Getting Rid of the Blues Ch. 11


Her eyes tried searching Jake’s face. She wanted some sort of sign to figure out what was going to happen next. However, the rising tide of an orgasm was coming close. Jake had not stopped stroking her clit. He raised one hand and wrapped it into her hair. His gentle pulling forced Alex to arch her back.

“Keep your eyes on me,” Jake said as his fingers kept a hold of her clit.

Alex was panting with the pleasure that was riding her body. She felt so vulnerable standing naked in front of him. Her emotions were mixed about she should feel with his hands stroking her clit and pulling her hair. However, her body knew exactly how it wanted to respond. It pushed against his hand wanting more access, more rubbing from his hand. Her orgasm was so close that her body had begun to shake and quiver with its impending arrival.

“You need to ask me for permission,” stated Jake as he slowed his rubbing.

Alex’s orgasm pulled away from her, leaving a feeling of frustration behind. She whimpered. Her teeth caught her lower lip and bit down. Jake had removed his hands altogether and left her standing alone by the pool table again. He took a couple steps back. A few seconds later, John and Sue came to stand next to him.

Part of Sue’s back was to John as he stood behind her. Sue’s hand kept its grip on John’s cock, stroking it from base to head. One of John’s hands rested around Sue’s waist while the other continued to massage her breast. Occasionally, he would stop to pinch and pull on the nipple. Sue pushed her body closer to him, but she used her other hand to pull Jake into their embrace.

Jake’s face turned to Sue. She softly licked his lips, encouraging a kiss from Jake. Jake moved into it. Their tongues darted across one another. The kiss turned passionate as Sue touched Jake’s face and pulled him further into it. She was moaning against the depth and heat behind it.

Alex watched as Jake began to play with Sue’s other breast. Both men were pinching her nipples. She could hear Sue moaning. She could see the woman arching her back. Alex’s eyes were again drawn to John’s cock. It seemed so huge within Sue’s hand. She could make out the straining veins. The head of his cock was already oozing precum. Sue was massaging it back into John’s cock with every stroke she made.

What seemed to be the normal red blush she maintained around Jake had returned. Alex dropped her head. A part of her wanted to escape the situation. She didn’t know what she was doing there anymore. She didn’t know how to feel about watching the three of them in their caressing and kissing embrace. They looked so normal and comfortable.

This isn’t me! I’m not them!

Alex stepped to the side of the group and started towards her clothes at the bar. Her body was on fire from the denied orgasm. However, her mind kept telling her to get out of there. sıcak kafa izle As she tried to step past Jake, his hand reached out to grab her. He caught her arm. Alex tried to pull away; yet, Jake brought her closer to the group. Soon, Alex was standing next to all of them. Jake and Sue had not broken their kiss. Alex was mere inches from the hands that touched Sue’s breasts. She could see just how hard the men were pinching Sue’s nipples. Alex’s eyes darted to her right. There was John’s cock even larger than before. Sue’s hand was pumping it at a steady pace. John’s hips were moving slightly with the rhythm of Sue’s hand.

Jake broke his kiss with Sue. His eyes turned to Alex. He gave her his easy-going smile. He wanted her to relax.

“Now, it is your turn,” he stated as he pulled her in closer.

“My turn?”

“You are a mirror, right?”

Sue smiled and took that as her cue to move to the side. She gave John’s cock an extra squeeze before releasing it. Her nipples already had a slight ache to them. She enjoyed the little bit of pain they felt. It made her all the more excited. She stepped out of the group and back to the pool table. Sue leaned against it. Unconsciously, one of her hands slid between her legs. Her fingers rested on her clit. She didn’t begin rubbing. Instead, she began pinching it. She wanted just enough pressure to keep it alert and hard.

Jake pulled Alex into the spot that Sue had left behind. Alex felt part of her back leaning against John. He felt comfortable and soft. Behind the softness, she still knew there were plenty of muscles. Her breath stopped in her throat when one of his hands snaked its way around her waist. His hand fanned out and rested on her stomach. She was taking gasping breaths.

John gently eased his other hand around Alex’s. Their fingers played with one another for a brief moment. John took at moment to even massage her hand with his. Alex smiled at how gentle the man was being with her. Her breathing returned to a more normal pattern. Alex shut her eyes. She leaned her head back against his massive chest.

For his size, he looks like a bear.

It was then Alex felt John moving her hand closer to him. Closer to his cock. Alex bit down on her lip when his warm flesh was pushed into her hand. The skin of his cock was so smooth and soft. It reminded her of a satin feeling. Alex quickly remembered this man has a cock that was huge in length and girth. John held her hand as she tried to grip his shaft.

He’s too big!

Knowing her hand couldn’t possibly hold all of him, John used his hand to show Alex how to stroke him. Together, they started at the base. They began by gently squeezing. John’s cock jumped at the pressure of it. When Alex showed signs of being timid, he helped her by applying more pressure. After a few moments, she sketchbook izle took over the embrace and was squeezing his cock just like his wife would. Their hands moved up the shaft, using the same pressure. John smiled when Alex began to use the same swirling motion with her hand that Sue normally used.

John looked over at his wife; Sue was smiling. Even she could see how well Alex was doing with her small lesson about cock stroking. Sue blew him a kiss. She had decided to sit on the pool table. She sat with her legs spread apart. Her hand rested on her clit. Sue knew John loved to watch her touch herself. She pushed a finger down her slit and into her pussy. She loved her own wet feeling. After a few seconds of fingering herself, she brought her hand back to her face and began licking her finger clean. Her husband was grinning like a mad man as he watched her clean the cum off of her finger.

John kept smiling, but he brought his attention back to Alex. Ever so slowly, he removed his hand from hers. She kept the rhythm of her stroking and the steady application of pressure. John allowed his hand to come up to her breast. He firmly enclosed her breast with his large hand. Alex hissed at the warmth of John’s hand as it covered her entire breast.


She heard Jake say her name. She was brought out of the reverie of John’s body by Jake’s voice. She lazily opened her eyes and looked at the man standing in front of her. Jake’s eyes were filled with lust again. It ignited the throbbing between her legs. It also reminder her of how he had brought her so close to an orgasm only minutes before.

Alex saw Jake raise his hand; then, she felt her other breast being massaged. Her lips parted as she moaned from the attention.

“What do you want us to do?” asked Jake as he moved closer to her mouth. His eyes were so large in front of her. Alex swallowed and exhaled. Jake briefly kissed her full lips. Alex moved her head forward to take more of his kiss, but Jake pulled back slightly.

“What do you want use to do?” he asked again.

“Pinch my nipples.”

Alex felt an explosion of pain and pleasure as the men’s fingers began pinching her tight nipples. Alex felt like she was going to melt. Small jolts of energy ran through her body down to her clit. It was swelling and throbbing. In response, Alex had squeezed John’s cock incredibly hard. She heard him moan and felt the thrust of his hips. Alex kept the pressure on his cock. She wanted it to match what she was feeling in her nipples.

Jake came forward for his kiss. Alex met him and automatically thrust her tongue into his mouth. She wanted to taste him, everything about him. She frantically pushed her chest forward into their hands. She wanted more! She wanted the feeling of a cock in her hand and inside of her pussy. She wanted sometimes when we touch izle the hands to keep pinching her nipples while she came. She wanted to stay locked in Jake’s kiss and yell her orgasm against his mouth.


John was groaning. He could feel his own orgasm building. Alex’s hand was becoming his ultimate pleasure. He liked the idea of a new woman stroking him. More than that, John liked the idea at Sue was watching. His hips kept thrusting forward in Alex’s hand. The familiar tightening in his groin spread. His muscles began to spasm as the cum pumped out of him.

John’s growl exploded in the room. Even though Alex remained in her kiss with Jake, the growling startled her. Her reaction was to let go of his cock. However, John was quick and kept her hand there. Alex could feel the jerking motion of each spray of cum. With each jerk of his cock, his fingers pinched down harder on Alex’s nipple. She was groaning her pleasure into Jake’s mouth. John’s hand over hers made the pressure and stroking intensify. John kept growling as cum shot from his body. Only when he was done, did he let go of Alex’s hand.

Jake broke his contact with Alex and took a step back. She knew John had moved away from her back. She turned to see that he had dropped into a chair next to the pool table. Sue had already moved to kneel between his legs. She was licking her husband’s cock clean. Only needing a few seconds to clean him, Sue rose and moved over to Alex.

Sue raised Alex’s hand. Sue could see John’s semen coating the woman’s hand. She dropped her head and flicked her tongue across the streaks of cum. Sue’s tongue darted back and forth, collecting John’s cum from Alex. Alex watched in amazement. She had another woman licking her for cum.

While Sue was licking Alex’s hand, she allowed her own hand to reach out to Alex’s breasts. She had wanted to touch them since the day the rich bitch decided to dress slutty. Alex jumped as she felt Sue’s hand on her breast. It moved slowly across her skin, only grazing the nipple on occasion.

Alex looked back over her shoulder to Jake. He stood them smiling at her. His arms were folded across his chest in a relaxed pose. He nodded to her as if giving a sign of encouragement for what was happening. Alex looked back over to John. He remained seated in the chair. He hand was stroking his cock again. He too was smiling and nodding. Alex brought her attention back to Sue.

Sue moved Alex’s hand away from her mouth. She bent and took Alex’s nipple in one quick motion. Alex was surprised to have this woman tonguing her nipple. She gasped and tried to pull away. Her mind was reeling at what was happening.

I’ve never been touched by a woman before!

Sue kept Alex’s nipple lightly between her teeth. She used small tugging motions to make Alex whimper. She also used her hand to squeeze more of Alex’s breast into her mouth. She was enjoying the feel of the woman’s flesh. It was soft and yielding to her taste and touch. Soon, Sue was using both hands to knead Alex’s breasts. She could tell the woman was enjoying the experience by the moaning and panting.


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