Gare St. Lazarre

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“Well my dear,” he lifted her hand and kissed it gently, “we are at Gare St. Lazarre. This is the end of the line for us. Paris awaits!”

Cecille smiled smartly with a definite twinkle in her eyes.

“Indeed it does Royale. I shall miss you.”

“Ah but you needn’t Ceci, you could come live with me forever as my private beauty to ravage at will.”

A laugh escaped Cecille’s pretty young lips.

“How far we have come from Normandy!”


Really the train can take as little as three hours, depending on the stops required along the way.

It is not a long trip.

When Cecille escorts Tante Vive on these journeys she usually reads a book. Rarely is there anyone worthwhile meeting in this semi-private seating.

She never bothers to make conversation with Tante because her aunt is practically deaf.

Often others in the booth attempt to strike a conversation with Tante, and are quickly dismayed when they find themselves called upon again and again to repeat what they have said at an uncomfortably loud level.


It seemed as if today they may have the booth privately; the opposite seat remaining empty while the train pulled out of Normandy.

Cecille watched out the window for a few minutes and then, already tired of the scenes she had viewed so many times before, she pulled out her novella.

No sooner was it that she had finished the first page,than she was startled by the rich deep timbre of a masculine voice and looked up to see a most striking man removing his hat to Tante Vive.

“Bonjour Madame, Mademoiselle” he nodded gentlemanly to them both, but with a clear bouyant jubilation.

He lifted Tante’s hand and kissed it. “I am Monsieur Royale Bedard, and you beautiful lady are?”

Amazingly enough Tante heard Monsieur Bedard quite clearly.


“I, am Madame Vivienne Vaillancourt; and this, is my niece Mademoiselle Cecille Depuis.”

“Mademoiselle Depuis” he lifted Cecille’s hand and he kissed it. Cecille smiled politely “Monsieur Bedard”.

She began naturally to draw her hand away, but was shocked when Msr. Bedard held it fast and kissed it a second time in a most overt manner.

Bedard shifted his eyes to hers and smiled brightly as he raised a brow.

“A pleasure to meet you my dear”.

Cecille gasped and pulled her hand from the grasp of this rake.

She was incredulous.

Before she could think, he had seated himself across from her and Tante and began to engage her Aunt in conversation.


His mission seemed to be to keep these ladies thrilled by his company. His method was uncouth.

He continued Tante Vive talking by asking her questions and was able to keep her going with the occassional . . . Ah oui . . . Mais non! and other such nothings.

While Tante and Msr. Bedard spoke, Cecille was busy studying his appearance; greying dark haired man, silver mustache and a dapper style. His eyes were pale, gray blue, and full of reflective brightness.

Most engaging was his manner; completely self assured and devilish. That smile!

He glanced away from Tante Vive and looked directly at Cecille and said in a quiet firm tone . . .

“I’m going to kiss you.”

His eyes shone mischief.

Then he resumed his chatter with Tante who never even noticed that he had not been listening with rapt attention.

Cecile gaziosmanpaşa escort was taken aback; burning, with shock.

He repeated himself the same way, over and over again in the course of the first hour; breaking out of conversation with Tante Vive to taunt and tease Cecile directly under the nose of her Aunt.

“I’m going kiss you”

“You have beautiful lips”

“You will love the kiss”

“We are going to kiss”

Cecille soon lost her control and showed temper towards Msr. Bedard making angry faces at him. She poked her tongue out at him like a petulant child.

“Oh, oh yes! Tempt me beauty. Show me that pretty red tongue. I will know it’s taste…and perhaps I shall taste the sweet little tongue of your nether mouth too!”

Cecille was burning with anger at his bold teasing.

But; she could not keep it up. The temper led to amusement, as Royale Bedard continued his little game. He had such shine, such joie de vivre, she simply could not resist him.

“My hands will roam your body as we kiss”

Cecille smiled and chuckled quietly.

“See. You smile! Laugh! You like to play.”

Royale Bedard grinned to her and said

“We will kiss, today on this train.”

Cecille blushed and smiled and her eyes flashed at Royale.


In the second hour of the journey, the game Msr. Bedard was playing became more dangerous.

He had Cecille fully captive.

By now she was listening, waiting for his next quip. Her heart was beating faster; the anticipation of his next statement of surety, that there would be a kiss. More.

She found herself watching his lips. She was lost in her imagination, kissing the lips of Royale Bedard.

He continued his endless entertainment of Tante Vive.


And then they came. The commands . . . . . . interspersed between jovial chatter with Tante Vive.

“I am going to leave the car”

“You are going to join me”

“I will be taking you for a kiss”

“You do understand?” (She nodded, her dander up . . . she’d show him)

“We will kiss and my hands will touch you everywhere”


Msr. Bedard rose as he had said he would and asked of Madame Vaillancourt would she care to be escorted for a beverage.

Tante Vive declined, as Msr. Bedard knew she would. She had already expressed in detail the pains of her aged legs.

He turned to Cecille.

“Mademoiselle Depuis, do join me and we will bring a tea service back for Madame.” His tone, that of the perfect gentleman.

Cecille assented and arose to follow Royale Bedard to the corridor in order to give him a good piece of her mind.

That is not what happened.


The moment they exited the booth, Royale grabbed Cecille by the wrist and spun her against the wall, her hands pinned over her shoulders; her head with no place to go between the wall and the lips of this cad.

She fought him of course, as much as possible, but he was so persistant, teasing her angry mouth, licking at her lips, biting her pout . . . cooing to her . . . little bitch, little bitch . . .

Cecille has been kissed before. There are many boyfriends who have known her charms.

But this was no boy. Royale Bedard overwhelmed her with mature full blown masculinity.

She was aroused as never before.

Royale gölbaşı escort knew the moment he had her in his hold. It was when her tongue reached out, to taste his lips.

“Ahhhh Ceci! Come my little delight.” He took her by her strongly by the delicate wrist and led her with charge, down the corridor, car by car, until he reached the baggage compartment.


In the dimly lit baggage car Royale kissed and kissed Cecille and she allowed it; participated. The French kissed french style, tongues teasing, tasting, tangling, and tormenting.

His hands roamed the bodice of her dress and squeezed firmly on her breasts. She cried out at his lust “Oh! Oh!”

“Oh . . . oh yes Ceci . . . you like that” he squeezed her breasts more now, with massaging hands, as they kissed.

He looked around and pulled Cecille to a pile of duffles and pushed her down onto them, taking her dress from her ankles and raising it to her waist.

All the time he is feeling her every response and drawing her attention to it.

He slips his hand between her legs and grips tightly and repeatedly on her covered sex and she shivers. He says “Mmm Ceci likes this.”

She moans as his hand stimulates her with his persistant gripping. He asks “Do you like it?”

She sighs “Yes”. He says “Of course you do my Ceci”

He slips his hand up and under her pantalons, finding her slick and slippery between the legs. She moans yet again. “Do you want me to stop Ceci? I can stop”

“Oh, non oh!” Cecille could not bring herself to say stop. She was aroused enough to have lost her control.

He pushes two of his fingers deep inside her and fucks them into her without mercy and she moans again and again. Tortured slut.


Royale takes his liberties with her undergarments, baring her layer by modest layer, until he reaches his destination.

He has slipped off all underpinnings and she is naked from the waist down, and wanting.

Here is where a boy would enter her and enjoy himself to climax.

Not Royale.

He held her legs wide open and knelt before her, and made love to her, to what he viewed between her legs . . . with words.

She lay, spread, so wide and naked, being stared at where she had never been stared at before. She could feel a small rivulet of moisture flowing from within.

Her legs attempted to press close out of modesty. Royale held them open with strong hands at her knees.

“You beautiful creature.”

“Look at your body.”

“Look you are slick and wet.”

“You are hungry and in need.”

His finger trailed up and down in her very wet centre. He toyed with her, spreading open the reddened and swollen lips to view the steaming inner core of her cunt.

“I am going to kiss you. Take you.”

He leaned in and inhaled her. The scent of her was heady and delightful. Royale took a deep breath of the air of her sex.

“Mmmm. Sweet beautiful girl.”

He kissed her between her legs. Licked her. He did things that she had not dreamed of. His tongue lapped up the run from her. As he kissed and sucked on her between the legs his hands held and squeezed roughly each of the cheeks of her derriere.

She was completely entranced. No boy had ever been so close to her sex with his eyes, his mouth.

Royale again buried his finger, keçiören escort and then another into the slick yet tight hole of love and lust. He was grinding into her . . . sliding out, curling it, feeling her inside, tickling her inner walls with the tips of his fingers.

At the same time, his tongue tip did a tango with her clitoris. He would swirl his tongue on her tiny sensitive pink bud and she would twirl her hands in his hair. Her hips would rise and sway to the dancing of his tongue.

His hands on her bottom were hot and covering. “Ah” he crooned “Ceci, your ass…shall I take your ripe ass?”

She was squirming and arching and moaning “Non!” “Oh Non!” repeatedly.

“Mais oui bebe . . . You love it litte nymph.” “You are wet and ready for fucking!”

He removed his wet fingers from her sex and smeared them against her face.

“Ma putain!!”

“Ah non non!” she cried as he deemed her whore.


“Yes Ceci. Yes” he growled and unsheathed his heated and angry looking erection.

Cecille’s eyes widened in shock at the sight of his engorged red shaft and she was frozen, giving Royale just enough time to plant himself in a swift hard stroke deep inside her, before she could bolt.

“AAHAHHHH” she cried out as the length and thickness of his erection pushed into her.

He thrusts harder and harder.

“Non non non!” Cecille murmurred.

He stabbed in punishingly, again and again; her face bearing an almost pained look as he took her thus.

Royale bent and whispered into her ear “Non Ceci? Not here in your cunt? Shall I turn you over and take your behind?” His words were burning fire in her ears.

Inside she felt hot almost searing pounding, and animal heat from this man, sweat forming on his brow, his eyes wild.

Calling to her as he buried himself in her. . .

“Little bitch . . . you love it” and he would smash against her. “Say it petite . . . you love it!” smashing again deep into her.

Cecille was beyond a fight or denial. She allowed him to ravage her; wanted him to loose himself in her, as she was lost in him.

“Yes, yes ahhh yes, Royale. I love it!” “Oh I do, I do” “Mmm. Harder, harder!”

“AAAHHHH!” Royale is pleased!

He bends down and fuses his lips to Cecille’s, biting on her lips as he continues to thrust hard between her legs. Now he thrusts too into her mouth with his tongue.

She sucks on him, his tongue between her lips, as hot and driven as his cock inside her.

She sucks on his tongue and it is the final straw for Royale. His eruption is coaxed from him by her sweet mouth on his.

He comes deeply inside her, pushing and pushing, even after his pulsing has stopped. He lays heavily in exhaustion upon her and they pant there together until their breath is recovered.

Royale laughs heartily. “Ceci,tu est ma putain!!”

Cecille is so surprised she laughs too. “Royale, Bon Vivant!”


After a comfortable amount of laughing and kissing they dressed and washed in the W.C.’s. They rejoined in the corridor and did bring a tray of tea and pattisseries for Tante Vive.

They all joined in tea. Msr. Bedard engaged Tante again as he had, in ramblings of days of her past; and every so often, through the final hour of the ride, he would look to Cecille . . .

“Your lips taste like sweet wine”

“Your breasts are lusciously full”

“Your cunt is a haven.”

“You loved it”

“You want more”

“Ma putain!”

Now Cecile only smiled and laughed and playfully called back to Royale . . .

“Your hands, I made happy.”

“You were visciously hard.”

“Your tongue is a serpent.”

“You loved it.”

“You want more.”

“Mon Diable!”


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