Gate 69


‘Ooooh yes you dirty dirty boy, mmmm go on lick me out, just lick it all up’. Angela felt her pussy burning with desire. It just felt so good and naughty. She smiled weakly and licked her lips. The anticipation could have sent her off the edge, but she waited knowing she’d feel that big juicy dick working away at her soaking pussy…any minute now…

And then she awoke with a start, realising she had once again fallen into another hot, erotic dream in her office at work. Corporate law is as boring as it gets, but working in a stuffy office and trying to get her head around some tricky loop holes a client had brought to her attention was just too much for her to handle. And so she had nodded off and her mind wondered back to the delicious window cleaner she had fantasised about for weeks and all the naughty things they could do together, if only she were at home and not here in work.

Angela let out a huge sigh, and checked the clock. In just 3 hours time she would be boarding a plane that would take her directly to London for yet another business meeting. She’d be gone all weekend and was not happy. Nothing ever remotely exciting happened on these boring trips. She’d meet numerous lawyers and solicitors of course, but they were all the same…balding, fat, middle-aged men with glasses and it made her feel sick. If only she could be at home this weekend and keep a watchful eye out for Mr Dick (she had decided to nickname the window cleaner this after catching a glance of a huge bulge in his crotch one day a few weeks ago).

She slammed her books shut and decided it was no use, she could no longer concentrate. She picked up her phone and rang for a taxi to pick her up and take her to the airport. She packed her belongings away, picked up her jacket and stood up. It was then she felt it, her wet pussy had soaked her panties…she smirked to herself and walked straight to the toilet. Locked safely in a cubicle she took one long slender finger and gave her wet pussy a good rub. Lifting this finger to her mouth she licked off her juices. “Damn I taste good” she thought. With that she pulled off her panties from under her skirt, stuffed them in her bag and left the cubicle.

Staring at herself in the mirror, Angela smiled. At 30 she looked damn good. She had long blonde, tousled hair, heavily lidded dark eyes and a beautiful smile that could melt hearts. Her body was doing good too…a nice tight ass and nice hard round tits…at 34FF she was packing big juicy ones. She liked to keep her pussy trimmed and covered her body with soft, coconut butter everyday. She was like glad she chose the outfit she was wearing too because it accentuated all her best bits. A tight red blouse that pulled at her tits, revealing her perky Zonguldak Escort nipples and a tight pencil skirt that shaped nicely round her sexy bum. Perhaps a little naughty, she had opted for her thigh high, tight black leather boots…her lean long legs looking fabulous in them. She looked great.

“Right, time to catch my flight” she thought and hurried out the toilet at once. 45 minutes later she was checking in for her flight, pleased that the company pays for her to fly first class. She went to the bar and had a quick glass of red wine, fully aware that every male in the vicinity was checking out her gorgeous ass and juicy tits. She checked her watch and knew it was time to board. “Damn I’m horny” she mused as she made her way to Gate 69.

Once she was safely boarded and sat comfortably in her reclining seat, she was pleasantly surprised to see some eye candy seated on the chair next to her. He looked in his mid 20’s, with brown floppy hair and striking blue eyes. He had thick muscles and from what she could tell he must have been about 6ft. He wore tight jeans and a tight black shirt showing off his rippling muscular arms. He glanced over, nodded and gave her a dazzling smile. Her pussy got very wet.

About 3 hours into the flight the lights went off and the windows shut, to allow passengers to sleep. Angela’s eyes slowly shut and she began to fall into a light dose. But then she awoke with a start by a feeling so extraordinary she could have screamed out loud. Her skirt was rolled up and a skilled tongue was working at her soaking wet pussy. She glanced down and saw a head of floppy brown hair pushed against her pussy. It was her eye candy, giving her a good lick out down below. She smiled and let out a husky moan, just quiet enough for his ears to hear. He moved his tongue up and down, lapping up all her juices. He began to flick her clit…and…ooooh…it felt so good. She wriggled slightly in her chair, biting her lip and closing her eyes. It was just what she needed. She held his head and shoved it deeper in her pussy, moaning as he sucked her clit.

And then he stopped and looked up at her, smiling. He stood up and leaned over her, kissing her deeply. She could taste her own sweet juices, his tongue prodding further in her mouth, exploring each and every inch. He took the seat next to her and said he was ‘Nathan’. Angela exchanged her name and noticed a huge bulge in his tight jeans. She glanced around to see the area was deserted and leaned over his trousers unzipping them and pulling out his huge, thick dick. At 9 inches long, she couldn’t wait to play with it.

Angela ducked down and used her tongue to lick his hard dick up and down, getting it nice and juicy and wet. Zonguldak Escort Bayan He lolled his head back and shut his eyes, clearly enjoying the experience. She popped the head in her mouth and sucked hard. Nathan moaned a deep growl. She took slow, long sucks, whilst still swirling her tongue over his cock head…she took more and more in each time sucking harder, so he was moaning louder. She tickled his balls, squeezing them. He thrust his pelvis up and down, up and down meeting each suck. He grabbed her hair and shoved her face deeper, harder onto his cock…ooooh yeah…it felt so good. He felt the pulsations in his dick, and knew he was about to blow and oooohhhhhh yessssssss…..mmmmmm he growled and moaned while he came hard, stroking her fabulous hair. She looked up at him, with her big, dark sexy eyes, having just swallowed every bit of his thick, creamy hot cum. ‘Enjoy that?’ she asked and he licked his lips in response.

Glancing around, Angela had an idea. She stood up, straightened her skirt and smiled at Nathan. ‘Meet me in the toilet in 5 minutes’ and with that she dashed off to the back of the first class seating zone. Glancing in the mirror she saw a little speck of cum around her mouth, smirking she wiped it off with her finger and swallowed it, savouring the taste. Her heart beat faster and faster…would they get away with it?

After what seemed like forever, the door clicked open and Nathan stepped inside. They stared at each other for two brief moments before Nathan grabbed Angela and forced his tongue into her mouth. They stood there, heavily breathing and so close together that Angela’s large juicy tits pressed hard against Nathan’s rigid chest. Nathan ran his hands through her hair, licking her mouth wet. He moved to her ear and nibbled it, while Angela moved her hands to his dick, which was hardening once again at a tremendous speed, while she rubbed it up and down through his jeans.

Quickly, and without hesitation, Nathan unbuttoned Angela’s blouse while kissing her neck. He revealed her beautiful perky tits covered in a red lacy bra. He squeezed both tits before removing the bra and ducked, sucking on her hard nipples. Meanwhile, as Angela enjoyed the wonderful sensations from her breasts, she unzipped Nathan’s jeans once again, removed them and pulled down his boxers…his hard, huge dick erect and ready for all to see. Nathan removed Angela’s skirt and pulled his shirt off…they both stood there naked, squashed tightly in the small, hot toilet, breathing heavily and anticipating the next move. Nathan kissed Angela hastily again, slammed the toilet seat down and took a seat on it, his hard dick standing upright, ready for action. He took Angela’s hand Escort Zonguldak and pulled her towards him, stroking her breasts and licking his lips. She stared at him, almost in awe as she considered her next move…was she really about to have sex in plane toilet with a complete stranger? ”Hell Yeah!” she thought.

Breathing heavy she moved closer, Nathan lifted her up and sat her on his knee, licking her tits once more. He directed his dick towards her pussy entrance and gently rubbed his cock head against her clit…she moaned loudly. He then slid her soaking wet pussy over his dick and waited a moment to allow her to grow accustomed to his size. She breathed heavily, moaning, shoving her pelvis against his dick…he knew she was ready. He heaved up and down slowly at first, while Angela moved with him meeting each heavy thrust. And then he built up the pace, placed his hands on her tight hot ass, with her hands around his neck and went in and out, faster and faster…they began to moan together. Nathan growled into Angela’s ear… ‘Ooohhhh yeeeaarrrrhhh, Nathan…oooohhhh mmmmm faster…harder you dirty bastard…moreeee. Give it to me, harder, harder!’. This turned him on even more. He went faster and gave it to her harder. The toilet seat banging…the room getting sweatier and hotter…and the idea that those other passengers and crew outside might hear them just turned this horny pair of fuckers on even more.

‘Gggggrrrrrr….mmmmmm….ooooh yeah you dirty bitch, you like it hard don’t you? You like it when I pound your fuckin pussy like this. You’re a dirty horny slut, aren’t you?’ he slapped her hot ass. And Angela moaned more as Nathan continued his delicious fucking of her pussy. She could feel the tension and tingling building up inside her pussy and he too could feel his penis about to spill its load. ‘Nathan, I’m going to cum’ she moaned.

‘Cum for me baby’ he growled into her ear and at the same time, moments laterthey both came together, as Nathan threw in one last upwards thrust. ‘OOOOOHHH YEAHHHH FUUUUUCK MEEEEEE’ Angela screamed throwing her head back in ecstasy, while Nathan moaned so loudly, squeezing her tits because it felt soooo gooood. He pounded her hard, feeling his juices and hers mix, hearts beating fast…each wave of pleasure bringing out more and more moans and screams of pleasure and joy. Slowly they came back to earth, breathing heavily; Angela lay her head on Nathans shoulder as he removed his dick from her soaking pussy. He glanced down and saw his dick covered in her juices.

Quickly, after cleaning themselves up, they re-dressed and hurried out of the toilet together…two air hostesses stood outside with shocked and flushed faces written across their faces, but they said nothing. Angela took her seat and Nathan took his original one, both preparing for the impending landing. Angela could feel her pussy still tingling from one of the best shags she’d had for a long time. She looked out of her window and smiled to herself. ‘Perhaps I’ll travel from Gate 69 more often’ she mused.

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