Good Solutions (Part 3)


It had been three weeks since the night Laura witnessed Jamey losing her virginity to Dean. The vision of the young woman, lowering her young frame unto the thick cock sticking upright from the young man’s groin, plagued Laura to the point of screaming with frustration. Her frustration caused numerous self-induced, or otherwise, mechanical, releases from her selection of toys. The biggest being a life-sized suction cup fitted dildo she used to fuck herself with while attached to the shower wall. For variety she attached it to the floor of the spa bath in her bathroom. One thing characterised each and every event. Her groans of passion while uttering one single phrase… “Oh, Dean, fuck me hard!” The morning of Laura sharing a few laughs, Jamey’s obvious humility, breakfast and a few cups of cappuccino was only the start of it all. Laura tried to find out what was on her daughter’s mind but it was a closed book. Jamey did mention she was a ‘bit tender down there’ and Laura just smiled at the girl’s predicament. Laura was cautious to probe for what was so obvious but she craved more. She wished that she had the ability to have traded places with her daughter. How she would have wanted to have Dean bury his cock up her hungry wetness instead. At that time, thinking about what she witnessed the previous night in her own house, she could feel moisture seeping from between her labia into the cotton gusset of her lace panties. A visit to the bathroom, prior to a walk on the beach with Jamey, confirmed just that. She was drenched and she had to check herself not to get herself off before leaving the shop. But, as if to torture her even more, Dean was back at their house that night. Jamey was obviously thrilled and hungry for more, irrespective the fact that she was still a ‘bit tender down there.’ Later, she made a show of enjoying Anadolu Yakası Escort Dean’s big cock while Laura listened from the relatively isolated confines of her bedroom. Dean was obviously the Stud, Laura being able to attest to at least three of his orgasms during the course of the night. But he was not even close to the number of orgasms Jamey notched. She so wished she could sneak up and take a peep. Later, Jamey admitted that she looked over her shoulder often during the night, expecting Laura to be there, watching. And that was how it went for many nights. At some stage Laura was past being frustrated with lust and it was more a case of being frustrated with lack of sleep. But she left it there, not knowing why. Though she seldom had a night where she got some decent sleep, Laura was able to concentrate on her work as if life was normal. Ok, it was normal if you counted the aspect of a teenager fucking like a rabbit every time she had the opportunity. Work was hectic. And even though she rejected Rob in his advances a few week earlier, it did not compromise their relationship at work. Meeting him and his wife for drinks one night was a breeze and she was happy for being able to look her in the eye and not feel guilty. Funny enough, a strange comment fell on the floor in between drinks and, though it did make Laura think a lot about what the other woman said, she did not capitalise on it. A comment from the wife of a colleague about her neglecting her husband and perhaps to allow him some ‘free time’ was, in many ways, not something Laura wanted to challenge. Though she did think back and wonder ‘what if”, she perceived the whole comment as very dangerous in many ways. Through the conversation, Laura lost the thought to the back of her mind. It was only upon leaving Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan the restaurant bar that it came back. Rob was between her and his wife, Cathy, when he put his arms around them both. The gesture made her shiver with lust. She wondered how far Cathy had taken her comment in allowing Rob some ‘free time’ but also concluded she would not endeavour to find out. What was even worse, Cathy planted a very calculated and very soft kiss smack on Laura’s lips when she said good bye. Had the kiss lingered a fraction of a second longer, Laura knew she would have opened her mouth to the other woman’s advances. If not a lot, it confused the shits out of Laura. She had mixed emotions about the incident that she could not explain to anybody. The past weeks was not without stupidity either. Laura had always thought she was able to handle most every situation. And she had been in a few which warranted careful thinking and even more careful answering. It was after work one afternoon when she ran into Dean at the grocery store. She never really had the opportunity to get some alone time with him since that night. As she walked around some shelves, he walked slap bang into her. “Sorry Ma’am,” he blubbered, his face red with embarrassment. “I really should have been more careful.” “Dean,” she spoke gently, “call me Laura, please?” She inspected his face for embarrassment about ‘other things’ but there was none. It seemed obvious Dean was not aware that Laura knew all about their nocturnal pleasures. He seemed to relax a bit, but soon guilt spread to his features and Laura could not help but smile at this lovely young man. At the same time she felt herself tremble with nervousness at being so close to the young man that carried in his pants the object of her lust. Then she Escort Anadolu Yakası felt herself turning wet. The awkwardness of the close proximity of the two of them was made even worse with her senses going into overdrive. She sensed his deodorant but, above all, the scent of a man underneath it all. The texture of his skin became superimposed upon her visual senses, she could almost taste the sweet softness of his lips on hers. Composing herself, she started talking. “So what brings you here?” she walked a step or two, studying the shelves before looking at him directly. “Hey, it’s just me and my dad picking up a few things for the house. With me eating mostly at college and him being on his own it’s a battle getting some proper food into us. You know, two bachelors knocking it about on their own.” “On your own?” Laura asked nonchalantly. Realising she was making a fool of herself she recovered, “Maybe it’s a good idea for you to get some cooking lessons?” Dean rambled on about cooking being such a drag and both he and his dad too busy to still cook. Laura listened with half an ear as she realised that across from the aisle was the fresh produce. One of the first items amongst the vegetables she spotted was a cucumber. And it was large! “So where’s your dad ran off to then?” she asked, coming to her senses. “Oh, I am right behind you!” said a voice that sounded like thick black smoke. Laura turned around. If she was impressed with Dean and his looks and his physique, the giant smiling down at her was Dean and more! Everything Laura ever had going for her, emotional strength, ability to always be professional and a lot of other things she could not name, went out the door at the blink of an eye. The man she observed had an air of physical and mental strength she had never encountered in her life. She trembled uncontrollably and started hyperventilating. She failed to utter anything but an incoherent stuttering. Then the man extended his right hand and said, with an amused smile, “Hi, I am Dad.” “Oh Fuck!” was the last she managed to stammer, before turning around and wheeling her trolley down the aisle at the speed of white light.

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