Girl Talk


We were sitting at a glossy-topped, faux mahogany table in a local bar and grill, as was standard for our Girl’s Night Out. We ate, we drank, and us single vixens made eyes at the clientele that came and went as we gabbed enthusiasticly into the night. Our married Megan were tamer, though not by much: Meg was known to have a phone number or two more to show than the rest of us at the end of the night. David would be so proud.

“And that was that,” Carolyn giggled.

I snapped back to reality and realized that I hadn’t even heard her story. So much so, I wasn’t even sure what it had been about. Everyone was laughing, so I laughed, still not understanding why.

Melissa, our resident storyteller and illegally young male magnet, cleared her throat and smiled her debutante’s smirk. Her grin widened as she spoke. “What about sex?”

“What about it?” Gwen quipped.

“Well,” Melissa elaborated, “what about your best sexual exploit? I know mine and I’m willing to share.” As she spoke, she shimmied in her chair with so much enthusiasm, part of me thought she’d dish her dirt right then and there. But Melissa had a tact for great build-up; she made you long for the story, want the story.

“All I can say is banana boy,” Megan laughed.

We laughed with her, knowing that her reference was to a college fling with a banana-shaped you-know-what. The poor man that had inspired the tale- I believe his name had been Matthew- would never live down the heralding stories that Megan dished about his uniquely designed equipment. Thankfully, her husband seemed to be created to her liking, and we were rarely subject to tales of his genitalia.

“Count me out,” Vanessa sighed. She was the youngest of us, barely twenty-five years old and still in (graduate) school. She was also a virgin.

“Oh, come on, Ness,” Gwen chided. “We know you have some dirt to dish.”

Carolyn followed this up with a quip that brought guffaws from the girls and our waitress.

Vanessa looked amused, but there was still an air of discomfort.

“Alright, I’ll start,” Gwen offered. “My best exploit was a casual fling I had one summer.”

“Ooooooo,” Megan chided. “I’ve never heard this one before.”

“Are you going to shut up and let me tell it?”

That caused us all to giggle. We were comfortable with each other, and though we often teased and coaxed one another where men were involved, we rarely had in-depth conversations about the end product of our laisons. Tonight was new frontier, and we were about to embark on our journey with open minds….and ears.

“It was the summer between sophomore and junior year, and I was…How old was I?”

We laughed with Gwen. We laughed at Gwen.

“Anyhow, I got dragged to this bar by my roomie to see some band that her boyfriend was in at the time. Of course, the asshole left her a week later without a reason or a phone call, but that’s men, right?” She sighed. “I thought it was going to be some degenerated hellhole, with a puney stage and some forty year-old men trying to relive their glory days through their music. I was so wrong.”

Her smirk expanded, and if you knew Gwen, you knew that meant she had something good to say. “They were a rock band, easily much younger than Jessica and I, and the singer was pierced in just about every place imaginable. He looked dirty.”

Megan snorted, but I laughed. Knowing Gwen for as many years as I had, I knew that “dirty” to her was a deliciously wonderful thing to be. It didn’t mean he was unwashed, it meant he was kinky- and Gwen loved kinky.

“His name was DJ,” she continued, grinning lasciviously all the while. “He bought me a beer and we sat for a while, making small talk. Somewhere between beer number three and beer number four, shots started flowing. I totally lost track of everything, and eventually realized that Jessica and her boytoy had left me there alone with this guy.”

Vanessa was intrigued. “She just abandoned you to some stranger?”

“Well, I’m sure she told me where she was going,” Gwen explained, “but I was so bombed I don’t remember it. I just remember DJ’s voice ataköy escort in my ear, whispering that he was my ride home.”

I started to flash to a memory of being abandoned in a bar. I had been underage and my older sister, Katherine, had felt it alright to leave with some tawdry stranger she’d picked up. There’d been no explanation and no backup transportation home, and our father had flipped his top when he realized I’d walked the three miles home, alone, in the middle of the night. Of course, he never did find out where she’d abandoned me, exactly. How do you explain a fake ID to your father without getting grounded?

Snapping back to the real world, I realize I’d lost a little of Gwen’s story. “He was so gentle, so wonderfully soft for a man.” She was practically swooning. “He laid me down on the bed and hovered above me. His eyes were as blue as the Caribbean seas and his hair was bleached blonde and spiked. He was the perfect image of a bad boy, and you know how I love them evil. Anyhow,” her voice trailed off into thought, “he stripped for me, and up til that point, I’d never had a man do that for me before. He stripped off all of his clothes and I just lay there speechless. This guy was huge. God had definitely gifted DJ, and he had one beautifully large penis to show for it.”

We erupted into laughter, Gwen blushing faintly but noticeably.

“And yeah. I spent the night with DJ, trying out every position from the Kama Sutra. In the morning, he drove me home and we never spoke to, or saw each other again.”

“You cheated us, Gwenny! You cut out all the juicy parts.” Carolyn was never shy, and she was easily the second best storyteller in our group. Afterall, she was a writer.

“Fact is,” Gwen grinned, “I don’t remember everything that man did to me with that delicious tool of his. He bent me, he shook me, he jumped my bones. There’s not much to tell beyond that, really. Your turn, Carolyn!”

Carolyn seemed to search herself for inspiration, debating what story to share and what to keep for later. “My best sexual exploit was with Jerry,” she smiled. Jerry had been her fiance for several years. Fate never brought the pair to the altar, and they parted ways after two years of engagement. So far as I knew, she’d never truly loved another man as she had Jerry, and she held tight to the hope that, perhaps one day, they’d repair their damaged relationship and be together again.

“We had rented a cabin in Vermont, in ski country. Our room had a glass wall that overlooked the mountain, and there was a jacuzzi placed stragetically in front of that window.” She paused and smiled, as though just the memory of it warmed her. “Jerry had to coax me, but eventually he got me into that jacuzzi, naked. We made love slowly, passionately, looking out over the mountains and trees. There was nothing raunchy about it, but it was the best sex of my life. I was in a beautiful place with the person I loved, and somehow, that was enough for me.”

Vanessa grinned. “That sounds beautiful, Carolyn!”

She smiled. “It was.”

Melissa squirmed in her seat, and bent over the table. “Okay, are you ladies ready for my story?” We nodded, knowing that rapt attention was mandatory when Melissa was telling one of her tales.

“I don’t remember how I met Craig, but our paths crossed somehow, and next thing I knew, we were lovers. It was one of those torrid affairs that start with a bang- literally!” This brought laughter from our group, and lit a joyous spark in Melissa’s eyes.

“Craig was tall, slim, brunette, plain. There was nothing overtly beautiful about him, and frankly, I’ll never know why I was initially drawn to him. He was just there and he was intelligent, soft spoken, and eager to please. We met in a graduate class- Applications of Modern Physiological Discoveries or some shit- and became fast friends. One night, Craig invited me out to dinner and, despite the mound of work I had sitting on my desk at home, I accepted. Oh, who am I kidding, you gals don’t care about our meal and sweet talk, do you?”

Megan snorted, while Vanessa and I avcılar escort glanced at one another and giggled. Melissa was right: in stories such as these, the preceding details are fairly…boring.

“Our drinks had freed up our inhibitions, and Craig confessed to his kinky side over dinner. We ended up at a hotel near the restaurant, and a swanky one at that. Have I mentioned his family had money? Anyway, we barely got in the door before we were stripping one another down and my hands were ravishing his body. I said he wasn’t blatantly beautiful before- I took that back with the first, glorious glances at his body. He had a six pack, muscular arms, and an excitingly thick male accoutrement.”

We all laughed with Melisssa. I was beginning to notice a pattern in these stories, and it seemed that size really did matter to our assembled group!

“We fucked each other with such frenzy that when it was over, Craig rolled over and asked if I wanted to shower. I took him up on the offer, and next thing I knew, he was holding me in his arms, pumping me up and down on his cock as we showered.”

Melissa had our attention now.

“He fucked me in the shower and before we could even dry off, he was sitting on the toilet with me riding him. I don’t know how he did it- stayed hard like that nonstop- but I loved it.” She smirked. “We moved from the toilet back to the bed, the bed to the small balcony outside, the balcony to the floor, and so on. We christened every inch of that hotelroom, nothing went to waste.”

We erupted in laughter, and Melissa grinned.

“We saw each other several times after that, mostly just for sex. It all came to a halt when he confessed that he was bisexual, and I confessed that that creeped me out.” She sighed. “I miss that. Men these days are so afraid to let their kinky side show.”

“I don’t know about that, Mel,” I said. I had their attention now, and that’s exactly how I’d wanted to start out my story. “I’ve been seeing two guys lately.”

This brought hoots and cheers from the girls, and made me laugh. I wasn’t the youngest of us or the oldest, I wasn’t the writer or the storyteller, I was just the kinky recluse that kept her excursions to herself more times than not. Tonight, I was willing to give them all a little insight into my world of sexual perversions.

“I’ve been seeing two guys and, while I can’t say that they’re bisexual, they’re definitely…not shy. How’s that?”

Melissa raised an eyebrow. “You kinky ho!”

We all laughed at this, and I knew what she meant. I was about to shock them further.

“They’re willing to share me, and that works for me.” I smiled, thinking about last night with my men. “Michael and Matthew. Michael’s a something-or-other in the computer field, and Matthew’s a lawyer. They’ve been best friends since grade school, apparently.”

Gwen was ooing and ahhing, and Carolyn looked almost afraid of what I might say next. “Michael’s the dark-haired Italian stallion of the pair. He’s easily 6’3″, built, and with piercing brown eyes that let you see into his soul.”

“How poetic,” Megan quipped.

I ignored her and continued. “Matthew’s about 6’4″, built, and blonde where Mike’s dark. He’s got that serious, lawyer-ly manner about him, but when you prod him and he lets loose, he’s like a little boy. He’s a lot to handle sometimes.” I frowned. I was remembering our fight a few weeks back, when Matt had demanded that I choose between him and Mike. I’d explained to him that they only interested me as a pair, and if there wasn’t a package deal, there was no deal, period. He called me every name a man in his position could call a woman, and we’d ended the argument when Mike arrived with the pizza and beer we’d sent him to fetch an hour previously.

“They’re a package deal for me. What one lacks, the other has. I have no desire to date only one of them; I want both of them.”

I think this confession scared a few of the girls, but it seemed to intrigue Melissa. “And they’re okay with this?”

“Sometimes, sometimes we argue. I’ve been pretty honest with them about bahçelievler escort the situation, though. They know that I have no intentions of losing one of them to build a cozy nest with the other. I like our threesome.” I could be falted for being many things, dishonest was not one of them.

“I’m….speechless,” Carolyn frowned. She was old-fashioned, as one could easily tell from her story tonight. She was a one-man kind of woman, and so far as I knew, Jerry was the only man she’d ever actually had intercourse with. Oh, there’d been boyfriends and flings, but there was only one sexual partner in her vast background of men, and that made her truly prudish in my book. Practical, safe, old-fashioned, and boring.

“You wanted a story, didn’t you?” I shook my head at the bunch of them, and continued with the story. “I met them in a park, of all places.”

The memory warmed my body from head to toe, and I rotated in my chair to avoid blushing with the sexual tension that was building inside me. “They’re, of course, roommates, and they were out for a jog. I happened to take a walk that day, and we met near the water fountain, of all places. But that’s all boring history.” I sighed. “We became friends, then we became lovers. My first time with the boys was amazing. It’s like their bodies are choreographed to move together, perfectly in sync. They shared me, without fear of touching each other, and they….”

I heard my voice trail off, but I just sat, remembering my first threesome. Mike and Matt had been perfectly in tune with each other, and though they’d never actually caressed one another in my presence, the idea that once they may have explored that avenue made me warm and moist. We’d shared a bed in a local hotel on that first night, Mike and I kissing and touching one another as Matt lay behind me, massaging my neck and back. They’d known how to move their bodies, and when Mike was pulling out of my body, it seemed that Matt was driving in.

Megan was staring at me. “They what?”

“I don’t know, I lost my train of thought!”

“Well,” Gwen giggled, “you’re certainly a bucket of shameful surprises tonight!”

I laughed at this, realizing that I had openly shared some of the most intimate details of my present life. These, however, were my friends, and by and large, I’d known each of the girls for over ten years. I realized I’d been frank, but if you can’t be frank with the girls, who can you trust?

We paid the check and were escorting each other to our seperate cars in the parking lot, when I realized that Megan had never shared a tale with us that night. Had I rained on her parade?

“Oh no,” she smiled, “I couldn’t follow your act anyway.”

We smiled at each other. I’d known her the longest- we had gone to elementary school together, though we hadn’t been friends back in those days. “But you must have had something prepared to say?”

Megan grinned. “Well, I was going to tell everyone about the new love in my life.”

I paused. Megan was married and I wasn’t sure what she was getting at. “Oh?”

“It’s okay, Tori,” she giggled, “I realized that my story was probably best kept to myself.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“I wasn’t sure that everyone could handle the shock after your tale of two men, that’s all.” She looked at the ground and blushed, and I realized she was avoiding telling me about this new love in her life. I elbowed her and said, “Come on! I won’t tell David! Dish the dirt!”

“Well, her name’s Stephanie, and she’s great.” She paused, eyeing me for a response.

“Oh,” I stammered. “That’s wonderful!”

“Is it?,” she questioned. From the look on her face, my approval was important to her.

“Do you love her?”

“Very much so. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me…besides Dave, of course.”

“Then it’s wonderful, Meg. It really is. I just never…realized.”

Megan giggled. “There’s nothing to realize, Tori.”

With that, she opened the door to her car and grinned at me. “I’m going to bring her next week. I figured my story can be a Show N’ Tell.”

I laughed and waved good night. I had two men, and Megan was having an affair with a woman. We were certainly a kinky group of ladies. As I slid my seat belt over my lap, I realized that I was hoping the boys were still awake when I got home, cause I had big plans for them tonight. A little “Show N’ Tell” of our own.

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