Guy in the bar


Guy in the barCigarette smoke and bourbon. That’s all I could smell in this shit hole of a bar. I’m not complaining though. I’ve spent most of my nights in this place for the past month or so, drowning my sorrows because let’s face it…life fucking sucks.Catching the guy you’ve been with for three years, fucking some little 18 year old tramp in your bed, would make you pretty bitter too. And on the day you got fired from your job because they were ‘downsizing’, what a bunch of fucking bullshit. So, of course I kicked his ass to the curb ASAP. I’m not putting up with that shit. I came here that night because it was close to my apartment, but I’ve found myself coming back here every night since then. I did the adulting thing, found another job, so I’m not an alcoholic, I don’t spend the whole day drinking. Just my nights. The place is pretty low key, mostly just regulars and a few college k**s who stumble in every once and awhile. I can sit at the bar as long as I want and no one usually bothers me. I’m on a first name basis with the bartender/owner. He seems like a pretty cool guy. Middle aged, hippy dude. His name is Sam. Sam doesn’t talk much, which I appreciate. No unnecessary chit chat.I lazily wave my hand to Sam, signaling that I’m ready for another round. He places the glass of Jack in front of me, giving me a small smile and continues on with his work. The TV has all of my attention tonight, the Boston Red Sox are playing the New York Mets. I’m a die-hard Red Sox fan, so I try to watch every game I can. Sam know this, he puts the games on for me when I come in. The Red Sox are up 3-2 in the bottom of the 5th inning. Ortiz hits a grounder to short, the call so close but they call him out.”Aww that’s some bullshit! He was fucking safe! Get some glasses you blind piece of shit!” I yell at the TV.”He was out by a mile,” I hear someone call out a few seats down from me.I look to my right, past a few of the other patrons to see a very good looking guy leaned forward against the bar. Dark brown hair, one eyebrow raised challengingly. Who the fuck is this guy? “You’re a Mets fan aren’t you?” I nod my head at him.He smirks, then winks at me, grabs his drink and gets up, walking toward me.As he gets closer I can see him better in the dim light. He’s fucking gorgeous. Tall, slim, hair standing out every which way, a jawline you could cut glass on. He sits down next to me and I try my damnedest to keep my cool. Guys like this never come in here. Usually I Esenyurt Escort just wear my jeans and a t shirt when I come here, but for some reason tonight I decided to wear my black halter top sun dress, which makes my tits look amazing. Good decision.”Dylan,” he holds his hand out introducing himself.I swivel my stool to look at him, giving him the once over and narrow my eyes slightly. Jesus where did this one come from? He looks like he just stepped out of a movie. I offer my hand and tell him my name. “Never seen you in here before,” I turn back and take a sip of my drink.”Never been here before, just got into town,” he leans back and rests one arm on the back of the stool.”And what brings you to our fair city?” I ask as I light a cigarette.”Work,” he smiles and downs the rest of his drink.”Let me guess,” I take a drag while I try to think what kind of work he does. “You’re an actor,” I chew on my bottom lip.”Ding ding ding!” He waves to Sam for another drink “Figures,” I mutter and turn my attention back to the game. Of course he’s an actor. He’s got that arrogance that comes off of him in waves.”You know who I am?” He leans his elbows on the bar top and leans a little closer in my personal space.”Nope, you just look the type,” I say without taking my eyes off the TV.”Hmm, you’re kinda bitchy,” He turns his body toward me.I look at him, his light brown eyes are like amber, the cocky smirk on his face makes me want to punch him, or kiss him I’m not exactly sure which.”Does that pick up usually work for you?” I try to contain the smile on my face, it’s very difficult I’m not gonna lie.”Didn’t say bitchy was a bad thing,” he laughs. Ugh. Perfect eyes, perfect smile, perfect laugh. No good can come from this. “Well you just hit the jackpot!” I smile my fakest smile and shrug one shoulder forward. “Seriously though, what are you doing in here? This is not your typical Movie Star hangout,” I grab Sam’s attention for yet another round.“YESSS!!!! ” I scream as look at the TV just in time to see Boston score two more runs.The guy laughs at my outburst and I notice him look me up and down a couple times out of the corner of my eye. “Just wanted to watch the game without being mobbed by people,” he answers my question. His eyes glued to the deep V in the front of my dress.”Hey,” I whisper, leaning forward. “My eyes are up here, hot shot,” his eyes still focused on my cleavage.”Yeah but your tits are so much better,” he slowly drags his Esenyurt Escort Bayan eyes up to meet mine.”You’re kind of an asshole,” I can’t understand why I’m still talking to him. Any other guy I wouldn’t have given the time of day. I’ve dealt with my fair share of what they call these fuck-boys, none of them ever getting to me the way this one is.”Then we’re perfect for each other, the asshole and the bitch,” that devilish smirk marks his face again as he leans toward me, a finger softly brushing against my thigh.Leave. Leave now. Don’t look back. I gotta give it to him though, he’s smooth as fuck. He looks innocent but he’s really anything but. He’s the kinda guy you just fuck his brains out and leave before he can. Never let them leave first. That power is all yours. And definitely don’t be stupid enough to fall for one of them. Then you end up in bars every night, trying to drink away all those shitty feelings.”I’m going to the bathroom,” I look him dead in the eyes, challenging him.Let’s see if he’s all talk. I slide off the bar stool, his long legs on either side, trapping me. I place my hand on the inside of his upper thigh, pressing so he spreads his legs wider so I can get past him. I hear him clear his throat as I walk away and I smile to myself.Well this night definitely just got interesting. I wash my hands as I look at myself in the mirror, wondering if he’s really got the balls to follow me in here.What are you going to do if he does? Are you really going to fuck him in a nasty bathroom of a bar? ………who are you bullshitting, of course you are. You haven’t been laid in months and this cocky little shit is really hot, plus you’ll never see him again so you can’t get hurt. Win win. I hear the door open and close, then a sound like it’s being locked and I smile.Game on. He comes around the corner and I turn to face him, leaning against the counter, pushing my chest out a little. He pauses as he sees me and his tongue slides across his bottom lip. Two strides. That’s all it takes before his lips are on mine, he pushes me back against the counter as his hands grasp my waist. I find the hem of his shirt and slide my hands underneath, his abs tensing under my touch.He moves his hands around to grab my ass, my hips thrusting into his. I moan softly as I feel his cock starting to harden through his pants and his tongue slides against mine, hot and strong. Every nerve in my body is on fire as his hands roam from Escort Esenyurt my back to my front, slipping through the V of my dress to palm my breast. The ache between my legs is starting to become unbearable as I stroke his cock through his pantsHe kisses across my jaw, nipping at the sensitive skin and he moves to unhook my dress at the back of my neck, baring my chest to him. He lets slip a low growl as he looks at my tits and moves down to take a taut peak into his mouth, swirling his tongue and softly biting. I run a hand through his hair, tugging gently as I slip my hand down into his boxers, sliding my hand down his length. He groans against my skin and it seems to move through my body all the way to my core.He moves his hands down, one gripping my hip as the other glides along the inside of my thigh up to my now-very-soaked panties. His two middle fingers swipe up against the soft fabric from my entrance to my clit and back down again, then he pulls my panties to the side to make direct contact.” Oh god ,” I moan, tugging on his hair and his mouth finds mine again.”You’re so wet,” he moans against my lips as he slides those two digits inside of me. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard,” he says as he buries those long fingers and I whimper.I unbuckle his belt, popping the button on his pants and slide the zipper down. He pulls his fingers away from me and grabs the back of my thighs, lifting me up onto the counter. He pulls his pants and boxers just low enough to free his cock and slips his hands back to my panties, ripping the thin fabric like a piece of paper. I grab his face and smash my lips to his as he lines himself up to my pussy. He grabs my hips and pulls me to him, his cock slamming deep inside me. I cry out from the sudden intrusion. His deep, rough thrusts have me seeing stars as he starts a punishing rhythm. I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked like this before. It’s incredible. I wrap my legs around his waist to take him deeper and every time he pounds into me, he hits my sweet spot. His grunts and my moans echo off the bathroom walls, my heartbeat pulsing loudly in my ears as he takes me higher toward ecstasy. His thumb starts to rub against my clit and I’m done for, my walls clenching tightly around him. I moan his name and he thrusts a couple more times, finding his release. My body shudders as the last waves of my orgasm subside, his hand tangles in my hair as he pants breathlessly.”Holy shit,” I breathe, resting my forehead against his.”You’re a dirty girl ,” he laughs and I smack his shoulder, laughing with him.“That’s not a bad thing,” I smile and bite his bottom lip. “My place is two blocks from here, you wanna continue this there?””Absolutely,” he smirks.”You’re such an asshole,” I smile and roll my eyes.

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