Getting the Grade


Heather sat in class more distracted than usual. Ever since her regular teacher had become ill 5 weeks earlier she has struggled to pay attention in class. It wasn’t that she didn’t understand the course material, no, the problem was the Student Teacher they had assigned to finish out the rest of the school year.

Mr. Johnson, or Mr. Matt as he had the students called him, was barely over 22 years old. Hardly older than the assortment of 17 and 18 year olds he taught in his class. Everyone liked him as a teacher, he was youthful, full of energy and liked to think outside of the box. More than a few girls had even fostered crushes on him, as they found his personality, knowledge and brilliant blue eyes a potent combination. Heather just so happened to be one of these girls.

Heather often had innocent crushes on her teachers, if you could even call them crushes. A strong affinity towards them. But now in her 18th year, her body was beginning to change, her needs and wants were becoming more adult. With that growing awareness a new sort of crush began to grow on her, one tinged with lust.

Mr. Matt noticed one of his students, Heather, wasn’t paying attention to his lecture again. Inwardly he sighed. The grade book indicated she was an excellent student prior to his arrival, he could tell she had all the right habits, but somehow since he’d started teaching her grades had just plummeted. He was pretty sure she wasn’t going to pass the class this quarter.

This was the first time he had been given a chance to teach without any supervision, a chance to prove himself; he couldn’t have former A students failing his class. Teaching was far more difficult than he expected, and not for the obvious reasons. Many of the girls in class obviously had crushes on him, most of them far more attractive than any girl he had ever had when he was in High School. Watching their eyes, their minds thinking about him, maybe even wanting him, was more than he could handle. He always had a hard time controlling his body, and now it was getting to the point where he nearly taught all day with a concealed erection in his pants.

Worst of all was Heather. The brilliant girl with beautiful features was more than he could handle it. He wanted her, he admitted to himself, wanted her more than any other girl he’d ever known.

He finished his lecture and began passing out the grades on a recent test, he hovered just a moment longer at Heather’s desk to get a few more secret glimpses of her before handing her a paper with an F written on it. Once everyone had their grades he sat back down at his desk and waited for the bell to ring.

Heather was devastated, she was too busy thinking about Matt, about what his body could do to hers that she hardly noticed the paper placed on her desk at first. But then as she glanced over it, her failure dawned. This test was her last chance to pass the class. If she failed the class she wouldn’t be able to graduate on time! She’d have to take summer school and she’d fall behind everyone. Not to mention how upset everyone would be at her! She looked up at Mr. Matt sitting in his desk as the last of her peers filed out of the room, she had to do something, anything!, to get this grade changed. She had to get him to listen.

She grabbed the paper and headed for Matt’s Zonguldak Escort desk.

Matt was glad class was over, soon he’d be able to let his cock out for some much needed air. He watched the various students leave, pleased that it was the end of the day. He looked back to his class and realized there was only one student left, and she was headed straight for him. “Ugh”, he thought, “i hate confrontations”.

Still it was Heather, the most beautiful girl in his class, he mused, and decided to pull out his aching cock anyways. She wouldn’t be able to see it, and he felt especially clever and a little naughty for being able to touch it with his left hand even while he had a completely innocent conversation with her.

Heather who had been approaching her student teacher’s desk noticed Matt’s face go from vague annoyance to an almost mischievous grin as he slipped his left hand beneath his desk.

“What can I help you with today, Ms. Smith” he asked.

She frowned and placed the test on his desk, she noticed minor movements in his left arm and wondered what he was doing, ” There has to be something I can do to get my grade up!” she pleaded, ” this can’t stand! I’ll fail the class and not be able to graduate! I was going to go to college..everything will be ruined. Please!”

She watched as he looked at the paper than back to her, his left arm still just noticeably moving.

“I am sorry Ms. Smith, but it’s out of my hands. All extra credit projects were due last week and I can’t just let you retake this test.”

She fumed. Out of his hands?! He was the teacher! Why was he doing this to her! Why was he destroying her! She knew he was merciful, that he would work with her, if she just figured out the right thing to say, but she was a loss! Either way it certainly wasn’t out of his hands.. speaking of hands..what is he doing with his left hand? Is he texting someone? Is her plight so unimportant he isn’t even giving her the benefit of his full attention? Well I’ll show him, she decided.

“Mr. Matt I’ll do anything to get my grade back up! Whatever it takes!” she asked one last time.

As he began to shake his head, she quickly pushed his chair back in order to reveal his texting hand, perhaps if she proved he wasn’t even listening she’d be able to guilt him into helping her.

But what she say was not a cell phone.

Heather had never seen a man’s hard cock before. The closest she had ever gotten was reading a few books that during a passionate scene might make a vague reference to a man’s organ. Those books always did manage to excite her, but this…this was so much more. There only inches in front of her face was a large, hard cock, throbbing with excitement. It was bigger than she imagined and suddenly she felt herself becoming very aroused. For weeks she had lusted after this man, and now out of nowhere his beautiful manhood stood before her, almost beckoning her to take the next step.

Matt stared in horror as his student pushed his chair on wheels back, revealing himself to her. At first he thought she was going to scream, that his job would be ruined, that he’d be labeled a pervert and never allowed to work in public education again. But then he saw the way her eyes were transfixed on upon extremely erect cock. Suddenly Zonguldak Escort Bayan he had an idea, it was risky, but it couldn’t really get much worse than it already had.

“Anything Ms. Smith, anything at all?” He asked slowly, trying to feign confidence.

For a moment she didn’t move, but than slowly her face tilted towards his. He looked into her eyes and saw burning desire.

She nodded slowly, and whispered “Anything.”

He felt a surge of triumph, his job was not ruined, he still had hope. But than those any other rational thoughts began to subside as his own unmitigated lust began to take over.

“Touch it Ms. Smith” He suddenly commanded.

She lifted up her small beautiful hand and slowly moved it towards his throbbing organ. She touched just the tip of it with her finger, carefully trying to gauge just what one felt like.

“Grasp it in your hand.” His growing steady, comfortable.

She bent her fingers and thumb along his long shaft and held it tightly. She felt the veins in his cock pulsating against palm.

“What do you think of it Ms. Smith?” He asked.

She paused for the briefest of moments than stammered, “It’s beautiful”

“Kiss it” he said.

She glanced around unsure. Then slowly bent down and kissed it on its tip, she tasted just the slightest hint of salt.

“Lick it” The iron quality in his voice seemed to waver a bit with that command.

Heather got on her knees inbetween Matt’s legs, his cock now in her face. She slid her tongue from the very tip of it all the way down the base, then back to the tip again. Unprompted she began kissing it all over and then looked Matt straight in the eyes. “May I suck it?”

Shocked, Matt only managed a nod.

Heather than swallowed up Matt’s Cock inside her mouth. It was so large that at first she struggled to keep her teeth off it, but once she got it down she began sliding, and sucking the bulging length within her mouth.

Matt struggled to keep his moans down, not wanting them to escape into the hall. Once Matt’s entire sock was soaked in her salivia she began to stroke the base of it with her right hand, as she continued to suck everything above it. She worked faster and faster, trying to push him over the edge, trying to taste her first cum.

Suddenly he grunted, and white hot cum filled her mouth. She struggled to swallow as much of it as she could, while some of it leaked out her mouth and down his pulsating cock. She pulled her mouth off him and licked the escaping cum off of him.

She stood up, while she had enjoyed sucking her young teacher’s cock, the burning passion in her pussy was now too much to bare.

Matt, still at loss to what she had done struggled to take back control, “Ms. Smith you sho-“

She cut him off, “Call me Heather.”

She stood back from him and began to undress herself slowly.

“I’ve seen you watch me” she said smugly.

She pulled off her shirt, revealing her breasts in a beautiful bra. Than she kicked off her shoes and pulled off her pants, but left her socks on.

Matt’s cock that had been going slack since he came in her mouth started to harden once more.

She smiled, “The things I’ll do for a good grade.”

She walked over to Matt and pulled Escort Zonguldak his shirt off, even has he unclasp her bra. She stepped back as he marveled in her young perky breasts, and watched wide eyed as she removed her panties. The hunger in his face obvious as he stood up and kicked off his pants.

“Bend over my desk, Heather” He commanded, somehow propelled by lust back into a position of command.

She did as he asked, with her lovely naked ass now the highest point of her body. He gets on his knees and begins kissing up her thighs, all the way up to just below her ass. He than takes his hands and opens her ass cheeks wide, kissing up into her watering pussy just below it. He licks deep into her shivering pussy, than sucks on her clit for a while, finally flicking it with his tongue as quick as he can. With each new lick her body shudders, waves of pleasure surging through her. After a while he moves up a little higher and licks around her clean asshole.

“Matt!” she gasps in surprise.

Matt stands up behind her and slaps his hard cock against her ass, “lets just see how far you’ll really go for that grade!”

Suddenly Heather feels his thick cock sliding into her pussy. Her muscles contract then widen to allow the massive object inside of her. She moans immediately as her virgin pussy swallows its first cock.

“Oooh Matt I’ve wanted this for so long” she manages to whisper.

“Me too my love” He says, forgetting just for a moment the school fantasy they are role playing.

Matt slides his cock slowly and gently in and out of Heather’s pussy. Getting her used to the sensation, getting her pussy used to his cock.

“Ohhh Ms.Smith” he breaths” your pussy feels soo good.”

Heather can only mange to grunt a reply as his pounding thrusts begin to pick up speed. In and out he thrusts, in and out. A constant rhythmic motion that threatens to send her to the very edges of pleasure.

“Ooohhh Yess” she cries inbetween thrusts.

Suddenly Matt pulls out of her completely, leaving a strange empty feeling between her legs. Before she has a chance to ask why she feels his hands on her, moving her.

Matt turns Heather onto her side, her ass is still hanging off the desk and her head is still on the desk, he than lifts one of her legs straight up and rests it along his chest, shoulder and next to his head. He encloses the leg with one of his arms and puts his other on her head, pinning her into the desk as he re-enters her wet pussy. With her legs now spread far apart her opening is even more accessible and his thrusts go even deeper into her.

“Ohh ohh ohh ohh” she mutters against the onslaught of his fevered motions. “Fucccck me, oh Matt baby ffuuuuckk me.”

Matt’s movements quicken as he adds his own voice to the chorus, ” Oooh yeaah I always knew you wanted it dirty, such a dirty little school girl, wanting my cock, wanting to be fucked! Come on, fuck me fuck me fuck me!”

Heather wails as her last barriers give up and her body oozes with orgasm. Matt pulls his cock out and shoots its sweet cum all over her sweaty shivering body.

Matt steps over to the desk and puts his softening cock next to her mouth.

“Lick it clean” he demands.

She does as he asks and then he starts getting dressed. She slowly gets up off the desk and begins pulling on her clothes as well.

After she’s all cleaned up and ready to depart she turns to him. “So..about my grade”

“I’ll see you tomorrow after class” He answers.

She walks away smiling, knowing that the rest of her senior year will be very exciting in deed.

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