Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Copyright © August 2021 by CiaoSteve

CiaoSteve reserves the right to be identified as the author of this work. This story cannot be published, as a whole or in part, without the express agreement of the author other than the use of brief extracts as part of a story review.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Author’s Notes

This is an entry for the 2021 Summer Loving Contest. I do hope you enjoy and would love to hear your feedback. As it is a contest then your votes would be welcomed. Just a heads up though. The story is lesbian in nature, but there are some suggestions of bi tendencies towards the end.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The bar was packed. It was always the way in the Student’s Union on the night when exam results came out. Music, at least that’s what they called it, blared out from the stage where a local band played their set of totally unrecognisable songs. People danced, people shouted above the noise, and most of all, people drank. Already, the atmosphere was taking on a drunken edge as the pent-up pressure of another academic year was released, just like the cork in a bottle of fizz.

Somewhere amid the crowds of early twenty-somethings, Jen was waiting for her best friend Natalie to return, the two of them eager to make their escape before things got too rowdy. Natalie though, was nowhere to be seen. When Natalie had said she would get them their own bottle of fizz, and somewhere private to drink it, Jen had mocked the young Aussie. Fuelled on though by the several glasses of wine that she had already drunk, Natalie was having none of it. She disappeared into the crowds, leaving Jen to simply watch and wait. When she did return, Natalie wasn’t empty handed.

“Got it. Now let’s get out of here before anyone notices,” Natalie announced.

That was the thing about Natalie. She had that sort of persona, the endearing charm, the cheeky smile, the gift of the gab which would get her anything, and anywhere. Natalie was everyone’s friend, or so it seemed. It helped when you had the looks as well. Standing at around five foot four, she was a pocket-sized party animal, confident in her own body and not afraid to flaunt it when she needed to. The latter wasn’t exactly surprising given her petite frame, slender toned legs, and surprisingly full bust for such a slight body. Even her chosen hairstyle, a shoulder length wavy bob of mousey-brown locks, matched her bubbly character.

“Come on, then,” Natalie continued, practically dragging her bestie through the noisy Student’s Union as she bounded off towards the exit.

“Where are we going?” Jen tried to ask as she felt herself running along behind the excited Aussie.

The two had met as fresher’s, some four years earlier. They’d been placed in the same dorms, and even though they were on different courses–Natalie was a scientist, if you counted sports science as a true subject, while Jen was into literature, her long-time dream to have something published in her own name–they soon hit it off. Now, four years on, they had hardly been apart. You would have thought there was little that the two women didn’t know about each other, yet every so often Natalie continued to surprise, just like now as they raced out into the fresh air.

Where Natalie was a pocket-sized party animal, Jen was much more your homely girl next door. She was several inches taller, standing at five foot ten, slimly built but not to the point of being skinny. With full hips, narrow waist and an ample bust, Jen had a subtle hourglass figure. Her long dark hair, straight glossy locks down to mid shoulder-blade, gave an air of seriousness to Jen’s appearance. She didn’t turn heads in the same way that Natalie did, but she was still a most attractive young woman. Don’t get it wrong, Jen liked a party just as much as Natalie did, it was just that she was more the introvert to Natalie’s extrovert. That said, they had become the best of friends, just like they say that opposites attract.

“Slow down, Natalie. You’re gonna pull me over,” Jen called out. “Where exactly are we going?”

It was a warm summer evening, the sun now dropping low in the sky as they ran across campus. Both women had gone for a casual look of short skirts and tees, with sneakers to boot. Even so, Jen was wondering what had gotten into her young friend, and why they had to be dashing so fast. It had been Natalie who had suggested they grab their own bottle and get out of here. Initially Jen had suggested she wouldn’t dare, and that they wouldn’t give her one anyway. Imagine the surprise though when Natalie appeared with bottle in hand just a few minutes later. Jen didn’t dare ask what she had done to get it, but knowing her friend, she would have found a way.

“Come on… your place is closest,” Natalie kocaeli escort bayan responded, turning her head to smile at Jen, then breaking out in laughter as she watched her young friend trying her best to keep up.

It was true. The two had moved onto campus for their final year and for the first time in their four years they were in different accommodation. Before long, they reached the housing block, the two women still running as quick as they could. Natalie shoulder barged the outer door, sending it slamming into the inside wall with an almighty crash.

As the door shook from the impact, Natalie bounded up the stairwell, taking the steps two at a time with Jen stumbling on behind. If anyone had been in the block, they would have thought that a herd of drunken elephants were charging through the stairwell, such was the thud of footsteps and loud giggling from the two women. Luckily, for everyone, Jen’s room was on the first floor which brought the invasion of intoxicated pachyderms to an abrupt end. The two friends disappeared inside, both now panting slightly from their exertions.

“Prosecco?” Natalie asked, holding up the bottle she had been hanging onto for dear life as they charged across campus.

“Did you grab some glasses?” Jen replied, taking a seat on her bean bag as she got her breath back.

“Errm… nope,” Natalie responded, bursting into giggles. She hadn’t thought about that bit when she had made off with the bottle. Jen was always the sensible one, and Natalie… well, she was just impetuous.

“Mugs?” Natalie continued, thinking on her feet

“They’ll be in the kitchen. I can go get them,” Jen continued.

“Or…” came Natalie’s giggled reply, “we could simply drink from the–“

There was a loud pop as Natalie removed the foil, then the wire. She never got as far as gently twisting the cork out of the top of the bottle. For sure Natalie had clung on to her prized possession for dear life, but she hadn’t exactly worried about keeping it steady as they dashed to Jen’s room. Just like the students on results day, the bottle was now releasing its own pent-up stress. The cork flew across the room, just missing a light before clattering into the wall.

“Natalie!!!” Jen screamed as a stream of prosecco followed the cork. She tried her best to get her mouth under the flow, but to no avail. In seconds her tee-shirt was soaked in fizzy wine.

All Natalie could do was laugh as her bestie’s white top took on a more transparent appearance, the outlines of the bra underneath becoming clearer by the second.

“Look!!! Look what you’ve done!!!” Jen continued to protest, standing up and belligerently showing the wet shirt to her friend. “What am I going to do now?”

This was so Jen. She was always the sensible one, the serious one, the one who never went out on a limb to have a good time. Still laughing, Natalie was already thinking up her response.

“I mean it, Natalie. I can’t go around wearing a wet tee-shirt,” Jen continued to complain.

“Well then…” Natalie started, a cheeky smile on her face and a mischievous glint in her eyes, as she put the bottle down for a moment. “Take it off.”


“Take it off! Here… let me help you.”

Before Jen could protest any further, Natalie had taken hold of the wet tee-shirt, a hand on each side of Jen’s waist. Then, instead of pulling the shirt upwards, she pulled herself forwards towards her bestie, stood up on tiptoes, and planted her lips on Jen’s. Jen tried to back away, but Natalie, her hands gripping tight to Jen’s waist, held her fast.

“Natali… nata… nat…” Jen started to complain, her words trailing off as she felt Natalie’s mouth lock down on hers.

It wasn’t really a complaint, but more an utterance of surprise. It wasn’t a surprise at being kissed. Jen had been kissed before. For a year of so she even had a steady boyfriend, until she put an end to it. Jen couldn’t say what it was, but something just didn’t seem right at the time, and Jen ended up using the excuse of her studies to get out of that relationship. What surprised Jen was the fact that she stood here, in her own bedroom, being kissed by another woman… being kissed by Natalie. And what surprised her more was the way her body responded to that very kiss.

Jen felt that excited tingle building in her lips, and as it did, her resolve, her inhibitions, her expected sensibility, drifted away. With their lips melded together in the most passionate of embraces, it was soon difficult to tell who was leading who. As they kissed, Natalie started to ease the wet tee-shirt upwards, and this time there was no resistance from her best friend.

As the sodden garment passed between the two women, breaking that very kiss, Jen simply put her arms up and let Natalie ease it over Jen’s head, then drop it on the floor. The tee-shirt was still falling through the air when Jen, now standing there in a short skirt and black bra, pulled Natalie in close izmit escort bayan and kissed her once more. It was the drink talking, the two or three glasses they had downed before leaving the party. Jen knew it was just the drink, yet the kiss felt so good, and somewhere deep inside her heart was racing.

Natalie ran her arms around Jen’s back and pulled herself even closer. She felt Jen’s tongue run over her lips, probing away for an opening. Natalie gave her one, butterflies in her stomach as their tongues touched. She had always wondered about Jen… what it would be like to go with her… but never did she think that Jen would react in this way. It was more than the tiny Natalie could imagine, and she so hoped Jen wouldn’t freeze if she took it to the next step.

There was only one way to find out. As they kissed, Natalie fumbled at the back of Jen’s bra, feeling for the clasps. Jen didn’t respond, so consumed was she in their passionate embrace. At least she didn’t respond until she felt her bra come free at the back, the cups falling loose around her young breasts.

“Natalie,” she whispered, breaking away from the kiss, and grabbing hold of the front of her bra before it fell to the floor. “I think you’ve pulled my bra open.”

“Mmmm… I know,” came a giggled reply from Natalie. “I would offer you the chance to undo mine, but…”

As she spoke, Natalie took hold of her own tee-shirt and eased it up her young body, teasing Jen with a glimpse of belly button then a flash of underboob.

“…I’m not wearing one,” Natalie continued, a huge smile on her face as she pulled the tee over her head and gave a little shimmy of her large breasts.

“Natalie!” Jen exclaimed, not sure if she should be shocked by her friend’s actions or should be joining in. The one thing she did know was that she couldn’t take her eyes off Natalie’s breasts. For a petite young thing, Natalie had such large breasts, each topped off with a saucer like darker-pink areola and hard nub of a nipple. What’s more, they were just as well tanned as the rest of Natalie’s young body. There wasn’t a tan line in sight. The more Jen stared, the more she started to compare her own breasts to those of her young friend.

“What? Don’t you like them?” Natalie teased, giving another shimmy for effect, and setting her firm breasts wobbling from side to side.

“They’re… they’re… fantastic, Natalie. So large, so firm, so beautiful…”

“…so, just like yours,” Natalie chipped in. “Go on… show them to me… let me see how beautiful yours are too.”

Jen was still wondering how it had got to this. Was she so drunk that she would think about removing her bra in public, even if the only audience was her bestie? But then, why did she find her half naked friend so damn attractive, so appealing, so… Jen couldn’t believe how hard her heart was pounding as she stood there, her hands still clenched around her bra, holding it tightly in place. In her mind she kept telling herself that this was just the effect of alcohol, too much of the intoxicating drug, yet her heart told her so much more. As Jen released her grip on the bra, her mind was consumed with the thought of feeling her naked body up against Natalie’s. It was wrong, she knew it was wrong, but in that moment, it was all Jen wanted.

In slow motion, the black bra fell forward, then tumbled to the floor. Jen fought the urge to cover her naked breasts. She longed to feel hands up against her soft mounds, but it wasn’t her own hands she wanted to feel. Natalie didn’t disappoint. No sooner had the bra landed in a heap on the floor, than Natalie moved forward and cupped Jen’s bare flesh in her small hands.

Jen gasped as she felt that first gentle touch against her breasts.

There was none of the hard groping Jen had associated with her past boyfriend, just a soft caress, a gentle squeeze, and the most sensual stroke against her soft globes. Her nipples were soon standing to attention, becoming more and more sensitive with every touch. All the time though, Jen’s eyes were still fixed on Natalie’s breasts. She wanted to place her hands upon her young friend’s breasts, to feel the firm mounds for herself, but she was scared to do so. What if Natalie took it the wrong way? What if this was just a drunken game which she was reading wrongly? What if…

It was like Natalie could read her young friend’s every thought. She took Jen’s hands in hers and slowly brought them up to her own breasts, purring softly as she felt Jen’s fingers caress her young flesh.

“Do you like them, Jen?” Natalie whispered as she moved her own hands back to Jen’s mounds.

“They’re so soft, yet so firm. Do you it when I stroke them?” Jen replied.

Natalie’s hard nipples were a clear giveaway that the young woman was more than liking the attention. She didn’t reply to the question other than to give a soft pleasured moan every time Jen circled her hard nubs.

Natalie gebze escort had something else on her mind. She pulled herself forward, again on tiptoes, and pressed her naked breasts up against Jen’s, their nipples rubbing together as they stood there. The two women kissed once more, once again clenched in the most passionate embrace, with Jen’s arms holding tight across her lover’s shoulders, and Natalie’s down around Jen’s lower back. To be more precise, Natalie’s hands were around the waistband of Jen’s short skirt, easing down the zip which held the skirt in place.

Jen felt the waistband relax as Natalie pulled the zip down. Jen didn’t resist as, with a wiggle of her hips, her skirt fell to the floor. Jen’s heart was pounding. She could feel the blood coursing through her veins. That tingle was back in her lips, and this time there was an ache down below. She was standing there, kissing another woman, kissing her best friend, dressed now in nothing more than a pair of black lacy panties, full non-sexy midi briefs to boot, yet it seemed so right.

There was an air of disappointment in Jen’s sigh when Natalie pulled away from the embrace, picked up the now half empty bottle of fizz and handed it to Jen.

“Dutch courage?” Natalie whispered as she worked her own skirt down over her hips.

Jen took a huge swig out of the bottle, watching her young friend’s every movement. She half expected Natalie to be wearing no knickers, but that wasn’t the case. A bright red thong came into view as Natalie lowered her skirt down over her hips. Jen thought it summed the young woman up totally. Natalie was larger than life, full of bubbly character, full of passion for all she did, and here she was, dressed in knickers which exuded the same. Jen handed the bottle to her young friend and watched as Natalie took her own mouthful.

“You gonna just stand there,” Natalie said, giggling with excitement, “or shall we jump on the bed together?”

This time it was Jen who made the first move, as she bounded onto the bed with a creak from the mattress. She lay there, on her back, in the middle of the bed, nervous excitement building as she stared back at Natalie.

Natalie on the other hand, didn’t follow straight away. She stood there, at the foot of the bed, teasing her young friend with another shimmy of her breasts, before turning her attention to that red thong. Slowly she pulled one side down an inch or two, giving a glimpse of what seemed like bare mound, before pulling it back up. Natalie did the same at the other side, once more teasing Jen with just a glimpse, but no more.

Then, Natalie turned around, her back now to her would be lover. She glanced over her shoulder, smiled, then pulled the back of the thong down over her pert ass. This time Natalie didn’t stop. Bending at the waist, Natalie eased the knickers down her legs, all the time knowing she would be giving Jen a flash of her bare snatch. It was only meant to be a tease, and as the red thong fell to the floor, Natalie stood back up and turned around to face her lover.

Jen gasped. What had been teased was for real. Natalie’s mound, unlike her own, was shaven bare, just the line of her snatch to be seen across her smooth flesh. Jen watched, unable to say anything, as Natalie climbed on the end of the bed. Natalie knelt over Jen’s shins, giving her lover more than a teasing glimpse at her bare sex.

“Your turn, now,” Natalie whispered as she took purchase on Jen’s panties and started to ease them down over her lover’s hips, then thighs.

A neatly trimmed mound of brown hair came into view, and as it did, Jen found herself wanting to bring her hand down to cover her embarrassment. Natalie noticed and brought her hand to Jen’s, stopping her lover in her tracks.

“Don’t,” Natalie whispered, smiling back at Jen. “You’re beautiful.”

“But… but…”

“No buts,” Natalie continued. “I like to shave, but it doesn’t make me any more beautiful than you are.”

Natalie ran her fingers through Jen’s soft bush, tracing lines down towards Jen’s apex, drawing gasps from her young lover. Natalie pulled Jen’s panties down as far as she could. She lifted on her knees and allowed Jen to pull her legs up and finish off removing her panties. As Jen lowered her legs though, she found her way blocked by Natalie’s once again kneeling position, leaving Jen with no choice but to splay her legs either side of her young friend. There was no hiding now, with Jen’s sex on full display.

The smile on Natalie’s face was a picture, as attractive a picture as the smile of Jen’s snatch in front of her very eyes. She so wanted to dive straight in and lock her mouth down on her lover’s sweet sex but decided against it. Natalie may have been eager to go with her bestie, but was Jen ready to be taken?

There had been little hesitation in the way Jen had positioned herself on the bed, yet still Natalie felt she should go slowly. She leant forward and lowered her petite frame on top of Jen’s. For the first time, both women felt the warmth of their fully naked bodies up against each other. Natalie looked down at her lover, smiling, waiting for a sign from Jen.

“Kiss me,” Jen whispered, her pulse racing as she smiled back at her young friend.

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