GILFI don’t know where it started but a have this growing fetish to be with an older woman, I’m talking 55 and older. I think it started when they published pictures of Helen Mirren in a bikini. Damn…Then I noticed my favorite porn site had GILF video and from there I had a growing fetish to be with a GILF. Being curious, i placed a posting on a local personal site, reading; “42 chubby Latino looking for an older outgoing woman (55+) that needs her sexual desires met” I got a few hits, exchanging a few emails and was soon chatting with a few women. Thats where I met, I’ll call her MK.She was 58, in a sexless marriage, white, 5’4″ rubenesque, blonde hair with nice B/C cups tits. Over time we started have very sexual chats and she would leave me hot messages telling me about her late night masturbation session. The more we got into it she slowly revealed how she cruises thru the NSA men seeking female and she would open all the posting with men’s cocks as she masturbated. I asked her if she wanted a few pictures of mine.She did.I sent a couple pictures, then a couple more, one morning feeling super horny I sent her just about every picture I could find with my cock.I wasn’t able to chat with her that day but in the morning she left me a massage tell me, she hasn’t masturbated so much in one night. She thumb thru the pictures, rubbing her pussy and cumming several times till she fell asleep. From then on, every morning I would find an emails of her telling me about her last session masturbating and going thru my pictures.Soon she was sending me pictures of herself and I was enjoying her pictures too. We kept this up for about a month or so when one morning I receive an email from her asking me to replay when I got this. It was early, 6am so I sent a quick, hello.I quickly get a reply from her stating;I can’t take it, gaziantep escort bayan I need the real thing, get over here as soon as you can. She closes with her address and; The front door is open and my husband is away for the weekend. I jump in the shower and just about flew there, driving like a bat out of hell. I find her place easily. Turning the doorknob, the door opens freely. As soon as I walked in I could hear music in the backround. Walking towards it and find a room dimly lit with a couple candles going too, MK is laying back on her bed, one sheet covering her and looked to be naked under the sheets. Standing at the foot of the bed, she moans out, don’t tease me, you know I want to see that cock. I pulled down my shorts revealing my ever growing cock. I slowly undress as I do MK is slowly crawling towards me. As soon as I’m naked, she pulling me on to the bed. I roll over onto my back and MK is already stroking my cock. Slowly stroking it she leans down and wasted no time, she was quickly sucking my cock like a pornstar!She is up on her knees next to me, giving me easy to her pussy. I’m quickly rubbing her clit and lightly fingering her. She is moaning loud but muffled by my cock. I pull her close and she straddles my body, 69ing. I’m quickly licking and sucking her clit. I slip two fingers in her pussy and she pops up, grinding her pussy on my facing telling me she gonna cum. Jerking off my cock hard and fast, she moans I want this cock, I want to feel in me now! Quickly she turns around and straddles hips. Taking a hold of my cock, she guides my cock, placing it on her lips and starts rubbing the head around. I could feel her hot juices coating the head of my cock. Holding still she sits back, oh damn she had a tight pussy. She places both hands on my chest and slowly starts rocking back and forth. My cock was slowly slipping in deeper and deeper. MK was moaning loud and in a soft voice talking dirty about how full her pussy felt with my cock. I held her hips pumping my hips up as she rocked back. I could feel her legs starting to shake and knew she was about to cum. I start pumping my hips harder, then suddenly MK sits down hard, pumping her hips as her hand slips between our bodies and starts rubbing her clit. The room is filled with her moaning, OMG, OMG, I’m gonna cum so hard!I’m pumping my hips so hard, my balls as slapping off her ass. I have a firm grip on her hips, everytime her body bucked off mine I would pull her down slamming her ass into my hips. She is moaning and groan uncontrollably when she suddenly digs her fingers and nails into my chest, forcing her ass down on me forcing me to hold still. She moans out, hold still, hold still !!I hold still, her fingers are a blur on her clit, I could feel her pussy pulsing around my cock. Her hand slows to a stop and her hips twitch and buck as she comes down from her orgasm. She lays down on top of me and we slowly starts kissing which quickly turns to heavy making out. I roll her off to one side as I pop up on my knees. Quickly grabbing MK hips, guiding her over to me, pulling her hips up, placing her doggie before me. I hold the base of my cock and place it on her pussy lips. Taking a firm grip on her hips I starts pumping forward, working my cock deeper and deeper in her pussy. I starts fucking her with steady hard thrust, making her ass bouncing off my hips. I could hear moaning softly and telling me its so deep. Her ass looked so good before, fueling my lust, I found myself fucking her a little more aggressively. I reach up, grabbing her shoulders and pull her shoulders up and back. I start pounding her harder and harder. The room is filled echoes of our bodies slapping together, her heavy breathing and moans and my moans and groans. I release my grip on MK shoulders and she collapses on the bed. I straddle one legs,wrapping the other around my body. Holding the base of my cock and guide my cock into her obviously swollen and now puffy pussy. The head of my cock slips in easily, I sit up forcing my cock in deep. I start rocking back, sliding my cock in and out. Pumping my hips with powerful thrust causing my cock to bottom out and MK letting me by moaning out. I can’t stop, her pussy feels so good around my cock and hearing her getting louder and louder makes my cock harder. Soon I can feel the cum building up in my balls and I knew I was gonna cum soon. I start pumping her with deep forceful thrust and MK moans out, cum baby cum, shot that cum for me, pull out and shot that hot cum all over my stomach and chest. I fucked her for a few more minute, but hearing her moans and talk dirty to me telling me to cum all over her. I couldn’t take it any longer, pulling my cock out, I jerk it a couple times as MK lays flat, hand a blur on her pussy, begging me to cum all over her. I hold the base of my cock, groaning out and aim my cock down at MK chest. A load of cum explodes from my cock, landing just below her tits leaving a trail all the way back to my cock. MK is moaning repeatily, telling me she could feel that hot cum landing her body and she is gonna cum again. I’m jerking my cock again and again I hold the base as second wave of cum comes squirting out from my cock. MK is cumming now too. I wanted to feel that hot pussy again and slip my cock back in her slowly fucking her thru her and mine orgasm. I collapse on top of MK and roll off to one side. Caressing each other we catch breath before settling into a slow make out session. Well needless to say we ended up the sucking and fucking the rest of the morning away. Damn I love GILF’s!

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