Go Fuck Yourself


I was alone in my apartment, looking at the pocket watch in my hand. So much power right here in my palm, and all I have to do is open it and adjust the time. A dial on top adjusted the hands, and the dial on the side adjusted the date. I could go forward or backward with it. My heart raced at all the possibilities that I could do with this device. The sheer amount of things I could do was endless, and I had literally all the time in the world in which to do them. What to do first though?

A thought popped in my head. Just as quickly, I tried to suppress it. I couldn’t do this! This isn’t what this device was meant for! I wasn’t even gay!

‘It isn’t gay if it’s masturbation,’ an annoying little voice in my head told me. I nodded to myself. I opened the pocket watch and took a deep breath before reaching for the dial. Just as I touched it, a warping sound rumbled in the hall outside my apartment. I immediately closed the pocket watch and stuffed it in my pocket. Somebody knew! They knew and they were after me.

Whoever made the noise outside didn’t even bother knocking and my doorknob began to turn. Just then, I realized I could use the device to escape. I grabbed the watch, flicked it open and was again about to turn the dial. As soon as I noticed the man entering the apartment though, I stopped. The man entering my apartment was me!

“So, it works,” I said.

The other me nodded with a grin. “Oh, it works alright.”

It was so surreal seeing myself right in front of me, and hearing my own voice speak to me. It was more detailed than a mirror. I could see my muscle tone flex with every movement. His hair was messier than my hair right now, as if this version of me just had wild sex. Seeing the way his eyes went up and down my body made my own cock swell. I knew what had just been on my mind about how to use time travel, and if this me was here for that, well, this could get interesting.

He shut the door behind him as he entered my apartment. Well, our apartment, I suppose. He approached me and gently caressed my hair. Feeling male hands caress me sent confusing impulses down to my dick. I tried to assure myself that it was different because these were my own hands. It wasn’t the same as just brushing my own hair, though. This felt different. It felt sexier. Slowly his lips approached my ear. I felt his hot breath blow as he whispered. “You know why I’m here.”

I nodded, still partially frozen by how surreal this all was.

“Relax.” He kissed my cheek. Hearing that familiar voice and feeling his lips relaxed me. Well, parts of me. Other parts were quite tense and hungered for more. He trailed kisses to my lips. My lips puckered to receive his kiss just as if he were a girl. Except it Sefaköy Escort was different from a girl; the temperature was different and there was slight stubble even though we were both clean shaven. I opened my mouth to receive his tongue. His minty freshness filled my mouth and I had to have more. My arms wrapped around him as I rubbed his muscular form.

Parts I’d felt countless times in the shower were still new and exciting when I felt as if they were on a different person. Toned muscle was just beneath those clothes that I was rapidly stripping off that beautiful body. Nipples hardened on my shaved chest as I tweaked them before trailing kisses and gentle licks down my abs. Again, I felt the gentle, manly stubble beneath my lips, and I raked my fingernails against that supple flesh.

A hard, stiffened cock pitched a tent in his pants, as if begging to be freed. I looked up into my own eyes as I undid his pants. He gave me a reassuring nod as I opened his pants and saw the same boxers I was wearing. In fact, it had all been the same outfit I was wearing. His cock sprang up when freed, and he simply nodded as he looked down at me. Fingers caressed my hair, and gently pulled my face to that rock hard cock. That cock that I had jacked off untold times. Never before had it gone into my mouth.

Sucking a dick was definitely a new experience. My tongue lapped across every vein and circled the head. I thought of exactly what I liked girls to do, and I did it to him. His fingers tightened their grip on my hair and he thanked the gods. I glanced up to see my own face contorted into bliss, and I was only just getting started.

I sucked that cock as hard as I could. Masculine moans sounded above me, and I moaned back to vibrate his cock. He pushed me further onto the cock, and I almost gagged. That big cock felt bigger as it pushed to the back of my throat. I tapped his abs to let him know this was too much.

“You can handle it,” he said through moans. “I handled it when I was you.”

Damn, that was a good point. He was once me, and I will become him. I will feel every sensation I am giving him now, and I wanted that pleasure for myself when I become him. I took that huge cock (not to brag; I never realized how big my own cock was until I tried to deepthroat myself) as deep as I could. His moans grew more intense. Hands tightened on my hair, as he fucked my virgin mouth with his monster cock.

“Just like that!” He bellowed out a moan. “I’m so close.”

His cock hardened even more and salty precum began to dribble out. It was like nectar to my tongue, and the movement of my mouth as I swallowed the droplets excited him even more. His hips began to buck and I grabbed that firm ass. Sefaköy Escort My fingernails dug into that ass that I worked to sculpt. Fingers crept to his butthole.

“Oh baby, yes!”

I barely touched his butthole before loads of salty cum sprayed into my mouth. I sucked him harder, and moans turned to screams. Seeing my own orgasmic screams in third person was definitely something else, and it was certainly a turn on to know I brought him that much pleasure. I no longer cared if any of this made me gay.

His cock shined with my spit and his cum. Abs flexed with every deep breath he took as he looked down at me. I wanted to feel his lips around me, or maybe even bend him over and fuck him.

“Fuck that felt good,” he panted. “Like, wow.”

“Suck mine.”

He grinned and shook his head. “No. You have to go wash your mouth out, and then become me. That’s how you get off.”

It seemed so obvious as soon as he said it. His hair was messy because of the way he ran his fingers through my hair. He was wearing the same clothes. At first, I’d assumed he was from days in the future, but it’s so clear. I’m not waiting days.

I went to the bathroom, and rinsed my semen mouth out with mouthwash. I glanced in the mirror, and sure enough, my hair was as messy as his when he came in, and messy in exactly the same ways too. He was slumped naked on the couch and pointed at where I left my pocket watch. I picked it up, and gave a final look at the other me. He appeared in the hallway, so I must go into the hallway to use it. Of course, I would probably give myself a heart attack if I just teleported into the living room.

“We suck good cock,” he said as I left the room.

I was nearly buzzing with arousal to try this as I stepped into the hallway. I adjusted the time to when I remember hearing myself appear. As soon as I hit the button, I felt weightless. A tunnel of light surrounded me, and it was if I shrank. Geometric shapes, clocks of various makes, and hourglasses were all around me. Just as suddenly as it started, it was all over. I was in the hallway. All my weight suddenly returned, and I had the sensation as if I had just fallen and hit the ground. I stumbled and caught myself against a wall. It took a few seconds for the last shapes and clocks to leave my vision, and the hallway walls to stop appearing liquified.

I was now in the past. Not much into the past, but still, this was the past. I already knew what would happen, and that gave me power. I knew what I wanted, and I was going into my apartment to get it.

When I pushed open the door, I found the version of me I was not so long ago. He held the pocket watch, about to jump to some unknown time. As soon Escort Sefaköy as he saw me though, he set it down. “It works.”

The other me was so scared and uncertain, it was adorable. I grinned. “Oh, it works alright.”

I shut the door behind me and approached him. The look of confusion on his face was kinda cute, and I enjoyed having power over him. After all, I was the one from the future. I knew exactly how this would go down. I caressed his hair gently to start slow. He was still tense, so I whispered to him to relax.

My slight stumble scratched against my lips as I kissed him, and then trailed kisses to his mouth. His erection pushed against mine as we embraced each other. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths. It was so familiar, and yet so different.

He became excited and started stripping off my clothes. His kisses down my body felt great, and especially the way he tweaked my nipples in just the way we both liked. He looked up into my eyes before opening my pants and I gave him a reassuring nod. He pulled down my boxers so that I was completely naked, with my hard cock standing up and waiting for his attention. His lips wrapped around it, and it felt even better than I could’ve imagined. I braced myself by putting my fingers through his hair and I felt his head slowly bob back and forth. He used what every girl had unknowingly taught us before. Memories of sucking exactly like that were fresh in my mind, but I had no idea they felt just this damn good. I involuntarily thanked the gods for this experience as I gripped his hair tighter.

He sucked and bobbed his head against my cock. I whispered words of encouragement through my moans. I pushed him further down onto my cock. He tried to protest, but I assured him that he could handle it. After all, I handled it.

At that point, it was next level. He deepthroated my cock, and I fucked his virgin mouth. I looked down at my face sucking a cock. It was definitely a visual I had never thought I’d see. I never expected to be sucked off by a man, and certainly not by myself. I warned him that I was close and he sucked on me harder. His fingernails gripped my ass, and I fucked his face harder. His fingers snaked closer to my butthole and he gently touched it. Thoughts of penetration pushed me over the edge. Spurts of cum sprayed his throat, and he took every drop. Every bit went down his throat, and was now in both our bellies. Memories of the hot cum dripping down my throat played in my mind.

“Fuck that felt good.” It was truly the best blowjob I had ever gotten.

As soon as he swallowed, the horny fucker wanted his sucked. So, I told him the drill, and he immediately went to freshen up. He gargled his mouthwash, but couldn’t be bothered to comb his hair. I reminded him where the pocket watch was when he came out.

“We suck good cock,” I told him as he left. We really, truly do. After I heard him disappear, I just relaxed on my couch naked as I pondered what time period I would travel to now.

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