Gina and Kevin Ch. 01


I’d spent the better part of the week looking at applicants for the position I had created and no one seemed to have what it would take to fill the job. I took an idea a few years ago and opened my first retail store. It took a little while for me to find the market niche to be successful but once I did everything took off quickly. In fact it took off so well I now needed someone to help me control it. I had already opened a few more stores and while they were doing well, they were not as dynamic as the original store. I had decided to find someone to help me understand the market before I lost the opportunities I’d made happen.

I’m a twenty five year old single woman who has always wanted to be her own boss. I am a little over five foot two inches tall with a proportional body. My hair is dark and hangs to my shoulders and I’ve been told that I have a pretty face with spectacular eyes. I know I spend more time in bars and pubs getting hit on so I gather I am either attractive or look like and easy lay. At any rate I am a pretty tough boss and often hear my employees referring to me as the queen bitch. I’m not proud of that and maybe someday I can soften that image but for now this business is my baby and I am the mean mother hen who is nurturing it.

My last interview for the day, and probably the week too was an older guy with some impressive work history. As I reviewed his resume prior to his visit I realized that he has the work experience and training that I was looking for but wondered if his age would be a hindrance to his understanding the product lines and customer base I was marketing. At least he looked better then the younger just out of University types I’d been overwhelmed with. Mentally I decided to give Kevin a shot in the interview, to be positive and look for his good points instead of looking for reasons why not to hire him.

“Kevin, welcome I’m Gina. Come in and sit down.”

“Thank you Miss Gina, you have an interesting business going. I imagine you have some exciting opportunities in front of you.”

We shook hands as we made that exchange and then intrigued by his remarks I said.

“Tell me Kevin, what do you mean by opportunities?’

“Well I have taken some time to look over your business. After all I need a job and I need one that will be here for a while so I wanted to see how stable your outfit was. I think the idea you have is brilliant. I see what kind of foot traffic you already have and other then the locations of your stores you seem to be doing pretty well.”

“So you think the locations I’ve selected are problems?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be offensive Miss Gina.”

“Well, then perhaps you need to explain this comment. I set those up myself and they are doing pretty good.”

“I do apologize and yes each of the locations is good in and of themselves, but as parts of the whole they are poorly placed, much too close to one another and I would guess that while they are doing OK, they are not doing what this location did when it opened. Am I right?”

He was right and I didn’t notice that in my haste to open up and grow. I chose to stay close to keep my time and costs down and was basically just undercutting my own market. Kevin might just be the person who could help me take this operation forward.

“You’re hired.”

I suddenly said and surprised him.

“I’m not one to wait around for waiting sake, Kevin. I read your resume and checked out your references before I set up this interview. Your observation earlier was so on target and I never saw it till you said it. You are the kind of person I need to help me grow this business. Will you take the job?”

“Miss Gina I’d be pleased to work for you. This looks like a place where I can really use my skills.”

After agreeing on salary and perks I special forces worlds toughest test izle looked at him and said.

“One last thing. In front of the employees, I would appreciate it if you would refer to me as Boss or Miss Ward, but one on one please just call me Gina.”

“I will if Kevin will be the title you use with me.”

So Kevin started the following Monday and when I came in I found a report from him. I read through it and liked it completely. He made suggestions on closing a couple of the stores I’d opened and moving them to other locations. The justifications were well presented and I sensed he was right on track. I went looking for him and found him in the warehouse chatting with the staff there.

“Kevin, can I see you for a minute?”

“Sure Boss!

I followed him to my office and found myself staring at his ass as he walked in front of me, I quickly chastised myself and tried to ignore the slight tremors in my body as I imagined him on top of me in bed. Back in my office and seated behind my desk my mind returned to the business at hand.

“Kevin this report is sensational when can you begin?”

“I’ve already done some preliminary investigation of the leases etc and if you’re willing to put it in to action I will start now.”

I agreed and he left. I didn’t see much of Kevin for the next six months. He was on the road working the changes he’s suggested and I was busy tending to the stores making sure the products were where they needed to be when they needed to be there. I began to see in the next few months some increases in sales. That surprised me, particularly with the closing of a few stores. I realized that Kevin’s initial analysis of them being too close had been right and the volume from the remaining stores more then exceeded the previous totals. As his new locations came on line business tripled and soon I was in need of hiring more people to keep up with all the new activity. I hired people to manage the stores and to supervise the purchasing and distribution and still I found my days busier then I had ever imagined they could be.

When Kevin called and asked me to meet him in one of his new proposed locations I went. I needed to get out and this would be a nice way to do it and still have my fingers in the business. This location was close to the beach and I figured I could get some time to work on my tan and maybe even relax a bit.

When I arrived at the hotel Kevin was in the lobby and after letting me check in we drove off to the new location. I loved the center he’d selected and saw right away the potential. He and I negotiated some very favorable terms with the landlord and at the end of the day I was so pleased with his activities I asked him to join me for dinner.

“Sure Boss.”

Later in my room I looked through the clothes I’d brought and selected on of my favorite outfits. As I stepped from the shower I looked at my body and smiled at the thought of Kevin seeing me this way. I still saw his ass from the day six months ago and for many nights I fell asleep thinking of that ass naked. Shaking my head I dismissed the thought and finished getting ready. I loved the red dress I wore that night. It fit my body like a glove and the neckline just dared to reveal the swell of my 36 C breasts. The hem was a decent length but short enough to showcase my firm legs and the color accentuated my dark hair and complexion. I added some dangling earrings to draw attention to my neck and went to meet Kevin in the lobby.

I saw him in his suit and he looked sensational as well. So tall, he must have been at least six foot four inches with broad shoulders and his graying hair made him looked very handsome. When he smiled at me I hoped it was in squid game izle admiration of my looks and I felt that familiar tingle as I came up to him. My mind was still seeing his ass in the warehouse as he walked to my office but my eyes were now staring into his deep blue orbs and I saw his pleasure tattooed in them.

He drove us to a very nice place on the beach and we dined on the patio. The weather was magnificent and the food delicious but my mind never strayed far from his body and how well it would look on mine. During dinner I handed him an envelope and said.

“I hope you enjoy this.”

I watched as he opened the envelope and read the papers inside. He looked at me with puzzlement on his face and I said.

“Over the past six months you have taken this business further then I had ever hoped to take it and it doesn’t look like it will slow down any time soon. I want you to be my partner and share the successes you are responsible for.”

“But Boss, twenty-five percent ownership? That’s too generous!”

“First of all we are alone here and I would like to be called Gina. Secondly, there is no way this business would be this great without what you have done. I know I am the queen bitch and I have pushed you and all my employees but Kevin you have earned this and more so please accept it!”

“Gina, I do. Thank you. I am just stunned by the offer. Thank you very much.”

“No thank you for doing all you have done but I have another favor to ask.”

“Sure Gina anything at all.”

“Would you walk the beach with me?”

“I’d love to.”

We dumped our shoes in his car and walked down to the ocean and trod barefoot through the waves lapping at the shore. We didn’t speak for a long time both of us enjoying the warm summer night and the soft breezes coming off the ocean. The moon lit up the night and it was soon evident that we were alone on the beach. It was so romantic that I reached over and clasped Kevin’s hand as we walked. He did not resist and hand in hand we walked a good way on the isolated beach.

I knew before I did it that it might have ruined everything I’d worked for but my own desires had surfaced and I was willing to risk it all. I stopped and faced Kevin then leaned in and planted my lips on his. It was a wonderful kiss and his tongue and mine danced a bit before he pulled back.

“Gina, you are a beautiful woman and I do find you so very attractive but I know I am too old for you.”

“Kevin shut up and kiss me again.”

I didn’t wait for him to move. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled his face down to me and locked my lips on his. I felt myself dampening between my legs and was shocked at the sudden and quick arousal from just this kiss. My hands went to his ass, I had to feel it and pull his body into mine. I felt him stir and when his lips left mine this time they went to my neck and he lightly kissed me there again and again. My hands were now kneading his ass and pulling him even tighter into me. I wanted, no needed to feel his now hard cock pressed into my pussy. I let my hands leave his ass and reach up to pull his suit jacket off then the shirt and tie. I backed off a little to make room for my hands to work on his belt and trousers and I succeeded in loosening them so they too fell to the sand.

I had not paid attention to what Kevin was doing but I felt the breeze on my back and realized that he had been busy too, unzipping my dress and soon it was piled with his suit on the shore. Standing with Kevin with our arms lightly encircling each other, clad now in only my panties and bra and he in his boxers we once again locked out lips and kissed each other with passion. My bra soon fell to his nimble fingers and he slipped down my body far enough to take my tits in his mouth one at star trek picard izle a time. His tongue danced on my nipples and brought them to attention and as his hands replace his mouth he fell further kissing my hard belly as he moved lower still. His tongue found my belly button and he probed it for a short time then kissed just above my pussy before letting his tongue drag across my abdomen on its way to my left leg.

He was patient and made love to my leg massaging my calves with his hands as his lips gently kissed every inch of my thigh. When he got to my foot he lifted it and took each of my toes between his lips and sucked them. I was doing my best to stay standing under his tender but passionate attention and could feel the juices dripping from my pussy and trickling down my inner thighs. After repeating his attention to my right foot he moved slowly up the back of my right leg, spending time adoring the soft skin behind my knee and eventually kissing and licking the soft area where the back of my leg met my ass.

When he moved to my inner thighs and began to kiss them I had to lay down and he recognized this and gently helped me to the sand. As he returned to my thighs I spread my legs for him opening my pussy and hoping he would move there but to my consternation he went to my thighs and teasingly moved slowly toward my dripping cunt. I was pawing my own tits now, pulling and twisting my nipples and mewling into the air. My legs were shaking with the pleasure Kevin was causing and my urges for him grew stronger. When he leaned in and blew softly on my clit I came. I moaned as my orgasm crested and then grew even stronger. When his tongue snaked out and gently licked the circumference of my pulsing pussy I called his name.

“Kevin! Yes please more yes.”

I was babbling nonsense as my orgasm took control of me. My hands were tormenting my own tits as Kevin used his tongue on my pussy, at time piercing it like I wanted his cock to do and at others gently lapping at the juices pouring from it. I knew I needed him and that while I loved his every touch I was in need of a fucking and before I could find a nice way to ask I heard myself say.

“Shit Kevin fuck me! Fuck me now, pleaseeeeeeeee?”

He lifted his head from my wet hot pussy and smiled at me. He moved his hands and pushed off his boxers and I saw his hard rigid cock sprouting from his body and drooled as I imagined it spearing my red-hot box.

“OH yes, Kevin Now pleaseeeeee?

He moved his body up over mine and positioned his cock at the entrance to my need and kissed me as his cock slid into me, filling me completely. I came again as I felt his stiff meat filling my pussy. As he kissed me and I tasted my own pussy on his lips I lifted my hips up to his allowing his cock to find my bottom. We were both too hot and he was soon pummeling his cock into me and I writhed beneath him as he pinned my ass to the sand. I was either still orgasming or I had cum again I really did not know nor did I care, I just wanted him to fuck me and I waited to feel him erupt and spray his cum inside me.

It wasn’t long before he came and it was wonderful to feel his cock spasming inside me as his hot cum filled me. I wrapped my sand encrusted legs around his ass and locked his spent cock in side me then searched for his lips and kissed him again and again.

“Oh please Kevin. Let’s not let this moment be a singular one. Take me to the hotel and make love to me all night.”

We stayed locked together for some time as the tide came in and we then scurried to grab our cloths and keep them dry. Then Kevin took my hand and together we walked into the surf and cleaned the sand off one another’s body. I took my time with his cock, fondling it as I washed the sand from him and felt him spur a bit. I knew he’d be ready when I needed him and I needed him. I wanted this next time in the comfort of our bed, and there I planned to return the favor and kiss his body and engulf his cock before sitting on him and riding him. But for now we cleaned up and dressed, then headed back down the beach hand in hand. I only hoped I could wait till we got to the room, and I wasn’t too sure I could.

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