Big Dicks

I first noticed her when I walked up to the front desk at my doctor’s office to check in for a blood test. She was checking in when I arrived. I have had a thing for an older woman my whole life, and her gray shoulder length hair caught my attention immediately. But then, so did her shapely ass in the jeans she had on. As I stood there, I studied her from behind, watching as her hair waved as her head bobbed while she filled out the form the girl behind the desk had given her.

I was hoping to catch a glimpse of her face, but it wasn’t happening. I turned to examining the dark pink pullover sweater she was wearing. As I looked at her, I noted she had a really appealing shape; nice ass, slender waist. I wondered how her tits would look when she finally turned around. As I looked at her from behind, I didn’t see any evidence of a bra. Nah, it’s got to be the thickness of the sweater, I thought. What woman goes to the doctor braless?? My mother and two wives had spent plenty of time dwelling on making sure they were properly and thoroughly clad from the ground up whenever they had a visit to one of their many medical professionals, something they made a great effort to impress on me from an early age. Nah, she’s gotta be wearing a bra. I just can’t see it through the fabric.

After a few minutes, my turn came, and I went to the window adjacent to my gray lady. By now, she was explaining some of the information on her form to the receptionist, and I could see she was quite appealing, with a pretty face and blue eyes. Now able to see the front of her, I saw that, as I had imagined when I was looking at her from behind, she had nicely shaped tits, perhaps a B cup, maybe a little larger. Her sweater came to a deep V, but not deep enough to reveal any cleavage from my angle of view. Then as she leaned forward, the shoulder of her sweater pulled away, and it looked like maybe I was right, no bra-or, at least I couldn’t see a strap in the limited view I had. I felt my cock respond to the thought that she might indeed be sporting nothing but a pair of nicely shaped and attractively presented titties under that pink sweater.

The gray haired lady got done checking in, and went to sit in the waiting room. I was done quickly, and took a seat opposite her in the same row of chairs. I pulled out the paper-I always bring something to read when going to a doctor’s office, the waiting can be interminable-but quickly found myself looking at my mystery lady. She was getting a book out of her bag, which was on the floor in front of her, and I could get a partial look down the front of her sweater. I couldn’t see far enough to get a good look, but it appeared her tits seemed to be swaying quite a bit. She got her book and sat up. I started reading the short items on the margin of the front page of my paper, but they couldn’t hold my attention, and I found myself looking at her tits, which were not droopy at all, in fact, rather perky, especially for someone who had to be well past 70. I zoned out as I stared, daydreaming about pulling her sweater off to find them indeed unbound, and feeling them against my chest.

“Wanna see ’em??” She broke into my daydream, suddenly bringing me back to reality. I must have looked dazed or something. She spoke again. “My tits. Wanna see ’em??”

Oh, crap. Busted, I thought. I chuckled. “Um, well…” I was a bit taken aback by the unusual question. Normally, I’d have just made some lame apology and begged off, but there was something about her that intrigued me.

She gave me an enigmatic look. “You’ve been staring at them since you sat down.” Oh boy, really busted. “Well…??” I looked at her a long moment. “It’ll cost you lunch, though.”

I might as well go all in. “You bet,” I said as enthusiastically as I could without making it obvious to the whole waiting room what I was referring to. I looked into her ice blue eyes. “And I’ll be happy to pick up lunch. I’m sorry to have stared, and I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable. It’s just I find you amazingly attractive, and you do fill out a sweater very nicely.”

Her face softened, and a smile spread across it. “Well!! It’s nice to know at this age I can still get a guy’s attention, especially a younger man.”

I laughed. “I’m not exactly fresh out of high school. I’ll be 60 in a few months.”

“Ah, you’re just a kid.” She leaned forward, her eyes fixed on me. “I’ll be 78 next month. And I hope you’re taking me somewhere nice.”

“You’re on, and your choice. I’m going in for a blood draw. I have meds that can cause liver damage, so I get a liver panel done every six months. If I get out first, I’ll wait for you out here.”

“Well, then, we’ll be back there together. I’m also having blood drawn, so maybe neither of us will have to wait.” She paused.

“And who am I waiting for??” I asked, thinking it might be helpful to know the name of the woman who was going to show me her tits an hour from now.

She smiled. “Sally. It’s nice to meet Ankara Escort you…”

“Tom,” I said, smiling at her. “And I’m looking forward to lunch with you, Sally.”

Just then, she was called, and went in to get stuck. I was called a moment later. I caught up to her in the lab waiting area. “So, where do you want to go?? Your choice.”

“Hmm…I should make you take me somewhere high end,” said Sally with a wicked smile. High end in our town would set me back all of about $40, tops.

“Up to you,” I said, not really caring where we went. Even at the top end, $40 wasn’t going to put me in the poorhouse. If lunch didn’t go beyond a couple of sandwiches and a flash, I was warming up to Sally. I like an old gal with attitude, and she had it. The $40 lunch might yet turn into a good investment if we hit it off well.

“How about Hog Heaven??” she posed. “I could go for a rack of ribs.”

“That would be great. I love their hot link. Let’s do it. You want to follow me??”

“I know where it is. I’ll meet you,” said Sally. I hoped I wasn’t being ditched. That would have been disappointing, but I wasn’t out anything at this point, either.

Five minutes later, we were walking into the restaurant, a fairly typical barbecue joint, lots of corrugated metal and the aroma of hickory smoke. The food was good, and I had consumed a lot of hot link, brisket and potato salad there over the years. Lunch would set me back around $30, but hopefully it would be well worth it.

We ordered our food at the counter, and went to sit while the hot part of it was made up. It turned out that despite the unusual way we met, we took a liking to each other, and our conversation flowed easily. She had grown up in the Chicago area, her father working for a couple of steel mills on the far south side and in Gary, Ind. It was a rough and tumble upbringing, which explained the attitude. She and her husband, also a mill worker, had moved south after he retired about 15 years ago.

I had noticed she was wearing a plain gold band on her left ring finger. I asked her if they were still together. “Yes,” she said, “but he’s 81 and not well. A couple of years ago, he started getting forgetful, and leaving things in odd places. Then one day while I was out with some friends, he went out, and couldn’t find his way home. Fortunately, he still had enough presence of mind to call me, and I was able to get him back home.”

“Sounds like he’s developing Alzheimer’s, or at least dementia,” I said. “It’s hard to watch.”

“Especially the part he’s going through now. He knows he’s losing it, when he knows, which is exasperating for him, and frustrating for me. It’s hard to watch a man who was capable and in control go off into the fog of this disease.”

Sally was getting teary eyed as she spoke. I took her hand in mine. “I’m sorry you are having to go through that. I know how hard it is to watch. Thirty years ago, my grandmother went through all that-the odd clothing choices, carrying two purses, wearing two pair of glasses, mismatched shoes, it was really disheartening. What made it more heartbreaking was that in her prime, she taught high school history in New York. She was 5’3″ and all of 105 pounds, but she was in complete control of any room she was in. Seeing her fade out that way was really, really hard.”

Sally squeezed my hand, looking deeply into my eyes, realizing she had found someone who understood her special hell. “Look, if you don’t want to do this, I understand completely. I realize this deal we made is crazy, and I do apologize if I made you uncomfortable in any way. Lunch is on me, and we can just go our separate ways if you want.”

Sally squeezed my hand tighter. “No. A deal’s a deal. Besides, you’re OK after all, even if you did start out by burning a hole in my sweater with your eyes. I have not had anyone to talk to about my husband’s illness since…well, since it started. We’re supposed to be able to get counseling, but the waiting list is long, since there’s not enough staff to cover the need.”

I thought a moment, looking at Sally. “I guess your husband…”

“Alan,” she cut me off.

“Alan doesn’t know you’re showing your tits to strange men you meet in a doctor’s office??”

Sally laughed. “Actually, at this point, probably not, but we have a deal. When he was diagnosed, we had a long heart to heart about the prognosis and progress of his condition. One of the things he said to me, to my great surprise, was that when he gets to a point where he isn’t able to take care of me, I should feel free to seek companionship if I want it.”

“That sounds very generous of him. I’m not sure many men would be so good about their wives going out on them, even if they were too far around the bend to know.”

“I thought so, too, and as I said, it was quite a surprise. But we’d always had an active sex life, even for a while after he was diagnosed, and he knew how much I enjoyed it. His outlook Ankara Escort Bayan was, why should you be deprived just because I can’t do anything any more??” Sally stood up, taking her drink cup. “Besides, at 77, I’ll show my tits to anyone I want!!” she said, slapping my shoulder as she went to refill her sweet tea.

Sally came back and sat down. “I bet it felt like you were cheating on him the first time,” I posed to her.

She took a swig off her tea. “Yeah, it did, and a few more times after that. But Alan insisted in his more lucid moments. ‘It’s not cheating if you have permission,’ he would tell me. Still it took me a while before I made peace with that situation.”

“Seems like you’ve accepted it,” I suggested.

Sally smiled. “In some ways.” She took another drag off her tea and leaned toward me, whispering. “Sometimes a girl just has to get laid.” She gave me a gentle slap on the cheek.

“I imagine it gets easier over time.”

Sally sighed. “It does, sort of. I’ve kissed a few frogs, though.”

We finished up lunch and headed back to my house, each of us taking our own car, since that would make parting a little simpler later on. I pulled into the driveway, Sally right behind. I went into the house, coming in through the kitchen.

“Get you anything??” I asked, thinking she might want something cold before whatever we were going to do got started.

“Yes,” said Sally as I turned to face her. She took my face in her hands and kissed me, a long, deep kiss that impressed me with its intensity. “I’ll have one of those,” she said as she pulled away, fixing me with her blue eyes. “And a glass of tea if you have some.”

I poured her a glass of sweet tea, and grabbed a bottle of soda for myself. We took a drag off our beverages and went into the living room. We sat on the sofa. “Ready??” asked Sally, smiling at me.

“I’ve been ready. I’ve been looking forward to this since before we actually met.”

Sally laughed. “I just hope you’re not disappointed, after all, these are not the tits of a 20 year old.”

“I didn’t think they would be, but I can’t see how anyone would be disappointed. After all, a guy gets a girl naked, he feels like he’s won the lottery.”

Sally sighed. “I’ll let you in on a little secret. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this.”

“I never would have guessed,” I said, a little sarcastically.

“I had one guy, who wasn’t a kid, and should have known better what he was getting into, he was about 40, get a look of real shock when I took my top off. He was good looking, and came across well. But he apparently wasn’t ready for what someone my age looks like topless.”

I shrugged. “Can’t be that bad, can it?? Let’s see what you got.”

Sally gave me a weak smile, and took hold of the bottom of her sweater. She pulled it up over her head, revealing a pretty well preserved set of B cup breasts. They were perky enough to stand up, and had little sag to them. No wonder she went braless. They were capped by dark pink nipples that were starting to perk up now that they were out in the open. The skin between them was a little wrinkled when she moved, and she had some stretch marks on her belly, but on the whole, she looked pretty good. Her skin was smooth, and had a porcelain complexion.

“Wow,” I said quietly. Sally looked at me, as if not sure what to make of my reaction. “You’re gorgeous.” Her expression was one of mild disbelief. I leaned over and kissed her softly, and pulled away, looking her in the eye. She smiled as she came to the realization that I wasn’t mocking her.

“You’re not kidding me, are you??”

“Not at all. You’re stunning.”

Sally leaned to me and kissed me hard, her tongue tangling with mine. I reached to her, fondling her left breast, making the nipple stand up proudly. She started to unbutton my shirt. “Now I get to see your chest, since you’ve seen mine.” She undid two buttons, stopping to play in the thick hair on my chest. “Ohh, I love a hairy chest!!” She opened the rest of my buttons, pulling away from our kiss to bury her face into me. I kissed the top of her head, and she moved up from my chest and kissed me. As we were kissing, I stood up, lifting her off the sofa. I broke the kiss and took Sally’s hand.

“Come on,” I said, leading her. She grabbed her sweater and followed without a word. I went back to the master, pulling her through the door. I usually don’t question a situation such as this, but I figured at this point the momentum would carry us. Still, I wanted to make sure. I took both her hands in mine. “You sure you’re OK with this??”

Sally looked into my eyes. “Never more sure of anything.” She pushed my shirt off my shoulders, wrapping her arms around me and holding her cheek to my chest. I held her tight, kissing her hair. We pulled away from each other, and undid the buttons on each other’s jeans, sliding them down as best we could, our arms knocking into the Escort Ankara other, making for a pair of tangling bodies. Finally, we kicked our own jeans off. I go commando most of the time, so I was now standing in front of Sally with my mostly hard cock bobbing out in front of me, she standing before me in pink cotton bikini panties. I was relieved to see them, and not the granny panties I expected. She smiled at me.

“Would you like to do the honors??”

“Gladly,” I replied, kissing her softly. I hooked my fingers inside the waistband at her hips, and, looking into her eyes, slowly pulled down. I knelt in front of her as I slowly slid them down her thighs, over her knees, then let them drop to the floor. What floored me was her completely gray bush. It was nice and thick, though neatly trimmed.

“I see the carpet matches the drapes,” I teased her.

Sally laughed. “Hope you don’t mind making love to an old gray lady!!”

“Not at all; I’m looking forward to it. Besides, you’re not old. You may have been around a long time, but you’re not old.” I kissed her belly above her bush, then the top of her gray pubes. “And I love the gray.”

She smiled down at me. “I’ve had a couple of encounters with younger guys who were put off by all the gray,” said Sally, a sad look coming over her face.

“I’m not one of them. I think your gray is wonderfully sexy.” I licked my lips, and went nose first into her gray bush, lapping at her labia. Her outer lips were already open in anticipation, and it didn’t take long for me to coax her inner lips to spread. I grabbed her ass and pushed her down onto the bed. She scooted up, and I followed, kissing my way up her thighs as she giggled and squealed in delight.

Once up on the bed, Sally was now in position for a good licking. I took in the aroma of ready and willing pussy, and again knelt in front of her, assuming a position of worship. Sally took hold of my head, her fingers slipping through my hair as I licked her til she was wide open, hips thrusting forward at me as her arousal rose. I licked up her slit, making her jump when I reached her clit, which was standing up in anticipation. I licked back down, then kissed around her pubes and upper thighs, getting close to her now wide open labia, but not touching them. Her hands grabbed my hair tightly, pulling me to her. I took the hint, and again licked up her lips, this time drawing my tongue deeper than the first time, and slowly. Her hips shook from the slow tease, and again she jolted when I licked over her clit.

Sally was starting to reach her peak, a soft moan building to a crescendo as I slurped over her clit. I pulled it between my lips, and sent her into orbit, her hips thrashing as she came, pussy juice running out over my face. I held still, letting her orgasm wash over her, then subside. I finally released her clit, slowly kissing up the slightly stretched skin of her belly, then taking her left nipple into my mouth, making it harder than it already was, then repeating the process on her right tit, making her squirm from the attention.

I kept moving upward, finally reaching her mouth. Sally kissed me hard, stroking my cock while we kissed. She finally broke the kiss, taking a breath. “God, your cock is so hard, fuck me with that thing.” I lowered down, Sally still holding my cock, guiding it to her inviting target. I felt her bush as I reached her labia, then the familiar wetness as the head pushed into her open lips, then her labia spread when my cock entered. She let go of me as I pushed my shaft all the way inside her, then sighed when I hit bottom, and my balls came to rest on her skinny ass. I looked down at her, seeing the sparkle of her blue eyes. I felt her calves lock inside mine, and she pulled me down for a long, soft, sensual kiss. As we kissed, I started thrusting slowly, pulling almost all the way out of her, then pushing back in slowly. She was well lubricated for a woman of her age, and I slid in and out of her with ease; we were soon in a steady rhythm, each eagerly meeting the other’s thrusts.

The heat built nicely, and I soon was feeling the head of my cock swell as I got closer to my release. I wanted Sally to come first, so I slowed my pace, and changed my angle so I was drawing my cock over her clit as I slowly moved up and down on her. It did the trick, as a few minutes later, I felt Sally’s legs tighten around my thighs, then her pussy got as wet as it had when I was eating her. She screamed out, and her hips thrust up into me. That was all for me. I pushed my cock up into her cervix and started shooting streaks of come inside her, blasting them into her womb. That kicked her orgasm into high gear, and she came with her whole body, her legs pulling me into her, pussy soaking my cock, fingers digging into my back, her whole body shaking. I kept pumping sperm inside her, coming for what seemed like ten minutes as her shivering pussy intensified my orgasm.

Finally, I felt Sally’s legs relax and drop to the bed, and her fingers let go of my back. I’m going to have marks, I thought. It was almost as if her whole body went limp. I kissed her, just as long and sensual as she had kissed me earlier. As I pulled away, I saw a happy, exhausted look in her eyes.

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