Getting What I Want.

Getting What I Want.
Denise had been doing her rounds when she noticed her young patients predicament. At first she had smiled checked his monitor and continued on through the ward checking on all her patients. Back at the nurses station 30 minutes later she continued her duties, administrative paperwork, checking emails etc… her mind wandered to that big cock, the heat between her legs getting unbearable. Denise had told Susan to stay at the nurses station while she took a break.
At first she had stood in the shadows watching his cock pulse and twitch. The size of his erect cock was unbelievable at least 10″ long so thick with a big balls sack. Her hand down her pants between her legs. She could feel her juices dribbling down the inside of her thigh. Two fingers on her clit. I have to feel it in my hand, put it in my mouth, …
A low moan escapes her lips.
Like a moth to the light Denise moves next to the bed tries to put her hand around the teenagers big white cock. The girth is too big, her fingers do not meet her thumb, there is a gap. A big gap.
Denise opens her mouth swirls her tongue around the head then along the shaft. From the base to the tip. Lowers her open mouth taking the large blood engorged head in her mouth tasting his precum. A whimper escapes his lips.
She moves her head up and down taking more of the shaft in her mouth. Stretched wide her mouth can take no more. Standing bent over at the waist her head on his firm young stomach, her pants around her thighs, hand between her legs. Denise’s bare bottom, the smell of her sex, is very near the patient in the next bed. Her legs spread, fingers pumping her sopping wet mature cunt. The thought of discovery, the young man waking up, the thrill bring her to orgasm. The young man stirs coming in her mouth, unable to swallow all his cum, leaking on his firm stomach. She swallows as much as she can, stands , takes a tissue wiping her mouth, dresses and walks from the room.
The young man awakens from his dream to find a small pool of cum in his bellybutton. He can hear foot steps in the hallway. What a dream a big haired brunette sucking his dick. He can’t believe how real it felt.
The rest of the night goes uneventful. Denise goes home to an empty house, her husband has left with her young c***dren dropping them off a day care on his way to work. Denise gets in to bed and drifts off to sleep.

The next shift Denise does her rounds when she gets to the young man’s room she can hear the unmistakeable sound of a man jacking off. She keeps to the shadows and quietly moves to the door. She sees the young man looking at his tablet while his hand strokes that big fucking torpedo between his legs. She moves quietly in to the room, notices that the other beds are empty as she feels the heat grow in her cock starved cunt.
The young man’s eyes are glued to the tablet becoming more brazen Denise pulls her pants down they fall down her long muscular legs to her ankles. With one hand groping a breast the other rubs her clit her eyes on the teenagers big cock, watching his hand wanking that big prick. Her eyes close for what seems only a moment. A low moan. She opens her eyes and … Fuck he is watching her frigging her clit.
Being the horny mature slut she walks over places a hand on his cock.
Denise takes control and takes his cock in to her mouth. He places a hand on her head grabs a handful of her thick lush frizzy hair moves her head up and down his shaft. He is disappointed when Denise gags about half of his cock is down her throat her mouth stretched wide.
Denise really wants to straddle him get that massive fuck stick in her sopping wet cunt but the boy now has two hands on her head and is moving his hips, thrusting vigorously as he shoots streams of cum down her throat. Unable to swallow cum leaks down her face on to his torso.
“Lick it up nurse” as he pushes her face in to it. She laps it up willingly. She likes the young man to be confident tell her what to do. She savours her task a little too long.
“Nurse do you want to fuck my big dick”
“Yes” Denise replies
“Straddle me I want to suck those big tits.” His hard dick like a big flag pole
Denise gets on the bed straddles the tiny young man with her chubby muscular thighs and rubs the head of penis against her leaking pussy. Impatient the teen thrusts his hips up impaling the big tits brunette MILF nurse burying the full length of his long thick shaft up to the hilt in her sopping wet cunt.
“Oh my god. Fuck that feels good” she lowers her full weight ” Relax sweetie Denise will take from here” She leans forward two big milk filled breasts on offer. ” Suck on one “. His mouth sucks on a big brown teat.
Denise moves her hips bouncing up and down on that big cock , feels like the head is about to come out her throat.
It only takes a few strokes and the boy shoots his load. However he is still hard so Denise rides him hard until she starts moaning and whimpering her hands grab his placing them on her tits.
“Grope them. Pinch them. Pull them. Twist them. Ohh. Bite them.”
The boy does as he is told. Denise reaches behind and grabs his testicles lightly squeezing them.
“Fuck I cuming ” she cries then realises where she is. He moans loudly to as she feels his cum fill her cunt yet again.
She lies back between his legs. Shattered. Tired.
“I’m not done yet” he says as he grabs her shins lifting them up and mounting her. Denise watches as he puts a hand either side of her head and his dick plunges in and out. Her legs in the air. He is fucking her senseless. Her body writhing beneath the young man energetically fucking her cunt. Hard. The orgasms build , come , then the next, wave after wave.
“I’m coming ” he says as he pulls out and shoots all over her stomach, tits and face.
Her face turns to the doorway where in the shadows she sees a shimmer of light. Is someone watching.

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