GettingWhen I was about 16 I “accidently” let my sister catch me. I was laying on my bed on my back, stroking to a Penthouse, when I had a thought to have my sister catch me.( she was slender had a great chest and I had spied on her getting off several times). I closed my door almost all the way but left a slight crack, just enough to see in but not so much that it was obvious. Escort There was a chest of drawers just outside my room that held bath linen etc.. The perfect set-up. I could hear her walking down the hallway as I was stroking. Then I could hear one of the drawers slowwlllly open, then close. Then the next slooowllly open, all the while I was stroking and getting even Escort Bayan harder and hotter knowing she was watching. I gave a bit of a show. I would massage the head the play with the precum. Spreading my wetness around my cock then stroking some more. One hand, both hands, back hand and really getting into it. I began stroking faster bucking my hips into my Bayan Escort hand then finally let loose, shooting cum all over my stomach and chest. I tried to give her a real show. I could tell it was then that she walked away as I heard her bedroom door close. I’m pretty sure my show got her a bit horny as well. Not too long afterword, I could hear her bed shaking and squeaking. Just hearing that had me getting hard all over again. I have had her “catch” me a few times since then. Another time was as I was laying out by the pool. She was suppose to be at work but I heard her come home early. Story for another time.

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