Gina’s Weekend Getaway

Big Dicks

Gina was primed for a weekend away for the first time in quite a while. She was closing in on a nursing degree that she had been working hard on the past two years. She was excited for the future and a new start. Gina was a 24 year old single mom who had not much luck with her child’s father. So when her friend from school, Lena told her about a chance to go away for the weekend, Gina jumped at the opportunity.

Lena had started dating a guy recently and was pretty wild. Gina really liked Lena and was entranced by her outgoing personality, which was different than the outward appearance of Gina. Gina secretly loved hearing Lena tell her about the wild sex she was having. Especially since she had been in a dry spell with men lately. Her dry spell didn’t affect her sex drive though. She was relentlessly horny and felt the urge to masturbate several times a day. So when Lena said she was going to her boyfriend’s home town and had a date for her too, Gina decided to go.

The girls embarked on their short 90 minute drive. Gina was very nervous about meeting the guy she now knew as Jerod. She was also more excited to meet him than she thought she would be. As she talked with Lena about the weekend on the way up she could feel her panties filling up with moisture. To make matters worse, listening to Lena talk about the last time she was up there set Gina’s pussy on fire.

When they arrived at Lena’s boyfriend’s apartment, the girls had some time to freshen up before the four of them went out for the night, and it was going to be a couple hours before Jerod got there. Gina walked in behind Lena and watched her jump into Bob’s arms, wrap her legs around him and kissed him. This wasn’t making things any easier for Gina. She met Bob, she gave Yozgat Escort him a hug and excused herself to use the restroom.

Gina shut and locked the bathroom door and though of how good looking Bob was. He was tall and in really good shape. She was staring in the mirror thinking of Bob’s cock that she had now heard so much about…Gina unbuttoned her jeans and slid her hand down inside her panties and began rubbing her clit. Her pussy was sopping wet. Gina hastily pulled her pants down and sat on the bathroom counter and spread her legs with her pants around her ankles. She was close to cumming…Just as she started squirting her orgasm, she heard a knock on the door.

“Are you ok in there Gina?” Lena asked.

“Um yeah..Ah, Um give me a minute.”

“Okay, but hurry, Jared is on his way over.”

Gina rushed to get her pants back on, and was flushed when she emerged from the bathroom. She noticed as she was going back to the living room that when she squirted she left a we spot on her jeans. Gina was hoping no one noticed, and was going to change into the mini dress she had brought to wear out for the night. As Gina grabbed her bag she realized that the apartment was a flat and didn’t have any separate bedrooms.

“Lena, aren’t there any bedrooms??? Where are we staying?”

“Well we will just stay here, we will stay in the bed over there and you can crash on the couch around the corner” Lena said matter of fact, while she started changing right in front of Bob and Gina. Lena was standing in a thong and no bra.

Gina watched Lena hurry into her dress as the doorbell rang. It was Jerod. Gina was quite happy when she seen him. He was an athlete. He was about 6 foot one and muscular. He face became Yozgat Escort Bayan flushed again and she could feel her dampness between her legs again.

“Let me get changed and we can go,” Gina exclaimed.

When Gina came back out of the bathroom, she was wearing a short black dress that showed her cleavage and shapely legs.

“Oh WOW! You look amazing!” Jerod said.

“You are a lucky guy Jerod, but we have reservations so let’s go,” Bob said.

The group went out for a nice dinner. Jerod was really flirting with Gina and when they moved to the lounge side for some drinks, he kissed her. Gina and Lena both went to freshen up.

“What are you doing Lena?” Gina said as she watched Lena pull her dress up over her ass and wiggle out of her panties.

“I am going to give these to Bob when we go back out,” Lena giggled.

Gina was getting nervous again. As the night was coming to an end the group decided to back to Bob’s. They had a couple of drinks.

“Jerod, why don’t you just crash here tonight?” Bob asked.

“Is that ok with you Gina?” asked Jerod.

“Um, ok sure. Fine by me.”

As the lights went out Bob and Lena disappeared to the far side of the room to the bed around the corner. Jerod and Gina sat on the couch. They started making out a little. To Gina’s dismay Jerod didn’t push the issue too far and they both started to drift off to sleep.

Then Gina heard noises coming from around the corner.

“Fuck me Bob, I love your cock, I have missed you so much.”

Gina continued to hear Lena moaning. She did not want to wake up Jerod but needed to pleasure her dripping pussy. Gina wiggled her dress up over her hips and slipped her hand into her panties. She Escort Yozgat closed her eyes and listed to her friend getting fucked like she wanted. She kind of lost herself for a while and then felt her panties being tugged off. At first she grabbed her panties to stop Jerod, but then took them off herself.

Jerod knelt down between her legs and stated to lick her pussy. It felt wonderful. She hadn’t had this in so long. He pulled her forward and lifted her dress up over her head. Jerod started sucking on her nipples. Gina was so turned on. She needed to see his cock.

“Stand up,” Gina whispered.

Jerod stood up and Gina unbuttoned his pants, slowly pulled them down and let Jerod’s cock spring to attention. It was big and thick and Gina grabbed it and took it in her mouth and started sucking on it like she had never done before. Jerod grabbed her hair and before she knew what was happening Jerod shot his hot cum in Gina’s mouth. It was a huge load that Gina could not swallow. Parts of it dripped down her chin.

Gina thought “this sucks,” as Jerod sat down on the couch.

Gina was too horny and needed to have Jerod’s fat cock inside her. She could hear Bob still pounding away on Lena. Gina got down on her knees and started to suck Jerod’s cock again to get him hard. It didn’t take long and she climbed on top of him sticking her tits in Jerod’s face. It was then that she could see Bob fucking Lena from behind in the dimly lit room. Lena was loud and enjoying it. Gina lowered herself down on Jerod’s huge cock and started grinding on him. He was so hard again. Gina was fucking Jerod but watching her friends. Bob was pulling on Lena’s hair and she could see Lena’s little tits bouncing feverously. Her pussy started convulsing and exploded of Jerod’s lap. Gina grabbed Jerod’s neck and squeezed him as she felt his whole body tighten and felt hot streams of cum coming from Jerod’s cock inside her. As she kept cumming Lena looked over her shoulder and smiled at her. This was the start of a great weekend.

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