Glass Becomes Me


I awoke with a start, my arms suddenly empty; it took a moment to remember where I was. My eyes adjusted and I realized I was in my bed, alone. I lay there for a moment, amazed at the reality that was my dream. Sighing deeply, I recalled how your arms felt around me, how your lips felt on mine, how my body responded to yours. I wanted to be back there, in your arms, for real, not in a dream. How, I wondered, could I feel this way? We have never even met, yet I have such a connection with you.

As I lay there, in my lonely bed, I realized that I was so turned on by my dream. I reached down to touch my panties and found that they were soaking wet. I slipped a finger inside them and felt the silky wetness. I let my finger wander up and down my slit, sometimes lingering on my clit. My nipples, still hard from my dream, called out for attention. My other hand began to tease my nipple, pinching and pulling. I knew the only thing I had to do at this very moment Başakşehir escort was to make myself cum, thinking of you.

I slipped off my panties and t-shirt, tossing them to the floor. I reached into the drawer of my nightstand and got out my glass dildo and my vibrating egg. My legs were spread and my pussy was dripping. The glass felt cool to the touch as I dragged it up and down my dripping slit. I shuddered from the coolness, but smiled, knowing that very soon, that piece of glass would be very hot. I slowly began to slide that glass into my cunt, inch by inch, until all of it was in me. I kept it there, feeling the weight of the glass, adjusting to it. I slowly began to slide it out, feeling every inch leave my body. I paused, with just the head in me still, and began a steady rhythm of in and out. My hips began to rock, my pussy dripped even more. The only thing on my mind was to cum and cum hard.

I reached Bayrampaşa escort bayan for my little egg and placed the cool metal on my clit. I turned it on low at first, feeling the small vibrations on my clit. I continued to slide the glass in and out very slowly. My pussy was dripping even more and I still had the egg on low. I reached down and turned it up a bit. I moaned slightly at the feelings. My thrusting increased and my hips began to rock faster. My body was tingling and my pussy was on fire. I didn’t know how long I could take this and turned the egg up to high. My breath caught in my throat and my pussy clenched around the glass. I fucked myself hard, feeling the now hot glass sliding in and out. The egg, pressed hard against my clit, was doing its job well. I could feel the sensations increase, knowing that soon I was going to explode.

I wanted this. I needed this. Now. I slammed the glass into my dripping Escort Beşiktaş cunt even harder, bringing myself closer to the edge. My body was on fire; sweat was dripping everywhere. The egg was vibrating as hard as it could and I knew that at any moment, I was going to cum. Suddenly, I could feel it, the tingling, the warm feeling. I teetered on the edge…feeling so good. I slammed the glass into my soaking pussy one last time and exploded in orgasm. My back arched and I moaned constantly. My pussy began to gush, the hot juices flowing down, coating my thighs, my ass and leaving a puddle on the bed. I turned the egg down slowly, enjoying the sensations that were still rocking my body. I brought the piece of glass to my lips, feeling the heat, as I tasted myself. Spent, I lay there, wishing you were with me. My body was still aching for you, needing you, wanting you, here with me.

I lay there for a moment, lost in my thoughts. I shivered from the chill and slowly pulled the covers onto my body. I turned onto my side, holding my pillow and tried to fall back asleep. As I lay there, I smiled, knowing how much better that would have been with you there. I slowly drifted back to sleep, knowing that the pillow wasn’t enough. I wanted your body next to mine, holding me.

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