Get Down with the Thiccness Pt. 08

Big Tits

I’m back! Apologies that it’s been so long, I sort of felt burnt out writing smut and was focusing on my new job and stuff like that. I thought it would have been ideal to finish this one! Though, I decided that the final parts of this will be cut down to be used in other series, so the instead of 13 parts, there will be 10…

Before I begin however I would like to see what people think of this idea which I had whilst away. I know when reading people have an idea in their head to see what the characters look like, however if anyone reading this is interested in seeing what my vision for the women in the series are, I could link an album in the comments! If you would like to see that then feel free to message me or post a comment telling me what you think of this idea! Now onto part 8 🙂


Olivia looked at herself in the mirror, applying the last of her make up giving a rosy blush to her cheeks. Her hair was wrapped up in a soft towel of a deep red colour; washing it before she gave herself the hard task of painting her face to make herself look even better than her natural beauty radiated. At first, she thought only a small dab of makeup and some casual clothing would have been enough for this ‘Friend Date’ which George worded. However, after a while she knew in herself that she wasn’t interested in being friends with this man, she liked him…a lot. Her heart skipped as she thought of him, being alone with him all evening…no work to keep them from having a good time with each other. She had decided on an outfit, something which would turn heads. She blushed and smiled, looking back on her bed through the mirror which housed the outfit. She would never have worn anything like it on a normal date, but she wanted to intentionally catch eyes; something she had never wanted to do in the past.

George was in a similar situation. He looked at his watch which read 6:30PM. He had already dressed up in a nice black shirt and jeans combo, the aforementioned watch with a thin brown strap located on his left wrist. He had taken an extended shower and ended up using a bottle of cologne which he had never used in his life. He hated the smell, but Alexa assured him that he smelt good, before she left the apartment for god knows what. Much like Olivia he was feeling emotions of nervousness and excitement, he too was happy that there would not be anyone around to make things awkward or to embarrass her, which to him seemed common given her shy nature at times. He took a deep breath to try and calm his racing heart before he moved to exit apartment 5-D.

With her hair now the way she liked; Olivia observed herself. She still had not changed into her outfit, nor sprayed herself with her favourite perfume. She only had on a bright red bra, specially made for her rather huge bust, paired with panties of the same colour, simple, yet effective. She turned to the bed and picked up a pair of black stockings, soft and smooth to the touch, the partially transparent nylon reflected the light. Smiling to herself she began to try them on; the fabric of the stockings clung to her legs, straining more as she pulled them over her thick thighs and ass. She examined them in the mirror, lightly rubbing her fingers up and down her now covered thighs. She liked the feeling of the fabric on her fingers, how they smoothly slid up and down her legs. She looked to the bed again and picked up her white dress. The stretchy material was ideal to make sure her curves where showing, and that her E cups where not spilling out of her top.

“Here goes nothing…” She muttered to herself as she slipped the dress over her head and down her body, adjusting it when she pulled it down her chest and over her hips. Once the task was complete, she examined herself intently, turning to her side to see if her butt looked too big in the dress. She spun back to face the glass head on, noticing how even though the material was made for stretching, she could still feel that it was having difficulty fitting her breasts in. Her cleavage was deep and would surely turn heads…maybe too many heads. She pulled the skirt of the dress down slightly, feeling that it was too low cut for her, she showed more thigh than she wanted. She huffed to herself and took the leather jacket from the bed and slipped it on around her. She was unable to zip it up, she had this issue in the past where the zipped could never get over her boobs.

Still, even though it possibly showed too much for her liking, and the fact that she only wanted her date to see what she wanted to show rather than anyone who walked past her, she still liked it. Olivia, now almost ready, moved to her table once more and pulled out a small glass bottle. It was in the shape of a large blooming flower, and was half filled with a pink liquid. It was titled ‘Passion’. Olivia’s favourite smell, she snatched the bottle and sprayed it on her wrists, then two quick puffs on both sides of her neck. Quickly the smell entered her nose; she smiled to kızılay escort herself and remembered all the times she wore this out when she was younger, before responsibilities and managing a whole bar by herself.

There was a loud knock on the door. Olivia jumped out of her skin and frantically looked at a digital clock on her bedside table. Her expression changed to horror as the clock read 7:05PM. She cursed to herself quietly as she fumbled with the perfume, her hands shaking. She walked out of her bedroom and into the small living space, with only a small sofa and a television which her parents got for her birthday when she first moved in. Even the kitchen was small, barely enough room to fit two people. Olivia approached the door and gave herself one last look over, pulling her skirt down again to try to cover more thigh before opening the door.

George smiled and greeted her happily, scanning her up and down, liking what he was seeing. Olivia did the same, blushing heavily as she smelt his cologne. He leant in to give her a formal kiss on the cheek. She gasped and accepted it, her pupils dilating and lip quivering as she felt the side of his lip press onto her cheek. She backed off slowly and looked to the floor.

“I-I-I’m not ready yet, can you give me a second?” She asked looking up into his eyes. George nodded and gave a casual

“Sure. Take all the time you need.” Olivia giggled nervously and backed away from him quickly, her heels clopping on the wooden floor.

“I know it’s not much, but make yourself at home!” She smiled and backed into the bedroom door, embarrassingly hitting her back firmly onto it before sliding back into her room, slamming it hard. She rested her back on the white wooden door. She held her burning cheeks and closed her eyes, thinking to herself.

‘God, he looks cute…focus Livvy, just need to apply the finishing touches.’

‘Fuck she looks good…’ George muttered as he looked around the room. He thought it looked cosy, while his room was designed for two people, this was surely only fit for a single person. He would have loved to live here. Eventually he sat on the sofa and rested his head on the back pillow. He could still smell her lingering perfume around the room, it made his heart rate increase even more than it was when he was taking the long walk over here. After a few minutes the bedroom door opened and Olivia emerged, stepping out with a small black purse hooked over one shoulder. She had donned a shiny silver necklace of a swan and small earrings of the same metal; she had made sure to show them off as she met him by brushing her hair on one side behind her ear. George stood and approached her, both seemingly nervous.

“So where are you taking me tonight?” She asked. George blushed as he noticed she had applied lip gloss between opening the door for him and going into her room.

“Well, I thought that a bar would be a bad idea. Seeing as we both work at one.” He chucked and was met with a cute laugh from his date.

“Good idea, I would have been disappointed if you were trying to get me drunk.” She smiled pulled at her dress nervously.

“I know this pizza place off campus, it’s just a quick train ride and a short walk.” He put his hands in his pockets and hoped for dear life that she liked the sound of that. Truth was for Olivia, she did not particularly care where they went, as long as she didn’t end up kissing her employee or worse, she would be fine.

As they began their journey, Olivia was quiet. She was having an internal battle with her feelings; She wanted to kiss him, she wanted him to hold her while she sat on his lap, wanted him to like her like she liked him…but her job, all those responsibilities of being a respected student and member of the student council…what would everyone think if it came out that she was dating the guy who had a staff student affair.

George looked at her as they walked, being as discreet as possible when his eyes were drawn to her alluring cleavage, in that tight dress, boobs that big where like a black hole for eyes, drawing in everyone’s gaze.

“You ok?” George asked finally, noticing how quiet she was.

“What? Y-yeah I’m just thinking about stuff…” She replied timidly. George looked concerned as he moved closer to her, rubbing shoulders as they approached the train station. It was a quiet evening, even after the darkness overcame the campus the party goers and pub crawlers where still nowhere in sight.

“Work stuff?”

“I guess. Plus, I’m worried about this meeting coming up…”


“Yeah…I have to present the earnings of the bar for this summer, and if they don’t meet the standards of the higher ups there goes my job.” She sighed hard and clung to her purse with one hand while swaying the other arm forward and backward, trying to match George’s walking speed.

‘If I get fired, I can date him.’ She thought, maltepe escort quickly trying to think of something else.

“Don’t worry about it. I think you’ll do great. If you ever did get fired, I’ll quit too.”

Olivia blushed. “You’re sweet really…I’m sorry I’m bringing the mood down. Let’s not talk about work tonight ok? I want to get to know each other more.” George looked at her and brushed his hand on hers, instinctively lacing his fingers between hers. Olivia squeezed lightly, looking up at him, their eyes met and they both smiled. Quickly she realised what she was doing and let go of his hand, clutching her purse once more.

“As friends of course… Oh, look the station, better hurry!” She rushed forward and opened her purse fishing around for her ticket. A small frown formed on Georges face as he reached for his wallet and pulled out a ticket, catching up to his date who was passing through the gate.

What followed was a rather pleasant train journey. Olivia sat on a seat close to the exit doors along the rickety, unclean carriage next to her by the window was a man whom had perked up once she sat next to him, looking out of the corner of his eye to spy on her. George stood next to her looking down at her as they had a casual conversation about themselves. Olivia was intent on hearing what George had to tell about his family and how he managed to get into the university. She crossed her legs and rested her hands on her thighs, pressing her expensive purse on her chest causing her cleavage to push up, she had not realised that her tits looked like they were about to spill out, only interested in their conversation, without thinking she slowly started to rub her legs, loving the feeling of the fabric she had n clue she was getting further and further up her legs until she reached the end on her dress. Her date noticed, as did the man looking at her feel her thighs in an almost seductive way. As George stopped talking to focus on her nice-looking legs, Olivia quickly realised her mistake, blushing heavily whilst attempting to pull her skirt down to try and cover more of her legs.

“Sorry. This dress is a little short.” She muttered in a shy voice.

“Don’t be sorry, it looks good.” George replied. Olivia smiled, standing up to get close to him, staring into his eyes she couldn’t help but feel herself get excited.

“You think so?”

“I know so.” She giggled, lightly patting his shoulder, broad and firm. Her hand lingered on him as she lightly stroked him. The tip of her tongue slithered out of her lips and moistened them softly, leaning in to her date. There was a loud creak and a powerful jerk as Olivia was thrown forward into George, she clung to him as a shocked expression covered their faces, her chest pressing on his. The train had stopped at a station, the stop they had planned to get off at. Olivia looked out the window, slowly getting back to a standing position before adjusting her outfit yet again. Without mentioning that she was about to kiss him, they had left the train and proceeded out of the station.

George knew Olivia wanted to hold his hand, to kiss him without a care who was watching. If only she could take the leap and not worry about dating a co-worker…The rest of the date went perfectly. They had managed to get to the restaurant on time without any more awkward hand touching, seductive leg stroking or possible kissing, much to Georges disappointment. What he was not disappointed with however was the date itself. He loved talking to Olivia, and she became even more of a joy to be around once she came out of her shell. She spoke much more confidently, getting comfortable with Georges company. She had told stories about nights out with Alexa where someone got too tipsy on the dance floor. Or when she had seen a member of the student council drink a disgusting smoothie in order to get a kiss from Amy, which in the end she never gave him. They had a bottle of wine to share, In which George ha only a single small glass. Olivia was different, she had taken the bottle to her side of the table and had drank a few small glasses, making her slightly tipsy; she thought it would help her nerves or her racing heart beat whenever he would smile at her, but alas it seemed she swooned many times within the dinner.

“So, speaking of staff members…” Olivia said after a short silence after a rant from George about his useless lecturer whom graded him low for work which she had said was one of the best in class.

“How did you get into Christine’s pants?” She blushed heavily and raised an eyebrow. It seemed the alcohol had taken a larger effect on her than she thought, she giggled when she saw Georges reaction to the question, who choked down a small fork-full of food before cleaning his throat with a glass of ice cold water.

“Where did that come from?” He asked quickly. She leaned forward, pressing her breasts on the edge of the table mamak escort while holding her chin with her hand, elbow resting on the table.

“I’m curious, I mean it’s not like you’re not handsome or anything, I actually think you’re very easy on the eyes, but Christine is something else! And old enough to be your mother…” Olivia wished she had stopped talking, the booze always had that effect on her; always seemed to be more courageous and daring when she had things on her mind. Hearing about the relationship between them was top of her list. George proceeded to tell the story, sheepish at first and purposefully avoided all the gory details of the magical sex they had. He quickly settled into the story, saying how they got caught by Alexa that morning. Olivia hung on his every word, seeing him dart his eyes down to her chest every so often, each time she noticed made her excited, her privates tingling lightly. The conversation continued until after dinner, with Olivia questioning parts of his story. She clung to his arm with her bust squeezing against his bicep as they walked down the dim street, illuminated by the street lamps and apartments which had their lights on.

“So, you did it in your bedroom?” She gasped as she pictured the image in her alcohol fuelled brain.

“Yeah, and the shower…” George enjoyed her grip on him, and liked her getting more risqué. She gasped again cutely, blushing hard as she again pictured the two naked in the shower. George continued to walk forward as he felt his date stop on the pavement, looking back she still clung to his arm, however turned toward the apartments which they were walking past. She nodded her head over to the building whilst looking at him.

“This is me…” She murmured disappointed, but faking a happy smile. It barely felt like 3 hours together, the clock ticking to roughly 10PM. George looked at the building and sighed, moving back next to her. There was a moment pause before the tipsy Olivia spoke.

“I’m a bit drunk, can you help me to my room before you say goodnight?” She asked, pulling herself back onto his side as she did not wait for an answer, she wanted to stay with him for longer, resting her heavy head on his shoulder. They walked past a few people as they were hanging around the entrance of the complex. The building looked modern, similar to other high-tech places around campus. Olivia was almost dragging George across the foyer into the elevator. He watched as her ass bounced, her dress revealing more of her thighs in those shiny stockings, he felt himself trying to hold back the erection which was brewing in his jeans as the elevator closed behind them. She looked at the other students in the elevator next to them, almost sucking their faces off as they too seemed to come back from a date. Olivia looked at them and back to George.

“Don’t get any ideas mister, I just need someone to make sure I get home safely that’s all.” She turned and faced the door, her heart beating fast, head buzzing. The door dinged open as she quickly slipped out of the doors and strutted down the corridor, swaying lightly as she walked. George followed close behind her, remembering this place a few hours ago when he picked her up. Olivia stopped at her room, leaning on the door waiting for George to catch up. She turned to him and sighed smiling as she pulled the skirt of her short dress down.

“So…” She started as she reached into her purse, rustling and jangling emitted from the small leather bag as a set of keys appeared in her hand when she pulled out.

“So…” George added as she unlocked the door, he desperately wanted to come in, wanting to spend more time with her. She felt the same, her mind racing as to the options she wanted and could say to him:

‘Do you want some coffee?’

‘Would you like to watch a movie?’

‘Will you kiss me goodbye?’

‘Can you spend the night with me?’

“Well, see you at work then…” She muttered as she slowly stepped inside, leaving him outside as she slowly shut the door. George frowned; he couldn’t think of what to say without sounding like he only wanted to come in to get into her bed. He rotated on his foot and began to leave before feeling a hand on his sleeve. He turned back and saw her stare at him, biting her lip and blushing a bright red.

“Are you going to give me a kiss goodnight mister?” She said cutely, tugging at his sleeve to make him come in. In one swift move he pushed the door open and moved inside, Olivia pushing herself onto him as soon as he was inside the room. The door slammed shut when she pressed her lips onto his, moaning lightly as she closed her eyes and let the moment take her. She rested the palms of her hands on his chest, her boobs compressing onto his body. She felt his strong hands on her lower back, rubbing softly, she moaned as their slow and passionate kiss continued, hiking her right leg up to his hip, he instinctively traced his hand down to her nylon covered thigh and held her, stroking her leg.

Breaking the kiss, she bit her lip and held back a wide grin, her desires finally overcame her work ethic; thanks to the wine… She looked up at him as she felt his hand stroke her thigh, moaning lightly whilst feeling the rush of him holding her overcome her, her pussy getting wetter by the second.

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