Geoff and Chet Ch. 00


Part I

Chapter 00 Prologue, Introducing Geoff

Authors Note: This is a work of original fiction. Copyright, 2023. Any resemblance to specific individuals, places or events (particularly the details relating to competitive cycling) is coincidental. Everyone engaged in sexual activity is over 18. This is an accidental romance of two young alpha males with plenty of action, but not in every chapter. Can two alphas sustain a relationship that works for both of them? The Prologue introduces Geoff. The novella in two parts (part II is about the same length) has been written and edited and will be posted consecutively after this chapter appears.

I’ve been writing for years (non-fiction mostly), but this is my first attempt at longer fiction in this genre–although I have submitted a few shorter pieces to Literotica. The longer format permits some character development. BD


I’ve just completed the last day of a typical 12 hour shift at my summer job in the ER. Now I’ve a few days off before leaving for med school in Houston. I was an orderly, that is, a go-fer, janitor, bed-maker, muscle, although I’ve been “lent” as an assistant to the EMT teams a few times when they were short-handed. I did a crash EMT course last summer, but I’m not certified. It is hectic, exhausting, but exciting work–if you call saving lives work. We’re headed out for a few beers to celebrate my “retirement.”

My name is Geoff. I’m 23, 6-5, about 185, olive-skinned with a late summer deep tan and a varsity swimmer’s build. Dark blue, almost black eyes and jet black hair. Long arms, big hands, and pretty impressive equipment under my scrubs (which I always wear commando). In college I was considered an Antonio Banderas doppelganger and I liked the Zorro image–a handsome, irreverent rake who fights for justice for the underprivileged while cutting a sensuous lothario screen image. I was a real hit with the female staff until they learned I was gay. Then I was just a smiling, sultry Zorro who could flirt harmlessly with them all.

About a dozen of us–male and female– arrived at the Austin Tap House around six-thirty. We were a pretty boisterous group, but it was only Thursday and the place wasn’t too crowded. They gave us a big round table on the terrace. I knew everyone and considered them to be friends. I bought the first few rounds–I’m not poor. We tried a few craft beers, reminisced, told a few off-color hospital jokes, ate a few apps, and some began to drift off to homes and families, leaving only two EMT guys and me. Just before 8, Miguel, the older of the two EMT’s, announced he had a hot date and made his farewell. “Don’t be a stranger. Hope you’re back next summer.”

That left me and Sven. He was a few years older than I. He’d been an Aggie varsity “barefoot” place-kicker, married and divorced, but was keeping in shape. A few weeks before, he had mentioned quietly to me that he was bi-curious. I took that as an invitation. I accepted, went home with him, and we had a tentative start until I took over and then a hot, intense night. We did a mutual show and feel; I think I taught him some things about his body that he had only guessed. We tried some oral, but he didn’t swallow. Later we experimented with anal and, after a lot of lubed finger prep and seduction and prostate stimulation, he finally let me top him. I’m pretty sure he liked it; he moaned a lot in pleasure and certainly got off big time. But we didn’t get together again–until tonight. Our schedules just didn’t mesh.

I knew that we were not headed for a relationship–and I’m typically not into one night hookups, but it had been a pretty dry summer. In fact, Tuzla Escort Sven had been my only date since early summer. I was loaded and needed release. So I invited him to my place. “I’ve got some interesting craft beers you can taste.”

“I bet that’s not all you want me to taste. You know I don’t swallow. Are you expecting a farewell fuck?”

“Only if you beg.”

“Let’s go. I’ve had a semi all night.”

“That’s because you’ve been eating all the ripe black olives I’ve pushed at you. Don’t you know those make you crave an Italian stallion? It’s an old trick.”

“Yeah, sure. Come on, before I change my mind.”

I paid, tipped and followed him to the parking lot, noting his high tight ass that I was about to take again.

Our family ranch wasn’t far and he followed in his SUV. The house was empty–Mom away in Italy, Dad having left for work, brother at a friend’s place, expected home much later. I assembled a six pack of assorted long necks in the kitchen, and we went to my large room at the back. Before I had even closed and locked the door, he was removing his shoes, shirt and shorts. We were dressed alike in the late summer Texas uniform: beige cargo shorts and tight collared polos. And he was commando. He was a really good looking guy: slightly shorter than me, with square hard pecs, big eraser nipples, defined abs, slim hips, muscled bubble butt (remember. he was a place-kicker so never missed leg day), not much body hair, blonde, light clear skin, blue eyes, thick lips, uncut long dick, about 8″ hard, I would guess. Certainly Nordic. You get the picture–a walking gay wet dream, like one of those models on Bel Ami. Why is it that Swedes have the paradoxical reputation of being cold, yet are probably the hottest people on earth with nudity and sexuality? He was simultaneously cool and hot. I liked both flavors.

I handed him a beer, put the pack on the dresser, and stripped myself, teasing him with an ass flash as I bent over to remove my Docksiders. I turned and his eyes widened. “Jesus, Geoff. I forgot how huge you are. I’ve been in a lot of football locker rooms, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one bigger.” I was a shower and a grower, hanging about 6″ flaccid, growing to a little over 9″ and thick. I still had my swimmer’s shave with trimmed curly black pubes. He walked over and fisted my dick. “I’ve wanked off to this. I’m happy to see that my imagination didn’t exaggerate much.” I reached around, grabbed his ass and pulled our chests together.

“Do you need to clean up?”

“Yeah. Just a bit, we showered before we left the hospital.”

“Through there.”

As he walked out of the bath, he had draped a towel over his shoulders, and said, “I haven’t had any experience since our last lesson, so easy, Geoff. I haven’t bought any of the toys you showed me. And you’re huge.”

“Sure. Did you think I’d shrink? I got in last time, so don’t worry. We’ve got all night.” I walked up to him, grabbed the towel ends and drew him in for a long deep kiss with lots of deep tongue. We hadn’t kissed the first time, and I wanted to change that dynamic right away. Our tongues and our chests collided and his dick responded immediately. He put the beer down and reached around, grabbed my ass to draw me in. Boy, did he smell good. Boy, did he feel good. Just what the doc ordered.

I backed up a few steps and pulled him on top of me as I dropped onto the daybed. I wanted him on top to start the action. He needed to feel he was asking and that he had some control. His head dropped down; I spread wider; he slipped down and his head fell into my lap taking my bulb between his lips. His technique was not Tuzla Escort Bayan bad for a neo–he instinctively knew the tricks: shield teeth, suck and swirl, vary the suction, fondle and lav balls, use hands on the base. A good enthusiastic blow job was something to be cherished–even from an amateur. I was quickly hard. He took about half of me in before gagging. Then he started sucking hard, and as he pulled off, dragged his tongue over the frenulum. His fingers pushed hard on the taint and my cock steeled and the head engorged. “Are you sure you haven’t been practicing?” I leveraged my hips up a few times to face fuck this beautiful guy as his thick pink lips enveloped the shaft.

I then lifted his head and motioned him around into a 69 so I could swallow him. He already tasted of sweet precum and I licked his length over and over. Within a few minutes, I was ready to blast and warned him. “Where do you want it?”

“You can spray my face,” he said closing his eyes. It had been days and, as I shot, he grabbed and aimed my hose. I pumped half a dozen shots, coating his entire face until the creamy cum began to drip onto me.

I reached up and pulled his dick deeper into my throat as I massaged his ass and threatened his hole. I released his penis, swallowed his balls and pulled them away from his body. He too was ready to blast. He lengthened appreciably and his hood drew back naturally–like a missile silo opening. I stuck my tongue inside and using one hand, docked my curled tongue. It didn’t take long. I felt the tension, and as he contracted to blow, I took him inside and I pressed on his taint to hold him for a few seconds before releasing him and pumping to produce a powerful blast. He collapsed back onto me as I continued to milk him quietly. I didn’t want him drained, just with the edge off. This was going to be a great night.

He reversed on the daybed and continued to rest partly on top of me. I started licking my cum from his face; then I invaded his mouth. He was going to get a taste of my cum one way or the other. He apparently loved it second hand as he drew my tongue deeply in. So as we cooled, I wrapped my arms around him and continued to tease his crevice with long lubed fingers, running my hands over every part of his body. He barely lost any hardness. He was on top, but he knew I was in control. He was my big toy. We lay in skin to skin silence for several minutes to let that sink in. Periodically, he pushed his hardness against mine, seeming to be begging for the next course–which of course he was.

On our previous “date”, he had sketched out his life. Several years of casual hetero experience in college, but some locker room guy- curiosity. Graduated at 21 from A my long dark dick just penetrating as my dark balls hung behind his hanging pink. These are the strong contrasts that turn me on.

“You’re splitting me in half.”

“You know you love it. You dream of having a big cock up your ass when you wank off. I’m spoiling you for other men. Or, do you want me to pull out?”

“No, I want to feel that dick inside me. I want you to fuck me good.”

“Say please, bitch.” Then slowly, I rocked in and out, pushing in an inch or so each time as he moaned in pain and then pleasure. Finally, I cleared the second ring and bottomed, slapping balls to his.

He whispered, “Shit. You’re in my stomach.”

“You know better than that–you’re medically trained.” He breathed and I could feel his anal muscles gripping me tightly. After that I knew it wouldn’t be long. I speared soft and slow, then fast and hard always scraping the prostate, while lightly stroking his cock and working his Escort Tuzla hood down to expose the sensitive head, which was already soaking the sheets with a clear prostatic fluid.

I had him right at the edge. Actually, we both were. I was deeply planted and tensing my thigh and abdominal muscles. He was unconsciously sucking in his gut and drawing up his scrotum as he whispered obscenities and whimpered in pleasure. Time for the zen of sex. I reached around, fondled his balls into one hand while I wrapped the other around his pole, just under the helmet with a finger on the seminal vesicle. I used the side of my hand to push hard on the taint and block his spasms–my hands forming a cock and ball cage. He would cum on command, my command.

This is for me the perfect moment of psycho-sexual, pre-orgasmic ecstasy–those few seconds when I was in total control of his pleasure and mine. Using my huge hands and my dick, I could time his ejaculation and his orgasmic pleasure–when and how long, while at the same time, my own cock was tensed, stretched, and ready to blast as soon as I pulled back and rammed. I paused for several seconds savoring the high, feeling the tension build. “Not yet. Hold, hold, let it build. Feel me deep inside. Visualize my fat dick pulsing and pushing out on the walls of your tunnel. Don’t move. Just feel. Just feel.” I whispered hypnotically. “Your balls are almost ready to burst they are so full.”

Then, I sat back and pulled him into my lap forcing my cock still deeper. I let up the pressure on his taint, released his balls, and felt him contract and the fluid begin to rise. I pressed lightly with my finger.

He hissed with pleasure. “God. I’m dying here. Geoff, I can’t take any more. I’m going to explode with tension. It’s time. Do it inside. I want to feel your cum inside me.”

“As you wish. Now. Give me your hot spunk,” I shouted. I pulled out so only the head remained, rammed hard and deep, hosed into his gut, and allowed him to explode. His first shot was an absolute geyser that rose above our heads before arching five feet to the headboard. Then he continued spasming, contracting, pulsing cum onto the bedding while milking me over and over with the muscles of his sheath as I stroked him with my fist. I had prolonged our high for over a minute. Both of us were breathless and drained. He was full of my spunk and would leak for hours–and be sore for days. But he would remember this fuck for months.

“Holy shit. That was the biggest and farthest I’ve ever shot. Must be a new world record.” Ever the competitive athlete.

I tried to polish the cum around his sensitive head. But it was too much. He jolted and started to fall forward.. So, I collapsed on his back and pushed him into the bed, squeezing with thighs and arms to cocoon him tightly as I continued to grasp his still-hard manhood tightly with my fist. I wanted him to feel completely owned–not only his ass where my dick was still planted hard, but his cock as well. He was mine. He had been royally fucked by an expert. I had given him the best sexual experience of his life. I’m pretty sure he was no longer curious; he was a hungry bottom. He would be cruising for dick by next weekend. And he would certainly cum back to me for more.

“With power and volume like that, how did you keep it in a condom and not impregnate half the coeds at A&M?” He smirked. He was still convinced he was a certified hetero stud, even if he occasionally wanted to play with my team. And boy was he a good player.

As my dick softened, he began to move under me. I slipped out and released him. He turned and smiled. He was obviously quite pleased with his performance. I bent over and kissed him long and hard. He seemed a bit confused, but began to speak. “That was unbelievable Geoff. I couldn’t have had a better teacher. I could feel you bringing me to the best high I’ve ever had. And I wanted you to do it.”

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