Garett’s War


In the kingdom of Loraik, under the tumultuous rule of young King Bedrick, in a remote village of the lush pasture lands, Garett the 20 year old farmhand was having the greatest night of his short life thus far.

Garett moaned in pleasure as he thrust again into the beautiful young woman writhing underneath him. He’d met her on a path just outside of the village earlier that evening, and he still couldn’t remember how they’d arrived back at the small house he shared with his uncle, though at this point he hardly cared. She had curly auburn hair, splayed out around her head on the sheets, and the same coloured eyes, shut tight at the moment in delight. She also had the biggest tits Garett has ever seen in his lifetime, and every time he thrust into her warm pussy they shook delightfully.

He dipped his head forward and caught one of her nipples in his mouth, biting softly as his cock entered her up to the hilt again and again. The girl took his head of tousled brown hair and held it close to her chest, squeezing her thighs appreciatively at every nibble or lick he gave her.

Picking up his pace as he felt his balls tighten, Garett began driving into her with wild abandon, clutching the girl’s pert bottom for better grip. She responded by wrapping her legs around Garett’s hips, holding him closer so that his cock sank deeper into her wet snatch. She shrieked in ecstasy, her eyes fluttering and her face flushing deep red, and if Garett had been paying attention to anything else but the buxom brunette in his bed, he might have been worried about waking the villagers in the surrounding houses. With a moan Garett finally felt his loins tense and explode, and he shot three white ropes of seed deep into the girl’s womb, before pulling out and shooting a fourth and a fifth onto her heaving stomach and chest.

Seeing that his prick was still furiously hard, the girl reached down and stroked him with lithe fingers, raising herself up off the bed to kiss his passionately, practically sticking her tongue down his throat. Garett took hold of the girl’s great mammaries and groped them gently, flicking her nipples and teasing her playfully while she kept stroking his cock against her belly. Moaning appreciatively, the girl drew one of her hands down between her legs, now sticky with cum, and inserted two fingers, gasping in pleasure as she stroked herself.

After a few seconds she couldn’t take it any more and pulled away, turning over to lie down on her belly, delicious round ass sticking invitingly up at Garett. He needed no further invitation and practically lunged onto her peachy round cheeks, spearing her with his freshly-revived cock. She wiggled her hips delightfully as he began see-sawing in and out of her juicy cunt and soon they were both breathing huskily from the combination of lust and exertion.

Garett grabbed both of her bountiful cheeks and squeezed gratefully, before sliding his hands across her abdomen, down underneath to clutch her gigantic tits, leaning forward as he did so. They swung with every thrust and were simply too big for Garett’s hand to hold, spilling out of his strong fingers. He groped them greedily, twisting her nipples and kissing her lower back and suddenly she gasped and Garett felt her pussy clamp tightly down on his prick, squeezing it like a cork, as she gave muted moans of delight into the folds of the straw mattress she had her face buried into.

Garett couldn’t last much longer after this and with one last heave he came as well, shooting several more wads deep into her delicious twat. She collapsed forward onto the bed, legs weak, and he slipped backwards out of her so that they were both lying flat on the bed. Finally he tilted his head to looked at her, enjoying a perfect view of her longs legs and ripe bottom lying beside him.

“So where did you say you were visiting from?” Garett gasped, trying to regain his breath as he lay back on the bed.

The girl smiled and looked up at him, also drawing in huge gulps of air, and face flushed bright red. She replied, “My Da’ and I are visitin’. Staying over at the old inn outside of town.” Suddenly she gasped, bolting upright from the bed “Shite! What time is it?”

Garett admired the way her breasts swung as she sat up, “Must be past midnight by now, why?” She groaned and leapt out of bed, hurriedly moving around the room picking up the various clothes she’d carelessly tossed earlier.

“He’ll be expectin’ me! My Da’ I mean. I was only ta walk down to the well and back!” Whenever she bent over to pick up an article of clothing, peachy round bottom sticking invitingly up at him, Garett felt himself stir down there between his legs again.

“He’s probably gone to sleep by now, come back under the warm covers and you’ll see him in the morning.” Garett called after her, amazed that he was ready to go again so soon. Slipping her modest brown frock over her head, the girl looked apologetically back at him, now sitting on the edge shanty town izle of the bed. She stepped over and kissed him, before drawing away towards the door. “Will you still be here tomorrow?” He asked, hoping he didn’t come off as too pathetic. She paused for a second, then turned back towards him and bent at the waist, leaning over to deliver a gentle kiss to the tip of his furiously hard cock.

“I just might be, but only if you can find me.” She straightened up and left the room with a mischievous grin plastered across her face, torturing him with the hypnotic swaying of her hips. Garett collapsed back onto the bed, exhausted but thinking that he would never be able to fall asleep after a scene like that.

A few minutes later, he was breathing away softly into his sheets, dreaming of of the girl sitting astride him, massive tits bouncing up and down on top of him like two great sacks of milk.

– – –

The next morning Garett was standing up to his ankles in soft mud, busy tilling the field of a local landlord along with a few other farmhands and friends of around his age. Naturally, as the morning dragged on and they grew bored of their labour, the young men gathered together in the middle of the field to chat idly about this and that. They mostly discussed gossip from around the area, or what the girls of the village were up to, or what landlord was offering work that week and at what wages. Today however, there was only one topic on everyone’s mind.

“So who started the war, King Bedrick or the Morovians?” Godrey asked, a confused look on his face. Godrey was probably the largest in the group, but certainly not the brightest.

“King Bedrick of course. Those northern scum have been creeping further and further into the King’s rightful lands for years now. Bedrick’s had enough and he wants his castles back.” Marcus, the unofficial leader of the group, explained to his friend.

“Have you heard who’s leading the Morovians now?” Their friend Rodric spoke up. “They say its Prince Floran, Bedrick’s own son.” He answered himself, not waiting for anyone to reply.

Garett wasn’t much for gossip usually, but the topic of war was too much to pass up. “Can’t believe he’d do that to his own father. Sure he wasn’t going to inherit the throne or anything, second son and all, but the King probably would have given him a duchy or something. Better than siding with the Morovians anyway.”

“Bedrick’s not doing so well at any rate.” Rodric added eagerly, “Keeps losing battles. Our armies will be on the march for weeks, taking city after city but they’re always empty.And when they’re tired after so much marching, the Morovians surprise them, kill a few dozen soldiers and make off with all their supplies. The army’s marching around in circles and Bedricks going crazy trying to hold them together.” As the son of a travelling performer, Rodric had always loved to talk, which was just as well because this meant he always knew twice as much about life outside the village than any other boy in their small group.

“We’ll still beat them though, right? Once Bedrick finds Floran and the Morovians and gives them a proper battle, they’ll be beaten.” Godrey insisted, driving his shovel into the earth for emphasis.

“Ya but that’s the thing, the generals’ can’t find them, Floran’s too good at hiding. If they got them to just stay still and fight then the war would be over, sure, but Floran’s just too slippery for them.” Rodric dropped down, crouching in the mud and adopting a shifty eyed expression behind Garett, mimicking Floran. The boys laughed, and Garett reached behind him to haul Rodric out of his hiding place, dramatically stabbing him with a pretend sword in a pose of the brave King Bedrick. Rodric fell down onto his back, writhing on the ground with his tongue sticking out in his exaggerated death throes. The boys laughed harder and he bounded back to his feet with a bow, ever the performer.

“So any of you going to join up?” Garett prodded, looking around at the faces of the other boys.

“Maybe I will, show you lot what a real soldier looks like!” Godrey bragged, flexing his forearms, thick from years of farm labour.

“You couldn’t kill a mouse, even if it handed you a spear.” Rodric snorted.

“Ya, have you ever even held a sword before?” Marcus added, waving his pick in the air.

“I seem to remember a year back when he gave you a beating Marcus.” Garett said, coming to the big and not particularly bright Rodric’s defence.

“Sure, sure, but you see that’s only because the priest from Carnoth was in town.” Rodric replied. The other boys looked at him with confusion. “Well, the priest told him he couldn’t beat his dick for a week so he had to make do with me!” The boys roared with laughter, even Godrey, who put his fists up in a mock combat pose and playfully lunged at Rodric, who nimbly ducked backwards but fell into the mud, erupting further laughter shape island izle from the boys.

Garett’s favourite part of the day was this back and forth with the other workers. The labour was hard, and the day’s not always bright, but at least he got to joke and laugh with his friends.

“Hey, who’s that.” Marcus said suddenly after the laughter had died down a bit. Garett looked up and saw that his friend was pointing across the field at an older man approaching them from the main road. He looked somewhat official, walking with a remarkably straight posture and bearing a small silver badge on his tunic.

“I bet he’s looking for Godrey,” Rodric joked, looking over at the other boy.”Hey Godrey, have you been thieving the girl’s washing again?” Godrey laughed, but Garett could see his face go a shade whiter.

“You be quiet Marcus, I bet he’s after you for-“

They were interrupted as the man called out at them, waiving his hand to draw their attention. Besides his badge and demeanour, he was modestly dressed like the rest of them, with a brown cotton tunic and belted leather pants. Garett noticed that his shoes were well-worn and had plenty of caked mud on the heels. He’d obviously been walking all day. He finally reached them and they parted to form a small semi-circle around him.

“How goes the work my young friends?” He asked with a somewhat forced amicability. The young men looked up at him but most remained silent and continued leaning on their shovels. The man had a suspicious air about him.

Finally Marcus spoke up “Its wet, makes the ground soft.”

The man grinned and gave a small chuckle, looking down at his muddy shoe, “So it is, so it is. Still though, must get a bit tiresome trudging up and down these muddy fields all day, eh?” The man looked at each of the boys in turn, and when his eyes reached Garett, he got the uncomfortable feeling that the man was sizing him up, “Not that any of you boys seem to be working at the moment though, ha!” Some of the boys smirked reluctantly at the playful jab, and the man was encouraged to continue. “So what does the landlord pay you lot for this work anyway?”

“6 pence a month, why do you want to know?” Marcus replied touchily. His father didn’t own the land they were working on, but nonetheless he employed the boys to work on it and so his son was naturally suspicious of this strange man asking after the other worker’s wages.

“What? Six pence a month?” The man exclaimed, feigning shock, “A man can’t live off that in this day and age.” He paused, thoughtfully, and then decided to take the plunge. “So I suppose that you all have heard of King Bedrick’s war on the eastern kingdoms, eh?” The boys looked at one another coyly, but said nothing. “Sure you have, its all anyone’s talking about these days. You must know that King Bedrick is always looking for strong young men who can hoist a sword or a spear.”

“Adventure, fraternity, decent wages not even counting what you can take off every soldier you slay.” A few of the boys cocked their heads forward in contemplation. “And when you come back you’ll be a hero. When you come riding into town atop a mighty warhorse with a sack of eastern gold around your waist all the girls from fifty miles around will be clawing each others eyes out to marry you.” There were a few chuckles and Rodric nudged Godrey suggestively in the ribs, giving him doe eyes.

The man was pleased with the reactions and decided it was time to deliver his ultimatum,”So what do you say? Enlist with me and begin your adventure!” He was greeted by total silence from the workers, interrupted only by a bird chirping nearby.

“The harvest is soon, and we’ve got no time to go tramping across the country.” Marcus replied icily, turning his back to the man and sticking his plough forcefully into the earth.

“Besides, everyone knows the north is a wasteland.” Garett spoke up casually, trying to ease the tension. Instead the man shot him a resentful look.

“I see. Well, I suppose I shouldn’t have expected much from the looks of you. If anyone changes their mind I’ll be staying at the inn just outside of town for another week.” The man turned and stalked away across the field, his shoulders hunched in obvious disappointment.

Garett felt sorry for the man, but returned to his work with the other boys as the man shrunk farther into the distance.

“Hey Garett, you haven’t told us about that girl from last night!” Rodric suddenly called over to him. Garett turned around to grin at his friends.

“Well, first off, tits big enough to smother a man…”

– – –

Garett worked twice as hard that day and had finished tilling his plot of land before anyone else. He wolfed down his supper across from his bemused uncle back in their small house and rushed out the door.

He walked until he found the path to the inn just outside of town, and continued up for a few minutes until she hulk attorney at law izle reached the spot where he remembered meeting the girl the night before. She wasn’t there, so he walked a little further but eventually stopped and doubled back, afraid he would wander too far and miss her entirely. He waited for what seemed like an hour, but in reality was probably only a few minutes, pacing excitedly. Eventually he sat down under a great oak tree and frowned disappointingly, the way the recruiter had earlier. Maybe she’s left with her father already, he thought to himself sadly. Maybe she’s found another boy nearby, somewhere like Greeley or Nappston. He scowled jealously, then sighed, sinking lower against the tree.

Suddenly he heard a faint giggle that made him perk up. He looked around wildly, but all he could see was a flock of sheep grazing in the pastures on the other side of the path. He tried to get up, but moved too quickly and clumsily tripped over his own foot, landing with a thud on the grass. Again he heard a stifled giggle, louder this time. He paced back and forth, looking this way and that desperately, but there was no one anywhere near him.

Suddenly a small acorn dropped on his head that practically made him jump out of his own skin. He heard the giggling again and looked up to see the girl from the night before perched in the branches of the tree above him, one hand grabbing a branch for support, the other clamped over her mouth, and her face bright red with controlled laughter.

Garett grinned in dumb surprise, scratching the spot on his head where the acorn had hit. The girl turned and gracefully slid down the trunk of the tree, her dress riding up her thighs as it caught on the bark. Garett stepped forward and grabbed her around the waist while her back was turned towards the tree, kissing her shoulder softly.

“I never thought you’d find me, I’ve been waiting here for hours.” She teased. He reached around to cup her sex with his hand, kissing up her neck. “Finally I saw you tramping up the path and I knew I had to get back at you somehow,” With his other hand Garett began rolling up her brown dress, sliding over the smooth skin of her legs and finally feeling the soft wetness between them. “So I scurried up that tree and watched while you huffed and puffed and looked about ready to cry.” He slipped one finger into her sex, then another, and she pressed caved in against him, pressing her own hand over his and the other up to her breast, kneading forcefully. Suddenly she spun around to face him, “But I suppose you did find me after all… My name is Mary by the way.”

“Mary… what a beautiful name. I… I’m uh, Garett.”

“Hmm, like the Prince.”

Mary placed her hand lightly on his chest, standing up on the tips of her toes to kiss him lightly, then heavily on the lips. He responded by sliding his hands around her hips and hugging her tightly to him. She squirmed slightly, and Garett realized that his erection was pressing uncomfortably against her stomach, and straining painfully against his own trousers.

She pulled away and Garett let out a moan of disappointment as their lips parted, but Mary just gave an impish grin and pushed him gently down so that he was sitting with his back against the tree. She then slowly knelt in front of him, her breasts spilling out over the taut strings of her brown dress, and pulled down his trousers, releasing his furiously hard cock into the cool evening breeze.

“How about we pick up where we left off?” She said coyly, leaning over to gently lick the tip of his cock. Mary knelt between his legs and slipped him into her mouth. She slid further down the shaft, engulfing half of him and sliding her tongue along his length as she went. Bobbing her head slowly over his lap, with her great breasts brushing against his bare legs, she blew him gently.

He shut his eyes tight in pleasure, luxuriating in the feeling of the beautiful young woman between his legs. He brushed a lock of hair from her face and guided her head with his hand. Her cheeks hollowed out and she began sucking harder, taking him deeper inch by inch while he moaned appreciatively. Soon she was within an inch of his pelvis and she stayed still for a moment, softly gagging with his cock lodged deep in her mouth. She pulled off to breath, before quickly plunging back down, this time swallowing him to the hilt, her nose pressed against his skin as her face flushed red.

Releasing him, she gasped for air, thin strands of spit and sperm trailing from her lips to the tip of his penis. She looked up into his eyes while he stroked her cheek, smiling handsomely, and then took him again in her mouth. She bobbed and sucked gently for a few minutes, once or twice pulling him deep into her throat again, and with her free hands massaged him elsewhere, along his legs and across his stomach.

He pulled his tunic off and threw it off to the side, not even noticing the imprint left on his back from the bark of the tree he was sitting against. Meanwhile she had slipped one of her hands down between her legs, which she rubbed more and more vigorously, grunting and moaning around his stiff cock, and pulling her dress up further so that Garett had a full view of her sweet, drenched, pussy.

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