Graded Pt. 02


It was an unpleasant surprise given my situation: In contrast with the two rooms I had just been through, this one was spacious, had windows that let in natural light. On my left: an examination table and some privacy curtains, medical equipment and drawers as well. On my right were some storage cabinets and the Femstate propaganda posters disguised as medical information that I am so familiar with. What most caught my attention though, was the beautiful woman sitting on the desk in the middle with a lab coat over a beige blouse, blond hair tied up in a ponytail and cold stare fixed on her laptop through her sleek glasses.

I stood silent and as exposed as I had ever felt. Wrists still locked to my sides and eyes fixed to the floor while I heard the fast and light tapping of her keyboard.

“So, disgraceful isn’t enough? You have to be a liar as well?” The keyboard didn’t so much as slow down its drumming.

I had little idea of how to even answer but I figured my best bet was apologetic.

“Yes ma’am. I’m really sorry.”

“Doctor. Dr. Victoria Frost.”

“O-of course, doctor. Apologies.”

The keyboard stopped and she raised her sight from her work to match my groin. She squinted her eyes, maybe due to her eyesight, most likely to insult me.

“Come closer.” She ordered as she moved away from her desk slightly and leaned back on her office chair

My hands trembled against their restraints as I approached her. It was impossible now not to notice the beauty I was in front of: the sharp features that carried a relaxed and stern expression, the blue eyes skewering my ego, the breasts that curved even her lab coat and tempted the outside through the undone upper buttons of her blouse.

“Tell me mister…” She looked at my eyes, expectantly.

“William, Dr. Frost. William Lowe.” I continued while matching her eyesight in vain hopes of convincing myself that this was just a normal conversation.

“Will. Do you have a mother, sisters, aunts?” She continued.

“Yes doctor. My mother, my sister: Luna Lowe and two aunts.”

“I see. And did you not think that the disgrace that you go about carrying between your legs brought these poor women enough shame? Do you think so lowly of them that they ought to have their names further tarnished by having a troublemaking and disgraceful man instead of just a disgraceful one in their family?”

“I… No doctor. They do not deserve that at all.”

This woman wasn’t asking for excuses, that much was clear. Her eyes lowered back to my groin.

“Normally, this job during the grading process just means that I have to sit around while nothing happens. The boys are graded by the system, the lesser one’s will lie at first but straighten out with the test and I get to get ahead on my paperwork.”

She leaned further back and crossed her legs. I couldn’t help but glance at her body as the lab coat opened further with her movement and the distance from the desk revealed the widening of her hips in that black tube skirt. She rested her head on her cheek before continuing.

“But since you chose to be a nuisance, I have to waste my time on some small-dick loser instead.”

“… I’m really sorry, doctor.”

We stayed in silence for a few seconds that felt a bit more like a few funerals for my will to live. Finally she spoke.

“Well let’s get to it. Do you know what your M-class is now, Will?”

“Disgraceful, doctor.”

“And that makes you a what?”

I thought for a second.

“A disgraceful man, doctor?”

“Correct.” I felt relieved as she confirmed it was not a trick question.

She continued, “Now let’s see how much attention you paid to your basic Grader orientation classes.” She returned her attention to her computer.

“List the M-classes and their sizes.”

“It’s uhh… Apex for larger than 10 inches, superior between 8 and 10, adequate between 6 and 8, inadequate between 4 and 6 and disgraceful for smaller than 4.”

“Right.” She answered as she scrolled through something on her computer. “And your class, describe it.”

“Ummm… the fees for the Grader accounts are highest for the… for us. We also have… umm… limited legal rights?” I paused, wondering if she would correct me. She didn’t.

“And… well… there’s a lot of other things but I guess that depends on the account. I believe for disgracefuls there’s premium, standard, suspended and… uh… humiliation accounts, right?”

Dr. Frost kept looking at her laptop while I stood in front of her desk. I looked down again during the silence, reminding myself of my ridiculous appearance and noticing that I had been erect this whole time. My heart was racing with humiliation.

“Well. It seems that I don’t have to explain too much to you. Any details will be ironed out in your upcoming course so I guess it’s best that we start talking about that.”

She pressed a button on a small device on her desk and my wrists became untethered to my thigh. I knew better now than to move my arms without her orders, though.

“Introductory Grader Alsancak Escort courses are given to all men after the grading process. They last a semester.” She began as she changed her position on her chair.

Her breasts screamed at me to look down as she crossed her arms beneath them, pushing them up and separating the blouse’s flaps further to reveal soft flesh in their stead. But my survival instinct managed to maintain eye contact, terrified of her anger.

“They’re divided by M-class, as you may imagine, but have 8 classifications instead of 6. Any idea what that is, Will?” She looked at me momentarily.

“Umm… No, Dr. Frost. I don’t know.” I stared at the floor, aware of how easily she dominated me with her sheer eyesight.

“Well the lesser men, instead of being in inadequate and disgraceful classes, are in honest inadequate, dishonest inadequate, honest disgraceful and dishonest disgraceful. Care to guess which one you just put yourself into?” Her sight turned back towards the screen.

“Dis-dishonest disgraceful?” I answered meekly.

“And why’s that?” She asked indifferently.

“Because I lied on the test…”


The keyboard dominated the sound in the room once again as I silently wallowed in regret.

A slam of the “Enter” key put an end to the uncomfortable silence as she turned to talk to me once again.

“You any good at math, Will?” She asked, now paying attention to me.

“Um… I guess so doctor, I got… acceptable grades.” I said, careful not to praise myself.

“Great! Let’s look at the finances for your upcoming classes, shall we?” She said as she pulled out a file from her desk.

“Take a look and tell me if you understand it.” She continued, removing a sheet of paper from the file.

She placed it on the desk and turned it around so that I could read it. The paper had a few formulas that gave the cost of the clases… or did they? It said that G represented the grade from 0 to 10 on the course, but something was off with the formulas.

Apex: -200*G dollars

Superior: -100*G dollars

Adequate: 0 dollars

Honest inadequate: 100*(10-G) dollars

Dishonest inadequate: 200*(10-G) dollars

Honest disgraceful: 300*(10-G) dollars

Dishonest disgraceful: 400*(15-G) dollars

My eyes looked through the paper as the negative symbols started to click.

“What do you understand from that, Will?” She said, smirking at my slight jolt in response to her abrupt interruption.

“Umm… That the better the grade, the less I pay.” I answered.

“Well, that’s in your case, how about the more respectable men?”

“For them… The better the pay, the more they get paid?”

“Correct.” My chest stung with the injustice as she continued, “They won’t get paid as much as the little guys pay; I mean, on the lesser side of things boys are essentially paying for the course as if it was a full college experience. But well, the state needs to make a profit, so payment for the big boys is more so just a little added perk on top of all the other stuff.”

She stared at me as she talked, as if she was hoping to catch the self loathing that she was forcing onto my face.

“So, in your case, if you get a perfect score, how much will you pay for the course?”

I looked at the sheet of paper again, “Umm, 2 000 dollars.”

“And had you told the truth? How much with a perfect score?”

I read the formula directly above without much excitement.

“Nothing.” I answered, defeated.

“That’s right Will, today’s little practical joke you pulled on the Femstate changed the fee from a 0 to 3 000 price range to a?” She said expectantly as I calculated.

“… 2 000 to 6 000 price range, doctor.” My head hung in shame.

“That’s right. Send my condolences to Ms.Lowe for having to be associated with such a disappointment, will you?”

Her words stung to my core, yet I had to go along.

“Yes, Dr. Frost.” I answered.

“I’d advise her not to pay the fee and let you figure out how to pay it as well but unfortunately that’s not up to me.”

My head hung low as she put the paper back on the file and searched for another. I looked back up slightly as I heard the soft sound of paper being pulled out from the stack.

“You know what a chastity cage is, Will?”

“Fuck.” I thought to myself.

I answered, “Yes, doctor.”

“I take it you didn’t think mommy’s money would fix what you did today.”

“I… I’m sorry doctor, I did for a moment. I-It was foolish of me…” I told her, convinced that I wouldn’t lie again during this.

“Mhm… Well as you probably know, as a disgraceful man, you’re gonna stay caged practically for the rest of your life.” A shiver went down my spine. “But there are chastity cages and then there are CHASTITY CAGES. Which one do you think you just got yourself into?”

I stammered a response, “A-a uhh… A umm… A b-bad one?”

“Ding-ding-ding.” She answered with sarcasm, “They’re called punishment cages.”

I gulped at the sound of her Alsancak Escort Bayan words.

“Let’s see what it says here about it, shall we?” She looked at the paper she had pulled out earlier and read through it as I waited and sunk into my own stress.

“Well it seems like it’s just your run-of-the-mill suspended account.” She broke the silence.

“You can use Grader though, although only to text and talk with people that have you registered. But aside from that, same thing. Do you know what suspended accounts are like for disgracefuls?” She looked back up from the paper.

“Umm… No, doctor. Not really.”

“Well for starters there’s the punishment cage or punisher, as people call it most of the time. It has a tracking device and some surveillance and speech functions just like the standard cage. You know what those are?” She looked at me once again.

“Umm… No, doctor.”

“Will you stop it with the fucking ‘umms’?” She snapped.

“Umm-uh… what?” I stumbled.

She stared daggers into my eyes.

“I uh… umm… Sorry! I’m really sorry! I… I’ll stop.” I stumbled through my words, as if I wasn’t stressed enough already.

“Anyways.” She continued, “The tracker lets the government know where you are, the surveillance lets it listen to everything around you and the speech lets them give you orders if needed. That clear?”

I thought carefully about my next words, trying to ignore the insanity of their content.

“… Yes, doctor.”

Her eyes went back to the paper “Good. As for the differences with the standard chastity: the punisher has a reduced size–roughly the same as the standard one if you were three quarters of both your girth and length–and encloses not only the penis, but the testicles as well. From what my previous patients have told me, the testicles are pretty tight too.”

It felt as though my soul slowly left my body as she continued.

“For the actual punishment, the cage can both shock and crush. I doubt there’s much need for me to explain what those entail but they can activate for either the penis, testicles or both.”

Each of her words further convinced me that “torturer” would be a more fitting name.

“As for when they are activated, women in a vicinity of 100 feet can manually activate the punishment to up to a third of the maximum punishment to either shock your penis or testicles or crush your penis or testicles, four options total, up to them.”

She turned the page over and continued, “Women who’ve blocked you on grader will also activate punishment starting at 0% when you are 100 feet away from them and 50% when you’re right next to them.”

She read the insanity as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

“These do stack with several women, so you could be at maximum theoretical punishment if for example…” She looked up in thought, “four punishment options, 33% each… 12 girls coordinated to manually shock you, for instance.”

I gulped.

“Did you understand that?”

“… I-I think so doctor, yes.”

“Well, aside from that, there’ll be no releases for you in your punishment cage and you’ll be doing five hours of weekly community service to pay for the usage of your cage.” She said as she laid down the paper on her desk.

“You know what you missed out on?” She asked.

“I… No, doctor.”

“Standard cage. No shocks, no crushing… you can even get a monthly release under some conditions. Instead you are enjoying your last erection for the following six months, you know that?”

My heart sank as the realization wayed on my body. Tears started to well on my eyes and my body started to tremble.

“Look at me.”

I raised my head as a tear rolled down my cheek to look at her cruel yet satisfied grin.

“Reality finally hitting you, huh?” She said as she leaned back on her chair, uninterested in trying to hide her smug look.

“Y-y-y… yes, doctor.” I said before a single sob escaped my mouth.

“There’s good news though, little man.”

My eyes widened, clinging to the slightest hope of mercy.

“You see:” She continued, “As your examiner, my decision is above that of the computer that just analyzed you; if I think you’re a troublemaker I might just add an extra fine or punishment to you whereas if you convince me that you are a really, reeeeally good boy… I might just bump you up to the honest class.”

“Y-you would?” I asked.

“If I felt it appropriate… Monthly releases, huh? I can’t imagine having sex once a month, let alone orgasms. But you would do a lot for the privilege, wouldn’t you, little boy?”

Her professional tone began to break down as it became clear that she had even more leverage on me than I previously thought, but I was not about to complain.

“Yes, doctor! I would do anything! Anything to… uhh… correct today’s… egregious mistakes!” I summoned as much enthusiasm as I could in that grim moment.

“Good.” She answered, “You do understand that I’m not obligated to do anything for you though, right?”

“Y-yes, Escort Alsancak doctor.”

“So anything you do for me would be more so to… be nice to me. Wouldn’t it?”

“U-u-umm, sorry! Yes, doctor!” I noticed my mistake: that filler word that was so difficult to avoid with the stress, and tried to correct for it, “I’m just hoping that I can make up for the trouble I caused you today despite my… embarrassing endowment.”

Victoria let her shit-eating grin lay freely on her face as she spoke, “Glad to see you’re quick on the uptake, little guy.”

“Thank you, doctor!” I answered.

As she looked for something in her desk drawer, I sought for renewed resolve. This was it, last chance to fix my fuck-up. I had taken the worst choice I could’ve on every step of the way and this was my last chance to fix them. Groveling, debasing myself, pain, I’d go through all of it if it kept me from spending six months on some torture device and calmed my mom’s upcoming anger.

She finally found the form she was looking for and placed it on the desk in front me next to a pen. “EXAMINATION TIME EXTENSION FORM,” the document read.

“Normally these tests are restricted to some 30 minutes.” She explained, “In cases where patients think that they need further time to explain themselves, however, this time can be extended so long as the examiner agrees. Would you like an extension, Will?”

“Yes, doctor. I would like one if possible.”

She gestured to the pen and I approached the desk before stopping myself.

“… Doctor, is it really ok for me to use your pen? I wouldn’t want to cause offense…” I said cautiously.

How would I even cause offense? Am I undeserving of a pen? At this point I wasn’t even sure. I wondered if I would end up internalizing this type of behavior, if this was who I was destined to be.

She smiled condescendingly.

“It’s always good to see little boys understanding their place. I’ll let you use my pen this time, Will. But it’s good of you not to take those things for granted; keep it up.”

“Thank you, doctor.” I answered as I took the pen.

I didn’t dare read what was written on the form, least Dr. Frost felt like I was wasting her time, I just looked at the empty fields.

I looked up at her and asked fearfully, “Dr. Frost, should I put anything on the ‘Reason for extension’ part?”

“Well, the reason for the extension I suppose…” She answered, blatantly playing dumb.

“… Would something like… ‘William Lowe must demonstrate good behavior to Dr. Frost to correct his behavior during the grading process.’ be… acceptable?”

“No.” Dr. Frost replied simply.

“… I-I’m sorry, doctor. I hope you can forgive my… ineptitude. May I as-“

“First off, you ‘must’ do nothing and you stand to ‘correct’ nothing. You’re asking me for the extension out of your own volition and there’s no correcting what you just did.” She snapped.

“I-I’m terribly sorry, doctor. In that ca-“

“Don’t ask me any more questions. Write it down and write it down right.” She cut me off again as her words sent a shiver down my spine.

I pressed the pen against the paper, “William Lowe has petitioned Dr. Victoria Frost repeatedly to extend his examination. He has the intent of proving his capability to behave properly despite his missconduct.”

“Sounds official and self incriminating enough.” I thought to myself as I willed my trembling hand to sign properly.

“I hope this is appropriate, doctor.” I said as I flipped the paper over and offered it to her with both hands.

She ripped the document out of my hands and read it sternly.

“… I guess it’ll do.” She said as I exhaled in relief.

“Now,” She continued as she scribbled her signature on the paper, “let’s fill you in on the matter. Do you know what this building is for?”

“Examining men?” I answered doubtfully.

“Partially, yes.” She explained, “men come here to be evaluated for the first time, guys like you might come again to have their cages checked if there’s a problem, but that’s about it…”

She looked at my penis once again.

“It’s a hospital for processing males, technically, but aside from myself there are only 6 doctors. On top of that, this is a pretty small city in comparison to others, and yet government sure gave us a big building, so the upper levels are actually almost exclusively administrative.”

I began to wonder where she was even going with this as she raised her sight to meet mine.

“So, overall, this building has pretty much just women; both government officials and medical personnel that conduct M-class gradings must be female, after all. The few men that do stay around are like you, and you are not really a ‘man,’ are you Will?”

It didn’t seem rhetorical, “No, doctor.”

“Hmm… Just out of curiosity, Will, how would you describe yourself, then?”

I had the answer given to me far before Victoria even asked the question; I let myself read out the response that was already written in my mind instead of formulating one.

“I’m a pathetic, little boy… doctor… And I live in a very big and scary world.”

Dr. Frost smiled at my words, and I noticed without much surprise that my mother’s words had rotten as I carried them with me; now they were not my mothers; they were my own.

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