pot.The guy turns up on Sunday, but it’s still a tough days work and although I am not as tired as the night before I am home ealier and asleep for a little longer before Linda gets home. Linda tries to wake me again but not as much as the night before. There is a full length mirror just near the bed and with the light from the bathroom again I am just a tht right angle to see Linda posing in it. She has a new pair of platform heels which she is wearing and mecidiyeköy escort bayan she is rubbing some lotion into her breasts at first then the rest of her body. She steps closer to the mirror as she examines her left breast, to my surprise she has a nipple ring now, and letting her hand move down her body the glistening of the lotion does not stop at her pelvis, she is now completely smooth, her lips are as big as ever and to me it looks like her clitoris is a little more proud. Linda looks at me in the bed as if checking that I am still asleep before heading into the bathroom. The mat is still there from the night before and with her heels still on she hooks the heel of one foot into the towel rail and the other leg goes over the edge of the bath. Linda now starts to explore her oilrf up pussy with her fingers. One at first and the two. the other hand sliding slowly across her clit. She is louder than the previous night and sits up a little to see if she has made too much. I don’t stir and Linda is reaching for something. It is one of the shampoo bottles, she rubs the bottom of it across her pussy, it doesn’t go in so shr tries her fingers again three this time and then after a few nice long probes with her fingers she attempts th bottle again. She shuffle sher ass a lottle forward and then the bottle slips inside her oiled pussy, she works it in until there is only the top to hold onto, then she concentrates on her clit again. I can feel my dick getting rock hard watching her as she now reaches a climax, she forgets that she is trying to be quiet and it is a loud one. Linda suddenly realises where she is and stifles herpleasure, looking over at the bed inquisitively. I make a low noise and roll over to face te other way.The following morning Linda is up early and has breakfast ready, with a fresh cup of coffee for me in bed.We chat about this and that while I have my coffee and once I am finished Linda says, you are going to be so proud of me. Iwair for what she will say next. Look how much we’ve made over the weekend. She lays out all the money on the bedside locker. I can’t help but be amazed, and then Linda pipes up and there is more. Oh I say, wondering what she can mean. I just have to get up here Linda says climbing onto the bed. You are inthe way a little can you scootch down a bit. I do and then Linda is lowering her self down onto me, well lowering her pussy onto my face, I noticed how much you liked the shaved bit the last time so I took it all off. Lick me down there, all over.I start to lick at her lips and up to her clit, which is really intense for her. linda moves to get me to lick where her landing strip used to be and she is still moaning in delight. Linda now moves down my body ripping off the bedclothes and my boxerson the way down. My cock is semi erect and with a few licks of her tongue Linda had me fully erect so taking my dick in her hand she slides it into her wet and waiting pussy. bending down to whisper in my ear Linda says I’ve been needing to fuck almost constantly since I started this job, I treid to wake you the last two nights but you were fast on. Linda sits up grinding her pussy against my dick saying feel my ripe tits. As i do she smiles again, the other one as well she purrs. I feel the nipple ring. Linda lets down her gown from her shoulders to reveal it in full, pull it a little, make me cum.As I pull gently Lindas nipple hardens and she puts her nand on mine showing me how and how hard to pull as she reaches a climax. I haven’t cum but Lindas new sexual appetite takes over with her saying let me taste my pussy off your cock. She takes it slow at first with het tongue and then sucking on my balls before taking the first few inches of my cock into her mouth. My cock is so wet with her pussy juices and saliva not that when she takes my dick in her hand with a couple of vigorous strokes her hand slips off. Now she grabs my balls in one hand and tugs on my dick with the other until cum explodes all over her hands and face.

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