Good Time in a Hotel Room

Solo Male

I get into the elevator heading up to the tenth floor. Tanya had left the pool and headed back to the room a little while ago. I stuck around to try and get some more color in the sun. Thankfully she left so I could stop using all of my power to stay calm. Just looking at her laying next to me in her lavender and white bikini and he smooth brown skin shining in the sun.

Slight beads of sweat rolling down her body. There would a couple of times when she wiped away the sweat that I felt myself stirring a little bit. The lavender fabric looks fantastic wrapped tightly around her skin. I couldn’t help but watch her ass the entire time she got up and walked away from the pool. Still using ever urge not to get turned on as my mind ran wild with thoughts.

I snapped back into the future by the elevator stopping at my floor. I walk down to the room, unlock my door and walked into the room. I didn’t see her on the couch watching TV or even laying on the bed. So I figured she was in the bathroom, so I figure she is in the bathroom, and grab some water. As I take a drink I heard what sounded like labored breathing.

I put down the glass and then head for the bathroom to see what is going on. I see the door is cracked open a little bit, and there I see Tanya standing in front of the full length mirror with her hands roaming all over her body.

Her hands a going up over her breasts and up to her neck and she seems to be inspecting her body. I see the outline of her nipples through her bikini top and instantly I get hard. Her eyes are closed as her hands reach the top of her neck and start back down again. This time her fingers slide under her bikini and she plays with her nipple.

I get a glimpse of her sexy dark hard nipples and how I wish I was running my tongue across her hard nipples. She rolls her nipple between her fingers, and I reach down and start to rub my hard on through my very constricting shorts now. Her whole body is tense and her hands start to roam down her flat stomach. I untie my trunks, and slowly pull them down as to not make a sound.

Her right hand runs over her bottoms as the other hand is on the wall to steady herself. Her hand slides up and down her front then moves more to bottom as she obviously playing with her lips. I am lightly rubbing Yalova Escort my dick when I notice she pulls away her bottoms and can tell her finger is between her lips. Then she takes a sharp breathe and body tightens up and I know she has touched her clit.

Her hand starts to move and now I am insanely turned on. I can’t help but wrap my hand around my dick and stroke lightly. My eyes glued to Tanya pleasuring herself when I notice the smell of sex in the air.

At the point Tanya moans lightly and I know she has slide a finger inside of herself. My hand flies to the door jam to balance myself and makes a thud sound. Tanya’s eyes shoot open and looks in the mirror at me watching her.

Her beautiful brown eyes lock into mine, and she bites her lower lip as she looks over my naked body standing in the door way. I stop stroking but my hand is still wrapped around my cock. He eyes which were full of shock start to change.

That’s when I notice she goes back to sliding her finger in and out of her. That’s when I realize that her eyes are full of lust and I start to slowly stroke myself again.

She starts to speed up her fingering, and I hear her breathe getting deeper as her other hand starts to play with her nipple through that sexy lavender top. I so badly want to cross the room and ravage her, but I am frozen by my arousal and the utter sexiness of the scene in front of me.

That’s when I notice Tanya’s legs shaking as she moans and locks eyes with mine, and total lust in eyes almost makes me cum. Her hand is pulled from between her legs and she has a devilish smile on her face knowing what kind of effect she is having on me.

Then she inserts her finger in her mouth and sucks off the juices. By that point I am so turned on I stop stroking and know my jaw has hit the floor. Tanya sucks hard and she pulls her finger all the way to the tip is still on her lips then slides it back in.

That was all I could stand. I take my hand off myself and walk over to her, she starts to turn, but I put my hands on her hips and spins her around to face the mirror.

I press myself against her as she lightly closes her eyes and leans her head back. I lean down and kiss from her ear down to the base of her neck. My hands run up and Yalova Escort Bayan down her sides from her hips to just below her breasts. I kiss from her shoulder to the back of neck.

Then kiss my way down her spine to the knot of her bikini in the middle of her back. I take a strand in my mouth and pull to untie releasing the bottom part of the her top. Then I lick my way up her spine to the knot at the back of her neck.

I look in the mirror and see Tanya staring at me with utter desire burning in her eyes. I pull the strand and it unties as the top falls to the floor.

Her beautiful dark hard nipples are exposed, she instinctively covers herself up. I slide my hands under hers and place her nipples between my fingers and start rolling. Her hands reach back and grabs the back of my head.

I kept rolling, tracing my finger around, and running my finger over top of her hard nipples as she leans back against me. I run my hands down her stomach, my fingers lightly touching her skin and I can feel the goose bumps forming as I am moving lower and lower.

My hands caress over the white edge of her bottoms, then down to the lavender as my hands drift lower and lower. Tanya breathing so heavy her chest is moving up and down. I can feel the heat coming off her. My hands move back up and and start to untie the strands on her sides.

The knots become loose and the bottoms fall down to the floor. I look over Tanya’s incredibly sexy naked body in front of me. Looking down at her completely shaved body and see a special sexy freckle only I get to see. I run my hands down and my finger finds her lips. As I run my finger between them and hitting the clit Tanya shutters and falls into me.

After stroking her clit a few times I slide my hands up to her hips and spin her to face me. I look deep in her eyes and see desire, lust, and giving herself over. I lean down and kiss her sweet lips. Our kiss grows more and more passionate.

I wrap my arms around her and press her into me, my lust is out of control as I cant wait to enter her as soon as possible. My hands run down her back as I grab her sexy ass cheeks. Then I pull her up off the ground as she spreads her legs around me. Locking her ankles behind my back as kiss continue Escort Yalova to kiss.

I carry her out of the bathroom, my rock hard dick is aching for relief as it rubs against her lips and ass as I carry her to and lay her on the bed. She looks up at me as our kiss breaks, I kiss down her neck and upper chest. Stopping to lick her right nipple and lightly blow it to get it ever harder.

Then doing the same to the left. I return to the right to trace my tongue around and flick the nipple. Then lick over to the left, flick my tongue over the nipple and trace my tongue around it.

Then I kiss back to between her sexy breast and kiss my way down her stomach. Licking and running my tongue around Tanya’s belly button. Then going lower and lower as I start to kiss her inner thighs. Making my way to her sweet pussy lips.

Running my tongue between the lips and flicking on the clit. Then I suck the clit between my lips and gently roll it. Then I take a few long licks to make sure she is good and wet. I make my way up kissing and licking her body until we are kissing deeply.

The head of my dick is pressed against her lips, I slowly guide it into her hole. Tanya gasps and a moan escapes her throat as I slowly slide inside of her.

Her warm wet pussy wraps tightly around my manhood as I go in as deep as I can. The slowly sliding back till just the head is still inside of her. As I slide myself back deep inside of her hot pussy she moans into my neck as she pulls me close to her.

I speed up my strokes into Tanya and her moans become consistent with each thrust. Becoming louder and louder as I pick up the speed.

Tanya wraps her legs around me allowing me to get deeper inside of her. Both of us panting as we both grow closer and closer to a climax. Her moans and panting increasing the intensity of my trusting as I moaning and kissing her sweet lips.

Tanya tightens up and then her legs starts to shake as she lets out a long satisfying moan. Her orgasm is sends me over the edge as I feel the my orgasm building.

Just as I am about to explode, I hold back, pulling myself out and leaning up and I erupt streams of cum onto her stomach. Rope after rope of cum lands on her, farthest reaching up to the bottom of her breast.

My body shaking from the intense orgasm running through me as I collapse next to her on the bed. Both of us trying to catch our breathe and enjoy our orgasms.

After a while Tanya gets up headings to the bathroom, turns back and says we should clean ourselves up in the shower when I am ready.

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