Girlie Girl Takes Time Off


It was a callous statement, meant to hurt. And it did. Funny how sometimes things said just run right off your back, and other times they stick and grow like big, obnoxious, ugly warts. This was a witch’s wart. Right in the middle of my forehead — and I it grew larger every time I looked into the mirror.

“Here she is, Ladies!,” Patsy announced at the salon when I walked in for a trim. “The Cunt of Cartersville, Tennessee! She’s fucked my husband to almost his last breath – and, if she hasn’t fucked your husband yet, she will very soon. Trust me!”

I looked at the ladies as her words hung in the air with icicles attached to them. No one else spoke. They all looked away from me, whispering in each other’s ears. The owner, Maxine, reached out to touch my shoulder and guide me to my station, and I said, “Cancel my appointment. I’ll call you and reschedule.” Her hand dropped and she tried to smile at me as I turned on my heel and left the salon.

I don’t remember much of the rest of that day, and nothing of the next day. I just watched the wart sprout and grow.

I needed to get away. To stop everything I had been doing. To change paths. To change something…anything. And somehow absolve myself of this guilt.

Nancy said, “Girllie Girl, she just said it for spite. She’s jealous. You know she’s just jealous. Most women would sell their firstborn to do what you do so freely.”

“You wouldn’t,” I replied.

“I said most women. Women who don’t know yet who they are. Women who haven’t ventured down the untraveled road. Scared shitless women.” She stared at me.

“Well, that’s not you, either. You know who you are. You knew what you wanted.”

“Yep,” Nancy smiled. “I knew what I wanted and I went after it. Just like you. And now I’m really happy. Two days ago you were on top of the world. You were happy, too. Why are you letting what she blathered in the salon get to you?”

Because. Because somewhere inside of me, obviously, I thought she might be right. And for the last forty-eight hours I had been justifying my actions to the wart in the mirror. Explaining myself. And the more I explained, the worse I felt.

“And you haven’t let any of the guys come over for two whole days! They’re going to think you’ve joined a convent. You never turn them away!

“Listen, Sweetie. John and I have that cabin in the woods. It’s all set and ready for you to stay in. Here are the keys! Bring a few groceries and all of your vibrators! You can do whatever star trek strange new worlds izle you like there…run naked in the woods, have sex in the pool, spend a week naked playing with Precious. It doesn’t matter! Just find your way out of this funk.”

I waved as Nancy drove off.

Funny, Officer Perkins drove by and down the street right behind Nancy. Even turned at the corner when Nancy turned. Huh. Haven’t seen him since Monday. Oh, yeah. Didn’t return his five phone calls, either. I had changed my voice mail message, too. “Hi, Guys – I’m outta commission for a few days. Taking a break. Need to breathe. Leave a message.” Hadn’t taken the time to listen to any of the voice messages, either.

I wanted to sit on the sidewalk and quit. Instead, I turned to walk around the side of my apartment building and into my back door. My benefactor, Henry Smith, did not come of out of his apartment to play with my titties or put his hands in my panties. He and Marie were visiting their grandchildren in Oregon. I really missed him. He always managed to lift my spirits and touch me in just the right way. And he always had a gift for me, or some new little nightie for me to try on for him. Last time it was a carat diamond for my belly button. (And the clerk from the convenience store had accidentally swallowed the diamond when he went down on me to eat Precious. Too enthusiastic, that kid.)

But that was last week.

I looked at the keys in my hand. A week away from all this. A chance to give Precious a rest — a real rest. A chance to clear my head. I threw the keys up in the air and caught them as they fell. Yep, I was going.

I didn’t pack any clothes or nighties or bras or panties. I didn’t need a bathing suit. I would drive there – and drive home next Saturday – wearing just the clothes on my back, and all the days in between I would be naked.

Once, just once, before I left my apartment, I looked in the mirror at the wart that wasn’t really there, and said, “YOU! You are going to be gone by the time I get home!” I grabbed my overnight case with all my toiletries and drove off in my Z4 (another gift from Henry), with the top down.

I drove maybe six blocks and saw Patsy in her car on the corner of Broad and Main, and glanced in my rear view mirror as I drove passed. Oh, my God! The wart had grown an eyeball in the center and was staring back at me! I slapped my forehead star wars andor izle three times and pulled over to park.

My head rested on my steering wheel, and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up into the sun and could not make out who was standing by my car. But I could see his utility belt, the gun in the holster, and the night stick.

“It’s me, Girlie Girl. Officer Steve. I saw you pull over. You okay? Why don’t you come back to my squad car and chat.”

He opened my car door and helped me out.

“You don’t look too happy, Sweetie. Can I cheer you up?” He walked me around to the passenger side and held the door for me. As I stepped off the curb to sit in his car, I felt his hand slide my skirt up and dip into my panties to play with my ass. He reached a little farther and stuck his finger in my wet cunt. Oh! I’d forgotten already how much I love that!

“We know you’re leaving for the cabin, Girlie Girl. The news spread like wildfire through the precinct. Couple of us are thinking about escorting you there.” He bit the back of my neck and slid his other hand over my shoulder and played with my titties. “Whaddya think?”

I squiggled out of his grasp and stood outside his squad car. “But how? I just made the decision …not even an hour ago!”

“Someone told Perkins, and Perkins put out a BOLO for your Z4. Small town, Girlie Girl. You know how that is.”

“Which is exactly why I have to get away!” I stood on my tiptoes and kissed his mouth. Such a full mouth, with the greatest tongue. Yummy!

I walked back to my BMW and drove toward the cabin.

I drove for about ten miles and saw a red light in my rear view mirror, so I pulled to the side of the road to get out of his way. To my surprise, the squad car pulled in behind me.

Had I been speeding?

Two officers walked toward my car and opened both my front doors.

State Troopers. Didn’t know ’em. That I could remember, anyway. You know, sometimes I really was asleep when guests arrived.

“Hey, there, Girlie Girl! Scoot over, Sweetie.” I read his name tag. Sergeant Roper.

I scooted toward the passenger side door just as Officer Watson sat down and I ended up on his lap. Thank God the top was down. Watson was really cramped in my little car. Must have been at least six feet, and couldn’t straighten his legs all the way.

“Do you remember us, Girlie Girl?” Officer Watson asked. “We were at your place star wars visions izle about two weeks ago. Are you really going out of town?”

“Uh, yes, I am. I’m sorry I don’t remember your faces or your names. Did you come while I was sleeping?”

“Man! Did we ever! I came at least three times that night. You really are the best fuck, Girlie Girl – asleep, anyway. I’d like to have the chance to fuck you while you’re wide awake, and look in your eyes while I cum on your titties. We’re just ending our shift and would like to accompany you to the cabin,” Sergeant Roper, said with hope in his voice.

Officer Watson nibbled the back of my neck and had his right hand on my left tittie, slowly playing with my nipple. Sergeant Roper’s deft fingers were in my panties, playing with my clit. My cunt was wet and feeling very deprived, since I had not fucked anyone in almost three days! Sergeant Roper pushed the driver’s seat all the way back so my legs would not be cramped, and placed my right foot on the dash board, over the steering wheel. Easier access into my panties.

“Fellas, really. Let’s go to your car. I need to be fucked, but I don’t want you to get into trouble if you’re seen out here in the open.” Damn, I was so needy!

“There’s a road block behind us, Girlie Girl, and another about a mile up the road. With no cross roads or houses in between, no one’s going to see us. We were sent here just to make sure you give up this idea about going alone to your cabin. The men are hungry and straining at the collar for a taste of your Precious cunt,” Sergeant Roper said.

He kissed my mouth while he fingered my cunt and Officer Watson said, “Help me lift her out.” So Sergeant Roper put my right let back down in his lap and Officer Watson turned his knees to step out of my little car. He lifted me up as he stepped out, like I was light as a feather.

And right there on this open highway, Officer Watson pulled my panties off and bent me over the car, to fuck me Girlie Girl style. His hands spread my legs, his fingers spread open my starving cunt, sliding his cock in to his balls, and he fucked me with fervor while Sergeant Roper shot photos with my camera. I screamed that I was cumming, and I felt his hot jizz run down my legs.

I was out of breath, momentarily, but so ecstatic with renewed joy!

“Well?” Sergeant Roper asked me, searching my happy eyes.

“Oh, you men are so good to me! Yes, yes, yes!!! Tell them all to meet me at the cabin when they can! I will be spread and on my knees, waiting to service everyone who shows up!”

Sergeant Roper whipped out his personal cell phone and said, “Let me send a happy gram to the troops – and then, Girlie Girl, may I have a turn?”

“You silly man! You don’t even need to ask! I am here for you … for all of you! … doing what I do best! I am Girlie Girl, and I love to fuck!”

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